Welcome!Annika Perry

Writing has been a passion since childhood although it is only in the past year that I have seriously started to write fiction.

In Spring 2014 I won First Prize in the Writing Magazine Short Story Competition which was a joy. Furthermore,  I was short-listed for Inktears Short Story Competition in  2014.

The recognition of my writing ability outside of my family and friends was a huge boost to my self-confidence and as a result I started the mammoth undertaking of writing my first novel. I completed the manuscript early 2016 and am now in the process of editing the book before deciding which way to seek publication.

Outside of writing I am actively involved in proofreading new eBooks for Project Gutenberg and find this both rewarding and enjoyable. I enjoy a snapshot of so many various genres of books that I would never come across in my normal life.

Professionally I started working as a journalist after my BA Honours Degree in German Language and Literature at the University of Leeds.

After serious illness I changed career and got a position as Administration Manager for a busy timber import company.

Currently I am taking a break to raise my son and this has freed time to write more regularly. I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden and at the age of six we moved to the UK where we settled near Ilkley, West Yorkshire.  

Since then I have moved many times but now live with my husband and son in a small village in North Essex, UK.

My interests include books and I am an avid reader with a book or two constantly on the go. Life without books would seem unbearable.

I follow national and international current affairs with deep interest. I’m a keen gardener, much to the bemusement of my parents as I considered this life’s most boring chore as a youngster. Walking is a vital part of my life, as is Pilates. I follow the teachings of Alexander Technique.

“Live a while in these books, learn from them what seems to you worth learning, but above all love them. This love will be repaid you a thousand and a thousand times.”

Rainer Maria Rilke(December 4, 1875–December 29, 1926)

134 thoughts on “About

  1. Adrienne Morris says:

    I hope you’re well, Annika!
    I’m inviting a few of my favorite blogging friends to be featured in a series I’d like to do about family history in August. Your post could be a poem, a picture, a tie-in to one of your books or anything you come up with that in some way references family history—meaning anything that happened to some family before today—your family, a fictional family, or just your musings about the human family will be accepted. You could also just send me a previous post you’ve done that seems to fit the bill if you’re too busy to write something brand new. 
    I’d just like to show my gratitude for the ways in which all of you have enriched my life.
    If you’re interested just send me an email with your idea. I’d like to have submissions in by July 20th.

    email me if you’re interested in participating at : morris.adrienne21@gmail.com

    • Annika Perry says:

      Many thanks for your lovely comments and lovely to meet you too, Ipuna! 😀 Life events have impacted hugely on getting the book out as planned but with things easing at last I’m hopeful😀 and working away on a third edit…how many does one need to do, I’m wondering?!! Many thanks for your best wishes for my book, they are very much appreciated. ❤️

      • Ipuna Black says:

        I understand! I’m looking for a literary agent right now. I have had some on the “fence” of taking my book. I keep edit and query some more. I think, how many more edits? Ha ha. We are pushing forward, so that is what matters. Our words will be out there to hopefully help many.

  2. Sharon Bonin-Pratt says:

    Annika, I had a suspicion you British and decided to see if your About page confirmed this – and so you are. Though born in Sweden, as I should have guessed by your name – which I love, BTW. So much fun to get to know and become friends with folks around the world through their blogs. Seems I’m a world traveler though I rarely get out of Southern California, and haven’t been out of the States in decades.

    It’s interesting that you mention reading and reviewing books as being a passion as much as writing them. I tend to forget mentioning this even though it was reading great books that convinced me I had to write.

    I wish you every wonderful adventure on your journey to publication of your first novel.

    • Annika Perry says:

      Haha…I’m just trying to confuse everyone! 😀 I feel both British and Swedish which I used to struggle with but have now decided to embrace the best of both worlds! Having grown up in the UK and lived here since childhood I’m not surprised you thought I’m British…but yes, the name is a bit of a giveaway! As America is so large you don’t need to travel beyond its borders to experience many different cultures, history, nature…although it’s always fun to travel abroad. I would love to go to California one day but it is so far on a plane…I was over the moon I managed to get myself to Florida last year!

      Sharon, oh, you must mention reading and reviewing books as well – from your blog I can tell they are an integral part of your being and help to develop and inspire your writing!!

      Wishing you likewise much joy and success as you get ready to launch your book(s?) to publication, Sharon. It’s a helluva journey! 😀❤️

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