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It’s never taken me so long to send an email before. 

I’m not referring to writing the message; its composition came easily enough. The actual act of pressing ‘send’ seemed impossible. My cursor hovered over the paper airplane icon; pausing I sat back and scanned the document once more. I stood up and paced around the room.

The momentous moment had arrived and my first manuscript was just a click away from the publisher. I was savouring the experience while being equally terrified of the reality. Many bloggers have used the analogy of giving birth with reference to writing a book; I can identify with this emotion to a certain extent…sending away my first book to an outsider felt like I was releasing my baby into the wider world. With another few tours of the room, I returned to my seat and pressed the button. No turning back!

After weeks of intense editing on my anthology of short stories my head seemed to burn with heat and a flu-like fever of concentration reverberated around my mind whilst the rest of my body struggled against the cold. A day or two of complete relaxation was in order to restore the equilibrium.

The editing process had been unexpectedly and contradictorily tougher and easier than anticipated. 

Hour after hour of close computer and document work took its toll on my eyes and head resulting in migraine-style headaches.

However, several useful editing tools were a fantastic help in bringing my manuscript to completion.

Grammarly, a proof-reading program recommended by Jacqui Murray at Worddreams (thank you, Jacqui!), was a most invaluable editing aid. After initially reading through each story a few times, amending the plot etc where needed, correcting typos and punctuation I then used Grammarly to check for any missed errors. Surprisingly it picked up quite a few; these included spacing gaps between words, spellings and punctuation. I did have to be cautious with my changes though as the spellings were corrected to American style and it had a predilection for commas which I disagree with – see what my editor says! 

Natural Reader  proved another excellent editing tool. Once again Jacqui recommended this on her blog and I was initially sceptical but decided to trust her positive experience with it. Despite the mechanical unemotional aura to the voice (although there are various choices) it made a huge impact having each story read aloud to me. Although I’d been reading some out to myself, listening actively to each word through Natural Reader allowed me to pick up on silly mistakes including one where I had put the wrong name for a situation in a story. Yikes!

As well as a dictionary by one’s side (or the website permanently on display) it is essential for writers to consider Thesaurus as one’s best friend. My original paperback copy from childhood is gradually falling apart so I now use its services online, consulting, searching for words to improve and sharpen my writing and this was even truer during these last editing weeks. 

Finally, never underestimate the value and effectiveness of good old-fashion pen and paper – or in my case pencils! With a few sharpened pencils in my arsenal, I printed out the stories when I thought they were ready and took them downstairs where I’d commandeered the dining room table (my desk by this time was overflowing with papers!). Here the final editing took place and with the change of room, my creative spirit was rejuvenated and the final changes were made. Some of these were minor, a word or two; in other cases, a whole paragraph was rewritten and paragraph spacing was slightly adjusted in the more complex ones. Furthermore, I was inspired to change the title of two stories. 

The stories for my anthology were now ready to be sent away to my editor; however, there were several more important elements to the book to complete before the full manuscript was whole. In my next post, I will describe how I tackled the all-important blurb, tag-line and about the author page. 

Thank you very much for following my exciting journey to publication of this anthology of short stories.The book is due out beginning December and I will reveal the book title and cover soon.

“I love short stories because I believe they are the way we live. They are what our friends tell us, in their pain and joy, their passion and rage, their yearning and their cry against injustice.” Andre Dubus


168 thoughts on “FRAZZLED!

    1. Kathy, how true!! 😀😀 I took a few days break to catch up with housework and blogging but getting ready for the final push! Why, oh why, do I set deadline…oh, I know…otherwise I’ll just procrastinate on and on…many thanks for your (almost) congratulations!! Wishing you a lovely weekend! 😀🌻

  1. Seems like we’ve just took a similar journey, right up to the point of waiting til near publication to even announce the title and cover, lol. I hear you on all counts and I’m sure my dining room table is similar to yours, I know your desk looks in similar shape too. Congrats on the upcoming launch Annika. ❤

    1. Snap!! 😀❤️ Debby, I look forward to learning all about your latest book…are you also a bundle of nerves or does it lessen with a few books already out there?

