Sometimes we don’t need to travel far to journey a long way.

With a publication agreed weeks ago it was with a song in my heart and a dance in my step that I prepared for this major event in my life.

My first book was due out in the world!!

A wonderful celebratory party away was planned…local to us all but a special place to be spoilt and dine in style!

As the date for publication drew closer, delay followed delay and to my shame, lowered my spirits. Worst of all was the lack of communication from the producer and broken promises. In my naive trust, I waited and believed. Until now. At last, our cooperation had to be terminated.

As for the celebratory weekend – I was all set to cancel. My family refused to accept this, insisting that after all the book is ready; apart from the elusive cover! (And final proofread before publication!)

So we set out to celebrate life and what has been achieved – I hope you’ll join me in reliving the wonderful weekend.


It’s not easy to get anywhere high up in Essex…it’s a pretty flat county but Wivenhoe Park is situated on top of a hill and it is here that Wivenhoe House was built. Wivenhoe House’s fascinating history stretches back to 1759 when Isaac Rebow asked Thomas Reynolds to build the mansion house, which is now Grade II listed.

Stepping out of the car we admired the same landscape painted by the English Romantic artist John Constable in 1816.


The building escaped mostly unscathed apart from a few broken chimney pots following the country’s worst earthquake in 1884, was requisitioned by troops during WWII before becoming the original home to Essex University in 1964. It is now a hotel.


The university campus is close by in the park, the tall 1960s tower blocks iconic and for the first time ever I wander amongst them, past a delightful library full (!) of students, past a modern theatre, into the main campus site.


Lakes and fountains adorned the area; ducks and coots pecking amiably on the cold ground. A stunning sunset greeted us and we paused to let the peace and beauty sink in – not too long though as the bitter chill bit through our coats.


Heading round we realised how hungry we were on seeing this unusual cafe…a Routemaster double-decker bus cafe – closed alas but probably just as well as dinner was soon.

The hotel was impeccable with friendly staff who were eager to help. The bedrooms were superb.


The balcony overlooking the park was a bonus – even if it was too cold to use the welcoming table and chairs.


The brassiere dining room was delightful and we were welcomed by the sommelier who recommended his original cocktails. How could we refuse! By the end of the evening, my spirits rose even further when presented with the ‘Congratulations’ platter.


The next morning we just had time for another walk around the grounds; this time to hunt out the two famous cork oak saplings which had been smuggled into the country in the boots of General Redbow following the Peninsular War. What had they witnessed in their two hundred year existence, I wondered?

These impressive trees were both enthralling and majestic; languidly they grew along the ground as well as upwards, their trunks dramatically pock-marked and small leaves reaching in bunches for the sky.


Gazing at the trees I felt a certain sense of calm for the first time in weeks…their strength and timeless aura transcended my worries and concerns. During this trip, I once again became re-aligned, my inner journey to renewed energy and belief reignited during our short sojourn.

Finally, my deepest apologies to you all…your warm, generous and enthusiastic support for the publication of my short story collection has been overwhelming and it has been hardest to let you down. I hope you will bear with me and kindly ask for your patience until the launch of my book.

Supermoon photo taken through the trees in the evening.

‘Painting is but another word for feeling.’ John Constable.

I would just substitute the word painting with writing in this case!

Photo ©Annika Perry, except the Constable painting of course!!

*There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip is a very old proverb, similar in meaning to “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. It implies that even when a good outcome or conclusion seems certain, things can still go wrong. (Wikipedia)

137 thoughts on “‘TWIXT THE CUP AND THE LIP *

  1. How wonderful to have the support of your family, Annika. You turned a negative into a positive, and – although it may be little consolation – this will work for you in the long run. Maybe you skirted something disastrous. Maybe there’s a lesson to learn that seemingly has nothing to do with publishing a book – a life lesson. Hopefully your weekend away gave you greater perspective and rejuvenated your spirit. And maybe a hug will help? ❤️

    1. Tina, a hug is definitely a BIG help!! ❤️ Thank you so much, for that and for your touching comment. Stepping back, I see you are right…this is more than just about my book, a life lesson to be learned. It is a huge consolation to know that you believe it will all work out – I feel so too; just didn’t for a while! Sometimes it’s hard to stop on the road, get off and pause. Extraordinary things can happen! hugs, my friend. xx

