Below is my Open Letter to Amazon, which I am also sending to them in the post.

Dear Amazon

It beggars belief how little twelve years of my loyalty and patronage seems to mean to you.

From the first year of useable internet I was a keen shopper at your virtual store. As an avid reader the concept of books online proved irresistible. It was a joy to browse at my leisure, reading the beginnings of books, ordering. Very soon the sound of a book parcel landing on my hall carpet became a regular occurrence.

Quickly I adapted my shopping behaviour and as Amazon increasingly stocked various items, I was a frequent visitor — to the detriment of my purse! Christmases and birthdays saw orders for CDs, DVDs, console games. Household items too soon made it into my basket.

A few years later I heard about the new strange phenomenon called ebook! There was no way I could read on such a device, leaving my beloved paperback. I would never be converted. I held fast to this for a while, even when an eye disease made reading smaller print difficult. A relative sang the praises of Kindle – I would not relent. Until I was given a Kindle and a whole new world opened up for me; my love of reading rekindled and my library of virtual books grew exponentially. 

All the years you wrote emails requesting reviews. Often only a day or two after the order. Sometimes before said item had even arrived. Only this morning I received just such a notification.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.53.43

Intermittently I started to write them, then with increasing frequency. I hoped others would find them helpful. Sometimes I sang the praises of films or games, other times I recommended a seller for their prompt delivery. With books I described their impact on me, how successful and entertaining I found them. 

All worked seamlessly until 7th June 2018.

The first inkling I had of any problem was as I came to leave a review for a book I had bought. I put the stars in. Then went to enter my review in the box when I was met with the following message.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 12.33.01

What?! My first reaction was that it must be a glitch on my computer. I tried again. With the same result. I tried another product. Same outcome. I was unable to leave any review. I just couldn’t believe it! 

I immediately contacted you via message and was promised a reply within 24 – 48 hrs. I decided to wait.

The next day, after reading online about this problem, another concern started gnawing at me.

What about the reviews I had posted. Recently? Years ago? Did I dare look? I almost wish I hadn’t checked.

I felt absolute and overwhelming shock. My heart pounded. I was stunned by what I saw. Nothing! All my reviews from the past twelve years eradicated. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.53.12

All gone — without any warning, communication, discussion, explanation.

I felt devastated, dumbfounded. This felt like such a betrayal of trust, a reckless and total disregard for the individual, in this case myself. All my genuine efforts to review bonafide purchases and gifts had entirely disappeared. 

Then came the impenetrable wall of your company … the blankness of silence. 

Despite my three further attempts to contact you via message followed by three telephone calls I have still not had any explanation or discussion upon my lost reviews and my inability to post new ones. 

The staff handling the calls were pleasant enough even having me in ironic laughter once. My last attempt to talk to someone, resulted in the bizarre declaration from the advisor that I hadn’t ever written any reviews! In disbelief I guffawed and repeated my original issue, already described at the start of the conversation.

All along I was promised I would be contacted soon and once I was even promised a reply in six hours.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 12.00.10

During my last telephone call I was repeatedly assured that the matter was being passed over to the Community Team who would be contacting me in, the now familiar, 24 – 48 hrs.

With fading hope and lack of expectation of a reply I am still waiting. The sinking feeling of helplessness with regard to this issue is settling within me. The inability to even talk to someone with authority to discuss the problem is staggering. 

In the midst of the emotional fallout, I have become upset with my own distress. In the grand scheme of things, I suppose this is not of such importance, yet it is to me.

All these years I have naively assumed that my longstanding business with your company was a matter of cooperation. I placed my trust in this and feel your total disregard and lack of communication deeply.

My initial shock is now diminishing and replaced by a sad acceptance. I feel for the sellers of the items I’ve bought, for their lost reviews. I despair that I cannot write my thoughts on any possible products I may buy in the future.

Finally, I am still human and trusting enough that a small part of me holds out that my plea for contact from yourselves is not entirely futile, that someone will get in touch with me. To discuss this issue, to find a resolution and hopefully resurrect my reviews and allow me to review in the future.

The heart and soul is vanishing in so much of the world these days — don’t let this happen in your organisation. 

Annika Perry


N E W S F L A S H    N E W S F L A S H   N E W S F L A S H   N E W S F L A S H

I just went in again to check on my reviews on Amazon this afternoon (26th June) and to my utter astonishment I found my reviews are back on! Wow! The power of publicity and the influence of many voices sometimes succeeds … and so happy this is the case for me! Thank you everyone!

135 thoughts on “LOYALTY & TRUST

    1. Thank you so much, Janice! It was a distressing time and for my own peace of mind I just couldn’t leave it without an attempt to try and get through to them! So happy it all sorted – but it needs conviction and perseverance.

