“A Message of Courage, Kindness and Friendship.”

They say a picture paints a thousand words and with this in mind I’m overjoyed to share some photos of a young lady enjoying my children’s book “Oskar’s Quest”.

However, words still play a huge role and I’m very happy to include the following five-star review of the book by Erica, the girl’s grandmother and best friend!

“Oskar’s Quest” is a beautifully illustrated book sharing a message of courage, kindness and friendship. Annika Perry has a gift for writing up, not down to children. Even very young children are attentive, curious and observant. My four year old Granddaughter and I love reading “Oskar’s Quest!” My Granddaughter has already memorized parts of this book, especially the sound effects. She loves following “Oskar,” the blue bird, and “Maya,” the golden bird, throughout the story. Often a key to an engaging children’s book is how the adult also enjoys reading the book over and over and over again. I highly recommend “Oskar’s Quest!”

Many thanks to Erica not only for this wonderful review, but also for the permission to use the photographs of Abby. The copyright of these is held by Erica.

I have only known Erica a few months here on WP and already value her as a kind and thoughtful friend. Although not a reviewer before she quickly understood how important and key reviews are to a writer.

An inspirational person, her posts are always a joy to read, touching on adventures, travels, family and nature! She is also humble and almost by accident I learnt of her travel writing, love of running, taking part in Half Corked Marathon and Great Walk of 63.5 km. Do take a look at her blog Behind The Scenery.

Finally, I am elated to announce the first foreign language version of “Oskar’s Quest”. The translator, Marion Roberts, worked tirelessly to translate my children’s book … working wonders with text and especially the popular albeit tricky sound effect/onomatopoeic words!

Heartfelt thanks to David Cronin for formatting the latest version of my book and I appreciate all his work – without his help it would not be here! As simple as that!

Below is a picture of my favourite teddy, Minky, as he’s enjoying “Oskar’s Abenteuer”. Luckily he’s fluent in German having accompanied me on my studies at the Karl-Marx University in Leipzig and University of Tübingen. (btw. ‘Abenteuer’ means ‘Adventure’)

Purchase Links for “Oskar’s Quest“:

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Purchase Links for “Oskar’s Abenteuer“:

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167 thoughts on ““A Message of Courage, Kindness and Friendship.”

  1. I am so thrilled to see the smile.on that little girl’s face holding you book. I could remember back when i was a littel kid my father gifted me with my first story book and from then on my love affair for words and images and story telling bloosomed.
    And congratulationa for the release of a translated version…😊😊😊

    1. Mich, how wonderful that you remember your first story book … an emotional and life-changing moment for you as you fell in love with the written word and the magic of storytelling! Abby’s sheer delight, excitement and intrigue is fantastic to see and I’ve been so lucky to be able to share these photos. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and yes, I’m overjoyed to have a translated version on sale! Have a great weekend! 😀

  2. “A picture paints a thousand words.” How true, Annika. The young woman with your book is an absolute delight. And I laughed about how important it is for the adult to like the book as well since he or she can expect to be reading in many times! I’ve been there. –Curt

    1. Curt, it’s wonderful to read your positive comment and seeing Abby (and Erica) enjoying my book has been an immense boost and feels so rewarding. Haha! The key to a successful children’s book is to ensure it captures the imagination of the reading adult just as much as that of the child … for exactly the reason Erica and you mention! 😀 If beloved by both it will be revisited time and again! 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Toni. 😀 It’s been amazing to see the photos of young Abby enjoying my book, a boost to read the review, a joy to share with my friends here! 😀

  3. You have the gift of engaging people, large or small, Annika, and it sounds like I have a new friend (or two 🙂 ) to go and meet. Wishing you a wonderful March 🙂 🙂

    1. Bless! 😀 Thank you so much, Jo and that means a lot. I am only myself and it’s wonderful to make that instant connection with others! Wishing you a fabulous March as well … not long until official Spring!!!😀🌺

  4. Annika this is just so so beautiful. I’m so thrilled that I am a part of this and get to see just how lovely it is. Thank you for sharing. Excellent review as well. Hope you’re well!!

    1. Charley, it is wonderful, I agree and I am so touched by Erica with her kindness to share the photos and the fantastic review! 😀 I feel honoured and humbled! Thank you so much for your great interest in my writing!