  2. I am reminded of the saying “when the world hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Your weekend away to celebrate life and living was your way of making lemonade. I am proud of you and your achievements thus far. I am also confident that your book will happen one day. Who knows? It might be sooner than you think. The cork tree inspires poetry with it’s winding trunk. I don’t recall ever seeing one. When you feel like writing again, do it for yourself and for pure enjoyment and satisfaction and don’t worry about the rest of the world. We will still be here to read your blog entries and comment. I did not make the UK chorale this summer but Baltimore, MD which was my second choice. I am confident our paths will cross someday, Annika. Happy Advent season to you and yours and have a wonderful weekend. ^__^

    1. Mary Ann, I love this saying as it sums up situations like this perfectly!! It would have been easy to stay low, everyone affected but instead we had a lovely weekend away, walks, superb dinner. Oh, the tree was amazing and I don’t think I’ve seen one before either. The leaves reminded me a bit of the olive trees in Greece. I do hope you write some poetry inspired by the trunk – do let me know!

      Thank you for also encouraging me with my writing…you read my mind! At the moment I long to write again…for joy and satisfaction. I have a project in mind inspired by my writing group and a book mentioned by a blogger on WP but just haven’t had time to start … yet!

      A huge CONGRATULATIONS on your success with the Baltimore summer group and have a fabulous time…and yes, who knows, I hope our paths do cross one day! Wishing you a very Happy 2nd Advent and time for you to light both candles today. xx😀❤️

      1. Your lovely comment warms my heart on a cold morning with a dusting of snow. Just keep making lemonade. Getting ready now for the concert this afternoon and then rest a couple days before 5 intense days of singing and concerts. I am now on the other side of the audience. Interesting feeling. A very happy 2nd Advent to you as well. Keep writing and making lemonade in life. It will keep you sane. ^__^

  3. Hi Annika, Loved these pictures of the wonderful celebratory sojourn, which must have lifted your spirits. As for the publication of your book, I agree that there is a slip between the cup and the lip as the lip knows it would get burnt…it is better to be careful! Publishers who dither and delay are better kept at an arm’s length. As they say…all happens for the good and something better is waiting. My love and support for you would always be following you dear friend. Stay blessed and keep inspiring. 🙂

    1. Dearest Balroop, it’s wonderful to hear from you and read your wise and steadying comment. Thank you so much for your love and support…it means so much to me, helps keep my spirits flying. The celebratory sojourn (I love this word!) was just perfect and rejuvenated my energy and spirits. You are right…all happens for the good, it’s just at the time it never feels like that! Life has a most amazing and unexpected way of surprising us; showing us the universal (almost) love, care and kindness. hugs to you, my friend. ❤️

  4. It is so true that writers are at the mercy of such a fickle business. It is okay, Annika, and probably best that you don’t end up with that particular publisher. I say your family has it absolutely correct, you have a book, it is done and a great time for celebration! You will figure out a best course to follow either with another publisher or as an Indie. The getaway looked like a fun visit and the photos are wonderful! Best wishes to you, Annika. xoxo

    1. I don’t know what I would do without my family, Lana!! 😀 I am so lucky to have them around, to keep me sane when I was anything but and the wisest and best decision was to go ahead with the trip – magical and lots of fun! Things have a strange way of sorting themselves out for the best…I just forget that at times! love & hugs xx

  5. Aw man! My great-grandmother used to use this phrase and it’s become quite a passed-down proverb in our family.

    I do hope you enjoyed your congratulatory stay away, as it’s well deserved no matter when your book is published…still looking forward.

    1. Kathy, that’s interesting as I always thought it was a typical English saying – I bet this brought back memories for you. So glad you’re still looking forward to the book. I think you proofread and published your book by yourself if I’m right? That is a huge undertaking and I am impressed. Oh yes, the celebratory weekend was wonderful and in the end, I was convinced there was a good reason to celebrate! A book…which just doesn’t happen to be out for the moment!😀❤️

  6. sorry to learn that your book has been delayed but it sounds like you still had a wonderful time away. ..I believe there is always a silver lining to everything and you found it there. …good luck and have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. How true, Gill..sometimes it’s hard to see the silver-lining in the midst of problems but this one was obvious and such a wonderful relaxing break, giving me a chance to return with renewed energy!😀

  7. So sorry things fell apart at the last minute. Personally, I think you’re much better off with the freedom of self-publishing because that gives you room to be nimble on your pricing, but others will disagree.