      The book cover is almost finished, the title is decided (I hope everyone loves it as much as I do!)…I just want to know everything is sorted before I make further announcements…don’t want to jinx anything!

      Oh my desk…I had a chance to actually tidy it up a bit last night…again! When I see my son’s shocked face at the mess I make a special effort…the rest of the house is very tidy I hasten to add!! Well, the dining room table has become a default work space too..! Here’s to the chaos of writing and editing!!

      Debby, wow! I’ve just popped over to your blog and saw your book cover reveal – absolute gorgeous and terrific post! Congratulations!!!!! 😀❤️ Hugs xx

      1. Welcome to writing mayhem! Lol. At least you contained yourself to the dining room table. When I’m in publishing mode, there are books, papers and files strewn everywhere – kitchen, dining room, living room tables and desk, it’s out of control. Anyone who knows me and pops over to visit would surely know it’s publishing time LOL.
        You get used to it. I only get nerved out because I know each step I must complete and am anal about being efficient. My MS is currently back at the editor for final proofing which I’ll have back on the weekend. Then, even though it is proofed, I’ll go through it another few times for oversighted typos. I usually find 1 or 2 again. Then by mid-next week I’ll have it off to the formatter. In that time I’ll be working on blog posts and promotions. Once I download the book file to Amazon, I’ll proofread again on the Kindle previewer – an essential step. There I have found again, the odd typo or some wonky formatting. If I do, I don’t approve it and send the file back to the formatter for corrections. Yes, it takes a lot of patience and eagle-eyeing before it’s perfected. So wishing you lots of luck and patience.
        And thanks again for your wondeerful feedback on my cover, a true labor of love. ❤ Hugs back. Looking so forward to your reveal! xxx 🙂

        1. Phew…Debby, I feel exhausted and overwhelmed with all your work…I suppose if you write it down it sounds daunting – my family have been telling me to take breaks from the editing as they were worried! Oh, I wouldn’t dare leave anything in the rest of the house between our friends and my son’s friends visiting I’d be too scared of losing something…good to be able to spread out if you can! Your cover is seriously beautiful…it shouts of being a hit already! 😀❤️

          1. Aw thanks again Annika, it’s always so rewarding when we find our work resonates with everyone. It’s like Christmas. 🙂 And listen to your family – you must take editing breaks for fresh perspectives! I understand when others are around it’s hard to keep your work sprawled out. I guess I’m fortunate in that way where I can reside among my glorious mess. 🙂 ❤

    1. Thank you, Clare…Strange how pressing a send button can be so exciting and seem so monumental action! 😀 I’m feeling much better, thank you…just eager to release the book…being patient is not my forte!

  2. Mike

    Well done Annika. A brave and well deserved undertaking. Although it was hard to press that button and send your creation out into the big wide world I for one am glad you did. It won’t be long now before it’s out there on e-books and hopefully paperback too. I’m ready and waiting to press a button too – the one that downloads your book onto my Kindle!
    Congratulations and celebrations.

    1. Ahh…thank you, Mike! 😀😀 A beautiful comment, perfectly circular and I love the idea of you pressing a button…to buy my book. Yes, it will be available in Kindle and paperback…so if you’re keen you can buy both!! 😀. Yes, celebrations are already at the planning stage…after all there will only be one time I’ll release my first book! Many thanks for your lovely comment! Xx

  3. Annika, reading this and learning what you have gone through during the editing process has been invaluable to me. I have a rough draft that has been in a folder for over two years all because the thought of editing seemed impossible. What to do first and so forth was overwhelming to me. You have given me the inspiration to go ahead with it.

    1. Glynis, wow!! 😀 That is fantastic news…I’m so happy if this has helped inspire you and bring some sense of format to your editing. My main novel had been edited by me a few times but I then got lost a bit…I think I’ve got the tools and knowledge now to get on with my final edit on it in the new year.