  1. Hi Annika. What a dreadful experience. I’m so glad it is now resolved. Amazon are driving me crazy too. Mainly because some of the reviewers who read my book were unable to review on Amazon due to the spending a certain amount of money rule. It beggars belief as these were all blog tour hosts/book reviewers. I just don’t get it. 😦

    1. Thank you, Marje and I’m very happy to have resolution to this! I am so sorry to hear about your problems ..l had seen this about the spending rule and I wonder if they are applying this retrospectively as well as my reviews in the US haven’t been reinstated. This is affecting so many and it seems contrary to their own desires to have reviews! It’s a frustrating time!

      Hoping you’re having a lovely weekend! 😀🌺🌻🌸

  2. I’m so glad that all of your reviews were reinstated Annika, as they should have been. What an agonising, traumatic time that must have been for you. However, as you said, it’s amazing what the power of publicity can achieve. Good on you for persisting. So pleased it all turned out for the best. xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind supportive words, Miriam. It was traumatic and I feel almost ridiculous admitting to this. Writing the letters brought me closure for the matter – it was just amazing to see them back up later in the day. A pity they couldn’t sort this out before the post but I just wanted to let everyone know what was happening … and hoped for a response as well. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend – and that it isn’t too cold. Also,enjoy your magazine writing – I’m still very exicted for you! xx

      1. Thanks so much Annika. Like I said, I’m just so glad for you that it was all sorted. Perhaps it all happened so you could see the amazing support that you have behind you. Thank you for being excited for my magazine writing. I’m excited too, it’s given me a new momentum which feels so good. Have a great July. xx

  3. Wow. So glad they finally fixed whatever it was they broke, but had you not persisted (and a nicely-written letter to boot), I wonder if anything would have changed at all. To have so many reviews just poof! I can’t imagine what the authors who lost reviews thought. I still find it amazing that an old-fashioned letter to a company can garner a response, but you are right about trust. 😀 Here’s hoping it doesn’t happen again!

    1. Julie, I’m pretty sure nothing would have happened otherwise and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t know about it at first and then just ignored everything … for a while at least! I still like letters – takes time to compose and effort to go and send. It seemed to have done the trick – but yes, there will always be an element of doubt and that this could happen again. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Happy Sunday, my friend. xx

  4. Well done being so persistent, Annika. I’m a skeptic and never trust anyone. I’ve never trusted Human Resources or the executives of any company or the administrators of schools. They are all only interested in advancing the company brand and promoting the company name, not in assisting employees or customers.

    So I find your warm-hearted efforts to reply to all requests for reviews charming. The only reviews I’ll agree to post on Amazon are for books, usually for indie authors as the online review platform is their best chance of gaining sales. I choose not to become a bigger part of the statistical reserve for advertising more stuff Amazon hopes I’ll buy. They’re into my business way too much as it is, like a salesman following me around the store.

    I wonder if you’ll ever find out what or why Amazon screwed up your reviews. Certainly hope they don’t do this again. My biggest reservation is that even if they do it again, even if you give up in exasperation and refuse to ever deal with them again, they won’t care. Amazon is way too big to worry about one person. They are simply way too big.

    Yes, I purchase from Amazon, especially books and items I can’t easily find in local stores and things I want sent to our son in another part of the state. But reviews – no, not doing them.

    1. Sharon, first and foremost I wrote this letter as my last ditch attempt to get through to them. Having written and posted these I found peace of mind as well as an excellent way to explain here what had happened!

      In all honesty my expectations of seeing my reviews ever again was low, so hugely surprised that they were restored. The apology was also nice but don’t reckon I’ll ever have any explanation!

      As for reviews, I honestly read them and they do make a difference on what I buy. Some items are far better than originally thought and I will happily review those, as well as poorly manufactured, which helps other make an informed decision. As for being followed around…reckon the cookies do this all the time anyway!

      Sharon, I am so sorry you have had such bad experience with Human Resources … I feel there is a huge personal story here. It sounds very tough. Although I am sure there are poor HR staff, I know several personally. One actually lost his job as he wouldn’t carry out what he saw as his bosses very wrong decisions. Also, I know many HR people within education and they take such time and care trying to sort out issues and do everything possible to make any changes as seamless as possible. Constant cuts to funding here in the UK is a huge problem, whilst I will say there are questions being raised about certain top executives pay etc.

      I feel we could have a long and interesting discussion on these topics!!

    1. Exactly!! I’m so happy to have them restored … just hope it stays so! I couldn’t believe it either, Charley and shouted/screamed out with such joy my husband came running! Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday and have a chance to enjoy the sunshine! xx

    1. Exactly, Carol! It’s been a lot of hassle and time trying to sort this – aw well as the stress and worry. I am glad it is sorted now and even had an email this morning from them – no explanation but an apology. That does make a difference. Hope you’re keeping well. xx

  5. Your letter was beautifully written. I’m glad you posted it for us to see that writing can be very effective. It was surprising to find you had results at the end of the post. Super!

