Note: This is a post that was published earlier in 2018 and which I recently has somehow ended up in my draft box!! I have no idea how this is possible but wanted to return it to my blog along with its 80 likes and 160 wonderful comments! Thank you everyone again!

Sammy, I know you have studied music for a long time, since you were ten I believe. I have even had the great joy to listen to your performances both at your home, at school and in Covent Garden in London.

To me your music always express so much vitality, joy and sensitivity and I often wondered where it would take you as you grew up and took your own place in life.

Would it become your hobby and the sciences your priority? Would it become your hobby and the sciences your priority? I guess you still wonder yourself.

So Sammy, you have surprised us all by creating your first single, “MY FRIEND” whilst still 16. I am enthralled with it, its advanced musicality, its depth and also the sad but yet comforting lyrics.

I feel honoured to do this first interview with you and without further ado, we dive straight into our chat.

When did you first think about writing your own music? Was there a moment that stands out?

Sammy: I got serious about writing my own music whilst in Sweden last summer. I was walking through the forest up to a viewpoint;  standing at the top, listening to “Without You” by Avicii and felt a strong inspiration to start creating my own music in a way that would make people feel the same way as I did at that moment.

When did you start creating “MyFriend”?

Sammy: I believe I started composing that in November 2017. The first thing I messed around with was the piano chords and melodies which I recorded on my phone. Whilst trying to figure this out I also was working on the lyrics which was by far the hardest part of the process for me.

Would you mind giving us an idea of what inspired this song?

Sammy: The main inspiration for this song came from both my own experiences and those that my friends had and told me about. This song was also inspired by helping friends through hard times in their lives and wanting to help in any way possible

You are a pianist so I wonder how you created all the harmonies and layers to orchestrate the song in production?

Sammy: There was a lot of trial and error with choosing the instruments and percussion sounds. Most of the chord progression and melodies the instruments are doing; such as bells and violins, echo what the piano is doing so these were quite easy to produce. I had more creative freedom with the drums because, although there was trial and error, I had a lot of fun composing the drums in a way that made the piano and vocals stand out and sound more interesting.

Are you working on any new song and if so would you mind telling us about your plan?

Sammy: I am already half way through composing my next song which I plan to release some time in May or June this year. I don’t have much more to share at this point.

Sammy, is there anything else you can add about your music and how it makes you feel?

Sammy: The response from people listening to and hearing their opinion and reaction to it has been overwhelming and makes me more confident and excited about releasing more in the future. I am very happy with the way this song has turned out and my hope is that people will continue to enjoy the song in the future.

Thank you, Sammy, for letting me do this for me unique interview. It is a first for you and for me so it is pretty special.

Sammy: Thank you for having me and I have enjoyed answering all your questions.

To read the lyrics in full press this link. My Friend:Sammy Perry:Lyrics

“My Friend” is available on all streaming services including:

Spotify press here.

Google Play press here.

Youtube press here.

And to buy via iTunes/apple music press here.

Connect with Sammy Perry on:

Twitter:         @SammyPerryMusic     


  1. Oh Wow… How proud you must be Annika.. What a lovely Talented Son you have my friend.. Loved the music video recording.. And so enjoyed the lyrics..
    Thank you for sharing him.. And Wishing him well with his Song debut ..
    Lots of love to you and your family.. ❤

    1. Sue, I’m beaming away and feel your care and positive energy in your wonderful comment! ❤️ Oh yes, I’m proud as heck! But at the same time would not have encouraged him this far if I couldn’t see his ability, hard work and intuitive skill. Yeah, im so glad you liked the recording and lyrics and it was amazing to feature him here. His next song will be out soon and this one really floors me with the music and lyrics! Wishing you a lovely rest of the day. Much love, xx

        1. A heart thats a bit broken this weekend following the death of Aviccii – his music inspired Sammy in the direction of his own playing and compositions. Hence Aviccii meant so much to him. When Sammy is not working he’s been playing Avicci’s songs on the piano. Heart-ache making his playing even more profound and heartbreaking.

          1. I know I heard this news on the radio, so young and so talented, I feel for the family and all his fans..
            I know though your Son will pay a beautiful tribute to Avicci by continuing in his footsteps.. He holds great talent.. Happy Earth Day.

            1. Thank you for your kind words. Happy Earth Day to you too … strangely enough I didn’t know about it until this morning when I posted with photos from my garden. Rather apt in the end!

  2. Even before I read the first sentence I saw the video… the name “Sammy Perry” caught my eyes. I thought… and then I read. How amazingly talented is your son, Annika. You must be very proud of him. 🙂
    I really enjoyed the music and the song. All the best, Sammy.
    Thanks for introducing Sammy on your blog.

