Below is my Open Letter to Amazon, which I am also sending to them in the post.

Dear Amazon

It beggars belief how little twelve years of my loyalty and patronage seems to mean to you.

From the first year of useable internet I was a keen shopper at your virtual store. As an avid reader the concept of books online proved irresistible. It was a joy to browse at my leisure, reading the beginnings of books, ordering. Very soon the sound of a book parcel landing on my hall carpet became a regular occurrence.

Quickly I adapted my shopping behaviour and as Amazon increasingly stocked various items, I was a frequent visitor — to the detriment of my purse! Christmases and birthdays saw orders for CDs, DVDs, console games. Household items too soon made it into my basket.

A few years later I heard about the new strange phenomenon called ebook! There was no way I could read on such a device, leaving my beloved paperback. I would never be converted. I held fast to this for a while, even when an eye disease made reading smaller print difficult. A relative sang the praises of Kindle – I would not relent. Until I was given a Kindle and a whole new world opened up for me; my love of reading rekindled and my library of virtual books grew exponentially. 

All the years you wrote emails requesting reviews. Often only a day or two after the order. Sometimes before said item had even arrived. Only this morning I received just such a notification.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.53.43

Intermittently I started to write them, then with increasing frequency. I hoped others would find them helpful. Sometimes I sang the praises of films or games, other times I recommended a seller for their prompt delivery. With books I described their impact on me, how successful and entertaining I found them. 

All worked seamlessly until 7th June 2018.

The first inkling I had of any problem was as I came to leave a review for a book I had bought. I put the stars in. Then went to enter my review in the box when I was met with the following message.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 12.33.01

What?! My first reaction was that it must be a glitch on my computer. I tried again. With the same result. I tried another product. Same outcome. I was unable to leave any review. I just couldn’t believe it! 

I immediately contacted you via message and was promised a reply within 24 – 48 hrs. I decided to wait.

The next day, after reading online about this problem, another concern started gnawing at me.

What about the reviews I had posted. Recently? Years ago? Did I dare look? I almost wish I hadn’t checked.

I felt absolute and overwhelming shock. My heart pounded. I was stunned by what I saw. Nothing! All my reviews from the past twelve years eradicated. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.53.12

All gone — without any warning, communication, discussion, explanation.

I felt devastated, dumbfounded. This felt like such a betrayal of trust, a reckless and total disregard for the individual, in this case myself. All my genuine efforts to review bonafide purchases and gifts had entirely disappeared. 

Then came the impenetrable wall of your company … the blankness of silence. 

Despite my three further attempts to contact you via message followed by three telephone calls I have still not had any explanation or discussion upon my lost reviews and my inability to post new ones. 

The staff handling the calls were pleasant enough even having me in ironic laughter once. My last attempt to talk to someone, resulted in the bizarre declaration from the advisor that I hadn’t ever written any reviews! In disbelief I guffawed and repeated my original issue, already described at the start of the conversation.

All along I was promised I would be contacted soon and once I was even promised a reply in six hours.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 12.00.10

During my last telephone call I was repeatedly assured that the matter was being passed over to the Community Team who would be contacting me in, the now familiar, 24 – 48 hrs.

With fading hope and lack of expectation of a reply I am still waiting. The sinking feeling of helplessness with regard to this issue is settling within me. The inability to even talk to someone with authority to discuss the problem is staggering. 

In the midst of the emotional fallout, I have become upset with my own distress. In the grand scheme of things, I suppose this is not of such importance, yet it is to me.

All these years I have naively assumed that my longstanding business with your company was a matter of cooperation. I placed my trust in this and feel your total disregard and lack of communication deeply.

My initial shock is now diminishing and replaced by a sad acceptance. I feel for the sellers of the items I’ve bought, for their lost reviews. I despair that I cannot write my thoughts on any possible products I may buy in the future.

Finally, I am still human and trusting enough that a small part of me holds out that my plea for contact from yourselves is not entirely futile, that someone will get in touch with me. To discuss this issue, to find a resolution and hopefully resurrect my reviews and allow me to review in the future.

The heart and soul is vanishing in so much of the world these days — don’t let this happen in your organisation. 

Annika Perry


N E W S F L A S H    N E W S F L A S H   N E W S F L A S H   N E W S F L A S H

I just went in again to check on my reviews on Amazon this afternoon (26th June) and to my utter astonishment I found my reviews are back on! Wow! The power of publicity and the influence of many voices sometimes succeeds … and so happy this is the case for me! Thank you everyone!

