The plonk of a parcel landing on the hall floor startled me from my writing reverie and with the eagerness of a child I dashed downstairs and fetched the promised package – these wonderful Easter creations knitted by a dear friend. During the winter months she’s been beavering away in the evenings with family and two lively cats around her and finally her collection was complete! What a lovely and kind idea to share these chicks, bunnies and carrots with family and friends! What a beautiful way to spread Easter sunshine to us all! 

For two weeks I’ll be enjoying the peace and beauty of our ‘retreat’  in Sweden, away from the busy bustling world, barely connected to its digital being. 


I look forward to walking the land in the cold mornings, the freshness of the air biting my lungs – a sting I welcome as I inhale the crisp ozone air scented from the surrounding pine forests. The dew on the grass will be bathed in sheer white frost, crackling underfoot and dotted around I’ll spot tracks of nighttime visitors of rabbits, badgers, foxes and deer. This early communion with nature has been sorely missed! 


Whilst on holiday I will heed the words of Thalia Gust’s latest poem, rejuvenating in the beauty of the natural world, bringing my full awareness to the sights and sounds…leaving those ‘Musts’ behind.


What is a Must 

when Cherry blossoms shimmer,

What is a Must

when the skylark sings,


What is a Must

when garden turns

        yellow, white and blue;


What is a Must

when the wind plays in the Willow

What is a Must 

when I sit on favourite bench,


Wren and Robin nesting

in bushes that surround.


I left Musts behind today

threw them in the river.

© Thalia Gust

I hope to be on Twitter some, a little on WP but otherwise want to wish you all an enjoyable and peaceful Easter!


110 thoughts on “EASTER AWAKENING

      1. Wishing you a sunshiny week also, Annika ❤ Happy to report that our spring has finally arrived and the snow tires are tucked away in the garage for another season! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

  1. Hi Annika! I hope you had a blessed Easter 🙂 The knitted creations from your friend are so cute 🙂 I did a beginner’s knit kit as a girl but nothing that way since. I suppose because I found a greater love for the written word, hehe 😉 The “must” for today was reading your lovely poem and I’m so glad I did xxoo

    1. Christy, I love your last sentence here and reminds me to do the same today!! 😀Those are the kind of ‘musts’ which are good in ones life. A beginner’s knit kit sounds like a good idea but can empathise that the greater love is with writing and the written word! I had a wonderfully peaceful Easter, thank you and hope you did too. 😀

  2. You’re enjoying your beautiful break in Sweden, but I had to comment and thank you for your posts with the Swedish art/illustrations – so inspiring and lovely! And the QUOTES! I ‘borrowed’ them all to use for my creative writing classes. They all brought a nod to my head…and a sigh.
    Happy BREAK! xo

    1. Yeah, Pam…I’m so glad the quotes could be of use and helpful in your creative writing class (can I join!😀😃) I found the art and the sayings very inspirational and it was a delight to share on my blog. The comments were turned off whilst I was away…oh, I had such a wonderful break, almost too good as it’s been hard to get back into normal routine, just about getting there!

      1. The only problem with a fabulous vacation is ….the end of it. :-0 I hope we’ll hear about it during some of your next posts. With photos! And wouldn’t I LOVE having you in my writing classes….we’d have a ball. x

        1. My latest post is up and I fear you’ll be disappointed…no holiday photos rather gardening therapy as I worked and waited for my soul to catch up from Sweden. My next Sweden post will be after my summer holidays there…already have a couple in mind! Oh…I’m now really intrigued about your writing class. I wonder what kind of work you do? What exercises you use/set?