    For covers, I use and recommend Deranged Doctor Design. Yes, I paint my own cover images, but I wanted the font and layout professionally done. If you Google them, you’ll find lots of samples on their website. There are other good folks out there, so disregard this if you’ve already picked someone else. 🙂

    1. Cathleen, many thanks for your lovely comment of concern, support and advice. I like the idea (and your phrase) of being ‘nimble on pricing’ and that is a huge plus side of self-publishing. Wow! I am so impressed with your covers and your paintings – that is fantastic but also a great idea to have your font and layout professionally done.

  8. Annika, thank you for this delicious peek inside your celebration and your world. The photos are fantastic!
    And don’t you worry too much about the delay. This hiccup will only make the publication of your book all the sweeter. ❤

    1. Jennifer, so glad you enjoyed this peek…it was hard choosing just a few photos to share as I had many lovely photos – I went click-happy around the trees!😀 Ahh…I like the sound of that…a hiccup, gives far less power to the turn of events! Oh, it will be so sweet, amazing to actually have my dream realised! hugs my friend. xx❤️

  9. Hi Annika, I am so sorry about the disappointment you have experienced. I would feel the same as you. I hope that things go more smoothly going forward. Publishing is, indeed, a very taxing part of the process.

  10. Oh man, what a lousy turn of events! I’m sorry things didn’t work out for your book release, but maybe it’s better for you in the long run, if the publisher wasn’t doing its part. I’ll still wait patiently for my copy 🙂 And keeping the celebration as scheduled seems like it was a good idea; you got a bit of a break, and sometimes stepping back is just what’s needed to recharge. Love the pictures! And spending time with nature always seems to help with whatever stresses rear their ugly heads. Keep moving forward, Annika! You’ll get there 🙂

    1. Julie, bless you for your warm and kind message – it is so calm and reassuring, I feel soothed just reading your words.❤️ Nature has always been healing and the walk around the park, even in the dusk was memorable with a delicious eerie aura. What surprised me was the silence, considering it was a university campus!! The students were so … studious! The break gave a lovely chance to unwind, connect and enjoy, coming home recharged! Thank you so much for being patient…that means a lot to me! 😀

  11. Hi – don’t you draw worry about the delay – it is very natural and happens all the time (just for different reasons) but I can see how it feels like a downer – so patience, my dear author annika…

    1. Patience is not usually my strong side, Yvette!! 😀😃 But I’m learning quickly and these things often work out for the best, I know. Thank you for saying not to worry…it does help with such reassurance as I felt terrible about letting everyone down. hugs xx

      1. hugs back….
        and be back later to catch up some more here –
        thanks again for your awesome comment on my recent poem. Feel like I owe ya something for that – so good

  12. Dear Annika, I’m sorry about your setback, but so happy you heeded the advice of your family and went on your celebratory get-away. It looks like you had a lovely time and the scenery is breathtaking. That Congratulations platter is very sweet, too! 🙂 Everything will fall into place, my dear friend, so breathe and enjoy the exciting anticipation. Sending much love! ❤❤❤

    1. Lauren, you have no idea how much I need that reminder to breathe!! 😃 I’m beginning to enjoy the excitement of having written a book and the sense of anticipation too that a book written by me will be out there! Oh, the scenery was magical; we took an evenings walk and with a slight mist, it was wonderfully mysterious and atmospheric.The platter was a sweet touch – I think I was meant to have a dessert on there but in the end, I opted for straightforward icecream! Yeah, I’m so glad my family insisted on continuing with the weekend – it would have been so sad to miss out on al this and being together. Thank you so much for your caring and considered comment, Lauren. hugs & love to you, my friend xx❤️

  13. Oh Annika. I’m so sorry for your unfortunate experience with publication. I’ve run into that before once when I hired ‘the wrong person’.
    I’m glad you still had a lovely getaway and celebration. The photos are breathtaking. You needed a break!
    May I suggest contacting Sally Cronin. Her husband’s publishing company does all services for Indies and besides the reasonable rates, his work is efficient, dependable and impeccable. ❤

    1. Debby, even if I’m sad for you that you hired the ‘wrong person’, it does make me feel a bit better that it’s not just me! The break away was heavenly, a real tonic and I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos. I got rather carried away with my camera but that is the joy of the digital ones – it’s just hard to choose a few favourites from so many. Many thanks for the recommendation – I have bought your book and it looks beautiful and I’m so happy that you had such a positive publishing experience. Wishing you a great weekend. xx❤️