135 thoughts on “LOYALTY & TRUST

  1. What an important letter to Amazon.. I hope they realise it is Public opinion and loyalty and support that has got them where they are today… I am pleased that they have reinstalled the reviews and I hope do not take the option away from people who wish to review items etc..
    The sad fact today is that when companies become Huge with their own success, they forget it is the people they are now ignoring that got them there..
    And as we have seen with many of the Mighty BIG High-street names we never thought would fall, Fall they did.. Because people bought on line.. All it takes is a glitch in the internet system and so too they might find themselves falling faster still…
    Lets hope there are not any Solar Flares heading their way LOL.. ❤
    Great letter and wise quotes xxx ❤

    1. Sue, thank you so much for reading all my posts and for the plethora of comments … it means so much to and appreciate the time and energy! ❤️

      Your wise words go to the heart of the issue … the fact that without the public support this company and all others would not enjoy their current success. So hard won they seem to easily toss it aside and this is wrong and hurtful. It is also creating huge problems not only with writers but will all sellers who are losing comments! You rightly point out how precarious their own situation … nothing is certain and you have me smiling with your solar flare comment! 😀

      This was a letter I wrote first and foremost for my own peace of mind … only afterwards did I realise it would be a good way to explain to everyone what was happening. At that stage I had given up of ever seeing my reviews again. Happy it sorted for me, but trust is obviously affected and sad for so many still experiencing problems.

      Lovely to chat here, Sue! Take care. Hugs & love xx

      1. Yes its is sad Annika, that those self made companies that built up their reputations now do not seem to care, Such is the Dis-ease of mankind.. It filters through into many huge corporation, including governing bodies around the world..
        But it is also said, the Higher they are, the bigger the fall.. And no one is invincible to Change.. And Consumers vote with their clicks on Amazon,, I hear they also treat their warehouse staff in appalling ways too.. Some not daring to take time off, and getting penalised for taking breaks..
        You heard of the company in here in the UK Direct Sports and their treatment of workers.. Well that place is only a few miles from us..
        Amazon have the same sort of Fear tactics
        They were going on strike .. I will leave you a news link .

        So I applaud you and your letter Annika.. really I do.. Well done. ❤

        1. Thanks for the link, Sue. I had no idea Amazon workers were on strike but I had heard of the poor working conditions and the intense time pressures. I am not surprised they are on strike, but thought they would never dare. I was equally shocked, but very happy, to hear that Ryanair workers also went on strike … again the money has ruled here far too long. Although the closest airport to us is Stanstead we are voting with our feet and driving South of London to use another airline this summer following a horrendous trip back in Easter (one of many!)

          I feel this could be a long discussion … rightly so! Best undertaken in the cool of the shade with ice-cold drinks to hand!

          Wishing you a lovely day…my garden beckons, or rather the weeds are becoming too prominent! hugs xx

  2. Sorry for that poor company which doesn’t understand without your trust they are nothing ! It is we, the customers make them successful, increasing their profit, giving them good feedback, helping attract other peer customers. But once they start earning too much money, they start forgetting our contribution in their success. As they thought your open letter may put a dent in their image reducing their profit , they immediately jumped to put yr reviews back! But are they going to gain the same trust again! I doubt 😒

    1. Your final sentences are very perceptive and absolutely true … I am happy my reviews are restored and I can offer new ones, however my trust is most definitely dented and even though I did receive an apology I still do not know what happened. The very fact that they have always asked for reviews, and that this has partly helped the build up the company makes their sudden disappearance even more inexplicable! Many thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts … it has helped a lot to receive the support here on WP!

  3. Just saw this, Annika. Sorry to hear about your lost reviews and problem with Amazon. Thank goodness all is resolved. Your letter made a difference. We need to take a stand and let the Giant know we are not going to stand for being bullied or stepped on. Three cheers for you! Hugs xx

    1. Janice, thank you so much for your support and wonderful comment! I love the strength and power in your words … I just could not accept this without expressing my feelings, not in an angry manner, rather I took a personal approach. Some think that speaking up has no effect but this has proven otherwise here. I think we owe it to ourselves and others to try and make a difference. Thank you so much for all your cheers! 😀😀 Many hugs, my friend! Xx

      1. You are welcome, Annika. I always speak up when I feel I am wronged especially unfairly for no reason. Amazon is the Giant and you are Jack. Congrats to you! 🤗 😘

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