          1. Not disappointed at all. You inspired me for my own garden!
            I teach CREATIVE WRITING for FUN classes – six classes to a session, once a week. Seven students max. I give little tips about writing, and then a fun prompt (ex: write a story that begins “Almost a month ago I thought that…” Finish the sentence and keep on going with the story. HOWEVER, each sentence needs to start with the next letter of the alphabet — so the 2nd sentence begins with a B word, the 3rd sentence begins with a C word, etc. We have so much fun! Oh, after my students and I write on a prompt for 5-10 minutes, we read our stories OUT LOUD in the class. Learn so much from and about each other. See? You and I would have a blast together in my class. 🙂

    1. They are just wonderful, I agree! Safely stored away until next year although I am reliably informed by my friend she is now working on some new knitting creations and asked if I wanted any!! Silly question!! I can’t wait to see them. Hoping you had a lovely Easter, Inger. 😀❤️

    1. Dina, it was shocking about the attack in Stockholm…and coming so close to London. In the midst of so much sadness and tragedy I find a certain comfort in reading about the warmth, kindness and gentleness of people on the scene, helping each other during the lock-down, reassuring, sharing food.

      It is wonderful break here this year, more special than ever – every day one of deep thankfulness and joy. Wishing you and yours well and a happy Easter. ❤️

    1. Thank you so much! 😀 I’m so glad you liked the post and the photos – -a particularly colourful delight this time! Oh, I love that line of the poem too…just tickles me and I can’t help but smile! I’ve thought of it often this holiday, every time a ‘must’ is about to creep up on me and take hold! Swish…off it goes into the stream at the end of the land. Warmest wishes ❤️

  3. Those are lovely handmade Easter knits by your friend. They are sooo cute and I love those carrots! It is very thoughtful and kind of her to make them for you, and all the time and love she put into them must be what makes them so gorgeous 🙂 Hope you enjoy your time away from WP and that it is a great trip. Enjoy the sights, and enjoy the simple things in life. This Easter I hope to do just that – I’ll be staying at home, taking it easy after a busy few months at work 🙂

    1. Wow! Mabel, thank you so much for your wonderful comment – and I know my friend will be so chuffed reading your words. Her love of her art – that is what I see her work as – definitely comes through in these Easter knits – and also her sense of joy in life!

      Thank you, I’m having a lovely break away from WP (apart from the delight of a little catching up on my comments when signal will allow!). The first week has been packed with seeing family, friends and travelling around – feels like weeks, in a good way.

      Wishing you and yours a lovely relaxing Easter and a break at home sounds just perfect. Hoping the days bring you a sense of tranquillity and refreshing the soul! 😀

      1. Hope your friend is doing well. Those really are some very cheery knits 🙂 Happy Easter and enjoy those travels. Nothing like waking up whenever and doing what you like. Take care.

  4. This is so lovely Annika. Thank you for spreading your good cheer and blessings. I wish you a wonderful and peaceful Easter with your family for next week. xo

  5. Hope you have a wonderful retreat an find refreshing renewal while away, dear Annika!
    The knitted items are so cozy and charming, with treats tucked into the carrots. Such a lovely, thoughtful friend. The daffodils and birds who serenade us ( 😉 ) are so pretty. xo ❤

    1. Thank you so much, my dear friend. 😀I am having a wonderfully relaxing break…and can’t believe how quickly I fell into the life here – I already feel so much stronger and creatively aware.

      Oh, I thought you’d love these knitted creations and how sweet with the chocolates. They didn’t last long!! Soon time for us to decorate here in Sweden for Easter, a birch tree with coloured feather and painted eggs and then lots more inside the house. Simple sharing fun and traditions.

      Wishing you and yours a lovely Easter, Robin. ❤️

      1. Thank you for such a beautiful post to think about my Swedish heritage. Didn’t realize feathers may be included upon trees. 🙂
        Hope yours was filled with joy, wonder and pauses to breathe love from family into your dear soul, Annika. ❤
        Mine was special, quiet moments with my sweet Mom for two whole days.
        Then, raucous joy with grandies upon my late afternoon arrival on Sunday. Nana's Easter egg hunt means dollar bills in green eggs. xo

        1. The Easter decorations are lovely in Sweden and all shops and houses will decorate trees outside, not only the colourful feathers but also smaller painted eggs…as well as the indoor decorations as well.We had such a relaxing Easter break…the most special ever and my son and I ‘bonded’ especially and shared so much. I’ve been struggling to get back into everyday life!
          Robin, your quiet time with your mother touches my heart…I hope you’re okay. It can’t be easy but I think I sense some peace in your words. Then your lively grandchildren, how can you not smile and be uplifted.