    1. Norma, I am incredibly proud and happy for him – he works so hard and music is his passion – and I feel that comes across in his song! Oh, I had to smile how you noticed his name first – it was a bit of a tell-tale!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and support – it means a lot to him .. and me! Happy Easter! 😀🌻

      1. You should be, Annika. 🙂 He is very talented. So there is a writer and a musician in the family. I’m wondering how will the Christmas party or any other occasion be. Joyous and entertaining.
        Wishing you and your family, too, a very Happy Easter. 😀

  3. What a lovely song and composition, Sammy! Nice to meet such a talented young man. Best wishes for much success in your future. The sky’s the limit for you. Reach high and don’t let anything stop you! Thank you, Annika, for sharing your son and his talent with us today. I enjoyed his music and look forward to hearing more. Hugs xx

    1. Janice, as you can guess, it was a joy to share his first song here and I so wanted to do an interview, but realised we were just too close!! So happy a friend could do this one instead. Oh, he’s nearly finished with his next composition and also releasing covers on his YouTube channel- not one to take a break, so lots more for you to listen to! 😀😀 Many thanks for your lovely comment and wishing you a wonderful Easter!

    1. 😀😀 Bless you, Pam for your wonderful comment! The creative energy in our house has been insane these past few months … your words about heart and soul is core to all creative work, be it music or writing- and you’re right, he composes, plays with passion and all his heart! Many thanks and wishing you a lovely Easter! ❤️

    1. You are right, Jo, I am so very proud of him but also overwhelming happy and I feel so lucky to be able to listen to his music everyday! Never fails to lift my spirits! 😀😀 The lyrics were the part he struggled most with but I also like them very much!

        1. What does your son play? Did he compose too? Do you get a chance him often? I hope so. Jo, I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for my son going off to university next year … we start visiting some in Spring! Yikes! I will his music (and him) dreadfully!

          1. Guitar, and yes, he does. 🙂 🙂 Very seldom these days, Annika. He has a new life with a new lady and her little boy, and seems very happy. That’s all I can ask.

  4. That was so fun, Annika! I’m amazed at Sammy’s voice, the lyrics, and that he did all the layers of music. The song is still playing as I write this. Creativity definitely runs in the family. Congrats to Sammy on his first official song. 😀 What an exciting time. ❤

    1. Thank you so much for your warm and supportive comment, Diana! ❤️ It’s been an intensely creative atmosphere in the house these last few months … wonderfully so … as I’ve been beavering away editing and writing and he’s been composing, playing non-stop! Hugely exciting times and who knows where it will lead … he’s taking it a step at a time, under no illusions but driven by his passion … those amazing moments when hard work seems anything but hard or like work! 😀

  5. Wow, congratulations, Sammy! This is a wonderful piece. I love the chords and the background harmonies. The lyrics are haunting, yet comforting. Annika, you’ve got such creative talent running in your family! A gifted writer and a talented musician under the same roof–have you ever thought about collaborating? Not that Sammy can’t write his own lyrics; he’s doing well. Maybe he can write music to go with some of your writing? 😀 Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Julie and I’m glad you appreciated all of the different aspects of the song and the effort that went into it! And we haven’t discussed a collab yet but we can see what might happen!

    2. Julie, thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed comment … it’s been fascinating to watch and listen to his creative process ..starting with the chords and melody, adding the harmonies and different instruments and sounds sith the production software (amazing piece of kit!) and finally the lyrics! I love them too … although he found that the toughest part, he took it calmly until they came to him! Oh, I’d never thought of a collaboration … now that is something to consider! 😀 Wishing you a great rest of the week, may the snow ease off. We’re off to Sweden tomorrow for a few weeks … I can’t wait and even if a bit colder it will be wonderful to be out amongst the trees, lakes…all that natural space, and peace! Xxxx

    1. Davy, oh yes, I’m incredibly proud and extremely happy for him … he’s worked so hard on this and music is his passion! The next one is almost ready ..apart from the lyrics! Just a minor detail! 😀 Wow … a comparison with Lou Reed is praise indeed!

  6. How wonderful, Annika, and I know how proud you must be to have such a talented son! I hope Sammy continues to pursue his passion. I used to sing and now love to write, but I’ve always admired those who can write music. Awesome! The lyrics also remind me of what my daughter experienced in high school, consoling friends who went through tough times. Deep and resonating to youth. Congrats, Sammy!
    ~Lauren 🎵🎶😊🎉

    1. Lauren, thank you so much for your wonderful comment! 😀 Of course, I am so proud of him as well as overjoyed for the music in his life, it is a central part of his very being, I feel! I honestly don’t think he will give up on it now, it is as you say, a passion, not work! At ten at night he’ll still be editing on the production software, composing. It’s fascinating to see him work, his intensity, listening over and over to the same few bars, making small adjustments! The lyrics are heartfelt and personal which I think resonates with so many young people and their experience … from your close relationship with your daughter you no doubt know well of this heartache. Oh, I am so impressed with singers … have you been tempted to take it up again? It must be an amazing feeling! 😀🌺❤️