  14. beautiful post… excellent photographs!. Seems you had an amazing celebratory time… That ‘Congratulations’ platter speaks out— You totally deserve. Best of luck with what comes next dear Annika . LOve & best wishes 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Aqui – we had a most brilliant time and the ‘Congratulations’ platter was a lovely surprise! 😃 Thank you for your wonderful comment and fantastic support…that means a lot! warmest wishes to you too. xx

  15. Oh I am so pleased I stuck in my reader to keep going down and down and come across this beautiful post Annika.. Your celebration day was indeed a beautiful one.. And no matter if you are still awaiting the cover Your book is completed.. And Well deserved to be celebrated in such a magnificent way.. 🙂 Wonderful xxx ❤

    1. Sue, you’re right!! 😃 This is what my family kept telling me – and I’m so happy we went ahead with the celebration weekend – a wonderful way to mark the special occasion! Yeah, also so glad you popped by and commented; you always cheer me up and inspire me! hugs xx❤️

  16. How beautiful that your family insisted that the celebration go on!! That kind of support isn’t easy to find. Consider yourself blessed and best of luck with this new release!

    1. Jan, I know, I’m so lucky with my incredibly supportive and loving family – it was exactly the right decision to go! We all came home relaxed, happy and enjoyed a wonderful celebration party.

      1. I am glad that we connected. Your ability to articulate empathy and compassion comes through in everything you write. Wherever your path leads, I know that your contribution to creating life-affirming dialogues will be extraordinary.

        1. Wow!😀 Rebecca, you bring tears to my eyes…at times I’ve wondered what the heck I’m doing…reading your comment today gives me such a boost. I am beginning to believe in my writing and will just have to see what is the ultimate path(s). hugs xx❤️

    1. Andrea, bless you for your lovely comment and yes, my spirits did lift over the weekend and are carrying me forward with my book! Oh, I love the thought of having my book in my hand…😀 That’s the moment it will all be real!

    1. Marje, I have decided the key to publishing is support – I would have crashed otherwise! My family, friends and all the wonderful friends here on WP…I keep coming back to the comments here and can’t help but smile and feel my spirits lift. Many thanks for your best wishes xx

  17. All but the elusive cover is waiting ~ the book is ready for publishing otherwise, by the sounds of it! With such an exciting time around you, dear Annika, I’m so glad that you kept the original plans to go away for the weekend! It looks like it was a lovely time indeed ❤

    1. Christy, it was a beautiful place, great hotel, superb restaurant – wonderful to celebrate with the whole family! In the end, you have to live, and take a setback and even laugh at the non-book book launch party!😀 Many thanks for your lovely comment and support! ❤️

  18. Annika, I have confidence that your book will be a great success even with the setbacks. Your celebration sounded like great fun and is just a preamble to the bigger celebration when you will enjoy a personal realization of success that only you can savor… jc

  19. Khaya Ronkainen

    Oh dear, Annika! Your family and friends are sure proud of your achievement. Give yourself a pat on the back, and take joy in having written and finished your book. We, your readers will wait and celebrate once again, when we finally hold your book in our hands.
    Much love…❤️✍🏾

    1. I’m patting away, Khaya – just can’t reach too far down my back! 😀 Thank you so much for your warm and kind comment…rereading the book the other day I did indeed take joy and pride. I’m worried one day I’ll approach it and go, yikes, what did I think I was doing sending this out into the world…luckily this hasn’t happened yet! 😀Yeah…more celebrations, that sounds perfect. hugs & love xx

  20. Behind the Story

    I’m glad your family refused to accept the celebration. It sounds like you had a lovely getaway. It’s a beautiful place. The tree is amazing, and I loved the painting. Looking forward to your next celebration.

    1. Nicki, the trees were amazing and I was seriously enthralled, kept wandering around them, taking photos from all angles. What a journey they’ve made, survived for so long, seen so much! Alas, the light was poor but this photo really shows their magnitude and wonderful growth. I couldn’t believe the painting…we can pinpoint where he stood and painted it. I think this one is in Washington DC. His paintings are glorious to view in real life and this corner of the world was blessed with Constable, Turner and Gainsborough!

      I’m so lucky with such a fantastic and supportive family; they’ve been so understanding and I’m over the moon they insisted we go ahead with this trip.

