Spring's Breeze & A Musical Interlude!

Spring’s breeze strokes my cheek
Star flower heralds warm days
Storm warning – keep safe!

These past few days have been the sunniest for months and numerous walks in woods, along the coast, inspired me to write the haiku above.

Spring is so close, almost tangible, yet the threat of the latest tempest this weekend returns us to the winter gloom. Before Storm Ciara, a severe gale, coursed its way across the UK we headed outside enjoying the glory of nature to the utmost. Soon enough we needed to retreat indoors to the cosiness of home.

Out on the daily meditations, I remember that not only Mother Nature can lift us high, music also has a sublime ability to reach our inner core.

One piece that recently touched me so is a piano cover by Sammy Perry of Odesza’s song ‘A Moment Apart’. It is one of Sammy’s favourite songs from their album.

Listening to this my spirits soar. I imagine spring, life itself, unfurling. It is peaceful, magical and inspirational. Enjoy!

124 thoughts on “Spring's Breeze & A Musical Interlude!

    1. Ahhh … that is so sweet to say, Miriam and we are the same, loving creativity. I so wish I had his musical skills though … and he likewise does not enjoy writing long pieces! Yet a few thousand lines of code is easy for him!

      Oh, we so long for Spring, its warmth and sunshine, so it was a joy to share the hint of the season here through my poem and Sammy’s music.

      Wishing you a wonderful week, my friend! xx❤️

    1. Sharon, bless you for your amazing comment about Sammy and his music! ❤️ It warms my heart and I know it means a lot to him too. As with so many artists, he doesn’t realise how talented he is and words like yours give such a boost. The song is beautiful and I love how many modern songs are almost orchestral in their composition. Some are quite ‘heavy’ though and I’m always astounded how Sammy picks out the melody from them. He’s coming home from uni for a long weekend soon and I can’t wait to watch those hands flying over the keyboard again! It’s so lovely to read your comments, Shari! Hope all is well and take care. hugs xx 🌸

    1. Awww … Jacquie, I’m so happy you think so about Sammy and his playing – I feel the same. It’s glorious to be working around the house and hear his playing (alas not so much now he’s at university!) Thank you, the worst of Storm Ciara missed us but I have family up in northern England whose towns were flooded and the army was in there today preparing for Storm Dennis! he-ho … the delights of winter! ☹️ Thank you for your comment and hugs. xx

  1. A spring breeze can feel just like that! It has been a mild winter here, and we’ve been seeing signs of spring, too, though today it’s quite cold. That is a lovely path–is part of your property?
    The opening of the music sounds like a spring breeze whipping around.

    1. Merrill, I love how you describe the opening of Sammy’s music cover, just so … “spring breeze whipping around”. That’s why I strongly felt it was just right for this post. Oh, I wish the photo was from our property, but it almost is! A nature wooded park is just nearby and it’s from here! Yeah, mild winters are good and glad you’ve had these but especially better if the sun shines now and then! Keep warm as the cold descends. Many thanks for your lovely comment and have a great rest of the weekend!😀

  2. I know precious little of musicianship but I think young Sammy has serious talent 🙂

    Yep we’re being a little battered by various storms here (including a French one sandwiched in between Ciara and Dennis), but it then accentuates the positives of the calm, sunny interludes. A lovely 6-mile run with a friend this morning to take advantage of the window.

    1. Roy, I’m glad you had a good run yesterday in the reprieve of stormy weather … this winter we have to treasure those quieter sunny days more than ever! French storms as well, eh? That’s not good. I have family living in Yorkshire and although not flooded the towns are badly affected. Goodness knows what they will be like by tomorrow night! Thank you for your kind comment about Sammy …he is a natural musician and enjoys playing so much!😀

    1. Mark, I love the expression ‘in the teeth of winter’ … doesn’t sound good at all! After this season of grey, rain, gales I would love some serene snow, its soft beauty, gleaming sunshine white! So glad you liked the poem and photos … as always I take so many and it’s a matter of choosing just a couple!😀

    1. Pam, I love how you picture the music serenading the pictured natural landscape! 😀 Oh, another fierce storm is now battering the UK, the army has been called in to help in the worst-hit areas, luckily not us but some of my family live in the north and I do worry a bit. Spring can’t come soon enough … the daffodils and bulbs are trying poor things but becoming rather beaten down.