      1. The lyrics were moving, but writing his own music is impressive, Annika. As to singing, I have sung off and on over the years, but it’s not a passion anymore and my voice has changed. Right now, my focus is writing and learning the guitar (not easy). 🙂 Hugs, my friend…

  7. hilarymb

    Hi Annika and Sammy – what an amazing accomplishment … and I’m so glad you’re taking advantage of your talent and obviously your passion. Your voice is unique and I’m sure will lead you with your skills to new heights … mind you the experiences you’ve already had must be proving so helpful … congratulations and here’s to lots of success – cheers Hilary

  8. Wow! Sammy, this is just awesome! I totally love your song and hit the replay button right after I heard it the first time. 😀 The piano is wonderful (some of my favorite bands use it as well and those are the parts that draw me in the most, like Muse for instance) and the lyrics echo right through me. I can already see that great things are going to happen to you – just keep making music!!

    1. Thanks very much for listening and I’m really glad you enjoyed the song! I’m really happy you liked the piano too as that was definitely the part of the song I put the most effort into!

            1. Sarah, the creative energy in our house the past few months has been intense with me scribbling/editing away and Sammy playing, composing, singing – an amazing atmosphere! It’s interesting, as with so many musicians, Sammy is otherwise not so much into the arts, rather excels at maths, physics and computer science! Today I’m busy preparing for my flight to Sweden early tomorrow morning … so looking forward to a few weeks in the peace of the forest and countryside! Wishing you a creative and wonderful rest of the week and weekend! love & hugs xxx

              1. I´m not at all surprised to hear that, Annika. Also that Sammy excels at maths and the like – music and numeric sciences are so alike, who´s good in the one has to feel a certain attraction to the other as well they say. Though for me it was never like that – I was a completely hopeless case when it came to maths! 😀 Except in geometry 😉 Oh, and funnily enough, I was quite good at physics and even considered studying it for a time!
                Safe travels and happy holidays! Love and Hugs! xxxxx

    1. Jacqui, the Voice would be quite something!! It must be nerve-wrecking though … for now he’s intent and passionate playing, composing alongside school work and social life!! Thank you so much for your wonderful positive comment! xxx

  9. What a fabulous post! Sammy, I really enjoyed your baritone voice and adept piano playing. I can tell you are inspired. Don’t ever let anything or anyone come between you and your muse. Annika, you must be sooooo proud. Thanks so much to you and Sammy and your friend for sharing this beauty with us. Hugs all around ❤

    1. Tina, thank you so much for your warm comment … I feel blessed listening to his music every day and it brings such joy to my heart!! It’s been a pleasure and honour to share his first song here. hugs xxxx

    1. Bette, as you can imagine I’m so proud and happy to share his music here – it is a huge part of my life and brings such joy to me … lovely others can listen to it as well! hugs xxx

    1. Jan, it is such an exciting time – we have always been blessed to hear his piano playing – music composition and production is a wonderful new addition. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, my friend! 😀

    1. Jennifer, it is a treat to listen to his music at home – either as a little concert after a meal or whilst in the kitchen! I’m in awe of his piano playing and now compositions and production – oh yes, so happy and proud of him!! 😀

      1. Yay!!! Sammy’s got something there! Also, the Rock Musical is NOT a worn out genre. I can think of Tommy, by the WHO – Rocky Horror, music by Richard O’Brien – Hair, music by Galt MacDermot – Jesus Christ Super Star,Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Grease by Jim Jacobs – and Hairspray, music by Marc Shaiman. I don’t agree with other musicals claiming to be “rock musicals”.

        1. Wow!! Resa, what a resume!! I’ve just been looking through your husband’s credits and am in awe – that is terrific!! I say you speak from a lot of experience – thank you for linking to his website, it’s been interesting!

  10. I can only imagine the pride you have in your son, Annika. Music is a talent I do not have, but do enjoy listening.
    Stay the path, Sammy, keep it up, and may you reach all of your musical goals and dreams.

  11. So wonderful to have a musician in the family! Encourage, Encourage, Encourage. My husband had a chance when he was very young to join a band but his dad stopped him. He always regrets this. To this day he plays his guitars and loves music. Recently he got to play on a stage with a band! He was ace. So, Sammy follow your dreams! This is such a fantastic music debut. Well done.

    1. Thanks for your comment and its great that he finally has had the chance to play in a band and I wish him the best of luck with it! I’m really glad you enjoyed the song too!

    2. Bless you, Marje for your wonderful encouraging comment!! 😀 Without it as young (and often with a bit of nagging when much younger!) it is difficult to develop as a musician to a high level – I feel for your husband not able to join a band as young but so happy he got to play recently. I bet there is no stopping him now! Congratulations to him!