      Best of luck with your book editing, Glynis. Do let me know how you get on. 😀❤️

  4. I know you posted that picture to show the overflow of distraction on your desk but I saw creativity. A mind so busy that nothing could be put aside. I got excited looking at everything you’d used to inspire your stories. I had to zoom in and couldn’t find a computer but any biggie.

    I’m glad those tools work for you. Me too although I’m at least a month behind you. I loved reading how you went through the process. It’s quite similar to my process, complete with the headaches! I hope those go away now that this part of publishing is done.

    1. Jacqui, this was my ‘artistic’ take on mess as I’d actually tidied it all up (more about that in my next post!). It was seriously a tip with papers everywhere and you couldn’t actually see the surface anywhere – even my son started commenting on when I was considering tidying up! I do have a computer, but it sits on a separate desk to the right of this one- I can swing easily between the two!

      Seriously, thank you so much for all your recommendations of editing tools…I think I would have been lost otherwise. Funny how we have a similar routine…I just fell into mine. I feel for you with your headaches…not good. I’m usually okay so reckon once this book is out there I’ll settle down. Hope yours go soon too.

      Happy Editing, Jacqui…😀

    2. Somehow I missed your post about the Natural Reader. Everyone has been telling me to read my manuscript out loud. I have a terrible problem of yawning when I read out loud so I’ve never used the advice. With this program, I can get this done. 😀

  5. Woo-hoo! Congratulations, Annika! The “wait” part of the “hurry up and wait” process of publishing can be agonizing, waiting for the next step. So excited for the cover reveal, and title, and sale! Hurry up, I can’t wait 😀

    1. Julie…how right you are!! 😀😀 I’m not good at waiting normally and I’m a bundle of nervous energy in anticipation of these final steps to publication. I can’t wait either!! It’s wonderful to know you’re so excited too…not long now!! (Fingers and toes crossed, touching wood etc..!)

  6. Congratulations upon your releasing your new ‘Baby’ into the hands of the publishers Annika, I am learning such a lot from what you have posted upon your own journey of writing a book
    I hope one day to write a book containing some of my poetry with a sort of story or biography into why and at what stages of my life they were written. So I am learning such a lot from you, and other Authors here on WordPress
    I found the Grammarly link particularly useful

    Sending Hugs and much love ❤

    1. Sue, how exciting that you are considering a book of poetry! 😀 That is wonderful and it’s a brilliant idea linking them to various stages of your life. My son is into music and one element he enjoys about the music streaming service is the biographical element of the songs/albums…why the artist wrote the song, why, what it refers to etc…

      The editing process did daunt me and the advice from so many here on WP allowed me to put structure and form into this nebulous activity…I’m so happy if some of this can help you and other writers too.

      Many thanks for your lovely comment and best of luck with plans for your own book. ❤️

      1. Thank you most sincerely Annika, The ‘Book’ has been started, a first chapter completed, and it is now part of my set intention to focus more on this.. I know one thing for sure.. That I have a Host of wonderful Published Authors as WP friends here on WordPress who having gone through the process yourselves, I certainly know where to come to for advice.. And believe you me, I shall be knocking if I get stuck.. 🙂 So THANK YOU again.. 🙂

        1. Please come knocking anytime and I’ll try to help…it’s a steep learning curve on which I feel I’m precariously balanced at the moment! 😀😀 Congratulations on your first chapter…celebrate each one!

  7. Behind the Story

    Congratulations, Annika. That’s really exciting. Non-writers would never believe how many edits we go through, how much we miss the first time around, and how much our manuscripts are improved by the process. That’s a great quote from Andre Dubus.

    1. Nicki, too true! 😀 The amount of work is phenomenal – and this isn’t even a full length book!! I’m sure my neighbours just think I ‘laze’ around at home all day! 😃😀 So glad you liked the quote; I came across it on Goodreads and then read up about him. Sounds like an amazing writer but with a very tragic life.