      I’m very well, thank you and enjoyed the first full day of the year yesterday out in the garden! Felt heavenly! Hope you’re keeping well … and all is good at the school. Xx

  5. Pingback: “A Message of Courage, Kindness and Friendship.” | "Making our World a better place from my little corner of this Earth".Windows From Heaven Author/Photographer Matthew C Seufer

    1. Thank you so much, Debra! 😀 As you know it is uplifting and heartwarming to receive reviews and Erica went one step further sharing these beautiful photos of Abby with my book!

    1. Liz, so true!! 😀 You can well imagine how overjoyed I was when I saw the photos … a happiness that hasn’t left me! Thank you so much for being thrilled me, Liz! Hope you’re having a good weekend.

    1. Thank you so much, Mary Ann! 😀 There is definitely one picture where Abby is pensive and seeing the page this is at a key stage in the story, full of drama and emotion. It’s lovely to see Erica’s and Abby’s big smiles at the end! Wishing you a lovely weekend too, Mary Ann! xx

      1. Annika – I try to read what is going on in minds as I watch live or in photos what people think such as in reading the book. It was part of my training and experiences as a teacher. Enjoy! oxox

    1. Thank you so much, Clare! 😀 It is incredibly exciting to have released the German version and it’s been a couple of busy months … I feel for the translator with all the onomatopoeic words! We had long conversations about these! Oh, Abby is adorable and looks such a wise young lady … I feel humbled and honoured by both the review and the kind permission to use the photos.

      Hope you’re having a lovely weekend … it makes all the difference with some sun. Have you been out in your garden? We’ve been planting some new plants and my husband could even mow a bit (the part of the lawn that is not a bog!) 😀🌺

      1. I was in Sheffield for a couple of days visiting my elder daughter and didn’t get home til late on Saturday afternoon. Today has been busy taking Mum to her church this morning and then helping our vicar take an adult baptism service at our church this afternoon. No time for gardening unfortunately, and I would so love to get out there! I’m glad your husband could do a little mowing. With all the rain the grass is growing and growing! 🙂 xx

  6. What wonderful reviews, Annika. They would life your spirits for a month! I love Erika’s grandma’s statement–“writing up, not down to children.” What a compliment.

    1. Jacqui, you’re right, the photos are so uplifting and Erica first shared these a month ago on a comment on Jill’s blog – I was overjoyed and I don’t think my feet have touched the ground since! 😀 I’m truly humbled by her beautiful review and thoughts … I think no one should ever talk down, write down, to children!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! 😀 It’s been great working with the translator on the German version and I’m surprised how well-attuned my ear has become to reading it in a foreign language!

    1. Marlene, you’re right, it feels amazing to see Abby enjoying my book and I feel honoured and humbled by Erica’s generosity in letting me use the photos and taking the time to write the review. Thank you so much for recommending it to others.😀

  7. Hi Annika! What a lovely review of Oskar’s Quest and how nice to see young Abby enjoying your book so. I like what her mother said about you writing “up” not “down” to children. That’s a great compliment. And congratulations on having your book translated to German. Now my relatives in German can have your book!

    1. Barb, I too was touched by Erica’s recognition and comment that I ‘write’ up to children — I think at no stage should a book aim ‘down’! Her whole review has me floating with joy and along with the photos, I don’t think I’ll land this month!😀 It’s an amazing combination! Oh, how exciting that your family in Germany might be interested in Oskar’s Abenteuer – that would be great!

  8. What a lovely post, Annika! Not only photos of a lovely Abby enjoying Oskar’s story and the news of your first foreign language edition of the book. You’re riding a wave of success right now. Enjoy the ride!

    1. Sherrey, you’re right, it’s been an incredible few weeks and it means so much to me to see Abby enjoying and interacting with my book and I’m overjoyed with Erica’s review. It’s exciting to release the German version of the book – another first! Life is never boring! 😀

    1. Ahh … thank you so much, Lavinia! 😀 I am truly touched with Erica’s review and I agree, Abby looks wonderfully intent on the book, taking in the story and illustrations! It warms my heart to see her enjoying the book so much!