  6. Have a lovely rejuvenatiing break Annika. I’m officially on one too! Sort of… So I’m hoping to be a bit scarce on social media for a week.. Off to bonnie Scotland today. Can’t wait to see the folks! Happy Easter.

    1. Marje, wishing you a wonderful time with your folks in Scotland. 😀 It is great to just switch everything off for a brief time! I’m already feeling rejuvenated and refreshed – and a whole week to go! Sunny and warm during the day so very luck indeed. Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter! ❤️

      1. Hi Annika. Having a lovely time with the folks just wish I had a bit longer! Returning tomorrow! We’ve been very lucky with the weather too. So nice to unplug from everything for a while. Take care, Happy Easter to you and yours. Xxx

    1. Thank you, Andrea, I am having a brilliant, relaxing break…didn’t realise how much I needed this! I’m seriously heeding the words of the poem and all ”musts” are being packing…to the stream at the end of the land!😀 Wishing you a lovely Easter 🐣

    1. Luanne, you comment is so accurate – these are real treasures, in their own right and also since my friend took the time and effort to make them; you can sense the love and care in them all. Happy Easter to you too. 🐣

  7. Beautiful! I love those hand knit Easter creations. Treasure them year after year. Your daffodils are ahead of ours. They have not opened. Robins dart about the lawn in search of worms. Happy writing and a great week ahead. ^__^

    1. Mary Ann, the Easter decorations are wonderful and definitely ones I will always treasure – and I’ll have to refill the carrots often! Your daffodils are probably on par with the ones here in Sweden where they are very short and just in bud…I fear they will still not be flowering when it comes for us to leave! I love the image of your Robins darting around the lawn for worms…here we have a couple of wagtails who hop, almost float, around the land, so minutely perfect and just lifts the soul! Wishing you and yours a lovely Easter. I imagine you have many music events on the go for this time of year…enjoy. 😀❤️

      1. Annika – so you are in Sweden again. I have fond memories from my visits there. I watch and wait for all the bushes and flowers to blossom even though we had snow again yesterday. You are correct with music commitments starting tonight, tomorrow and all next week. So I nap in between singing. Our youth group has a flower sale so we stocked up on tulips and hope they survive if we put them outside. Your assumption about our daffodils is correct. I used last year’s photos because we have no flowers yet. Our daughter visits for a few days. It’s always delightful to catch up on the latest going on in her life. To you and yours I wish a Happy Easter and quality family time. 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    Well this post has really cheered me up after a generally grey, damp and chilly winter. Spring is here at last and you have reinforced that with the wonderful, colourful photographs of flowers and the knitted Easter characters. I entirely agree with Thalia Gust’s poem too – we spend too much time on “Must” and not enough in the “Now” (or at least I do).

    Have a great Easter Annika


    1. Well, Mike, I’m definitely in the ‘NOW’, now! The ‘musts’ have strictly been told that they are not welcome and so far not bothering me too much. 😀😀 Thalia Gust does write is so perfectly with a light touch of humour. So glad the post cheered you up and hope the weather has improved and Spring sunshine has reached you now…A very happy Easter to you. 😀❤️

  9. Those knitted bunnies, carrots and chicks are adorable! How sweet of your friend. Your holiday sounds like it will be a lovely awakening and so good for the soul. Enjoy every moment as you describe. Happy Easter to you. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Deb and the holiday break is indeed a lovey awakening – I already feel refreshed and creatively more aware. Strange how much rest my spirit needed and I hadn’t fully realised. The knitted Easter decorations are so special and I feel very lucky to have such a dear friend – I’m encouraging her to start a business!! Wishing you a very lovely and special Easter. 😀

      1. I think that’s true for lots of us, that we don’t realize how much our spirit needs a rest. I’m so glad you were able to get some. Your friend really should consider starting a business making those knitted items, unless of course it would turn her pleasure into not pleasure. But then again, if what you’re doing makes you happy that’s the perfect “job”. Thank you and Happy Easter to you!! 🙂

  10. What a talented friend you have, Annika! Those little Easter creatures are darling. And beautiful daffodils as well. We’re not quite that far into spring here yet, but soon. Enjoy your holiday in Sweden–sounds lovely!