      1. Behind the Story

        I really have enjoyed Andre Dubus’s fiction and also that of his son, Andre Dubus III. They both go deep into their characters. (Sometimes men’s fiction can seem like a foreign language.) Some books by Andre Dubus III I’ve enjoyed: The Garden of Last Days, House of Sand and Fog, and Townie.

    1. Ahh…Rebecca, thank you so much for your lovely comment – ‘where stories come to life!’. ❤️ I love my study and writing space…it is always so light and wonderful to just look up and out across the gardens, trees, birds – daydreaming!

  8. Annika, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. All the steps you’ve taken and now your this close. As one who might be taking this path in the future, it was nice to see the positives and negatives. I agree with you on Gramercy and a good thesaurus… don’t leave home without them. Another tool I found is Natural Reader where your computer will read your pros or poetry back to you. Thank you for sharing.

    1. JC, it’s interesting that you use Natural Reader for poetry and I’m glad you found this helps – it must be tricky with the poems or does it recognise run-ons, new stanzas? I started my post in order to share my journey to publishing my book and editing is one major element – as a newbie to this I wanted to share my experience with others in a similar position. I really hope these tips will help you and good luck to you with your book…how is it coming along? I very much look forward to reading it when ready.

      1. Yes for poetry you still need to add commas and such just to get the correct
        voicing of the poem, after I’m satisfied, i’ll remove most of them.

        The book is coming along. I beleive I have most of it written but I still need to edit for a first draft. I really need to bunker down or lock myself away so i can finish. it… jc

  9. Congratulations, girlfriend! Your name will soon be in print. That final step is anxiety-provoking whether it’s your first book or your tenth. Letting go always seems to be harder than holding on. But you did it, and your baby will soon meet the world ❤

    1. Thank you so much, Tina…it still feels surreal!! 😀😃 Reckon the truth of the occasion will hit me when I hold that book in my hands! What??? I hoped that anxiety feeling would be less with the next book…it was so hard letting it go but luckily I’d made a promise to send the ms that morning otherwise I reckon I’d still be editing! I’m beginning to think it was actually easier to slowly release my son into the wider world than this!! Still, so exciting and amazing! Thank you so much for your warm encouragement and support! ❤️

      1. Most welcome, Annika. Our fear of letting go could find us editing ad nauseam until the cows come home! Holding our book in our hands for the first time is an incredibly astounding experience. I’m so excited for you! ❤

  10. Oh, my stomach churned as your finger hovered over the Send key. I know that quesy joyful frightening feeling well. The fact that we ever really HIT that key is miraculous. But I have no doubt that your editor will love your stories, and so will we when we can hit the “read now’ button. 😍

    1. Ahh…Pam, I’m just imagining people pressing the ‘read now’ button of my book…wow, that’s an amazing thought! Your words really brought home that this is going to happen!! 😃 Grr…that churning in the stomach is just getting worse, as is the queasiness…reckon I won’t relax until the book is out there and everything is just right! Thank you so much for your wonderful support, Pam. ❤️ hugs xx
      ps. Did you notice something on the top right of the desk? That is usually next to my computer and I love glancing to look at the birds in a flight dance whilst working.

    1. Curt, I hope these can help you as much as they did me…I like picking up sources of information here on WP and bookmarking them for later use. Yesterday I read a post on marketing which was very apt and I’ve printed this out!

      Ah…thank you for being hopeful for me…I am too but also so a bit anxious…I’m now not only frazzled but also frayed with nervous energy!😀

        1. Haha! I do think I’m forgetting to breathe…every day I head off for walks which become more like marches as my spinning minds keeps on working! Okay, I’m breathing deep…that feels better! 😀😀

  11. I’ve hovered my finger over the send key many times myself, wondering if I’ve caught everything. Sounds like you had a lot of great tools in your box. Congratulations on getting all that work done and clicking the final button.

