After hours, days, weeks,
My body and mind in constant turmoil,
I find myself enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Lunch time sandwiches finished, I sit back.
The silence deafening.
My ears ringing.

No cars, no voices
No planes, no lawnmowers.

The world stopped.

Only now are we learning to cease.
To recall that we can think, feel.

Be one with nature.

In the loudness of nothing
I hear the buzz of a dozy bee
Just waking to a world
It thinks is the same
As before.

A constant cracking noise has my head swivelling
Where is it coming from?

I notice a blue tit on the seeds
With infinite peace, nibbling the inner goodness,
Cracking, cracking them open
To reveal the heart.

I move my legs and startle the bird.

In this moment a whoosh of spirit overcomes me.

With intense clarity.
I hear the flap of the wings

A light breeze wafts through the lilac tree
And in the process picks up my spirit
Sends it along the path of the departing bird.

A spirit that floats with oneness of the nature surrounding me.

A peace of such infinity overwhelms me,
I look back and see myself on the wooden chair.

Should I fly on, should I return?

The me looks a bit confused, lost, serene.
A bundle of emotions … I look forward,
Reminding myself never to forget
Reminding myself never to fear.

I drift back, re-joined, re-coupled.

An epic ephemeral epiphany.

©Annika Perry

142 thoughts on “ON THE SOUND OF WINGS

  1. Lovely photos of the bird and your writing flowed off the page. I love sometimes the quiet when the world has stopped. It is as the planet has pulled back from modernity for a bit. Especially we we read about goats taking over a village in Wales.
    I loved this: A spirit that floats with oneness of the nature surrounding me.

    1. Amanda, I saw the video of the goats in the village of Wales as well and I loved how they’d made themselves quite at home!😀😀 I agree, it definitely feels as if the planet was crying out for a pause … since everything has stopped it’s as if the world it taking many deep breaths, gathering new strength. It is amazing how the natural world is improving, the air so much cleaner, the seismic activity reduced. Yet, at what a cost.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment about my poem … and the line you quote is its real core, the experience… I’m so glad this touched you especially.

      Take care, my friend … keep safe and well! 🌺

      1. You are welcome, Annika. You mentioned a lack of seismic activity. This isn’t something I would normally equate to having a direct connection with lessened human activity. However, if mining and exploration activity is lessened, I could imagine geotectonics might settle down.

  2. Hi Annika,

    I know it’s been a long time, but I missed seeing my wonderful friends. I hope you and your family are doing okay. Your poem is lovely and perfect for these surreal times we’re living in. Who would’ve thought we’d experience a pandemic? My family is fine, but each day is new and going to the store is necessary but not something any of us want to do. One day at a time. Stay well and I’ll try to visit again soon. I was going to post something the other day, but shied away. I fear I’ve been forgotten. But maybe I’ll take the plunge this week. Take care and stay healthy. Love, Lauren

    1. Lauren, what a joy to see you back! 😀 Of course, you’ve not been forgotten and I remember you well. I hope all is well with you, besides the obvious nightmare of reality. How true it is all about taking a day at a time in these most surreal of times. My family and I are all well for now and long may it be so but yes, shopping is scary. My husband goes twice a week for us and for my mother, I do the pharmacy runs … something I never thought would be so stressful. In between the calm quiet of home, in a bubble of a new normal!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem and yes, I do hope you have a chance to post next week! I’ll keep a look out for it. You and your family keep safe and well, my friend! Hugs xx❤️

  3. Oh my… Annika, this brought me to tears with an abundance of gratitude. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, poignant piece. Bless your heart! Stay safe. Hugs across the miles. XO

    1. Natalie, hugs winging their way back to you … thank you so much! This was an ethereal moment and one I had not intended to share until encouraged by my mother to write about it and to then share here. I’m so glad I did and it means a lot that it touched you so much. Keep safe and well, my friend. xx ❤️🦋

    1. Ahhh … thank you so much, Jennie! That means a lot to me. As for the photos, the top one is from my garden, the bottom montage of the blue tits is from Pixaby. Keep well … you must miss your students.

      1. You are welcome, Annika! Stay safe and stay well. Yes, I really miss my students! Yesterday we had a big birthday party parade. It was wonderful. 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Brigid! How true about the stillness of nature and we, who have gardens and/or nature walks nearby, can appreciate them more than ever. I imagine you finding harmony and peace in the blessings of your gardens this year more than any other. Keep well and safe … xx

  4. Mike

    Wonderful poem Annika, and it seems to perfectly capture the moment. In times such as these we are now having to slow down and begin to appreciate what we have around us. I don’t think I have ever known such birdsong that I hear on my daily walks. The air seems cleaner and clearer and I am appreciating my immediate surroundings so much more. Haven’t had a close out of body experience yet, but there’s still time!