        1. Marje, he’s definitely interested in this!! 😀 You can contact him via DM on twitter in the first instance and take it from there! Now, I’m intrigued about that musical element…

          1. If you’d like to see what I mean I have one ARC paperback copy I can send in exchange for a review? That way perhaps Sammy can read it too and see the lyrics to the two songs in It? My husband might want to get involved too – he’s a guitarist. Not sure considering what to do….

            1. Marje, I’ve meant to buy your book for ages and finally got round to it !! I look forward to reading and reviewing it on Amazon soon … just a few book reviews I’ve promised for NetGalley and I’m behind some others for WP. Sammy can have a look and at the songs too … see which direction you decide to take on the songs though. With your husband a musician and in a band it may be easier for him and the group to work on something? I’m flying to Sweden tomorrow for a few weeks – so wish you a wonderful and special Easter. Will you have an opportunity to visit your eldest? Love & hugs xxxx😀❤️🌸🌻📖✒️

              1. My husband isn’t in a band though he’d like to be! He had an opportunity to perform with one on stage and no one realised he wasn’t one of the regular band members. He might write an original song for me but let Sammy take a look and see what he’d like to do. Happy either way. Thanks for buying a copy, hope you enjoy! I must get round to reading your book too! Xxx

    1. Brigid, I feel so blessed to hear his music everyday … obviously the pieces he’s recording but so much more besides – at times I feel I’m in a concert hall!! So proud and happy!😀 Thank you so much for your kind words!

  12. Oh, Annika, how proud you must be! Talent clearly runs in your family. 🙂

    Sammy, this is a beautiful song with an intriguing melody and lyrics that make the listener pause and reflect. I especially love the piano chords at the end. My grandfather was an accomplished musician but I never inherited a drop of that talent despite fiddling with a few instruments. It all went to my brother, LOL.

    You clearly have a gift. Wishing you the best!

    1. Oh yes, I’m a very proud mother hen!! 😀 And it’s wonderful that he is so creative too – his commitment to this is astonishing! Lovely to learn about your musician grandfather – and that your brother now plays. What exactly, I’m wondering? Is he part of a performing band or recording? I dabble with the piano but nothing more … my brain doesn’t like the idea of splitting into two!

      1. Annika, my brother is a drummer. He’s been in bands since he was 17. He’s done some studio work and session work, and plays in a group on a regular basis. My grandfather played multiple instruments– a variety of stringed, woodwind and brass, but I think the banjo was his favorite 🙂

  13. Wow! Annika you must be so proud of your own musician! When our children follow their passion and soar, we look up with tears in our eyes and wonder…how far will they go…wishing all the time excellence for them. I can understand this emotion so well!

    Thanks for introducing Sammy to us, his initial notes are soft and the melody grows slowly though the voice needs more confidence, which I am sure is building up! Wishing Sammy all the best in this journey. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for listening to the song and I agree that my voice definitely does need more confidence but I am working on that for my next song!! And thanks for your comment!!

    2. Balroop, I admit there are many times I’ve had tears in my eyes as I’ve listened to his playing – music is his passion and this is only the start! When playing, recording, producing, he doesn’t notice the hours pass and never sees it as work – great dedication and love for the craft. I’m so proud and feel great joy for him and ultimately wish him happiness in his life!

    1. Staci, oh yes, so very proud and chuffed to bits at his first release. It’s a joy to be part of and listen to his musical journey. Thank you for your kind comment and best wishes.

  14. Sammy, this is a wonderful accomplishment. To enter the world of the arts, as your mother I am sure can tell you, is arduous work but tremendously rewarding. I hope you keep composing your music and keep us all up to date with your accomplishments.

  15. Anonymous

    Great song both musically and lyrically. You must be very proud of him and please pass on my congratulations. It’s already on my Google play list now. Are you sure he is only 17? He will go far I’m sure.
    Well done Sammy!

    1. Mike, oh yes, I am incredibly proud and so happy for him … it is precious to have such a passion in life. He was 16 when he started to compose the song and yes, only 17! Seems so much older, then so much younger at times! Many thanks for your lovely comment. 😀🌺

    1. Jena, as you can imagine, it was a huge honour to feature Sammy here today and it’s been wonderful and touching to see and share in his musical journey.Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

  16. Thank you Annika for introducing Sammy to us. He is on his own merits worthy of a place on post.
    Sammy, I do love your song ” My Friend “. Your gentle introductory melody and lyric, the orchestration that keeps building up. 4.05 in the morning friend is one true friend. Your lyrics are poetic and I guess many song writer are poets too.

    Your song and music give such strength to the total despair of your friend. Then comes the beautiful and comforting chorus.
    Your music already carries such surety of rhythm and instrumentation. Bravo! 🎶

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