After hours, days, weeks,
My body and mind in constant turmoil,
I find myself enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Lunch time sandwiches finished, I sit back.
The silence deafening.
My ears ringing.

No cars, no voices
No planes, no lawnmowers.

The world stopped.

Only now are we learning to cease.
To recall that we can think, feel.

Be one with nature.

In the loudness of nothing
I hear the buzz of a dozy bee
Just waking to a world
It thinks is the same
As before.

A constant cracking noise has my head swivelling
Where is it coming from?

I notice a blue tit on the seeds
With infinite peace, nibbling the inner goodness,
Cracking, cracking them open
To reveal the heart.

I move my legs and startle the bird.

In this moment a whoosh of spirit overcomes me.

With intense clarity.
I hear the flap of the wings

A light breeze wafts through the lilac tree
And in the process picks up my spirit
Sends it along the path of the departing bird.

A spirit that floats with oneness of the nature surrounding me.

A peace of such infinity overwhelms me,
I look back and see myself on the wooden chair.

Should I fly on, should I return?

The me looks a bit confused, lost, serene.
A bundle of emotions … I look forward,
Reminding myself never to forget
Reminding myself never to fear.

I drift back, re-joined, re-coupled.

An epic ephemeral epiphany.

©Annika Perry

142 thoughts on “ON THE SOUND OF WINGS

  1. So. Beautiful! Love the soaking in of the silence. I always feel calmer just listening to all those little sounds like the bees and the birds. Thank you for this reminder of how good it feels to just sit and listen! Well done, Annika!

    1. Julie, nature seems to become a more prominant part of many of our lives; a real blessing for us in these terrible times. I’m sure the birds are happily reclaiming the countryside and we too see wider variety than ever before. It was an amazing experience and one that will always stay with me … gave me a lot of much-needed strength and courage. Hope all is well with you and your family, Julie! Take care xx

  2. Such an eloquent composition, feeling the glory of the quiet, surrounding nature. It is a sheer blessing to be able to experience this. At times it feels surreal to me after having been amidst the cacophonic din all these years.

    Loved the lines….
    A spirit that floats with oneness of the nature surrounding me.

    A peace of such infinity overwhelms me.

    Guess this is the only positive out of this pandemic.

    Take care Annika❣️

    1. Radhika, warmest thanks for your lovely comment and reflections. Indeed it is strange how there are blessings in the midst of these dreadful times … it almost feels wrong to find the occasional sense of peace and harmony; the moment described here came over me unbidden and luckily the sense of serenity has stayed with me at least a bit since.

      Wishing you well and safe … take care. xx ❤️

  3. This is a great poem describing a day sitting at home, Annika. Very apt for what the world is going through at the moment. The way you wrote ‘The world stopped’ and singled out on its own is profound. It’s like when we have, or forced, into a new routine, our everyday becomes so much more different – and we might notice things we’ve never noticed before. Also I really like the out-of-body and out-of-mind imagination at the end. That made me think of how we take a deep look at ourselves when we’re overwhelmed. Lovely and insightful piece of writing as usual.

    Hope you are doing well over there. Such a strange time we’re all in.

    1. Mabel, warmest thanks for your wonderful and reflective comment. It is indeed the strangest, most surreal, of times … one creating the most intense of emotions in many of us. Who would ever have thought the world could stop as it has, who ever thought more than half the world’s population would be in lockdown. How true that all our days have changed beyond belief … along the way experiencing so much for the first time. My poem was based on a real event, incredibly profound and one I doubt I will experience again.

      Wishing you and your family all well, take care. Annika xx

      1. It is very strange times and don’t think anyone saw the world shutting down as it is. It really all happened so fast. Hope we all take something away from this time and the world will be a different place for the better. Keep writing, Annika 🙂

        1. Mabel, thank you for your encouragement to keep writing … I read your lines just when I needed it most.

          The world cannot be the same again and I too hope there is much good to come from all the pain and trauma suffered by so many … in the meantime, I am more than ever appreciate the blessings in my life and try to be calm and patient. Take care, xx❤️

  4. It’s taken time to make the adjustment. At first I was chafeing and chafeing… So glad your boy is safe. I can cope well with this reality, but I so wish mine were nearer. Love to you and your family, Annika. 🙂 🙂

    1. Jo, I so feel for you with your children away back here in the U.K., it must be so difficult. 🤗It is surprising how quickly this has become the new norm in many ways and I’m finding I’m watching programmes of city life with nostalgia and also worry, that the people are all too close to each other! With love to you and your family too, Jo! Take care! Xx

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