Do you have a spare thirty hours? Furthermore, do you have about thirty manual typewriters laying around the house?

Probably not!

One architectural student however has both of these and is creating a most astonishing new form of art – one that is reaching across the globe.

Known as the typewriter artist, James Cook (aged 25) from Braintree, Essex uses obsolete manual typewriters to ‘paint’ / tap out stunning landscapes, portraits as well as animated drawings.

James Cook. Photo on Google

There is just a moot point – they are mostly black with a dabble of red (the two colours of typewriter ribbons!) James uses the restrictions of colour to a wondrous effect, capturing St. Paul, Westminster, New York, and Florence amongst many of the world’s famous sights! The largest of these used over 500,000 characters and the least amount of time on the smallest commissions is at least thirty hours.

One weekend in July I had the pleasure of attending an exhibition of his work at a gallery in Finchingfield which is a picturesque quintessential English village with plenty of thatched houses, duck pond, pubs and cafes galore as well as a windmill.

Finchingfield Village sign. Photo by Annika Perry

It was amazing to see the drawings in real life at The Wonky Wheel Gallery. There was a wide range of them on display and it was fascinating to learn that like traditional artists James Cook actually takes his tools of the trade out on location – in this case, a typewriter or two – and sits on a chair tapping away. He will also ensure to make pencil sketches for reference later.

The Wonky Wheel Gallery & part of the James Cook exhibition. Photo by Annika Perry

However, unlike oil and water colour artists, there is little scope for error as there are no second chances and he is loath to use Tippex (white out / correction fluid). ‘Accepting mistakes has been the toughest challenge.’

To date, James has created nearly 200 drawings, and last year became a full-time artist! The now 40 typewriters used range from a 1920s Continental Portable, to a Tippa and Rimington Envoy III to later manual typewriters from the 1990s.

There was one fellow typewriter collector James longed to make contact with – Tom Hanks. The latter was impressed enough with the portrait of himself which James sent him to return it signed. This had pride of place in the exhibition and it is startling how the artist has captured the character and nature of the actor.

Currently, typewriters are to be found in every room in James’s house, and some in his car, although only a few are fully working at any time. Luckily a local company helps to supply the all-important ribbon and he is also sourcing them from the USA.

Throughout his work, his passion for buildings shines and being a student in the field is a crucial component in his success.

The Dom Tower, Utrecht, Netherlands typewriter art by James Cook. Photo on Google

Commissions are at the heart of his work as an artist and over the last seven years, James has become internationally recognised for his work. He has accepted orders from numerous countries including South America, Australia, France, Germany and the USA.

He finds that his ‘inspiration is motivated by the stories of individual and customer who commission drawings’.

Just as each drawing is created from two perspectives, that of the close-up of each individual letter, number or punctuation to create the mesmerising whole image, the viewer is equally beguiled by both elements. Close up I could see the darker areas of the drawing where the key has been struck endlessly in one place, in other areas I could see individual characters, and at times whole sentences are visible. These ‘hidden’ sentences helped him to create his slogan of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

Florence typewriter art by James Cook. Photo by Annika Perry

While at the exhibition my husband and I bought one of his limited edition prints of Florence, a belated wedding anniversary present to ourselves and in memory of a beautiful visit there years ago. From afar James has captured the city with awe-inspiring effect, building upon building rising up to the iconic Duomo in the distance, the serene Arno and woodland in the fore. Looking closer I can make out sentences such as ‘11 November’, ‘did not wake up’, ‘with intention’ and ‘2nd time lucky’. On each viewing of the image, I make a new discovery and each new find enhances the drawing!

I am sure the astonishing typewriting art by James Cook will become ever more popular and known and it was a joy to view his drawings and some of the typewriters in the early days of his career. If you want to see more of James Cook and his works click here.

Finally, after three long years, my family and I are once again returning to Sweden for a long summer holiday and as many of you are aware the location is wonderfully idyllic and remote – ie. no Wifi! I will pop in to a library or family & neighbours during my sojourn and reply to comments when possible. I wish you all a wonderful safe summer (or winter to my friends in the southern hemisphere).

‘Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself.’

Hermann Hesse

Finchingfield famous bridge and duck pond. Photo by Annika Perry


  1. Fantastic art work Annika, credit goes to James Cook the star Artist who is really good at creating art , I mostly loved the ‘Dom Tower” picture it is like the London Tower and it is so eye grabbing🔥🔥🔥🙏

    1. Mthobisi,thank you and I am glad you enjoyed my post about James Cook and his amazing art. It is incredible how he not only recreates the skyline of a place but at the same time captures its very essence

  2. Oh my gosh, this is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Annika. How wonderful that you have a treasured keepsake, too! I hope you’re enjoying a lovely summer in Sweden. Cheers to precious moments and memories! xo

    1. Bless! Natalie, thank you so much for your lovely comment and my heart warms at your beautiful final sentence. Indeed we should always be cheering our precious moments and memories! Sometimes we just rush by in life too quickly and forget, alas! The exhibition gave a perfect moment to pause, be in awe of James Cook’s amazing pictures and incredible skill whilst treating ourselves to special gift! Thank you, I am having a heavenly time on holiday and love being part of the peace of nature! Wishing you a magical summer! Hugs xx

  3. I can’t imagine having the patience to do such a thing! His work is incredible and l’m quite blown away by it. Wow. Happy belated anniversary – you picked yourselves a perfect gift!