      Anyway, cosy inside and it’s been a weekend of books … all to be revealed tomorrow! I hope you’re having a lovely and calm weekend, that the weather is sunny and maybe even a hint of spring? (fingers crossed!) hugs xx❤️

      1. Thinking of you all, Annika! Winter storms are fierce and scary. Staying cozy inside is the best remedy. We won’t see daffodils for another two months at least! But I’m still on break in a bit of paradise and sucking in the sun like a sunsicle. 🙂

  3. Annika, your haiku is lovely! Sammy is a very talented young man and you must be so proud of him. I hope you have sustained no damage at home during the bad weather we have had recently and I also hope that once storm Dennis is out of the way on Monday we will have some calmer weather for a while!

    1. Clare, thank you so much and yes, I am incredibly proud of and happy for Sammy!😀 His music means so much to him, I couldn’t imagine him not playing the piano … it’s been a joy to share this piece here and it matched my haiku and the mood of the post perfectly.

      We have luckily been fine through the storm last weekend and will just hunker down again this coming one. Writing pads, books at the ready … and putting books in order into a new bookcase! I hope you’ve been okay during the gales, I think you have a much bigger garden ad are more exposed to the elements. Yes, calmer weather can’t come soon enough … it is rather tiring for the spirit!

      1. Thank you, Annika – we have been fine and didn’t even get a power cut! A branch of one our trees has snapped and will need removing but that was all the damage. You are exactly right in saying the recent stormy weather has been tiring for the spirit!

    1. Bless you, for your wonderful comment and a joy to know you enjoyed the post, haiku, pictures and music so much, Natalie!😀 It means a lot to me and Sammy. It’s a joy to share here and I wanted to spread some spring sunshine through the post! xx❤️

    1. Nature really hasnits way of comforting, loving and nurturing us while at the same time can hit us so hard that we ended up fearful. Your haiku is lovely Anika and thanks for sharing Sammy’s music.

      1. Mich, how true that Nature is incredibly changeable, full of contrasts – wonderfully, frighteningly so! On calmer days it is a joy and solace to be outside enjoying the delights of the fields, woods or coast, yet on a stormy day, I am held in awe of the power of the weather, ever grateful for my safe and warm home. Thank you so much for your lovely comment here, reflective and also so kind about my haiku and Sammy’s music! Wishing you a lovely weekend! 😀

  4. Mike

    Love the haiku Annika. It says so much in so few words. I think that February is always the month of “will it, wont it” as the weather is fickle and can change from sun to rain in an instant. As a result just as you think Spring is on it’s way the wind and rain decide to hold sway. But we know that soon we can walk in the countryside again (even if it does mean dodging the mud and puddles for a few days)

    Blown away by the music too – you have such a talented son.


    1. Mike, the beauty of haiku is its brevity yet saying so much … I’m glad you liked mine here. February is a dramatic month so far here and with more storms on the way I’m trying to enjoy the sunshine albeit still very windy. Good luck dodging those puddles and mud!

      Yes, Sammy is an incredibly gifted pianist and I do find it amazing how he keeps these all in his head! Play with heart and soul! 😀

  5. Behind the Story

    It looks like your son, like you, has the soul of an artist. I can see why you say the song reminds you of spring. It’s like the tender sprouts poking their heads out of the earth, one after the other. The past few days I’ve been delighted to see crocuses blooming in my garden. We’ve had weeks of rain and cloudy skies, so the recent blue skies have been a real treat.

    1. Nicki, I’m smiling at your blossoming crocuses … what a treat and a real sign spring is on the way! Blue skies and sunshine is a joy to the soul and I hope it lasts for you. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment about Sammy and I – I do love how we are both artistic but in different ways! 😀

    1. Thank you so much for reading, listening and your lovely comment, Vashti! 😀🌺 After reading Bette’s book a few times my mind is in haiku mood and I’m loving it … still so shy to share them so your feedback is fantastic! I’m so glad you felt uplifted by Sammy’s music … at times it seems almost ethereal! Hugs ❤️

    1. The sea-saw weather sure does keep us on our toes, Teagan!😀 I can’t wait for the full blossom burst of Spring with lunches outside and a chance to ‘attack’ the garden! Thank you for your lovely comment about my haiku and Sammy’s music … I am glad you enjoyed the combination! Hugs 😀❤️

  6. What a beautiful song. Thank you to you and Sammy (he looks tall) for sharing it here. I hadn’t heard it before.

    Glad you stayed safe and were able to get out for a bit to enjoy nature before the storm.

    1. Lori, having heard about the upcoming storm we made sure to enjoy the two days of sun to the full! It was heavenly!

      Sammy enjoys creating arrangements of modern songs and I’m not surprised you haven’t heard this before. The original is beautiful too!

      Thank you for your lovely comment, my friend! 😀🌺

    1. Thank you so much, Kamal!😀 I’m finding my mind drifting to haikus as I’m out on walks. The wooden walkway was new and it looks so dreamy. Ahhh … so glad you enjoyed the music video too. That’s wonderful!🌺

  7. Annika, I have been reading and seeing photos about “the latest tempest this weekend.” I truly hope you and all others affected by the storms/rains are safe. I have just returned from a nature walk by my home plus listening to music. Good for the heart, body and soul. Beautiful haiku! Thank you for sharing this song. It is uplifting and I know Spring is just around the corner, the breeze stroking my cheek. 💕 Just now, reading some of the comments: Sammy is your son!?! Wow!!! Talented, creative!!! He also brings beauty into this world, just like his Mother. xx 💕

    1. Erica, bless you for your beautiful comment!❤️ Yes, Sammy is my son and a natural musician … he’s been playing for many years and as well as writing his own songs he loves arranging (in his head!) piano covers of his favourite songs by modern artists. It is a privilege and joy to hear him play at home (alas not so often as he’s away at university in his first year!)

      Your walk sounds heavenly and how wonderful to blend nature with music as you’re out … spiritually fulfilling and enriching. Your words on the subject echo my feelings exactly!

      The storm is still causing havoc alas and has been the worst in 20 years – we are fine but so many are flooded and lots of trees are down (plus the appearance of huge sinkholes!) Spring can’t come soon enough but the first snow of winter is on the way first!

      Wishing you a lovely week, my friend … may it be full of joy, wonder and harmony! xx ❤️

  8. Ah, the sound of music, the art of poetry, the conversation of friends. We live in a world of complexity, of transitions, that becomes less noisy when we go back to the beauty and kindness of community.

    1. Wow! 😀 Beautifully written, Rebecca and how true! The world seems askew at the moment; returning to our spiritual home of the arts, nature, family and friends provide the grounding that is so much needed… there can never be too much beauty and kindness!❤️

    1. Darlene, fickle is an understatement … the weather has been extraordinary across the globe and only yesterday read about the horrendous floods and downpours in Australia. Here in the UK there are several family members up North who cannot leave their homes as the towns and villages are so flooded … worrying times indeed! It is amazing how much havoc can be wreaked in only a short time.

      Ahh … it’s incredible to listen to Sammy playing and I’m always in awe how he makes the arrangements himself and remembers them all! So glad you enjoyed his piece here!

    1. Wow! 😀 Sammy will be thrilled to read that you found his music stupendous… I agree but it’s never quite the same coming from family! Thank you and I’m touched with your words about my haiku … that’s wonderful! It’s a very odd time in between… an teasing uneasiness. Wishing you a lovely start to the week, my friend!

    1. Thank you so much, Annika … I’m overjoyed you liked my poem and Sammy’s music so much. It’s been a delight to share both! The storm is a bit better for us at home with some sun (hooray!) but gales still across a large swathes of the country and I know many people up North whose towns are flooded … not good.

  9. Lovely haiku Annika…nice to see a poet in you! Spring is smiling at the corners but this stormy wind is scaring it here too, forgetting how short-lived it is. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Sam’s video. Beautiful! Music and nature – two awesome mood lifters!

    1. Balroop, bless you for your lovely comment and I’m glad you enjoyed my haiku … I’m still shy of sharing my poetry as I consider myself a novice! You’re right about music and nature making an incredible combination …. they seem to reach through to us in ways many things cannot … thankfully so! It’s wonderful you found Sammy’s music beautiful and I never fail to be awed by how modern music can be so melodic, haunting and almost orchestral.

      The storm is hanging around for some places for a few days yet and caused havoc … the worst yet this century alas! Trains stations had to lock people out they were so packed (no trains) and hundreds of flights cancelled, including my son who is stranded in Spain … fingers crossed he gets a flight back today.