    1. 😀😀 Mike, there is time indeed for an out of body experience… it was an incredibly intense and serene moment! I’m glad you’re also able to joy the amazing nature and wildlife at the moment—I do wonder what the birds are trying to tell us or are they just enjoying life’s as before!

  5. Your best poem yet! Oh. My. As I read the poem, I got those tingling goosebumps from my spine to my scalp. I only get those when I meditate, or when someone says something especially profound, or when I read a poem that seeps into my soul. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Just beautiful, Annika.
    And I want a hellebore plant in my garden!

    1. Woweee … Pam, I’m deeply touched by your wonderful comment and instinctive and immediate reaction to my poem. Now I have goosebumps! For me, it was a very profound moment and not one I had intended to share but so glad I took the courage to post here. I love how it ‘seeps into’ your soul! As for the hellebore plant … they are amazing although for me proved tricky to flower until last year! Hope you can get one when you the garden centres are open again.

      Take care and keep safe, my dear friend! love & hgus xx ❤️

      1. I actually would love a copy of your poem. It really “speaks” to me, and is what I hope to do every day. Release myself to the silence, to the Oneness of Nature, and to the Spirit within us. Also, I’m so glad you DID share this poem. The words that mean the most to us, that come from deep within us – those are the words that can touch our readers the most. ❤

  6. Annika, your writing is always thoughtful and filled with beauty.

    This poem though shook me with its depth, sheerness and spirituality.
    ” In the loudness of nothing” for instance.
    ” A spirit that floats with oneness of the nature surrounding me.”

    Your otherworldly experience as such peace overwhelmed you as to transport your spirit
    on the wings of the birds. You see yourself on the wooden chair….

    Your last line describes this in such an ethereal way.


    1. Miriam, thank you so much for your wonderful comment about the poem which means so much me, especially as I value your opinion as a great poet! As always I write from my heart and once I came upon this format the piece at first wrote itself .Then came the redraft & editing. I love how you picked out certain lines and elements that touched you. It always give me goosebumps to know what particularly struck a chord and to see my work quoted back to me … and at first I read it as if someone else wrote it! Happy Writing, my friend! hugs xx ❤️

  7. Beautiful write, Annika. Yes, it’s so timely to appreciate all things around us… nature, family and friends. We are thankful for this virtual connection too. Hope all is well with you and my thoughts and prayers… keep healthy and take good care. ♥️

    1. Dear Iris, warmest thanks for your lovely comment. How true that we are more thankful than ever for the gifts around us, as you say, family, friends and nature. Though I haven’t been able to blog much, my friends on WP are close in my thoughts. Keep safe and well too … ❤️

  8. Silence is the silver lining. I notice when I take my dog for his morning walk that the birds seem to chirp extra loud these days.
    Your poem, Annika, is full of much needed hope and peace.
    May you and your family be safe. ❤

    1. Carol, what a lovely experience of the birdsong as you take Bau on his morning walk. I’m trying to work out if the birds are louder or is it just so quiet … the latter methinks. Thank you so much for your kind words about my poem … how true that we need hope and peace so much in these days. I’ve just read your posts about India. Wow! What an incredible time for you, the photos are wonderfully evocative.

      Keep well and safe, Carol. ❤️

  9. Hello, Annika. Your poem spoke to me and touched me deeply. I too have found comfort in nature. I am lucky to live on a huge golf course that resembles a park with hills, lakes, and canals. My husband, dog and I go for daily walks out there and it’s kept us sane. Watching the many birds, ducks, butterflies, squirrels, turtles, iguanas, and other creatures gives me so much peace. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. ❤ xo

    1. Vashti, warmest thanks for your lovely comment and it means a lot to me. I was encouraged to write about my moment and if it gives hope and comfort that is wonderful. Your walk sounds heavenly and it’s always special and soothing to live near nature … and how true that it helps keep us sane! I love the variety of wildlife you encounter and what a joy they must all bring! I live near a wood with small lakes and everyday look forward to our walk, no iguanas but lots of ducks and deer! Take care and keep safe, my friend! Xx ❤️

  10. Annika, I began to read your poem a couple of days ago and I had to stop at “The silence deafening.” Tears had sprung up and I could no longer see. I also knew I wanted to savour your words.💕

    You say if perfectly……..how I feel. “The world stopped.” And yes, “Be one with nature.” Often, all I hear is the birds, a beautiful sound of Spring.