    1. Anne, thank you so much for your lovely comment about the letter. For my own peace of mind I had to make one last attempt to contact them and I thought of good old-fashioned mail! Then I wanted to let everyone know what was happening and realised I could make this an open letter. I was astonished to see a result – I called out with joy and surprise! Then started checking like mad and also posted a couple of reviews to see it all worked! Phew..still seems okay – although my reivews on Amazon in US have not been restored. I’m just leaving that though. Happy weekend to you. 🌼

  6. Davy D

    Well done Annika and I am glad your determination brought a positive result. Your experience is not uncommon as to how the big companies now treat the customer and it is only acts like these that can make them take notice. You are so right, without trust there is no relationship. As for loyalty, this is a word many companies have forgotten. I recently left Vodaphone after 17 years due to their shocking customer service. It was only after I changed to another company that they became interested in me again. A sad state of affairs, but consumers have to start taking back control and using companies that still care.

    1. Oh, don’t mention Vodafone!! Your experience with them seemed to mimic mine a few years ago. I can’t believe (well, actually I can!) that their customer service is just as bad … so rude when discussing an upgrade I could barely respond. Yes, how typical that after you’ve changed they want you back. If more customers don’t accept this there has to be knock-on effect … surely…one can hope! I am very happy all sorted but still find myself checking the reviews with trepidation, not quite sure if I will find them gone again!

  7. What a fabulous letter, Annika! I am so pleased your reviews are back on-line but sorry you had to suffer such shock and disillusionment before something was done. I don’t write reviews at all and only sometimes give star-ratings but I know of a few people who have had similar problems to you. I hope you never have to go through this again.

    1. Clare, you echo my exact fear in your last sentence … that this may happen again. There is a shadow of doubt, a slight uncertainty within me but for now not trying to dwell on that! I realise there are quite a few people having similar problems. Do you know how the ones you know of with this issue fared in resolving it? I hope everything works out for them.

  8. Amazon is beyond difficult to deal with. It’s their way or ‘shut the f*** up’. I am impressed you took the time to beat your head against their virtual wall. Good on you, Annika! And I’m thrilled your reviews are back! My print book sales have fallen through the floor with them (from several thousand a month to about a hundred) and they are no help in solving the problems that caused it.

    Sigh. They keep getting bigger.

    1. Jacqui, first I must say wow!! 😀😀 Congratulations on such fantastic sales of your print books … incredible numbers for indie publishing — I know it doesn’t many thousands of sales for hardbacks to become bestsellers here in the U.K…you might have publishers knocking on your door/email box soon! I am sorry to read of the sudden drop in orders. What in their system has changed? Can you get anyone to talk to? If anyone can, you can with your tech expertise. I so hope this sorts for you soon.

      I wrote the letter for my own peace of mind, my last attempt to let them know how I felt. Also it was important to explain here to everyone what was going on. I’m glad to have got through that virtual wall. Thank you so much for being so happy for me with my reviews back … I’m thrilled too, just cautiously so as I never know what occurred in the first place!

  9. Glad it worked out for you, but I learned not to trust Amazon a long time ago, even though I still post reviews on .ca. The things they’ve done to, or not done for Canadian writers, who can’t even gift their own books to anyone is ridiculous.

    1. Debra, this is a problem I’ve never heard of before! Inexplicable and I bet you have had no luck finding out why you can’t gift it? It is incredibly frustrating, waste of precious time. As you say, I am very happy to have my reviews back but the trust is tainted following this event.

  10. That’s wonderful that you took the time to do that – it really is awful for indie authors, especially when every review is so precious. Ste J talked about this new policy on his blog (which I highly recommend to book lovers and anyone else who might not already follow him)! Sadly, it has to do with how much is spent on Amazon by that customer. Here’s the link: https://bookmust.wordpress.com/2018/04/17/paid-book-reviews-on-amazon-yes-if-you-do-the-paying/

    1. Sheila, after my initial shock about the lost reviews and my work, I immediately thought of how this would affect everyone – hence this post to explain and a letter in my final hope and effort to have them restored! So many have seen review numbers fall which is incredibly disheartening and upsetting.

      Thank you for the link to Ste’s post. I’ve just been and read it full – thank you for posting the link. I had read about the money rule … as we spend more than that amount easily in a year I don’t think that should have affected my reviews. It does raise the question about NetGalley and such reviews, which are obviously not paid for, or gifts for which reviews are left? I fear the times ahead will only become harder for indie publishers…big sigh. 😔

  11. It saddens me that you had to agonize over what Amazon did. You wrote a well written plea, and once trust is lost, it is hard to find again. I am happy that your reviews are back again. No one should have to experience such ineptness on their part. All’s well that ends well??? You have encouraged others to speak up and speak out too! A thousand thanks for writing such a well-composed argument. Bravo, bravo, bravo.