    And a Happy Easter to you and yours!

    1. Julie, you would Sweden – the peace and quiet, the stunning landscapes, the mysterious forests…I could go on and on. Here the daffodils are just in bud and so tiny, as if they’re scared to grow too tall in case the night frost attacks them! Hope the Spring warmth brings out your flowers soon and a chance to garden. Is all ready for your visitors this week?!I wish you all a most wonderful Easter and it’s always special to catch up with family and friends. 😀❤️

    1. Thank you, Debby and I’m having a great holiday and more than a week to go!! Are you back home now? I’ve so enjoyed following your travels. I was hoping to read a little on WP whilst away on my new sim card but the signal is so weak so nigh impossible to load…grrr…Wishing you a lovely Easter. 😀❤️

      1. Happy Easter to you my friend. Enjoy every minute, you can read blogs when you return! Yes, I’m home and of course wrote a funny post of my travels home. ❤ It will still be there when you return. 🙂

    1. Jo, I love the sound of your Polish eggs and picture grand decorated ones. Am I right? I would love to see them! 😀 I’m having a wonderful break and you’re right, it feels so perfect and I was settled within the first few moments! Odd sensation. Wishing you a wonderful Easter, too…❤️

      1. The pretty hand painted ones. 🙂 I haven’t got them out yet. Still feeling disoriented as we arrived back from the Algarve last night. Head in one place, heart another 🙂 🙂

    1. Tiny, for once I’m taking note of the words of the poem and have successfully (so far) left musts at home and new ones are instantly banished to the stream nearby! I wave goodbye to them as they toddle off!!😀 Wishing you and yours a lovely Easter 🐣

    1. I know, they are so special and ones that I will always treasure and bring out every Easter – think I better refill the carrots often though!! Glad Påsk, Maja! 🐣 Are you celebrating in Ireland? Have a wonderful time. 😀❤️

  11. Our daffodils came up early. Then lay on the ground after a hard-freeze. Then perked up again with a sunny day. Then lay back down for the next frozen night. But, now, April is here and we are only likely to have some frosty mornings. The peach trees are poised to bloom. Enjoy your retreat to Easter.

    1. Thank you very much, Oscar. I am having a wonderful break and feeling more refreshed by the day. It was lovely to read about your garden, the poor daffodils hit by the frost but then reviving by the warmth of the sun. I love the sound of the peach trees and their blossom, what a treat to see. Wishing you a very special Easter. 😀

  12. delphini510

    Thank you Annika for yet again spreading sunshine to us all. The joyous figures knitted by your friend, the way you weave it all with your happy and loving words and the poem from your friend Thalia Gust.
    All adds up to a call to everyone to smile at the blessings we have.
    I am joining in and hope I don’t choke the river when I throw all the Musts in to partake in natures superior stillness.

    1. Mirja, thank you so much for your wonderful comment with such poetic phrasing. It is indeed ‘nature’s superior stillness’ out there…stillness amongst the breeze of the birch trees swaying in the wind, the rush of wind harmonious and lyrical. I do worry if you think all your ‘musts’ might choke the river! 😀😀 Hope they’re all gone and you’re having a lovely relaxing Easter break out amongst nature’s precious wisdom! ❤️

    1. JC, the ‘musts’ have all been thrown away and any new ones being stamped on!😀 It is truly wonderful being here, so tranquil and healing…now I’m soon off to ‘work’ on the land, many twigs and branches have come down during the winter and need clearing! Happy Easter to you! 😀

      1. That’s funny, I have a bunch of twigs and branches also to collect. Tonight I’m making a fire on the pit and will send smoke signals your way. Happy Easter…