    I have always believed our spirit floats with nature and the present moment reinforces this belief.

    I love everything about this poem, especially how it makes me feel. How you brought it all together with your powerful last sentence. Wow! Thank you. I needed to hear these words. 💗

    1. Erica, wow! Your comment here means so much to me and I’m deeply touched how my poem affected you. It is an incredible feeling to realise how much this means to you. it was a unique moment which I had not intended to share until encouraged by family members. I’m finding these last weeks that my whole perspective and outlook on life has, like many I imagine, undergone a seismic shift. Whilst I have difficulty writing much, this poem, once I came upon the format, ‘wrote itself’ – clarifying an ethereal moment, letting me hold onto its strength.

      My dear friend, I hope you and your family are well and safe … family and friendships mean more than ever. hugs xx ❤️

      1. You had an amazing response to your poem. I could feel your heart beating throughout it. I get it on a poem or story ‘writing itself.’ I realize things are changing by the hour. Stay strong. One of my mantras this past week was how “I have been preparing my whole life for this moment.” The other phrase is “do not put life on hold.” I know you feel the same way when you go out and experience the beauty of nature. This poem is a wonderful example. Take care and stay well. We will get through this together.💕🌻

  11. The world has stopped. Perhaps, a blessing in disguise (if this pandemic is ephemeral) because now we can hear with clarity the flap of wings. A powerfully evocative poem, and stunning shots of the blue tit!

    Hope you and your loved one are keeping well, dear Annika. ❤

    1. Khaya, indeed it has! Unbelievable how the world has stopped, with over 90% of the population under some form of lockdown. There are some positives in the midst of the tragedy and it is amazing to see how the natural world is blooming … but at such a cost in human life.

      It means a lot that you liked the poem so much … as for the photos, whilst the first is mine, the latter is from Pixaby. Incredible shots and I wish I could come even close to taking such photos of birds.

      I wish you well through this most difficult of times and that your family are all safe. hugs, my dear friend. xx ❤️

  12. Hi Annika – this is great. I have been thinking about how nature has no idea what’s going on in our world – it just keeps doing what it’s doing. And spring is coming despite the coronavirus. It’s calming. I love your line about the dozy bee!

    1. Barbara, nature is incredible at the moment and it’s almost as if it’s healing! It is amazing to notice all the wildlife and I almost envy their life of no knowledge of the crashing catastrophe! Being outside is soothing and peaceful beyond belief, and we have more time than ever to be aware of our treasures in life. Haha … the dozy bee made me laugh too, veering its way around the garden! In a month they will be intent on all the flowering bushes!

    1. Mich, it has indeed and everyday I’m learning to treasure the gifts of family, friends and nature around me! It is incredible what has always been there and how maybe we’ve just given it a cursory glance. Most of us will be transformed this year. Nothing will be the same again.

  13. I loved your interpretation of the ‘now’, Annika. I especially loved this stanza:
    In the loudness of nothing
    I hear the buzz of a dozy bee
    Just waking to a world
    It thinks is the same
    As before.

    1. Debby, thank you so much … a moment of ‘now’ that struck me. I love watching the harmony of the birds and insects, going about their days just as normal, untouched by it all. Keep safe and well, my friend! ❤️

    1. Clare, I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem! 😀 As for the photo, I wish I could take ones like these of birds … not for lack of trying! The one of the blue tits was one I found on pixaby – a great free photo resource. Hope you’re all safe and well … enjoy those daily walks. Xx

  14. Beautiful, Annika. I’m looking forward to the end of the rain so I can get outside, listen and observe. I enjoyed the epiphany you describe. Most of us will come out of this on the other side, different and, perhaps, better. Take care and stay safe. ❤

    1. Diana, thank you so much. I very much hope many come out better from all this, and all of us will be different. I can’t see how things can continue the same as before.

      Hopefully, the sun comes out for you soon to enjoy your magical garden and surrounding nature … being out is the tonic I need every day! We have a weekend of warm sunshine ahead … maybe even a chance for dinner outside! Wishing you and your family all well and safe. hugs xx ❤️

  15. Wonderful poem, Annika. I remember thinking many times I wish they would stop the world and let me get off. It was always full steam ahead. Now it’s come to a complete stop almost everywhere. Maybe now we can all catch our breath like the birds. Great photos.

    1. Thank you so much, Marlene! The total and utter stop of the world has created some positives … it’s just at such a terrible cost. Yet, I’m enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature, which is more powerful than ever. Indeed, we, and I feel the world, need to catch our breath. So glad you like the photos, the first is a hellebores plant from my garden, the last one from Pixaby – the site has lots of amazing free photos!