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful support and I could hear all those bravos!! 😀❤️ After the initial upset I realised it was the broken trust, the lack of respect and value to me as a loyal customer that shock me to the core … hence this letter, written from the heart with the help of the mind! I really hope others speak out and have positive outcome. All is well now (with a few niggles)but it will take a time for my complete trust to be equally restored, I feel.

      1. Great comment, Annika. The trust you may regain will be the “new and altered state of trust.” I don’t think I would fully trust them again either. Trust, once broken, can not simply be restored again. A healthy amount of skepticism will be mixed with it. And life goes on, with or without us. Big corporations are only as good as their “little people.”

    1. I’m just out and waiting for a friend for lunch but just saw this. Pam, it’s still on the UK Amazon at least. I know that reviews across countries is not being allowed anymore but hoped mine would still be there.

  12. I’m so glad I didn’t read this until now, because if I had read it before the issue was resolved, I would have been walking around with a big dark cloud over me all day. I got madder and madder as I read your post, and then like some of your other followers, let out a big relieved WOOF- YAY when I read the last paragraph. Thank GOODNESS. However, you still are owed an explanation of what happened. Why all of your reviews were erased, and why you were unable to write a review. Let us know if/when you are given an answer on that. Otherwise, the trust and loyalty are forever tainted.
    As I read your letter, I had a deep distrust that anyone would ever truly read it. And I still kind of wonder — but your words are so perfect, I’d like to think that they DID make the difference. Which is why your reviews are so beautiful and important in Amazon. You write eloquently about a book that you’ve enjoyed. This helps the reader so much, and makes the writer glow with joy. YOU, Annika, put so much time and effort in your writing of reviews that when they’re erased like that, it’s as if Amazon has deleted your published talent. You know what I mean? Anyway, I’m so glad your reviews are back. May it never, ever happen again. xo

    1. Dearest Pam, you are the most wonderful friend … I’m reading this once again with tears in my eyes. Your final paragraph is beyond kind and supportive, your words have given me such a boost and mean more than you can know. Thank you, thank you so much, my friend! ❤️

      Oh, I wouldn’t want you walking around with a big dark cloud all day and just happy you didn’t read this letter/post before I had the good news of a resolution! I totally agree that an explanation is due and would only be correct and polite however at this stage I’m so relieved to have got this far! Of course I will post if I ever hear direct from the … who knows they might send a letter by return! You are right, the loyalty and trust will otherwise be tainted … I have my concern that this could arbitrarily happen again.

      Warmest thanks again, love & hugs winging their way across the pond! Xx

      1. Well, you have made MY day. Your hugs have winged their way here quickly. And YES, that would be a miracle if you got a snail mail reply!!And of course, both you and I do believe in miracles. ❤

  13. robbiecheadle

    Hi Annika, a most unfortunate experience to be use. I wonder how they are deciding on whose reviews should be deleted, it is really weird. I think this is being done electronically and some or other words is triggering it. Glad it is sorted out for you – go social media.

    1. Robbie, I think you’re right that initially it is some sort of computer algorithm that is responsible. I read they recently started using a new system. Fair enough if there are teething problems, but it shouldn’t be so hard to contact them for a discussion. I was so shocked and saddened – this post and good old snail mail were my last ditch attempts to sort out and I think the former with all the support here made a huge difference!

  14. Holy crap Annika, I’m sorry to hear you were caught in this mysterious nonsense. So many authors have had their reviews wiped from existence and unable to review anything on Amazon. David Gaughran has been keeping on top of this issue with updates, slamming Amazon. There is no rhyme nor reason to their madness, but power to you for taking on the big Zon and coming out victorious! ❤

    1. Debby, you have me chuclking over your initial reaction – yep, that sums it up!!😀😃 Reading up about it online I realise many have been caught up in this … what really affected me was the broken trust and disregard of my loyalty over the years. These are core elements of any relationship including a business one! It is inexplicable (espeically since it is unable to talk to anyone who could explain) what is happening. Obviously from a personal point I am glad mine are back. I haven’t heard of David Gaughran but it can only help the more awareness is brought to this problem. Going mad though isn’t in my nature … I wanted to write a calm, considered and factual letter.

  15. Oh my gosh Annika – what an amazing read! And a delight to read, not to mention riveting – I couldn’t stop till I got to the end. And I was so certain how this was going to end. But wow! You got actually got through. No small feat.