    1. Thank you so much, Lori…it is a nerve-wracking moment and you always think there is some error that has got past all the checks! These tools definitely helped though; fingers crossed not too many mistakes. Does it ever get to a stage where this is ‘routine’? I hope not! ❤️

    1. Thank you, Sarah and so glad you’re a fan of short stories…it’s great how they are becoming re-established within literature and the book world after being shunned for a long time!

    1. Pete, thank you so much!!😃😀 It isn’t easy at all…as the day of the book release comes closer my nervous energy is going into overdrive!! Thank you so much for your well wishes…that means a lot!

  12. Congratulations, Annika! I can feel your excitement – it’s palpable! I clearly remember those emotions, especially of letting your baby go and worrying if it was ready for publication. But I have no doubt you have covered everything.
    Lots of useful info here for writers. I look forward to your next post. 🙂

    1. Jennifer, thank you so much for your lovely comment and reassurance that I have everything covered – I keep panicking that I have missed doing something! Lots to do yet but loving every scary moment of it! 😀 The blurb terrified me and I’m sure others feel the same so I hope my next post will ease some of the concern and offer some advice – at least how I tackled it!

    1. Thank you, Libby! 😀 As I started this blog I wanted to share my journey to publication and over the years I’ve learnt of so many hand tools and tips…these mentioned here were invaluable and I hope they can help other writers in a similar position to myself. Do you have any editing advice? What works best for you?

    1. Thank you so much, Barbara! 😃 It is an exhilarating time at the moment, so excited and also nervous…definitely life-affirming! The blurb terrified me and was a task I kept putting off until one morning…the rest will be in the post and glad you look forward to reading it. 😃

      1. Yes, when I helped publish my dad’s book, I discovered the same! There were so many marketing descriptions and tags and I didn’t feel prepared or qualified to do them. But once I got into it, I got the job done. I’m sure I’ll do better the next time, though!

  13. Kudos, Annika! Thanks so much for sharing part of your writing journey and for the tips with links. Your post is sure to help and inspire others. I love short stories and look forward to getting up close and personal with your first book baby! ❤ xo.

    1. Ahh…Bette, I’m so happy you’re looking forward to my book – that means so much to me! 😀 I’m excited to know you might be reading it!! ❤️ I think it is great how everyone shares tips and advice here on WP and as my blog began with my journey to publication I wanted to share my editing experience. Hopefully, it can help other writers at a similar stage of writing/editing/publishing. hugs xx

    1. Writing the blurb terrified me until I couldn’t put it off any longer…I hope my experience of it will help others! So glad you’re looking forward to reading that post, Carol. The excitement just keeps mounting!! (I’m a bundle of nervous energy at the moment!!) hugs xx

  14. Annika, such very exciting news. I am looking forward to the reveal. I am sure the book will be worth all the equity sweat that you put into it to bring it into the world. And, I hope like childbirth, that you will forget all the pain and bring another book into the world.

    1. Bernadette, I think you read my mind…there are occasions during the day I’m thinking, never again…but then I get that writing/editing urge again.😀😃 I’ll be thrilled to post the book cover reveal…and extremely nervous too – just hope everyone loves it! Thank you so much for all your warm and encouraging support.❤️ hugs xx

  15. Well Sent and hope all goes well with the delivery! Your post drew me in as it is that pressing send to release your book to others that is quite a task. Otherwise I tend to press send very quickly, too quickly sometimes. Good luck and hopefully you can give more details soon.

    1. Georgina, I haven’t got to the stage of pressing send to release the book to the public – yet!!! Blimey, I hadn’t thought of that moment…if I thought this send was hard, that’s going to be nigh impossible! 😃 I’ll need all the luck! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and lots more details in the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed!!)

  16. Congratulations on pressing that send button. Hope you get positive feedback and everything goes smoothly. I recommend the book ‘The Joy of English’ by Jesse Karjalainen. He does an excellent job of untangling British English from American English. I was surprised at couple of things. Here is a link to it on Amazon and I’ll include a link to the interview Joanna Penn did recently with the author as well, it is quite informative.