      Haha! I like the sound of the next celebration…😃❤️

  21. I’m so glad you had you fabulous celebratory weekend. Things happen, and often for a reason. I hope that your book finds publication and success. Never give up. Your readers are here!

    1. Jennie, thank you so much for your inspiring comment…I love the last sentence!! 😃Great to know…one starts to doubt everyone’s patience! I am so happy my family insisted on going – it was the right thing to do and I also feel these things happen for a reason and all will sort (though there were many days I’ve totally despaired). xx

      1. You are welcome, Annika. Why does self doubt always creep in? Honestly, we know better than to let that happen. Sigh! J.K. Rowling’s story is the one that always keeps me going. Best to you!

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Adrienne… I’ve tried to be calm and see things in their perspective…and in the end things have a way of sorting themselves out! I belive so anyways!! 😀😀 So so happy my post could help to inspire you. Xx

  22. Annika, sounds like you are an expert at making lemonade out of lemons and finding the silver lining in disappointments. Your pictures were truly enjoyable – a pick-me-up for me in this dreary rainy day here. Your short stories are just waiting for a better home.<3

    1. Carol, I love the sound of that; my stories waiting for a better home!! 😀 Beautifully put and so true… Yeah, I’m so happy the photos could bring some cheer to you … dreary rainy days are so disheartening; we have one today…so will have to look through my photos again! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. hugs xx ❤️

    1. So many have kindly and enthusiastically asked for an update I just wanted to share what was happening…my blog subtitle was Following my Journey to publication… wherever it takes me! Thank you so for your comment. 😀

  23. So sorry to hear your publishing plans didn’t go as hoped. I’m sure it is indeed disappointing. I know how much waiting is involved in the publishing process and how much uncertainty too. But it’s an amazing accomplishment to have gotten as far as you have. I’m sure your work will see the light of day soon, and in the meantime, it sounds like you have a wonderful support group. Your pictures are lovely too.

    1. Carrie, thank you so much for your lovely supportive comment…that’s what my family kept telling me – that it’s an accomplishment to get this far and it helps to have this reinforced by you and I’m sure you’re right that it will see the light of day soon. Thank you! 😃

      Yeah! Glad you liked the photos – as always I take so many and it’s tricky choosing which ones to use but I do love the excuse to browse through them.

  24. First, Annika, you haven’t let any of us down. The whole publishing business is whacky at best and insane at its worse. Second, good for your family. Writing is damn hard work and we need to celebrate each step of the way. Yay, I wrote a sentence today! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your treat and regained your perspective. –Curt

    1. Curt, just seeing your name makes me smile and I know you’ll get me to laugh!! 😃 Yep, whacky is the word but I know there are many hardworking publishers out there who take it very seriously with great professionalism…I just lucked out this time! Yeah! You wrote a sentence…but you realise you wrote many sentences in this comment alone! 😃 Here’s to perspective on life and writing!

      1. You are right, Annika. Publishers and agents are under incredible pressure to find the next best seller. It’s their bread and butter. And they are inundated by writers, many who are very good.
        My philosophy on writing is the same as my philosophy of life, one step at a time. Eventually you get somewhere. 🙂 Or not, I find the activity a reward in itself. What’s the old saying… it’s the journey that matters. –Curt

  25. Oh darn, Annika. What a disappointment… and one I’m very familiar with. I wasn’t sure from the post where things went off track, but they will recover. They always do, it just takes time. And we, your fans, will wait patiently, and the celebration will go on with much fanfare when the time comes! I’m so glad you took the trip to relax, celebrate, and emerge refreshed. The place sounds wonderful. ❤

    1. Diana, I love your comment that the celebration will gon on ‘with much fanfare when the time is right!’. 😃 I know you’re right and it was just hard to see this for a while. Continuing with the trip was perfect…a real tonic and chance for us all to celebrate, relax and be together. It was a great place…next time I want to go in summer so I can enjoy that lovely balcony, gazing across the park with a glass of wine, doing nothing…❤️

  26. Annika, as I read your post my heart sank along with yours–but then it soared with the beautiful journey you took. Sometimes doors close for a reason and it sounds like it was best this particular publishing door closed. The timing wasn’t right, but you still have stories to tell and many followers and friends who will be ready to gobble up your book when it launches.

    And what a fabulously supportive family you have! How wonderful to have them cheering you on!