    The same rude message was blurted at me the very first time I took up their offer to review a book . Similar to entrapment really. I took it very seriously and spent far too much time on it – so I didn’t bother with them again. I felt insulted. They had asked me to review the book afterall. Seems I was just lucky it happened the very first time I reviewed.

    1. It is with total disbelief that your very first attempt to write a review was stopped!! I feel for you and aprpreciat all the time and effort it takes to write one … only to find it impossible. Yet another responsible reviewer turned away …

      Ahh…thank you so much for your words about my letter – I like the idea of it being ‘riveting’ – maybe they found it so too!

  16. I haven’t read the details of why Amazon is deleting the reviews but they have been doing so for a few months now. The axe fell on one of the reviews of my book too and the review they deleted was of a person totally unknown to me, just met him online and a genuine reader and reviewer! I wish they could clearly announce their policy rather than randomly deleting the reviews. Whatever articles I have read about the ‘why of deletion’…the issue seems to be with the reviews that are bought because one of the best sellers announced that he had bought a number of reviews and Amazon swung into action. Now how do they decide which review is bought? God alone knows!
    I am glad you pursued the matter tooth and nail and have received a positive response eventually but a person like me would have said…Let them! I know a lot of time and ability goes into writing the reviews and deleting all of them of one writer is preposterous! We keep on tweeting and requesting to be kind to each other and review the books but they seem to be jealous! 🙂 Let’s keep the good work going and let them deal with their issues! We have Goodreads, which is considered to be more reliable.

    1. Balroop, I am sorry that you have also experienced problems with Amazon reviews, losing one along the way. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. I immediately thought of the reviews I had written and how this would affect the sellers! As you say, you notice one and I know some have lost a lot more! I felt bad for everyone and for this reason and for my own peace of mind just had to write this letter. To let people know what was happening I decided to post the letter here.

      You raise a lot of interesting points in your comment, Balroop. Bought reviews? Is this widespread for books? As you know this is not the case with me … and I’m sure neither for so many affected! The deletions seem so arbitrary and without explanation -this riles one so much. I was going to let the matter go after this last ditch attempt … it helped me emotionally to write out my feelings and I can’t quite believe they were restored later that day! Oh, I always post the reviews on Goodreads as well but I am sure most authors would agree that amazon reviews do matter and make a huge difference in the long run as well … if possible I’ll keep using both!

  17. Annika, I just said “Yes!” aloud and startled my little dog! lol
    This letter is so heartfelt it would be incomprehensible if they just held it to no regard. Bravo to you, and a huge THANKS for being the voice for so many in similar circumstance. I’m so delighted to hear your efforts were not in vain. Cheers! 🙂

    1. Natalie, I’m both giggling and tear-eyed reading your lovely comment. Your poor little dog, shaken from his reverie! 😀 Oh yes, this is written from my heart … and I still can’t believe it seems to have done the trick! You can just imagine my whoop of joy yesterday afternoon! I nearly gave up pursuing this but I didn’t have any peace of mind until I made one last ditch attempt – so glad I did! hugs xx

    1. Bette, I wanted to let everyone know what had happened but pondered what approach was best. As I was writing the letter, I thought this would be perfect … I can’t believe the persistence worked and I’m so happy everything is back to normal. Happy Reviewing! xx

  18. Wow, Annika, I wasn’t aware of this issue, but now am going to check on reviews I’ve written and reviews on my books, too. Who knows what Amazon’s purpose is, but your persistence paid off. Good for you, and you may have helped everyone else in the same predicament. 🙂 Big hugs! 🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤

    1. I’d only heard a little about this before but not really paid much attention – until now! I am overjoyed that my reviews are back and that I can write new ones. Hopefully my efforts will help others and that the company will realise they can’t continue treating its customers in this way. There is still no explantation what is happening or why … I think this lack of communications is frustrating so many.

      Fingers crossed your reviews are all okay, Lauren. hugs xxx 🌺🌼

  19. I’m glad I put most of my reviews on my blog, but then again what if wordpress decided to delete blogs for some peculiar reason? We’re at the mercy of these “platforms.” Now I’m going to Amazon to check my reviews. We work hard on these reviews and deserve to be treated with consideration. I’m glad you were able to resolve this.

    1. Mary, a great idea to post most of your reviews on your blog – mine went so far back and also I write reviews for other items and other books – and I haven’t kept these anywhere. Time for a separate review folder on my computer! I hope all yours are okay. You are so right in that we take time and effort to write these reviews, it feels as if the company treats us with disdain just to take these away with explantions or discussion. I am so happy all is sorted … it’s still sinking in.

  20. I recently noticed that reviews I had on my book since the very beginning are missing for no reason at all. I gave up on trying to figure out why, as they’ve done this to me before. Soon it seems, all my reviews will vanish. It’s very disturbing, and I wish they didn’t have so much power over their sellers and customers.