      1. I was going to tell you my hellebores are in bloom as well for awhile now. They are first each year. I saw on the weather channel that the seismic activity of the earth itself has also slowed down since we have all stopped moving so much. We are all connected and what effects one, effects all. There is a great lesson in this and I too am so sad that this is what it takes to get our attention. Some will never fully understand.

        1. Marlene, how lovely you also have hellebores in bloom … they are quite tricky I find and have only had real success with them these last couple of years.

          Wow! I read up on your comment about the downturn in seismic activity – that is incredible. How true that we are all connected – if this doesn’t convince people of that fact nothing will. It’s great to chat here with you. xx

  16. How lovely and so true. Those sounds and smells that until lately have been lost in the noise of civilization. I am constantly shocked listening to a report from the American White House and hearing the birds in the background. Until COVID, I didn’t even know they lived there.

    1. Jacqui, I haven’t heard the birds in the reports from Washington and will have to listen out for them! The wildlife does seem to be flourishing and in the quiet, we notice it more than ever. How true that the air is fresher than ever and the fragrances of flowers etc so strong! Hope you and your family are doing well … it can’t be easy with them scattered around the globe. Take care, my friend. xx

        1. Nicki, that’s not good with a fever for so long … I really appreciate you taking the time to visit here and hope it is soon down. It must be exhausting for you. Hugs xx

    1. Robbie, the wonders of nature that are now discernible are amazing! Oh, I think the world will be a very different place … at the moment it is very much a day at a time. Hope you and your family are well and safe. hugs xx

  17. Always a joy to stop by and see your writing community and read the discussions full of joy, hope, resilience. Yesterday was Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday – his 167th, to be precise. I think his quote is perfect for this conversation: “Close friends are truly life’s treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone.”

    1. Rebecca, thank you so much for your lovely visit and sharing this moving and most apt quote.😀 I think everyone is realising more than ever the treasures we have in family and friends … and connecting with them! hugs across the pond xx ❤️

  18. The experience your poem describes reminds me of when I was a kid and my family would spend the month of August at our camp in the Vermont woods with no electricity or running water. It took an entire day to adjust to the slower pace of nature, but it was glorious, being attuned to every little sound and scent and just at peace with the world. Thank you for writing a poem that brought the feeling back to me.

    1. Liz, thank you so much for sharing your ethereal description of your time in the Vermont woods. Idyllic and peaceful … it is that sudden moment when one is totally attuned to the sights, scents and sounds that strikes right to ones inner being. I’m so glad my poem here brought back these memories … memories are more precious than ever, I find!

  19. Quiet moments in the Age of Coronavirus, Annika. And it is beginning to feel like an age as time slows down— and the intense nosiness and hustle of the modern world cease. What is a tragedy is also an opportunity for those capable of seeing it as such. I loved your words and your total focus on the moment. Thank you. Much. –Curt

    1. Curt, bless you for your wonderful thoughts … one almost feels guilty for finding these precious gems within the tragedy coursing across the globe. These moments of utter stillness are incredible and it’s as if we hearken back to older, slower times … just so hard not to see close family and of course for the young people not being able to socialise. Warmest wishes for your well-being to you, Peggy and your family.

  20. hilarymb

    Hi Annika – wonderful poem … loved reading it – particularly the last stanza:

    The me looks a bit confused, lost, serene.
    A bundle of emotions … I look forward,
    Reminding myself never to forget
    Reminding myself never to fear.

    The silence is wonderful … and being out is just bliss! Take care and all the very best – Hilary

    1. Hilary, it’s always humbling to have one’s words quoted back and makes me see them in new light. 😀 Thank you so much for your reflective comment. Oh, it is amazing to be out and we are lucky to have a good sized garden to enjoy along with a daily long walk – and as it’s our only time away from the house we go whatever the weather! Keep well and safe – enjoy the bliss of silence and nature. xx

  21. It’s nice to hear the sounds of nature, feel the positivity that wafts around! In the midst of Mother Nature’s wrath, the only soothing moments to recognize.
    Well-penned Annika. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you, Balroop! 😀 The dichotomy of the present situation is so striking; as you say in the midst of Mother Nature’s wrath, this complete and utter stillness and peace in woods, lakes, mountains around the globe. I am so lucky to be able to enjoy our garden as well as a daily walk outside in the woods and have already noticed so many changes. Wishing you well and keep safe as well. xx

    1. Alison, poetry is still not my regular writing genre but after trying prose to capture this moment (and failing) I stumbled upon this poetic format! So glad you liked it. Oh, the blue tit montage is wonderful, I agree and thanks to Pixaby!

