Dear Creative Spirit

Dear Creative Spirit,

Thank you for the gift of creativity.
For the ability to read and write
May I learn to trust Write,
to gain confidence that my words matter.

Thank you for placing these gifts in my hands.
Let the faith you show in me
give me belief in my own ability

Thank you for my precious imagination,
A world without is incomprehensible.
Let it run free and wild.

Give me strength to let loose the reins,
to overcome my many fears and worries
that bind and shackle me.

I see my spirit floating freely
As creativity is unleashed

I imagine these moments of epiphany
I will find you, I will find infinity.

I know there is nothing I cannot do
Thank you for letting me know.

May my words help others, be a support;
May they find enjoyment, humour and
the spirits of their own
lifted within my words.
Giving hope.

My heart is full of joy and excitement
at the thought of my creative capabilities.

©Annika Perry

‘Dear Creative Spirit’ is one of the first exercises set by Julia Cameron in her ‘The Artist’s Way’ and after my initial hesitation of what to write, I found myself inspired as I addressed my own Creative Spirit.

I came across a rough draft of this recently and since have edited it to this final version here – I hope it gives others the ability to trust in their gift. Lack of confidence in one’s capabilities is often the hindrance to even start writing and sharing one’s work.

Clearing out is a task I throw myself at with glee! For some this is a chore, understandably so, whilst for myself, the opportunity to revisit past items, letters, papers is an act of time travel!

Amongst the haul, I unearthed a calendar beneath a desk, papers were strewn on top, dust neatly and evenly covering the surface. I cleaned down the pretty cover and flipped through the images.

The artist is Erkers Marie Persson and for many years she painted for the Swedish Calendar. In her paintings, she tries to capture the wonder of bygone eras when generations mixed easily with each other. The pictures included in my post are taken from this delightful calendar which our company gave away to customers! Thankfully, I retained one as well!

Over Easter, I will be enjoying a ‘home-holiday’ and taking a mini-blogging break, popping in now and then. I wish you all a peaceful and relaxing holiday time!

“A childhood without books — that would be no childhood. That would be like being shut out from the enchanted place where you can go and find the rarest kind of joy.” Astrid Lindgren

167 thoughts on “Dear Creative Spirit

  1. This is beautiful, Annika! I feel your words. 🙂 I do believe that creativity is a soul’s sweet surrender… it’s been my saving grace this year. Thanks so much for sharing this gem with us. Blessings across the miles. xo

    1. Natalie, bless you for your wonderful comment! 😀 I’m so glad you’ve found solace and joy in creativity during this turbulent year – a gift indeed and one that carries us away from woes and worries! hugs xx ❤️

  2. Annika, your poem is beautiful and even though I’ve found it now, weeks after you wrote it, it stirs my soul. Such wonderful words of encouragement and testament to the creative spirit that lies within all of us.
    I hope you enjoyed your time travel. Isn’t it so special to revisit old treasures that mean so much. Take care and sending much love your way. 💜 xx

    1. Miriam, bless you for your wonderful comment. It means so much to me that this has stirred your soul … I feel we often doubt ourselves far too much, repressing the creative spirit within us. Writing this was a wake-up call to me and I hoped it would encourage others as I shared it here.

      Oh, I love sorting out, clearing out and always give myself time to look through things. When happening upon my old journals / writings hours will pass before I surface back to the present day! 😀 The calendar was a joy to find and I realise I appreicated it much more now! Probably my longing to visit Sweden after nearly two years…

      Love & hugs to my dear friend. xx ❤️

  3. Annika, I love this poem…so empowering and life-affirming! I believe that everyone has their own creative spirit, manifested in many ways. Creating something brings joy to life. This is a beautiful post! ❤

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Absolutely, Cheryl and it is a matter of daring to trust in that creativity, giving it the outlet it deserves, givig oneself permission and time for the craft! I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem, a personal one that had me dipping deep into my soul and one I hope can help others find their creative spirit. Thank you so much for your special comment!

      Thank you, I’m having a lovely weekend and wishing you a fabulous week ahead! xx😀

  4. Lovely Annika, My school reports and beyond always sadly said ‘lacks confidence in her ability’. I think I am improving these days but good to read that I am maybe not alone in that. I feel I am eventually finding my voice and style.

    1. Alison, our confidence can take a knock very early – and even well meant comment such as this are probably not helpful. I’m glad you’re finding your voice and style! The more I dwelled on the Creative Spirit the more I realised I had to believe in it and give it the attention it deserved!