    Amazon –

    The Creative Penn –

    1. Katia, thank you so much for your comment…I hope everything goes smoothly too! 😀 Thank you also for recommending this grammar book and I’ll definitely take a closer look at it. Even in the blurb it mentions my major confusion point during the editing of this anthology of the difference between learned / learnt etc…looking online I received conflicting information.

      1. Then you will love ‘Joy of English’, he gives examples of everything, some things I hadn’t even thought about, like how a time is written correctly in British English. For all the examples, he points out which options are correct for British English in bold type with a tick next to it, so you can’t miss it.

    1. Thank you so much for your well wishes, Jan! 😃 These tools proved invaluable with my editing. They helped focus my concentration and ensured the stories were examined in a variety of ways.

  17. Wow! I could catch a lot of emotions from your words Annika, exhilaration mingled with trepidation and anxiety. It’s good that you have pressed that button and what an accomplishment! I am so happy for you dear friend! The first book is indeed very precious. Thanks for sharing its journey. Congratulations dear friend…looking forward to its release. 🙂 Love and hugs.

    1. Bless you, Balroop – you read me exactly!! 😃 My emotions have been / are in such a state of flux…I’m trying to remain calm and patient (Ha! not my forte!). Most nights I’m dreaming of the stories, editing, computer…you’d think I got some time off when I was asleep!😃 The first book must be the most memorable and precious and I suppose it’s okay to be so excited and nervous. So glad you’re looking forward to the book release. love & hugs xx❤️

  18. Hitting that button is so tough! But what a thrill, too! Great tools, Annika and I use them as well (also thanks to Jacqui). And that pencil… invaluable. There’s something interesting that happens when we read a printed copy instead of on a screen – we see things differently in the alternate format. So, congratulations on taking the big step! More to come, and wishing you the very best of luck! ❤

    1. Diana, you’re right, I never fail to be surprised and awed how different it is to write with pen and paper and to edit on hard copy! The feel can vary hugely. Also, I was astounded how simply changing a word or two made a significant impact on the story and its mood etc. It is very much a matter of every word counts! Thank you so much for all your wonderful support, encouragement and well wishes. ❤️

  19. My laptop hates me…ARGH. This is the comment.

    Congratulations, Annika! You are a true inspiration, and I am chomping at the bit to see and read your book!!! Very much appreciate the tips as well, so thank you for sharing them. You enjoy your much deserved time off and revel in your achievement – not an easy task, but YOU DID IT!!! Way to go, girl!! 🙂

    1. Wow!! 😃 Tanya, thank you so much for your bubbly, enthusiastic comment…I’m smiling away that you’re keen to read my book!! That is great. 😃

      I wanted to share these tips as they’ve proved so helpful to me and although many will know of one or all of these I hope my post can help other people at a similar stage to me with regards to writing and editing.

      The time off at the weekend was wonderful…although I looked longingly at my computer…for a few seconds! Piano lesson, a little bit of Xmas shopping, wonderful cafe lunch. There was a world beyond my desk I learned!😃

  20. Wow, congratulations, that’s awesome news! You must have an immense sense of satisfaction after taking those steps. And how exciting that your book is almost ready for the world. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Mae…I do feel very pleased and happy but still nervous as hope everything works out according to plan! There is still so much to finalise…but I’ve been reassured everything is fine! I know…I honestly can’t believe my book will soon be out there…if you hear a yelp of joy and mad stomping dance of delight – that’s me!! 😃😃

    1. Yikes! 😐 The ‘everywhere’ part of soon hasn’t really sunk in yet, Carrie…reckon I’ll combust with excitement! We have a small party planned for the launch day…it will be a very special day! 😃

    1. I know…this has been a lifelong dream and I can’t believe I’m so close!! Jill, I raise a glass of bubbly with you…thank you, my dear friend, for all your support and encouragement! ❤️

      The feather pen was a special present from my son a few years ago when he was younger and he thought it was just perfect for me – I adore it too!! He always buys the most thoughtful and well-considered presents!

