Dear Creative Spirit

Dear Creative Spirit,

Thank you for the gift of creativity.
For the ability to read and write
May I learn to trust Write,
to gain confidence that my words matter.

Thank you for placing these gifts in my hands.
Let the faith you show in me
give me belief in my own ability

Thank you for my precious imagination,
A world without is incomprehensible.
Let it run free and wild.

Give me strength to let loose the reins,
to overcome my many fears and worries
that bind and shackle me.

I see my spirit floating freely
As creativity is unleashed

I imagine these moments of epiphany
I will find you, I will find infinity.

I know there is nothing I cannot do
Thank you for letting me know.

May my words help others, be a support;
May they find enjoyment, humour and
the spirits of their own
lifted within my words.
Giving hope.

My heart is full of joy and excitement
at the thought of my creative capabilities.

©Annika Perry

‘Dear Creative Spirit’ is one of the first exercises set by Julia Cameron in her ‘The Artist’s Way’ and after my initial hesitation of what to write, I found myself inspired as I addressed my own Creative Spirit.

I came across a rough draft of this recently and since have edited it to this final version here – I hope it gives others the ability to trust in their gift. Lack of confidence in one’s capabilities is often the hindrance to even start writing and sharing one’s work.

Clearing out is a task I throw myself at with glee! For some this is a chore, understandably so, whilst for myself, the opportunity to revisit past items, letters, papers is an act of time travel!

Amongst the haul, I unearthed a calendar beneath a desk, papers were strewn on top, dust neatly and evenly covering the surface. I cleaned down the pretty cover and flipped through the images.

The artist is Erkers Marie Persson and for many years she painted for the Swedish Calendar. In her paintings, she tries to capture the wonder of bygone eras when generations mixed easily with each other. The pictures included in my post are taken from this delightful calendar which our company gave away to customers! Thankfully, I retained one as well!

Over Easter, I will be enjoying a ‘home-holiday’ and taking a mini-blogging break, popping in now and then. I wish you all a peaceful and relaxing holiday time!

“A childhood without books — that would be no childhood. That would be like being shut out from the enchanted place where you can go and find the rarest kind of joy.” Astrid Lindgren



The plonk of a parcel landing on the hall floor startled me from my writing reverie and with the eagerness of a child I dashed downstairs and fetched the promised package – these wonderful Easter creations knitted by a dear friend. During the winter months she’s been beavering away in the evenings with family and two lively cats around her and finally her collection was complete! What a lovely and kind idea to share these chicks, bunnies and carrots with family and friends! What a beautiful way to spread Easter sunshine to us all! 

For two weeks I’ll be enjoying the peace and beauty of our ‘retreat’  in Sweden, away from the busy bustling world, barely connected to its digital being. 


I look forward to walking the land in the cold mornings, the freshness of the air biting my lungs – a sting I welcome as I inhale the crisp ozone air scented from the surrounding pine forests. The dew on the grass will be bathed in sheer white frost, crackling underfoot and dotted around I’ll spot tracks of nighttime visitors of rabbits, badgers, foxes and deer. This early communion with nature has been sorely missed! 


Whilst on holiday I will heed the words of Thalia Gust’s latest poem, rejuvenating in the beauty of the natural world, bringing my full awareness to the sights and sounds…leaving those ‘Musts’ behind.


What is a Must 

when Cherry blossoms shimmer,

What is a Must

when the skylark sings,


What is a Must

when garden turns

        yellow, white and blue;


What is a Must

when the wind plays in the Willow

What is a Must 

when I sit on favourite bench,


Wren and Robin nesting

in bushes that surround.


I left Musts behind today

threw them in the river.

© Thalia Gust

I hope to be on Twitter some, a little on WP but otherwise want to wish you all an enjoyable and peaceful Easter!




Imagine a place far out in the Swedish forest.  It’s half a mile to the nearest neighbour whilst other houses are scattered miles apart. The road is a dirt track with deep ditches on either side. Just there, to the right is the property, two houses set upon a land twice the size of a football pitch. This is my haven for the next two weeks over Easter.

100_6333Pure tranquility – as pure as the air from the hundred, nay, thousands of trees around.  Pure tranquility – as pure as the water which pumps from 80 m below the ground. No television, telephone or wifi. Peace and quiet. Don’t worry though, there is electricity and all the mod cons, so we’re living in warmth and comfort.

It takes a while to tune into the silence, to hear the individual birds, to become aware of the different tones of the breeze. The tempo of our days slow until time itself seems to slacken and the days stretch appealingly in front of us. No rushing. No staring at screens.

In lieu of television an afternoon is happily spent sitting inside with a cup of tea watching the thunderstorm wreak havoc upon the land as puddles are turned into mini-lakes and the fir trees enter into a ferocious frenzied dance. We take time to listen to the hail crashing outside. The force of nature overwhelming and once again I am reminded about my small place on this planet.

In the morning I wander the land, clutching my orange juice in frigid fingers, negotiating the uneven ground in my clumsy wellies, my dressing gown flapping round my legs. I stop and raise my face to the dappled morning sunlight falling through the birch trees, whilst in the distance I spy the mist hovering above a field, drifting, floating wistfully away as the sun’s rays strike them.

In the shade I study the intricate cobwebs which lay frozen stiff, their delicate threads an intriguing puzzle of designs. Glistening in the morning frost they are small sample last night’s wondrous creations. Nature’s own art gallery, free to browse. I just have to make sure I am up early enough!

Silence. Quiet. Did I mention that? No cars. No machinery. Just the peace.

This is where I will be this Easter, relaxing, being with my family and I look forward to coming home refreshed and with renewed energy.

Although I might not be able to post until my return I do have access to my neighbours’ iPad and hope to pop across now and then and see what you’ve all been up to.

IMG_0538I look forward to sharing more with you upon my return after the Easter holiday.

Have a very happy Easter break everyone.


“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder