Spring's Breeze & A Musical Interlude!

Spring’s breeze strokes my cheek
Star flower heralds warm days
Storm warning – keep safe!

These past few days have been the sunniest for months and numerous walks in woods, along the coast, inspired me to write the haiku above.

Spring is so close, almost tangible, yet the threat of the latest tempest this weekend returns us to the winter gloom. Before Storm Ciara, a severe gale, coursed its way across the UK we headed outside enjoying the glory of nature to the utmost. Soon enough we needed to retreat indoors to the cosiness of home.

Out on the daily meditations, I remember that not only Mother Nature can lift us high, music also has a sublime ability to reach our inner core.

One piece that recently touched me so is a piano cover by Sammy Perry of Odesza’s song ‘A Moment Apart’. It is one of Sammy’s favourite songs from their album.

Listening to this my spirits soar. I imagine spring, life itself, unfurling. It is peaceful, magical and inspirational. Enjoy!

124 thoughts on “Spring's Breeze & A Musical Interlude!

  1. Beautiful, Sammy has a great taste in music.
    Hope all is well. I just want to let you know that I have been very unwell these few months. Don’t think I am going to be active in WordPress again, but I will try to post something comment-less twice a month in the future. It will take me awhile to get back to where I had left.
    Stay healthy and safe!

    1. Inese, I am so sorry you’ve been so ill … is it the virus? After any severe illness it can take months to recover full strength and you do right to slowly ease back to work. Please take very good care of yourself and hope you’re feeling much better soon. ❤️

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment about Sammy’s music and glad you enjoyed the post.

      Luckily we are all well so far … and it is surprising how one can adapt to a new normal … worry never really leaves me though and finding it hard to concentrate long times creatively. I know it will come back.

      Hugs xx

      1. Thank you Annika, you take care of yourself too. This new normal is not scary because of the virus itself – rather because of the irresponsible and misinformed people. But you know, some people never believed in washing their hands after using bathroom and all this sort of things 🙂 No virus will teach no one, I suppose. We will get there though. Our parents had the War, we have the viruses. Guess we have to get used to them and keep going.
        Hugs xx

    1. Julie, you would not be envious at all today! 😀 Pelting ice-cold rain and gale force winds – again! Although I can look out onto the lilac tree green with leaf buds, the odd bedraggled daffodil waving hello! So glad you enjoyed the photos, my haiku and Sammy’s music. Thank you so much and yes, he is talented – don’t think he realises how much! 😀

      Hope Spring soon peeks out for you! xx 🌺

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