    1. Mae,I am so lucky with such a wonderfully supportive family and they have worried about me quite a bit as the weeks passed. Their insistence on continuing with the weekend was the tonic I, and indeed we, all needed! You wisely point out that the time just wasn’t right; it was just accepting this that was hard. Haha! I love the comment about readers ready to ‘gobble up your book’ – just hope they read it first! Many thanks for your lovely supportive words. 😀❤️

  27. Oh Annika, I can only imagine your disappointment. I’m so glad you decided to take that journey anyway. What a lovely, rejuvenating place. Those photos are gorgeous. The Super Moon through the branches is haunting.

    Your short stories will make it out there soon. Blessings and warm wishes to you.

    1. Lori, I’m so glad you liked the photos…the Super Moon was a bonus and first I was frustrated with the trees in the way but decided to make that a feature. It worked with my 10th photo!! It is wonderfully haunting I found as well. It was just the perfect place, relaxing, rejuvenating, just being together with no outside pressures. Bliss! A healing tonic to my disappointment and stress. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and warm wishes. hugs xx😃❤️

  28. Darn publishers! It makes me angry, Annika–their control over us is too much. I remember when I found an agent, worked relentlessly with him, and then it just didn’t work out (too many reasons to go into). I expect that’s how you feel. You thought the path was set but it’s not. You will persevere, dear friend.

    1. Jacqui, I’m sorry that you had problems too and I totally understand when you say there are too many reasons to go into…sometimes it’s complicated and best just to move forward. You obviously found your way around and successfully launched your books. Yep, perseverance and I’m realising the road is never straight but trusting that the crooked one ends up the one I’m meant to be on! ❤️😃

  29. I love those words and how they are so clever! I had no idea what that meant!

    What a lovely celebration Annika! You should be so proud and have not let anyone down! We are here for you.

    The history you gave us was so interesting.

    1. Lynz, I’d heard the expression before but must admit my husband helped recall me recall it…it just seems to fit perfectly but reckoned the explanation was needed since I had to look it up myself! Ahh..thank you for your kind words and it was a fantastic party and a wonderful historical building and park – setting is so important!

  30. Oh Annika, I’m so sorry you had to deal with that disheartening unpleasantness. It’s so stressful! But you still achieved your accomplishment and deserve to be congratulated. The people who let you down — their shortcoming has nothing to do with what you accomplished. Keep writing. Hugs.

    1. Dearest Teagan, thank you so much for your uplifting comment…your positive words help a lot! We did celebrate what I had accomplished and managed to keep that in our minds – wonderfully so! 😀❤️

    1. Bless you, Bernadette, you always say just the right thing in a few words! ❤️ I’m standing tall…moving onwards with hope and resolve. Thank you so much for your comment and your patience…xx

  31. Annika, you could never let us down. Often in the publishing world, things are out of our control. You did the right thing by going forward with your party. You’ve worked so hard, don’t let this setback steal your joy! xo

    1. Ahh…Jill, thank you so much for saying so…honestly it was this feeling that was the toughest for me. In the end it was the only decision for me and I’m so happy we went to celebrate anyway…a joyful united occasion! Hugs to you, my friend. ❤️ Xx

  32. Dear Annika, there is no need to apologise I am sure – you must have been so disappointed! I am pleased you decided to continue with your celebratory party away; what a lovely place. I am still looking forward to reading your short stories whenever they arrive!

    1. Clare, thank you so much for your comforting words. It’s been a tough time and terribly disappointing but I am so happy we went ahead with the party … the location was beautiful and despite living quite close not somewhere I’d been before. Have you visited here? Yeah, so glad you’re looking forward to the book…that is so reassuring. 😀❤️

  33. I´m so glad you celbra<ted anyway! And in such a lovely spot too. A friend once said to me, "timing is everything". What will be, will be and when it is launched, it will feel doubly good!!

    1. Darlene, wise words from a wise friends – how true and I am sure everything will turn out for the best! I love the idea of the launch feeling doubly good!! I look forward to that! Many thanks for your kind reassuring comment. 😀❤️

  34. Annika, you certainly haven’t let us down but I’m sorry for your disappointment. Life often throws us curve balls but it’s such a shame when it’s something so eagerly anticipated. Still, everything happens for a reason so maybe this is all part of the grand plan, whatever that might be. 🙂 I’m so glad you were still able to enjoy a celebratory weekend with your family, you so deserve it. A lovely post my friend. Warmest wishes to you, wonderful days are ahead.🙂💖