  13. A delightful post to celebrate Easter and our own reawakening, Annika. Thanks so much for sharing the delightful gifts made from your dear friend and the reminder of blessings not to be missed in Thalia Gusts’s poem. Easter blessings to you and yours as you enjoy your time away! ❤

    1. Thank you so much, Bette! 😀 You write so beautifully of ‘our own reawakening’ and that is what I feel at this time of year…The Easter gifts are adorable and ones I will always treasure. I’m so glad you enjoyed Thalia Gust’s poem – ‘musts’ do dominate too much of our lives and we miss out on the joy of living. Wishing you a peaceful Easter, Bette. ❤️

  14. Wow! what a creative way to celebrate Easter! Annika, you have a wonderful friend who has sent you those gifts. Please pay heed to all those musts when you spend some moments basking in the glory of shimmering solace, away from your digital devices, in the lap of blossoming trees, listening to all those subtle sounds of morning and savoring that much craved ‘communion with nature.’ Wishing you a serene break!

  15. Khaya Ronkainen

    Such lovely gifts, Annika. And your spring images are breathtaking. Hope you have a peaceful and pleasant time in Sweden. I’ll be catching up on your blog, whilst you’re away. 🙂

    1. Khaya, lovely to see you back to blogging and hope you have had a good break! 😀 Oh, I am having such a wonderful relaxing time…it seems to have descended on me the minute we got here! So glad you liked the gift and Spring photos!

  16. Have a wonderful break, Annika. I know that your walks bring you a sense of serene presence and peace, and I feel it in your writing when you share. Leave all those Musts behind and enjoy. 🙂 Very cute little chicks, bunnies, and carrots. Have a lovely Easter.

    1. Diana, the serenity has already reached my soul and this is after only a few days here…and thank you for your kind words about sensing this in my writing. My mind clears here and yes, those ‘musts’ are being thrown away and new ones squashed before they can form into a pressure. Wishing you have a peaceful relaxing Easter. 😀

    1. Jacqui, I thought I could feel someone over my shoulder!!😀😀 You are most welcome to ‘stowaway’ on the trip and soak up this wonderful tranquility! Today the birch trees are dancing in the breeze, the noise resembling the gentle crashing of waves on the ocean shore. Bliss.

    1. Bernadette, I am have a wonderful sojourn (I love that word!) – feel refreshed already and still so many days to go! ‘Musts’ are being thrown into the stream at the end of the land…great feeling of release and freedom! Warmest wishes to you this Easter. 😀❤️

    1. The carrots were a welcome surprise as my friend had sent me photos as she was knitting the chicks and bunnies but these carrots were kept secret – and then chocolate lolly in each! Yippee! We got here safely and all was well in the houses so having a special time in this idyll. Wishing you a lovely Easter, Jill. 😀❤️

    1. Barbara, I know, they are wonderful Easter knitted creations – you should see the Xmas ones my friend made for us last year, so inventive and lovely and always commented on by visitors to the house. I’m having a relaxing time and wish you a very special peaceful Easter. 😀

  17. PeterR

    Thalia does it again. A very thought-provoking poem, with a little humorous twist at the end. Love it.
    Enjoy your Swedish break. Move six hundred miles, and forget all the pressures and hassles of modern life.

    1. Thank you, Peter! 😀 Strange how those six hundred miles seem a world away and I’ve already let those pressures of modern life fall to the wayside – or even thrown them in the stream at the end of the land! 😀 So glad you Thalia Gust’s poem, this is one of my latest favourites of hers…and the ending is such a delight, I agree.

    1. Kev, I hadn’t realised how much I needed this retreat break until I got here! 😀A few days here and I already feel rejuvenated! Bliss! So glad you liked the poem and photos. Hope you have a relaxing Easter break! 😀

    1. Shehanne, a very Happy Easter to you too for next week! 😀 Personally I am in awe of anyone who can knit, no matter making these smaller detailed Easter item! Like you say, time-consuming but for my friend a form of relaxation and creativity!

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