  9. What a lovely review, Annika! Congratulations! I love this, “Annika Perry has a gift for writing up, not down to children.” That’s so important! Good for you. ❤

    1. Thank you so much, Vasthi! 😀 I’m still flying high as a result of this wonderful review and I love how Erica sees that I am ‘writing up to children’. That is so important in all interactions with children, to never talk down to them, never to read books that ‘write down’ to them! They are so bright and alert, soaking in everything around them – as is seen on Abby’s expression and actions! Wishing you a great weekend, Vashti! xx❤️

  10. A wonderful story all around, Annika. Erika’s review and her photos of Abby are beautiful. Congratulations on the German version of your book. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Natalie, thank you so much – it’s exciting to release the German Version of the book and a lot of fun to work with the translator on it.😀

      It’s amazing how Erica and I connected and how ‘Oskar’s Quest’ arrived just in time for her granddaughter’s birthday and just as I was featured on Jill’s blog! This is when she shared one of the photos and later kindly sent me these to use … a little while later I saw her wonderful review! Blogging is one of the best communities!😀

    1. Bette, I love your comment! 😀 Thank you so much! It is heartwarming to see how Abby has taken to my book and I hope it is one she will remember …and yes, I wanted to share the German version in a different way and Minky gave me a shout … keen to have a read!😀 I appreciate all your shares of the post.

      Wishing you a brilliant weekend and maybe you will go to one of all the fantastic Main bicentenary celebration events! ❤️

    1. Betsy, little Abby is adorable and I love seeing her enjoyment in Oskar’s Quest!😀 Along with Erica’s wonderful review, I’m flying high and think it will be a long while until I land!

  11. YAY! Oskar’s Quest has so many great things going for it. First, that young reader is too cute for words. ❤ The outstanding review by Erica is a cherry on top. It's really lovely to see readers take time and review a book they've enjoyed.

    And congrats are in order for Oskar's Quest in another language. May the book continue to delight both young and the young at heart. Brilliant stuff! xx

    1. Khaya, your joy is palpable here – thank you so much! 😀 I cannot believe the time and effort Erica has taken to share not just these photos but also to write a wonderful review. I feel blessed! Ahh … I agree, Abby is just too cute for words! A wise young lady and it’s touching to see how engrossed she is in my book. Hope you’re having a great weekend and can be out on some long hikes! hugs xx ❤️

  12. So adorable. I love the photos of Abby reading your book, Annika. They speak louder than words, though the review is precious as well. And congrats on the translation. That’s wonderful! What language next? 😀

    1. Diana, to your last question first, the next language will be Swedish! 😀 My mother has worked on this and it’s fascinating to read Oskar’s Question in multiple languages. Darlene suggested Spanish and I’m tempted!😀

      Oh, I couldn’t believe the photos when I first saw them, melting my heart and it means more than I can say to see Abby enjoying the book so much, engrossed and interacting with the story and illustrations! Along with the review, I haven’t landed yet … floating high with joy! ❤️

  13. Oh Annika, what a wonderful gift to have photos of Abby reading your book. She is adorable, and your book looks just right in her hands. Congratulations on the translation. 💗

    1. Lori, you’re right, this is an incredible gift and I was wowed when Erica shared them first on Jill’s blog in a comment. I too was taken how right the book looks in Abby’s hands and how she’s holding it with joy and anticipation, then interacting with excitement! I’m so grateful that she was happy for me to share the photos here and the icing on the cake was the review! Many thanks for your lovely comment and hope you’re having a good week! Hugs xx ❤️

  14. Such a delight to see photos of kids reading/interacting with books. This little girl is about as cute as they come, and to know she likes your book, makes the photos even more endearing.

    1. Ally, I know, Abby is incredibly cute and yet looks so wise! 😀She is genuinely engaged and I love how she is taken with the book and physically interacting with the story … just as I’d imagined and I’m overjoyed to be able to share the photos and Erica’s wonderful review! Two happy readers! Thank you so much for your great comment and wishing you a lovely rest of the week! Xx

  15. Beautiful pictures of a lovely girl with an awesome book! Thanks for sharing Annika and Erica… such a cute gesture! Reading with grandchildren is a blessing. Congratulations for this review.

    1. Balroop, thank you so much for your lovely comment (wow, awesome book has me grinning!) I sense your joy in both the photos of Abby and Erica’s review … and I feel grateful and lucky for Erica’s generosity. It must be amazing to read with grandchildren… though I have no personal experience … yet! Hugs xx 😀❤️

    1. Georgina, that would be wonderful! Can’t wait to hear how she likes the book! 😀 Thank you, it is very exciting to have released a foreign language version! Take care. Xx

    1. Alison, it feels wonderful and slightly unreal to have published this book … seeing such joyful reception as from example Abby and Erica here makes it all seem real. Truly heartwarming and uplifting! 😀🌺

  16. Great review and pictures do really help
    Share the experience – and Erika/Erica is so right – that true better children’s books are ones that we adults can get into as well!

