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Adventure and courage

“Annika Perry has produced a children’s book that totally captured my heart. I have fallen in love with Oskar, who on his brave pursuit finds courage of heart and acts With bravery that bewilders himself. He is the Star but there are other wonderful and strong characters there.

And we mustn’t forget about the frightening Drang who in the end totally surprises us all. Any child – or grown up child will fall for him too in the end.

Let us fly with Oskar on his magnificent quest. Annika doesn’t disappoint, there is gold dust on every page as the story develops.”

by Miriam


Delightful Picture Book!

“I received an ARC of this delightful book from the author. In this beautifully illustrated children’s book, author Annika Perry captures the importance of caring for others, overcoming fears and making new friends. Young children are sure to relate as a fearful Oskar steps out of his comfort zone and embarks on a perilous journey in an effort to save a beautiful songbird and return happiness to an island where he’s been stranded during a fierce storm. I loved the author’s generous use of onomatopoeia to paint memorable word pictures for little readers and listeners. PLIP-PLOP, FLASH, BANG—the story’s excitement builds. Delightful!”

by Bette A. Stevens


A beautiful story for both children and adults!

As a longtime follower of writer Annika Perry’s blog, I was excited when I heard she was working on a children’s book. From the first page, Oskar captured my heart, taking me on a journey to save a beautiful songbird, while meeting new friends along the way. This enchanting story is perfect for both children and adults, teaching lessons on the importance of caring for others and overcoming ones fears. The illustrations along with the lovely writing made this story come to life.

by Jill Weatherholt


A lovely story about a small bird’s courage

“The other bird’s called him scardey-bird but Oskar goes on to prove that he is the bravest bird in the world. A delightful story with beautiful illustrations. The perfect book to read as a bed-time story for a special child.”

by Carol Balawyder


A beautifully illustrated children’s book sharing a message of courage, kindness and friendship

“Oskar’s Quest” is a beautifully illustrated book sharing a message of courage, kindness and friendship. Annika Perry has a gift for writing up, not down to children. Even very young children are attentive, curious and observant. My four year old Granddaughter and I love reading “Oskar’s Quest!” My Granddaughter has already memorized parts of this book, especially the sound effects. She loves following “Oskar,” the blue bird, and “Maya,” the golden bird, throughout the story. Often a key to an engaging children’s book is how the adult also enjoys reading the book over and over and over again. I highly recommend “Oskar’s Quest!”

by Erica