  21. Congratulations Annika and thank you for the tips. I remember printing out my chapters umpteen times and editing them over and over… When they were professionally edited there were still little errors here and there. It is such a great feeling when you can finally send it out there. My baby is a year old today.

    1. Happy Birthday to your baby!!🎉 I bet the year has flown since you first published? Did you go slightly crazy with excitement and the editing? I have your book on my Kindle and look forward to reading it and catching up with books in the new year. The constant printing out of your book must have cost a fortune in ink – I’ve gone through so many cartridges since I started editing this in detail…I dread to think what it will be like for a full-size novel!

  22. What an exciting time for you Annika. Such a great achievement that you must be so proud of, your baby unleashed into the world. I know that nervous yet exhilarating feeling of hitting the ‘send’ button from the many articles I’ve sent to editors, let alone a book. Congratulations. xo 🙏📚

    1. Miriam, thank you so much…I do feel a sense of pride but also very nervous – I hope it will be well-liked and everything goes to plan! Yes, it was a wonderfully exhilarating moment to press send…and then I tried not to panic afterwards! I kept finding things to change until the last minutes. With everything likes this, be it articles or books, one is putting oneself out there for everyone to read – nerve-wracking!

  23. Annika, this is a terrific explanation of the process for perfecting your anthology before its publication. I know you can’t wait. I like that you use pen and paper for part of your strategy. There’s something very personal about pens.

    1. Shari, pen and paper are still so immediate and direct for me when writing and I often write new pieces on paper before working on them on the computer. Even when talking on the phone to sales people etc I’ll have a pen in my hand and scribble down relevant parts of the conversation.

      Although I realise that some of this will be familiar to established writers here on WP, I thought new would-be-writers and people at the same stage as me would find it helpful to learn the techniques that have been useful to me. I’ve learnt so much from others…it’s lovely being able to share that knowledge.

        1. Shari, Don’t know what to say…thank you so much! ☺️ I like being organised (reckon it’s a virgo thing!) and initially I was daunted with the work that needed to be done in the short deadline I’d given myself. I needed the deadline as without one I tend to procrastinate! I hope by sharing what I found useful as regards editing that it can help others in a similar situation. There is so much online help available it can be overwhelming and difficult to chose a good tool. Thank you so much for your kind words…I can’t stop smiling…😀😃

  24. Hurrah Annika, you did it. First part of your dream come true. I raise my morning coffee in salute. Today is for just being, do whatever takes your fancy and let the brain totally take back seat.

    Love your desk, even your mess looks attractive.😊 .Also the picture from a wall with the saying by your C.S. Lewis….very nice.
    I do understand and most of your friends here do, the swing between elation and fear – back and forth – before you take that step and press SEND.

    Can’t wait to see the cover and the book. What a Christmas present to buy. 🦋💕 .

    1. Miriam, my heart sings reading your wonderful and joyful comment this morning! 😃I toast you back – with my cuppa ginger tea! ❤️ ☕️I took a whole day off after pressing send and since then been busy planning my next move as well as catching up here on WP!

      Ahh…so glad you like my desk. I must admit I took some poetic licence here and re-orchestrated the mess as I had to tidy up in between…more about that in my next post!It is a lovely place to work and I love to look out at the trees, sky and white doves outside!

      Haha! Yep, huge swings between elation and fear…and so it will be until publication date…and beyond no doubt! I haven’t felt this alive with work for quite a while…exhilarating! Just wish I could have one night without an editing dream!!

      Cover reveal very soon and yeah…I love the idea of this being Christmas present!! Hope your recipients of it will enjoy the book. 😃

    1. Yeah!!!!! 😀I know, I can’t quite believe this is happening and not sure it will hit me until I see my book up for sale on Amazon!! Do you remember how you felt with your first book, Shey?

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