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  6. Thank you for accepting the challenge to write this beautiful poem to challenge the creativity in us, Annika. This is precious. It’s wonderful to free our creativity and trust the Mr./Mrs. Write. When I wanted to write a certain subject and did a search on the internet, I thought, many people have written about that already. Next time, I’ll say to myself, my writing does matter and it counts.

    1. Miriam, warmest thanks for your beautiful comment and thoughts! ❤️ I think we have all felt that what ‘new’ do we have to add to a subject, theme. I’m glad my poem has inspired you to see that your writing matters! 😀 We are all unique and as such have a unique insight to share in our own special way. Yet, it is daunting and scary to go beyond the doubt and truly trust in oneself. Here’s to Creativity and its gifts! xx

      1. I appreciate your inspiration, Annika. I’ve struggled for several years on something I wanted to write. I then decided to write even if it was for myself with no audience. I’m half way through. Let me see if it will come to light someday! 😍

        1. How exciting, Miriam! I often find that if I consider a piece of writing just for myself I give myself much more creative freedom and room to explore styles, voices etc. Very liberating and best of luck with your idea and new writing project! xx

    1. Wow! 😀 Thank you so much for your wonderful and positive comment, Lazaros! Creativity is often crushed within us for a variety of reasons – it’s giving it permission to flourish which is the difficult task!

  7. What an inspiring poem, Annika. It seemed like you harnessed that creative spirit of yours and took up the challenge in The Artist’s Way. It is so humble of you to thank the Creative Spirit for what it brings to you – and trusting in yourself to work with that creativity to unleash something out there that the world needs. Love this phrase when you were talking about epiphany, ‘I will find you, I will find infinity.’. The things you create with creativity are endless and boundless, and that can in turn inspire others to harness their creativity too. That in itself is such an amazing thing.

    Like you, I also like clearing out things. When I have time and want to feel productive but don’t want to go out of my way to do something big, cleaning out things it is. I’m always surprise how things around the house pile up…and don’t realise it until I get down to clearing out. Hope you had a good Easter and you are well, Annika 🙂

    1. Mabel, wow! Your wonderful comment sees into the heart of this post – the courage it takes to trust oneself, myself in this case. Initially I merely bypassed this exercise as I felt out of my depth of what to say, self-conscious even to myself to approach my ‘creative spirit’. As this part however was central in many ways to the book there was no way I could avoid it for too long. By then I had ‘mulled’ over the concept, my thoughts – once I put doubt to the side it is one of those pieces that seemed to write itself, albeit much more sketched out than this final version. I realised so many of us hold back on our creativity and it would be amazing if my poem inspires others to look at their Creative Spirit, their creative work and delve further into this side of themselves. We are all really amazing beings … I am truly in awe of the creativity around the world in all areas of life! What a blessing!

      Haha! 😀 I am imagining you starting with a little clear-out and before you know it, there is one major sorting out on the go!😀 One day last year my husband and I were going to clear a little bit out of the loft. By the time we’d finished the landing downstairs was knee deep in ‘stuff’! A satisfying feeling though when all done, don’t you think?

      Thank you, I had a peaceful and joyful Easter, albeit a bit too cold for my liking! Thankfully keeping well so far!

      Happy Writing and good luck with your book,Mabel! xx

      1. Yeah, I really enjoyed this post, Annika. We all have different sides, such as our logical side, spiritual side, creative side and so on. It sounded like you were in deep reflective mode prior to writing this post – and glad you did. There’s so much to explore with creativity, and creativity and writing is one subject in itself.

        I am a slow cleaning out person…I love it but take my time to sort through things. I think that’s why I always have things to sort out 😀

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    1. Thank you so much, Aarushi! 😀 Although slightly nervous about sharing here I’m glad I found the courage to do so – the positive response such as your own has been fabulous.

  9. A wonderful poem, Annika. Thank you for it heartfelt gratitude to the light in our lives, which wouldn’t be possible without creativity. This sends out immense optimism for the day, like a prayer which strengthens the spirit.
    Absolutely loved reading this!
    Have a happy weekend ahead! ❤️

    1. Dishita, wow! Your comment encapsulates my post brilliantly and with such heart and thoughts! Thank you! ❤️ It means so much that you sense the optimism emanating from my words and that it ‘strengthens the spirit’. Just so!

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend too! 😀🌺

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