Monster – A Children’s Story

The successful author of several fantasy books, D. Wallace Peach takes a break and surprises us all with these wonderful illustrations to one of her children’s stories. With its sense of magic, humour and a lesson learned this brightened up my day in the midst of a week of darkness.

Myths of the Mirror

My writing break is busy with little projects, and new book ideas are happily simmering. The rain lingered through most of May, so I spent a couple weeks playing at other kinds of creativity. I thought I’d try to illustrate one of my children’s stories. Here are the first six pages. A  couple still need some work, but it’s a start. The verse is hard to see at this mini size, so I added it below.


In a dim and distant galaxy
Due east of dusty Mars
Spins a tiny greenish planet
Nestled in a spray of stars.

Its rivers teem with fishes
Its fields grow golden wheat
And fireflies light its lanterns
Along every nighttime street.

The sun smiles at its dawning
Rain only drips at night.
Even prickly woodland beasties
Hardly ever raise a fright.

“Life is grand in Alderdoof,”
The elders often say.
“Could a soul…

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50 thoughts on “Monster – A Children’s Story

  1. Diana is just amazing on so many fronts. Her talents are extraordinary. I write children’s books also, and I love her Monster book! I’ve been a longtime fan of her’s. Your beautiful country has been and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Peace, xo.

    1. Lana, I can’t agree more! Diana is a stalwart of blogging and a fantastic friend to many of us…I’ve learned so much from her over the past couple of years…I just need some of that energy and commitment!! 😀 This story and illustrations are just perfect for children’s book! I love the fact that Diana just decided to ‘potter’ with this during a break – so creative whilst ‘taking it easy’!😀😃

    1. Poetry in children’s books works never fails, I feel…and it’s so easy for both adults and children to enjoy. Jo, I’m so glad you liked the share and found poetry that you enjoyed! 😀

  2. Thanks for sharing and pointing me this blog, Annika. 🙂 She is indeed, a lady of so many talents! My thoughts and prayers for all in the UK and hope you are keeping well. Much love.

    1. Iris, I’m so happy that you have now found Diana’s blog and know you will find it fascinating and rewarding. Thank you for your prayers…the sense of shock is still palpable, the sorrow running deep.

  3. Khaya Ronkainen

    Thank you Annika for sharing this beautiful artwork. Diana is really brilliant and talented. Much love. 💛

    1. So true, Khaya and it is indeed art work – stunning on its own, but beautifully unique when coupled with the story. Diana has set the bar high as we now await her next talent to be revealed!!😀

  4. Annika thank you for sharing this postl with us. It is fabulous.
    The story written in form of poetry is great, the illustrations a wonder.
    What a great book this will make.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought, Shey! 😀😀 What a wonderfully creative break! Diana is a person of many hidden talents and so glad she shared these illustrations and story with us.

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