      Spring will be heavenly when it arrives in full force! Wishing you a beautiful start to the week, my friend! ❤️

    1. Lavinia, thank you so much for reading, Listening and I’m so happy you enjoyed all the elements of this post. Sammy is indeed talented yet, as always the case, still doubts the fact! Your comment will give him a boost! We’ve kept safe and no damage, yet know many up in Yorkshire who experienced great flooding in their towns with possibly worse to come. Yep, a most powerful storm … reminds us of our place on Earth!

    1. Radhika, my heart sings with joy to hear that my post lifted your spirits so … thank you for reading, listening and for your lovely comment! It’s been a delight and honour to share here! 😀❤️

  10. Your son is so talented, Annika. What a joy to have that music in your home. It made me think of water rippling, wind swirling, and spring flowers pushing through winter’s soil. A bit of rain and the return of the sun. Thanks so much for starting my morning off with a smile. ❤

    1. Wow! 😀 Diana, I love the images the music created for you and not so dissimilar from my own! It is an awakening, so gentle at start it tickles the soul! Whilst this piano version reminds me of nature at play, the actual song has a very different feel to it, almost cosmic I feel! I’m so happy this was a beautiful start to your morning … any day that starts with a smile is a winning day! 😀❤️

  11. I love the haiku. Spring seems to be teasing us – mild weather, some flowers already in bloom before they should be, buds appearing on trees, then a sudden wintry blast to remind us it’s not time yet. That is a lovely piece of music your son very talented son is playing.

    1. Mary, teasing is the word for the weather these last few days … spring seemed so close, within reach and today hunkering down inside, listening to the drama of the gale! One hopes the poor flowers will survive and next week will bring a return to uplifting warmer days! I’m so glad you enjoyed the haiku and the music … thank you so much for your lovely comment about both.

  12. Lovely starflower, inspiring your Haiku and writing…
    Sammy at his childhood home, playing a piece for his ‘mum’ (trying to be UK-ish)…lovely, too.
    Is it his arrangement of the piece I wonder?
    And what of his GrandMum (correct usage of word?) – I wonder her feelings of musical blood flowing through the generations?
    Have a peaceful rest of the weekend, Annika.

    1. Laura, thank you so much for your lovely comment – it has me smiling. 😀 Mum is definitely right word for UK, but to be awkward I am ‘Mamma’ (being Swedish I never imagined being called anything else!) Thank you for remembering about my mother’s musical career and yes you are right, Sammy and his Mormor (mother’s mother in Swedish) love discussing music, composition, the piano. She actually bought him his first keyboard when he was only three! A big Yamaha and he had to sit on several cushions to reach the keys! I’m so glad you enjoyed my haiku, they seem to be writing themselves in my head as I’m out on walks … but I’m still shy to share them!

      Wishing you a wonderful rest of Sunday! hugs xx 🌺

  13. Listening to the video and it’s astounding, both quality of sound but also cinematically inspiring with white piano, pictures and the blue colours. What a talented son! Is he the one you created Oskar for?

    1. Georgina, thank you for your amazing comment about Sammy’s music and production! 😀 He’s downloaded some new software this Christmas and the sound was better than ever. Ahh … I’m glad you like the look of our living room where the piano resides. I always imagined he would have a white one … and only afterwards did my mother remind me that we had a white piano at home when I was little. Bless, yes this young man (aged 19 and 6’4”’!) is the one for whom I created Oskar when he was a young boy!😀

      1. Oh, all sounds like family history recycling! Yes, very professional production, perhaps your room could be used for film sets! Good luck with Oscar; I will review soon but hope my friend’s 7year old might too.

        1. Georgina, thank you so much … I’m over the moon you’re going to review ‘Oskar’s Quest’! Wow! It would be amazing if your friend’s child reviewed as well but I’m aware they may find this tricky!

          Haha … I’m smiling at the idea of room as a film set! It’s funny with the music videos as I can tell from the decorations, the lighting when they were filmed! It’s a very room in which to watch films! 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Georgina … I do love the drama of storms but they can be destructive … luckily all seems okay for the moment. My biggest concern is than my son manages to fly home from Spain tonight as planned – many flights cancelled so far.

      Nature is incredibly healing, I agree and it is a constand solace!