    1. Natalie, I very much appreiciate your lovely comment, thank you. 😀 Initially written for myself, luckily my family convinced me to share here!

      Thank you, we are all well so far, staying at home apart from food shop! Take good care of yourself and your family, keep well! xx

  22. A spirit that floats with oneness of the nature surrounding me.

    A perfect line that describes why I adore being outside in nature, if only for a short time. Such a lovely poem. Thank you.

  23. Had this poem not have had your name written at the end, I would have known it was penned by you. Your writing voice is so beautiful and comforting, Annika. I have a feeling during this challenging time in our world, you’ll create more inspiring pieces such as this. Thank you for sharing your words with us. You are a blessing to many. Stay safe! ❤

    1. Jill, bless you for your warm and heartfelt comment. I’m honoured that you recognise my ‘writing voice’ and that it can bring comfort. This moment brought me a great deal of peace and much-needed tranquillity. Upon my mother’s insistence, I tried first to write about it in prose which did not work, then whilst playing around with haikus stumbled upon this poetic format. I’m glad you find it inspiring and if more such occasions befall me I’ll make sure to share them. Wishing you well and safe, my dear friend! love & hugs ❤️

  24. Yes these are different times we live in, almost a new world, one which seems to have turned down the volume so we can tune into nature. The sound of wings indeed. What a beautiful poem Annika, I can see it all so clearly. Thank you for the visuals. Hope you’re well and staying safe. xx 💚

    1. Miriam, it will be a new world indeed … the old normal is gone. And how the quiet had crashed upon us, unsettling at first and we have to re-tune our ears to the sounds of nature. Small blessings in the midst of the nightmare reality. I’m glad you could visualise the scene. I wish you and yours well and safe, Miriam. hugs xx ❤️

  25. This is a wonderful poem to capture how we all can slow down and experience nature all around us. Slow time I think was always important in past more rural lives and we have lost it. Your poem recovers it and hopefully we will all make a healthy recovery from this experience.

    1. Georgina, it is so strange how time has slowed … we are learning to appreciate nature and moments anew. Yes, may we all indeed make a healthy recovery from this … to a new world. After such a global impact the old normal is unimaginable. hugs xx

  26. I’ve taken to sitting outside every morning, sipping my protein drink, and listening to the sounds of birds chirping and squawking, of leaves shushing in the breeze, of a rare car clattering down our street. This is a strange world, a new normal I don’t really love. But it’s given me an opportunity to be attentive to senses I don’t ordinarily notice. Your poem, On the Sound of Wings, echoes exactly how I’ve been feeling these last weeks. The world is unsettled but nature is blissfully unaware of our human anxiety. I hope this teetering worry ends soon and with as little bad effect as possible. But I think I will retain my new awareness for the beauty that endures in sounds and little shifts of wind.

    1. Sharon, your morning reflections sound a peaceful and meditative start to the day in these crazy days. We are all commenting how nature seems to come into its own … the local ponds all cleared of algae, birds galore. I love your image of the ‘leaves shushing in the breeze’. Most of us will come away totally changed from this era in our lives … into a world transformed. hugs xx

    1. Darlene, thank you so much for reading and your comment! 😀 I haven’t been able to blog much but my family convinced me to share here and I’m so glad for their encouragement.

    1. The top photo is one I took from my garden of the hellebores … a wonderfully striking plant and ethereal looking. The three photo montage at the end of the post is from Pixaby and it is of a blue tit flying away.

  27. A well deserved accolade, Annika, for your charming story, Oskar’s Quest. While it was Erica who wrote the enthusiastic words for the review of the book, it was little Abby who really shows the pleasure of the book as she listens over and over, learning the words, treasuring the story of friendship. Some books that appear to be written for kids are actually more focused to the aspirations of adults. This book shows how well you are attuned to the curiosity of children. I’m delighted for you that the book is now being published in translation so that other youngsters can enjoy Abby’s delight for your story. I hope there will be more children’s stories to come, and I bet Abby does too.

    1. Shari, warmest thanks for your wonderful comment. I know you had computer glitches and hence this comment ended up on this post. Alas, I can’t move it to the previous post as your name would be lost. For me, it is wonderful to read your thoughts and you’re so right, Abby is the star here! I love her look of concentrated joy and wonder at the book. Thank you for saying how well attuned I am to the ‘curiosity of children’ – that means a lot to me!

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