What is it about snow? Just as it has the power to cause chaos, this quality brings along unexpected peace and harmony. Waking to the promised sub-zero temperatures, the snow view from the bedroom window was stunning.

Heavy clouds shimmered in their purple hues, ladened with more snow. Through them pierced the morning sun, a thin spotlight of warmth, a glimmering sign of a new day. Ethereal colours danced all around.


Outside the birds flocked thankfully to the full feeder, and with quiet gratitude I watched their morning repast whilst contentedly eating my own. A breakfast usually rushed for work and school took on a life of its own and was one that just did not want to end. Ninety minutes later my soul was satiated from the busy flutterings, my stomach was full with berries, yogurt, granola. The outside beckoned!


With perfect timing the sun appeared as I strode around the nature reserve. Total and absolute silence, apart from the satisfying crunch of snow with every step. The crushed implosion seeming to reverberate across the landscape. Otherwise not a sound. No birdsong. No a single car engine noise. Just a few solitary walkers, some children on their sledges and snow scooters.


Gently winding its way round the wood, I follow the path from memory, gazing across to the small lakes. Their frozen surface is not one I’d trust to walk out on, however tempting!


Ahead, a welcoming bench is covered in white and the usual seat for contemplation is reluctantly passed by … until another warmer day!


The church stands out gloriously in its winter setting, a perfect Dickensian feel and it’s timeless nature makes me stop in awe. A church on this site since Norman times, the additions are clearly visible. Recalling the stained glass windows from Ely I’ve always wondered what happened to the ones here. Later I learn they broke and were never replaced with such wonders, alas!


As I turned to home, the walk suddenly became a trek across the arctic tundra, a howling bitter wind fought a battle across the landscape. With my head bowed and fingers riddled with frost bite (or so I imagine) I slip-slide my way through the soft depths of snow, gazing at the ripples of white powder, perfect peaks across the fields. I trudge on wearily, relentlessly, the thought of a welcoming hot chocolate whinching me home.


    1. Thank you so much!! 😀🌺 Sometimes the best travel is from the comfort of one’s home! It was a stunning transformation… a metamorphosis describes it perfectly! Alas, it never stays long here, this morning welcoming warm sunshine!

  1. We are having a day like that today! School was canceled and the library closed – it was my day off anyway though! 😉 So pretty looking out, even thought it’s a bit wet and sloppy! I’ll be looking forward to spring soon, however. Happy snowday!

    1. The wet and slushy side of snow is not so much fun! We only had this pristine snow day for the one day and it quickly disappeared. This morning woke to warm sunshine, it’s rejuvenating to see it ..Spring can’t be far behind! Hope you had a lovely day with the snow and that you can get into work soon. Wishing you a lovely rest of the week! 😀🌺

  2. Love this, Annika! It was almost like you’ve been here in MN for the past couple days, during which we had a blizzard. It’s always nice to look out over the snow-covered landscape *after* it’s done snowing. Not too bad during the storm, as long as one doesn’t have to travel anywhere. And that first view, the first experience of the world after a snowstorm always has that hushed quiet to it. Love that part! The shoveling? Not so much 🙂 Enjoy your snow while it lasts 😀

    1. Julie, luckily we didn’t get blizzard conditions where I live, but a lot of snow for us! Oh yes, that hushed quiet is astonishing, so rare in our societies and something to treasure! The days after when one has to get out and about are a bit tricky but for the three days it lasted we just relaxed and went with the flow – and read books!! As for the shovelling, hubby had to work from home so I suggested ( ever so sweetly) that he clear the drive … I did make him a nice hot cuppa and lunch afterwards! All melted and 11 degrees centigrade yesterday so wonderfully Spring-like and warm! 😀

  3. I love this celebration of snow and I also love snow – the magic, beauty, and peacefulness of it. I’ll always be excited by the thought of a Snow Day. I’m glad you enjoyed your snowy walk and thank you for bringing us along!

    1. Sheila, there seems to be two distinct camp – those who love snow and those we detest it! Its ability to transform our surroundings never fail to amaze me and I wanted to celebrate that and the resulting peace …it was a joy to share my walk here! As days like this are so rare it will be a long while before I can post anything similar! Hope you’re having a good week! 😀

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