  14. Wow! Sammy is amazing, Annika. I was listening to this beautiful piece as I watched the cardinals gather to eat the sunflower seeds I put out earlier this morning. Have I missed past posts of his incredible music? Your haiku is beautiful, too. We’ve had such a wet and gloomy winter, I’ll need more of Sammy’s music to get me to spring. Thank you so much for sharing! ❤

    1. Jill, bless you for your amazing comment! 😀 I’m touched deeply by how you are taken with Sammy’s music and love that this piece became an accompaniment with you in the morning. What a glorious sight to watch cardinals in your garden … the very name of the bird is exotic to me! I have posted a few times about Sammy’s music before. He writes his own songs and also arranges his own piano cover versions of songs he likes, this one is actually a piece of electronic dance music (EDM) and I’m finding myself liking a lot of them! At the risk of boring you here are the links to other posts he’s appeared in on my blog :


      Finally, it means a lot that you’ve enjoyed the haiku – the then heavenly and sunny weather had haikus blossoming in my mind! May spring soon be with us! Is that when the hummingbirds return to you?

      Wishing you a beautiful and relaxing rest of the weekend, my friend! hugs ❤️

    1. Ally, thank you so much … haikus seem to be finding me these days but I’m still shy to share them! I’m glad you enjoyed the music too and the I hoped the two would be a perfect pair for a post! 😀 Hope Spring isn’t too far away for you … it is always a heavenly time of year when it arrives!

  15. A delightful poem, Annika. The UK has been blessed with some lovely weather recently and now you will have a wintery interlude. I don’t think cold is a bad thing, I think it kills a lot of adverse bacteria’s and illnesses. When our winters are very mild, the sickness for the following year is always much worse.

    1. Thank you so much, Robbie … I always venture into the world of poetry with trepidation but since reading Bette’s book I can’t stop thinking in haikus!

      Oh, I long for a cold winter, with snow and frost. You are right that those winters kill a lot of the bacteria … something that has not happened this year. Alas, it is only incredibly stormy and rainy! Oh well, I feel blessed to have a warm snug house to hunker down in, chatting to friends here! Wishing you and your lovely family a wonderful Sunday! xx

  16. Annika, your post is such a delight to the senses, thank you.
    From your first gentle and beautiful Tanka, through mysterious nature walk ( where does the broadwalk lead). As a finale we are treated to a brilliant and uplifting piece of piano music by Sammy.
    What a wonderful Sunday morning treat. 💕.


    1. Awww … Miriam, I love how my post became a Sunday morning treat and I hoped it would be exactly this for many! 😀 Sammy’s music is wonderful and a joy to share here – every time I heard these first notes as he practised the piece I would dash into the room and just listen, with eyes closed, absorbing the magic of the music!

      I’m overjoyed you liked the haiku, especially from a gifted poet as yourself … I am not even on the first step of writing poems but enjoy (much to my surprise!) dabbling in this craft! Wishing you a blessed week, hunkered down in the warmth, creating more poetry to share with us! ❤️

  17. Such a talented family! I love Sammy’s music, it’s uplifting. I can see how your spirit soars. And your haiku is refreshing. Yes, spring is almost tangible and I’m so so looking forward to the season. Nothing like a morning walk and a birdsong to inspire some writing. 😀 Anyway, enjoy your Sunday my friend!

    1. Khaya, I know you draw so much inspiration from nature too and I’m realising more and more that it is a matter of tuning into this … my mind has started to write these little poems itself when striding out across the fields, through the woods! A lot of fun although people look at me oddly as I’m recording into my phone. I’m glad the refreshing nature of the walk came across in the poem.

      Thank you so much for your wonderful words about the talent within the family – Sammy is going from strength to strength with his music I feel and this is my latest favourite of his covers – I never tire of it!

      Hope you had a lovely weekend, Khaya and a good start to your week! 😀🌺

    1. Ahh … you are right there, Jo! 😀 I think I’ll listen to some more of his pieces on youtube! I’m cosy indoors listening to the drama of the gale – my only concern is my son is currently in Spain with a friend and due home tonight! Not sure that is happening but I prefer the airlines are super careful … he might have to stay another night. Still a worry though. Hope you’re having a lovely calm and sunny Sunday in Portugal! hugs xx

      1. It’s beautiful here. My daughter in Nottingham said it had calmed down a lot this afternoon. It’s her 7th wedding anniversary today and they are hoping to go out for supper. Hopefully your son will be home safe. 🙂 🙂

        1. Ahh … A very happy anniversary to your daughter and son-in-law and hope they manage to go out to celebrate the special occasion. Alas, my son’s flight was cancelled but probably just as well as still so stormy here. Just heard hotel has found them hotel room and flying back tomorrow … to Newcastle! Oh well! Joys of modern travel!

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