    1. Yvette, I so agree with you and Erica about a real winner of a children’s book is when the child and adult adore it equally! 😀 My son and I loved a book called ‘Owl Baby’ when he was little … our favourite for years. I’m honoured with Erica’s wonderful and thoughtful review and so grateful to have been allowed to share these adorable photos.

  17. Mike

    Lovely post Annika – seeing the pictures brings home what the book really means, and it must make you feel it is well worth all the effort in writing and publishing the story. Congratulations on this and in getting the German version published. Have you any plans for another translation?


    1. Mike, you’re right, it is incredible and very moving to see young Abby enjoying my book so much, caught up in the story, interacting with the book as a whole. 😀 The smiling faces of Erica and Abby are the icing on the cake … I feel overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity I’ve met here on WP! Oh yes, a Swedish version will be released this Spring and there are requests for a Spanish version… 😀

  18. This just warms my heart! Such a joy to read and the pictures shine with delight. I’m so thrilled for you, Annika! Cheers to you and all the love and kindness that exists in everything you create! xo

    1. Bless! ❤️ Natalie, thank you so much for your kind and heartwarming comment … I am happy if I can share love and joy in life with my work and blogging! 😀 Abby’s face does shine with joy and I love how enraptured she looks with the book, intent on the story and illustrations.

  19. Hi, Annika – What a lovely review both of Oskar’s Quest and of Erica’s blog. I have met Erica in person several times and can vouch that she is the real deal.
    And please don’t forget the Canadian link to Oskar’s Quest which is available through Amazon.ca.

    1. Donna, how wonderful that you and Erica have had the chance to meet up in person! 😀 I have no doubts that she is as genuine in person as here on the blog, and you likewise! Maybe if I ever manage to arrange my long-dreamed-of trip to Canada I can meet up with you both!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed her review – they are the lifeline to writers and it means so much to me. Thank you for your lovely comment and for reminding me to add the Canadian Amazon link – just sorted it! I have yet to work out how to do the ‘global link’ for amazon which I see around!

      Hope you’re having a good week! xx

    2. Hi Donna, Good point on the Amazon.ca link. I found it was very easy to order and arrived quickly.

      The timing of receiving “Oskar’s Quest,” Abby’s birthday, a post and photos I had ready to publish on ‘Blog world meets real world’ and Jill’s interview with Annika all happened within a couple of days. Very serendipitous.

      These events tie in with your post, yesterday. Your sentences “Are your words or images truly reaching others? Are they making a difference?” I was very touched by Annika’s heartfelt post. She describes well how words and images do make a difference.

      Your post was very timely, Donna. I have told you before how I greatly appreciate your kindness and forging connections. You create a ripple effect in more ways than you may realize. Can you imagine meeting Annika in real life? What fun! xx

  20. How wonderful to see Abby enjoying the book. The review is fabulous too. Well done to have it translated into German! Maybe have it translated into Spanish next. I’m happy this book is doing so well.

    1. Darlene, I agree, it is wonderful to see how engaged and enthusiastic Abby is with Oskar’s Quest … I can almost hear her comments! 😀 As you well know, reviews are the lifeline for writers and every single one is a delight which lifts the spirits so much! Oh, I would love to have this translated into Spanish. Would you have any contacts by any chance? I came to know the translator for this German version through a friend I met whilst at university in Germany. The next translation will be into Swedish … and I hope to be able to share it more there on my visits to Sweden. Wishing you a great rest of the week .. and looking forward to reading your book soon! xx

    1. Mae, I couldn’t believe when I saw the lovely photos and so grateful that Erica and her daughter were happy for me to share them!😀 They melted my heart and it’s wonderful you find the post heartwarming. Thank you so much for your lovely support! xx

    1. Brigid, discerning is just the word to describe dear Abby! 😀 A very wise young lady intent on reading, knowing what she wants. I love how she is a fan of books … a door of adventure will always be open to her!😀

    1. Neil, bless you for your wonderful comment and support! 😀 It is very exciting to have this out in one foreign language and I look forward to releasing a Swedish one during Spring.

  21. Dear Annika, I am surprised and very touched by your words when I opened up my email this morning. I am also teary-eyed. You have a gift with words and you easily bring emotions to the surface for me and your readers. You had asked about using photos of Abby and I had anticipated a few short lines about us in a post. Thank you for your very kind, supportive words. Abby loves “Oskar’s Quest!”

    Congratulations on this first foreign language version of “Oskar’s Quest!” This is a great opportunity for more children and their parents and grandparents to enjoy this book. German was my first language, another coincidence, Annika.💕

    It was very serendipitous on the timing of how our paths crossed this past year. I value our continued connection and friendship.