    Glad to hear your reviews showed up again. That was a great letter. Did you actually send it to them?

    1. Lori, yes I did actually send this to them … three letters actually. One to US, one to Ireland and one to UK! This post and reverting to good old-fashioned mail was my last attempt to sort this out – and I can’t believe it seems to have worked!

      I am so sorry that you are losing reviews. This is what I realised would be happening when my reviews I’d written had all disappeared. It is so unfair and disheartening. The feeling of helplessness and ability to communicate with anyone is terribly disturbing and upsetting. I hope some of the reviews for you are restored with time.

  21. Wow, Annika! What a traumatic experience. Amazon is King and they are making that be known. It is a miracle you got all of your reviews restored. It goes to show that persistence pays off. Way to go!

    1. Jan, I can’t quite believe it either. After I started reading about this online the overall view was that reviews are never restored so my expectations were very low. Miracle, indeed! It just shouldn’t be permissible to treat customers in this way – particularly when Amazon are the ones badgering for reviews in the first place. All resolved for me at least … I hope this is the start of a change of heart overall.

  22. Wow. What a wonderful heartfelt letter, Annika. I guess someone heard you. It goes to show that the effort expended to address a wrong is worth it – maybe not all the time, but sometimes our voices make a difference. I’m so glad this worked out and that your years of reading and reviewing have been honored. Phew! 😀

    1. Diana, I am still in shock to have all my reviews back online! I had no peace of mind leaving it after all my previous attempts for explanation and I also wanted to let everyone here know what had happened. Astonishingly enough it does seem my voice has been heard – and the support with the comments here made a difference I am sure! Hopefully it might make them more ready to listen to others in the future. Many thanks for your kind words about the letter – it came straight from the heart whilst still being factual and calm.

    1. Thank you Rebecca! ❤️ For my own peace of mind I had to make one last attempt with opposing formats – good old postal mail and this post. The latter with everyone’s support made all the difference, I’m sure!

  23. Like you, Annika, I wish I knew what was going on at Amazon. I used to be able to review books on the Amazon US site, but the last three times I tried to do so, I got an error message to try again later. No problem encountered submitting reviews with Amazon Canada. I took that to mean they would only share my verified purchase reviews on my side of the border where I bought them.

    You got me wondering then about the reviews I had successfully submitted on the US side over the last few years before this new wrinkle occurred. You had my heart pounding just like yours! Just checked and they are still there. Phew!

    I wonder did they disable you until they checked to see if you were committing the big no-no: reciprocal reviews? Just a thought.

    1. Jennifer, I think your problems posting reviews in the US site is that new rules say you have had to spend £40 (or equivalent) per year on that Amazon location. We are finding here in the UK that we can no longer either post on Amazon US. However, it shouldn’t affect ones already posted. Still frustrating but at least this is explained clearly!

      A couple of times I have been approached by strangers on twitter for reciprocal reviews and both times I’ve said a straight no way! I review books that I’ve wanted to read, that interest me – many from major authors, from NetGalley and from Indie publishers. If Amazon had a query I would have appreciated the courtesy of an explanation … when I raised my serious concerns it would have be polite and helpful if they had come back within the promised time. The general consensus seems to be that a new computer algorithm is wiping reviews out without consideration … I imagine humankind are having to fix the errors! I’m over the moon all is sorted and hope it helps others having to struggle to find a resolution.

      1. Yes, I understand now why I’m no longer allowed. But I’m at a loss as to what they did in your case. What kind of algorithm wipes out reviews, and then puts them back again? And why didn’t they contact you as promised? Ah well, at least it got straightened out! 🙂

  24. Oh no – what is going on? Although I think all my reviews are still on Amazon I’m going to have to check. I will say that every time I have gone on to look at the reviews I’ve posted, the whole format has changed. I have also always thought the book reviews should be separate from product reviews too. Hope you get resolution, Annika. Very frustrating…

    1. Barbara, I have no idea what is going on … or should I say has been going on? Reading your comment I realised I hadn’t checked my amazon profile for a day so I went in again, on a fruitless search I thought, only to find everything back on. I can even write reviews!! So happy.

      Still, it’s been a tough time trying to sort out and I think without the publicity here and support from everyone I wouldn’t have seen a change to my zero review status. Thank you so much for your kind comment and discussion. Interesting idea about separating book reviews from product ones – maybe they will consider that one day!

      PS. heading over to put on ‘Encounters’ review! xx

  25. Annika you have said so eloquently what many of us have thought. I have lost faith in Amazon. But I fear their lack of respect is becoming pandemic in online retail. We can only hope things will turn around.

    1. Pamela, thank you so much for your comment … I now know many have had problems and for my own peace of mind I just had to write to Amazon and post about my problems with reviews here.