    1. Miriam, warmest thanks to you for your heartfelt wonderful comment. ❤️ Your calm words are soothing and reassuring to read…life does indeed throw us curveballs and I tried to keep this one in perspective. At the time I tried to tell myself it was for a good reason, though I wasn’t great at listening to myself some days!! 😀

      Miriam, it was a superb weekend and very special to have the time away together, connecting without distractions and relaxing, being spoilt! My son loved it too (always important) and I have a lovely silhouette photo of him standing by the balcony doors, looking out, deep in contemplative thoughts…I joined him there for a while. Perfect shared silence. hugs to you, my friend. xx

  35. Annika, you really touched me with this one. I’m so sorry you were let down by the publisher. It’s a terrible blow to be prepared to welcome your book, long and lovingly worked on, only to have the process terminated. But I’m so glad for you that your family stood by you and celebrated anyway. It takes patience to write and courage to try to publish. You are entitled to your joy for all you’ve achieved. Your first sentence sums it up perfectly – you’ve come a very long way.

    1. Dearest Shari, thank you so much for your warm and heartfelt comment…such support means a lot to me. I can’t belive how lucky I am with such kindness and support both here on WP and from my family..and I’m over the moon we went away for the weekend. A time to recharge,refocus. At the end of the day the book is there…just needs to get out to the public! Here’s to journeys of all kinds! Hugs xx ❤️

  36. Dear Annika. It sounds like stepping back was the perfect thing to do. You can enjoy a bit of respite before the post publication busyness.
    I love those cork trees and the view of the full moon. Stunning.
    My book cover had to be reworked and my initial formatting had to be redone but it all worked out in the end…
    Hugs. 🌼🌼🌼

    1. Brigid, it takes courage sometimes to step back but you’re so right…it was absolutely the best thing to do and I felt so much better as a result. I’m glad you got your cover (it looks superb!) and formatting sorted; nobody said it would be a straight road!

      I became quite enthralled with these trees…stunningly unusual and I felt I was in the Mediterranean whilst viewing them, as for the moon its ethereal light never fails to reach my soul. Hugs xx

        1. Don’t tempt me!! 😃 I did consider escaping up to Cley (from my Enchanted Haven post) again…just getting in the car and driving away! Glad I didn’t but it’s a steep learning curve that’s for sure! hugs xx

  37. PeterR

    Hej Annika.
    I’m very pleased to see that, despite the setbacks, you were able to enjoy a lovely break in a beautiful setting. The pictures tell their own stories, and the cork trees are fascinating.

    Don’t let the problem with the other party get you down. It will all go well in the end, and it’s their loss. There are a couple of thousand supporters backing you here on your site, so you keep going, girl.

    We’re all looking forward to seeing your book in it’s rightful place, and I’m sure it will be very soon.

    1. The cork oak trees were amazing…mesmerising and I spent ages in the cold morning breeze staring at it, taking photos. I read the trunk is used for the centre of cricket bats which I thought was interesting…not wine bottles then!

      Yeah…the support here is terrific and such a lift. The book will be published at the right time with the right help…Many thanks for your comment, Peter. 😀

  38. Dear Annika … well I was only reading yesterday about all the let-downs authors get from publishers even after their work has been accepted. One writer had at least four let-downs at the last minute but kept going and is now a published author. It frightens me the amount of tenacity needed. And what a lovely place to rest in.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely message and I feel deeply reassured at knowing this is not unusual. Tenacity is most definitely the word! Oh, it was a wonderful place to have a relaxing break…most welcome! 😀

  39. Dear Annika, what a post you have given us in spite of what has been a deep personal sadness. Don’t worry about us, your friends and readers are here, waiting for your book and what will arise after the disappointment.

    Personally I have found that taking the step away from what feels wrong brings you renewed strength and solutions you might have been blind too. So personally I await great news in the New Year. You go and put that pretty smile back.

    As to the post, it is just so beautiful and poignant. Pictures that talk about celebration and nature, wise words and history, two trees that survived for a couple of hundred years in new surroundings. I am uplifted and sending you my warmest support.
    Cheers 🍸🎉
    Miriam 🦋❤️

    1. Miriam, thank you so much for your heartwarming poetic response…it’s not always easy to step back although often a wise move and definitely so in this case. It is comforting to know how supportive everyone here is and yes, I’m smiling again. Especially during this magical break in the beautiful location…nature is always healing and so interesting when linked to history! Cheers, Miriam…to new roads!🍷❤️

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