    In the meantime, I will continue reading “Oskar’s Quest” to Abby, over and over and over again.💗

    1. Dear Erica, thank you again for all your wonderful support and for letting me share these wonderful pictures of Abby engrossed and captivated by my book! 😀 It’s almost as if I can hear here excited comments. It was my pleasure to share a bit about you too … but obviously so much still yet to learn! I had no idea German was your first language. Did you come to Canada as a child? A coincidence indeed! It’s been exciting to work on this project and I look forward to a Swedish version later in Spring! I’m overjoyed you and Abby enjoy my book so much … knowing this, reading your review and becoming such good friends here means a lot to me. Take care. xx ❤️

      1. Hi Annika, I was born in Canada. My parents only spoke German in our home. At the time, they knew very little English. I started school only knowing how to speak German. My parents and the teachers were concerned about me at that time. Now, there is a lot of evidence on how speaking more than one language is an advantage.

        I sent you a couple of personal messages with a couple of additional thoughts. I don’t know whether you are having time to sleep right now surrounded by all of this (good:) stress. 🙂 I have heard how publishing a book is similar to giving birth. Exciting about the two translations! Try and get some rest. We will stay in touch. xx💕

        1. Haha … funnily enough I had the best night’s sleep last night! 😀 This is good stress and with one rare day of sunshine I’ve taken a morning off … back now and I’ve just replied to your message.

          How fascinating that you only spoke German at home … it’s nearly similar to me arriving in the UK for school aged six speaking only Swedish. My mother was told strictly by the school to only talk English at home. Of course she ignored this promptly – I would have been mortified and so confused. As you say, nowadays the value of growing up bilingual is much more recognised. Now my mother and I are experts at mixing the languages as we talk … and don’t even notice!

          hugs xx

          1. We often mix the languages, too, when speaking. And, I find some words cannot be truly translated. Annika, you deserve all the good that is going your way. As many of the comments say, your kindness, joy and love is infused into your written word.💗 I was ordering a few books this morning and I ordered “The Storyteller Speaks.” Looking forward to reading it! Have a great weekend! 💕

  22. How wonderful, Annika – the fabulous review (and you can see that little girl is thoroughly enjoying Oskar’s Quest) and congratulations on getting a translation out, too.

    1. Mary, you can imagine my sheer delight when Erica first attached a photo of Abby with my book on a comment on Jill’s blog! 😀 Abby’s joy in the book is obvious and she looks hooked in the story. I’m honoured by the review and appreciate the time and work it takes to write one. Thank you, it’s been fun working with a translator on the German text … and making a new friend in the process! 😀

    1. Norah, thank you so much and I’m overjoyed with Erica’s heartfelt and detailed review. It gives potential readers such an insight into the book. The printed book is great, I think but as you say, you can see it here and it’s tactile and easy for a child to hold! I love how Abby is so into the book and story!

  23. How special to have such a heartwarming review. And what an adorable little girl Abby is. Clearly your story of Oskar has won many hearts. 💕Congratulations on the German version as well Annika. Exciting times for you my friend! xx 😊

    1. Ahh … Miriam, Abby is adorable and I love her intent interest in the book and how she is interacting with the story and Oskar! 😀 It means so much to me how Oskar has won people’s hearts and photos like these bring it home to me! It’s so uplifting and a real boost. Exciting times, indeed and the Swedish version will be next … I realise I need a bit of stress around me! 😀 hugs xx

  24. I remember when Erica shared your book and her sweet granddaughter on her blog, Annika. How wonderful to see them again! It’s obvious little Abby enjoyed meeting Oskar as much as many of us have. Thanks for sharing! This has brightened my day! ❤

    1. Jill, I was hoping my post would catch you before you left for work … I know you are up so early! It was wonderful when Erica shared the photo of Abby in a comment on your post – it really made my day! 😀 It melted my heart to see her enjoying Oskar’s Quest so much and to see her interacting with the illustrations and story! Hope you’re having a good day, my friend! ❤️

    2. Hi Jill, It was serendipitous on how I had given Abby “Oskar’s Quest” for her birthday. I had pictures and a post ready for the following weekend on how ‘Blog world meets real world.’ In the morning your interview with Annika appeared in my email. I had a photo immediately accessible to add to a comment. I am still goosebumpy on the happy coincidence. Jill, you are part of this wavelength of wonderful connections. Thank you! 💕

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