      Unbelievably, I just went to check on my Amazon profile yet again … only to find everything back on and I even managed to write a review. My faith is slightly restored in the company but know there are so manystll struggling. The wonderful support here has made a real difference I feel.

  26. Sorry for the hassle you’re experiencing, Annika. I have a view that all large tech / retail sites come across as friendly and customer focussed, but in reality they are anything but. It sounds as though your relationship with Amazon is very one-sided, and that’s what I would expect. :/

    1. Thank you so much for your kind concern and it has been an incredibly frustrating time – a lot of hassle trying to sort, find contact with someone at Amazon. Some companies definitely do not live up to the ‘service’ part of ‘customer service’. I still have not heard from the company … but to my utter suprise and joy found my reviews all back on when checking just now. I have no idea what happened, just glad they’re back!

  27. Oh, Annika. I’m so sorry. It seems the bigger a corporation is, the more incompetent and less compassionate. They remove reviews of mine all the time (written and received) and I don’t appeal anymore. They’re right; I’m wrong. No discussion. But I’ve never been erased and blocked in entirety like that. I can only imagine your distress.

    I applaud your eloquence in your reply. Too many would have taken a different route. Wishing you a speedy and fair resolution.

    1. Distress sums up my emotions the first few days after finding out abut the lost reviews! Then started the battle to find out what happened, try to have them reinstated! I have not come across an issue like yours, Staci – with some reviews being pulled but not all. Very strange and again so frustrating and upsetting that there is no discussion/explanation. It makes one very wary. I feel for you.

      Thank you so much for your comment about the letter and its eloquence – I too have seen very different approaches but that just isn’t me. I wanted to be factual, calm and also explain the personal side of trust and loyalty that I felt had been broken.

      Your words of speedy and fair resolution is almost prophetic as what I was sure would not happen, happened! Checking my Amazon profile just now, I found all the reviews back on and I could post new reviews as well. Unbelievable. Of course, no explanation … I am happy but cautiously so.

  28. So sorry to hear this happened to you. I have an older Amazon account that I left some reviews on in the past, and like yours, they all got deleted and I can no longer review from that site. Very frustrating.

    1. Carrie, sorry to hear you had some of this problem as well. Did you ever find out what happened? Why only on the older account? I only have one account and to be honest haven’t kept track or records of everything I’ve written so it’s tough to lose all that work! Frustrating indeed but writing this, reading the wonderfully supportive comments, sending the letters have all helped. I’ll be leaving this behind me now if there is no response and just have to accept it. It was important to me that people knew what had happened to reviews I’ve left and also why I can’t leave any in the future.

      1. I’m not sure why they picked that account. Something must have pinged on their algorithm. At least the account I use now is good, and I hope it stays that way because I leave a lot of reviews. I also leave reviews on Goodreads so that’s my ‘back-up,’ I suppose, should amazon ever delete one.

    1. Jena, I really hoped it was a glitch to start with but it’s impossble to know since I haven’t had any meaningful response. I will definitely update here with any further news … hopefully for the better!

  29. Annika, I am very touched. Instead of writing in anger you have chosen the important words,
    Loyalty and Trust.
    Those two values also come forward so beautifully in your quotes.

    I feel so for you as it is obvious how much work and thought you always put in to all reviews
    I have seen. It is just so incredible that this could happen! That as yet no answer and rectification has been offered. I am quite going off Amazon. How much care is there??

    I do so hope they at least have the courtesy to respond promptly……

    1. Miriam, bless you for your caring and thoughtful comment. I hold loyalty and trust to be so important, whether in a friendship, relationship or business – betrayal hurts me and I cannot help but react to it.

      I wanted to add some quotes to my post (it wouldn’t be me, otherwise!) and was pleased to come across these two … the first one is particularly true! Just this afternoon I found my reviews back on and I can write them again … I’m obviusly over the moon about this result of the post and comments here. However, my trust to them is affected and will never be the same, I’m cautious, uncertain. Of course, still no response or explanation what happened but for now I’ll be celebrating the success of my efforts with a cake and tea! Hugs xx

  30. Anonymous

    Mmm. Interesting. It seems to be an increasing problem with the big corporations who appear to be accountable to no one. To take down all your comments without any notice or reason is bad enough, but failure to then respond to your enquiries (beyond the apparently meaningless response times you were given) is at best thoughtless and unforgivable and at worst morally incomprehensible. It was particularly ironic for you to be asked for your opinion (particularly about how it worked out for you) when they are not prepared to listen when you actually tell them! Still I suppose they can afford to lose customers.

    Hope it all turns out OK in the end but I,m afraid that if you do not want to end up turning blue please don’t hold your breath!


    1. Mike, I had to laugh at your last comment!! 😀😀 Laughter and light relief were much needed at the time! Thank you so much for your comment and I agree it feels morally incomprehensible to behave in this manner …it does feel as if they have lack care and duty to their customers.

      Having said all this, it seems my letter and this post had some affect as to my utter astonishment my reviews were later restored the same day … I’m still going in constantly to check that they are still there … still don’t know what happened or why … but never mind! My battle is over … for now!

  31. Annika, This is really an unpleasant experience you’ve had with a company of repute. I am totally shocked at their attitude in dealing with it. I am glad that you are making it known to more people through your blog. Do spread the word on social media too. Maybe all the negative feedback will help them revert back to you.

    1. Radhika, It has been a difficult time and I was deeply shocked … I assumed it was a glitch to start with but since I have not had any meaningful contact from them I am non the wiser! First and foremost, I wanted to let people here know what is happening and also to see how widespread the problem is and if there is any way to help each other. It is a good idea about social media and I have shared it as far as I can on my blog and twitter – hopefully it will be picked up by others. Fingers crossed that I will hear from them soon…

  32. Banning your review and then removing all of your reviews is so confusing and upsetting. Our time is so valuable and should be respected by the industry that constantly bombards your mailbox requesting these reviews. Just as a matter of curiosity, was the review that was declined unfavorable? Just curious because I recently (for the first time) posted an unfavorable response about a product.

    1. Bernadette, ‘bombard’ is definitely the word for all the requests for reviews that I have had for Amazon over the years! That I am still receiving them is incomprehensible and just shows that their systems are not working in sync. It has been a surprisingly upsetting time and I’ve had to talk sense into myself. You’re right that this has taken so much time to try and sort out, all to no avail … so far.

      Just to let you know, that I can’t even start to type my review in the box before the message starts so it has nothing to do what I was going to write. The review was the one for the NetGalley book of Keith Stuart’s Days Of Wonder. The same message is for any sort of item. I don’t think you should worry about an unfavourable review – I have had to write gently negative ones before. I bought a tool bag as a Christmas present which had many broken straps and was unacceptable. I wrote about the problem but also that a refund was quickly sorted out.

    1. Khaya, if you hear a big yelp of joy all the way to Finland you know it’s me whooping with happiness as my reviews are back up! Fingers crossed … I still have some faint hope, but not a lot to be honest.

  33. This has happened to so many of my author friends. I don’t understand Amazon’s logic behind it all, but I hope they rectify the situation soon. I know you put a lot of time and thought into your reviews, Annika…it’s so unfair. xo

    1. Jill, I felt in shock at the hard work I’ve put just becoming lost. Thank you, my reviews are always thought out, considered, whether for books or a blender! Obviously the former are in much more detail. As far as I can see there is absolutely no logic and I have read about computer programs just sweeping through, wiping out reviews … don’t know if this is true or not but it’s the only thing that makes any sort of sense. I feel so for your author friends affected by this craziness. One reason for my post today was also to let people know why my reviews have suddenly disappeared and why I cannot post any in the future. I did not want to suddenly seem rude and stand-offish! Oh…how true, it is so unfair and I so dislike unfairness!

  34. I empathise. A similar thing has happened to me. What are Amazon doing? It is becoming more difficult to give and get reviews. But reviews are the lifeblood of Amazon. Talk about cutting off your note to spite your face! Your post is eloquent and true.

    1. Margaret, I am so sorry this has happened to you too. Afterwards I started to read online and see this is far too common occurrence and the inability to talk to someone about this is incomprehensible. Have you had any contact with anyone at Amazon? As a customer I rely on reviews from whichever website I’m looking to purchase items … and therefore know how important it is to leave them. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your comment about the post overall – I wanted to be calm, reflective, factual … to rant and rave or such is not in my nature!

  35. Annika this is something amazing for you to have such a bad experience with the trusted Amazon.
    I only hope things will set right. They cannot afford to do this if at all they would want to be in business.
    The Quotes you have referred are not only Wonderful but also eye openers.
    Fond Regards

    1. Shiva, first it means a lot that you were so touched by the quotes. Being me, I couldn’t not put anything else on my post! Also, the more I thought about my personal reaction to this event, it was the betrayal of my trust that hurts most … I believed that the loyalty worked two-ways.

      I so hope they can fix this and agree that it is not the way for any business to operate.
      Warmest thanks for your kind and generous support / comment – it means a lot.

  36. It is disheartening when a company you feel you’ve had that trust with lets you down. It sounds as though they either don’t know how to fix it, or have mistakenly deleted your reviews but they’re giving you the run around instead of being honest about it.

    1. Andrea, your latter possibility hadn’t occurred to me!! That everything is permanently gone and they don’t want to tell me .. the thought is like a fresh kick in the gut! After so many years of loyal and regular custom I honestly expected better. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts – it helps.

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