    Have a wonderful time in Sweden and enjoy your summer, Annika! ❤️

    1. Tanya, I thought just the same! The patience required is intense yet I would have loved to attend one his workshops just to give it a go! As we were ill with Covid our anniversary was a rather muted affair at home with all our plans scuppered – this gift to ourselves is a lovely way to celebrate!

      It is wonderful to back in Sweden for the summer and I’m thoroughly enjoying every moment. Wishing you a very special summer, Tanya and hope you are keeping well. Hugs xx ❤️

    1. Pamela, that was one of the first things I thought of as I learnt about the artwork. I remember how it became harder and harder to find films for my cameras once they became obsolete!

  4. Annika, what a stellar blog entry about the typewriter art and artist! How amazing to use the typewriter. I have now heard the typewriter symphony and can add this art to my mental bank. Enjoy Sweden! I know you will. Get lots of R & R (rest and relaxation). I will be thinking of you without WiFi. oxox

    1. Mary Ann, thank you so much for your wonderful comment! 😃 I love the idea of continually adding art to your mental bank and I will be adding the typewriter symphony to mine! (What will be next for the humble typewriter?!) I appreciate you mentioning this and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching this here on https://youtu.be/nW8dGwa2zRw

      It is heavenly to be back in Sweden and definitely lots of R&R … and without the wifi. Worked out I can connect a little while here and there on hotspot to answer my comments!

      Wishing you and your family a very special and enjoyable summer. Xx

      1. Annika, my pleasure as always. Glad you enjoyed the typewriter symphony. I actually typed my German thesis on the German typewriter which has more letters than the US model because of the Umlaut and the alphabet letters associated with it. So glad you have added to your memory bank. Enjoy the R & R in Sweden. Wish I could join. Lots of walks and conversations. We will visit our daughter at the end of the week for a few days. Be well and enjoy! oxox

  5. Annika, a very engaging post! ❤ Thank you for sharing your travels. The typewriter art is amazing. How wonderful that you now have a reminder of your trip to Florence! I am happy that you finally got to visit Sweden again. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Cheryl and it is a joy to share about this incredible and unique art here on my blog! Once framed the print will hang in a very special place at home … and who knows, maybe we will return to Florence one day! Lots of wonderful memories from the trip! It is heavenly to back in Sweden and I truly feel at peace. Pure bliss. Wishing you a great summer, Cheryl. Hugs xx ❤️

  6. Wow, Annika, truly phenomenal! It’s hard to wrap your head around the actual process, but it’s remarkable that he is gifted with this unique talent with the use of old, classic typewriters. I remember how my dad used to type up checks on his faithful typewriter for montary gifts for the family. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful vacation! 💞

    1. Lauren, thank you so much for your great comment and phenomenal is just the word for this type of art! I know, it’s mind-boggling to think of how these are created and unfortunately I was away for the workshops James was running during August – I would have liked to go and try to learn a bit about the process involved (lots of sore fingers, I imagine!) Aww … I love how this has prompted memories of your special gifts from your father – his loving care in typing up them for you all. Bless. Wishing you a wonderful summer too, my friend! Xx ❤️

  7. Annika, Thank you for introducing James Cook and his amazing art to us. His creative works are fascinating. Have you read The Summer book by Tove Jansson? It’s a lovely read. Have a wonderful summer holiday in Sweden!

    1. Natalie, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed learning about the typewriter artist – such a unique art form I wanted to share here and it is great that this is the first (of what I think will be many and much bigger) exhibitions! Thank you so much for mentioning The Summer Book – I have read it I see from my Kindle but eight years ago and alas can’t remember much about it. You’ve prompted me to read this again as it looks so special. Wishing you a lovely summer too!

  8. Annika, thank you for visiting Wonky Wheel Gallery in Finchingfield on Sunday. This is a lovely piece on James Cook Summer Exhibition.

    The James Cook Summer Exhibition 2022 – is a dual location exhibition of James’ latest collection of typewriter artwork and the second location is at The Moot Hall in Maldon.

    We look forward to seeing you this summer!

    🗓 15/07/22 – 07/08/22
    ⏰ 11:00 – 16:00
    🏷 Free Entry at both locations

    1. Mary, thank you so much for your kind hospitality during our visit to the exhibition – it was great to see so many originals and to be able to buy a print! I would have loved to attend the workshop and learn more about the process involved but unfortunately I am away for the duration. Wishing James lots of success and we will be back to your special gallery soon. 😃

  9. I enjoy learning of the creative arts others are involved in. I’ve always loved old typewriters, but my sewing machine collection has taken up all the space I have to spare. My only typewriter purchase is a pink Royal typewriter circa the 1950s/1960s. I don’t think I’ll be trying to create art with it, but am amazed at the success of this young man. Thanks so much for sharing his work here.

    Enjoy your trip and be safe!

    1. Sherrey, I love the sound of your sewing machine collection and there is something special about the older ones. I had a small antique one as young but sadly not sure what happened to it. My mother has her original Singer sewing machine but we are having trouble finding the correct fitting cotton reels for it, alas!

      Oh, your pink Royal typewriter looks wonderful – can you easily get ribbon for this?

      His artwork is incredible but I wouldn’t know where to start either!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and a joy to chat away here!

  10. petespringerauthor

    What a test of one’s patience. An artist would have to possess fantastic endurance and deal with the pressure of being unable to make mistakes.

    1. Exactly, Pete! It was bad enough typing up letters and making a mistake on the electronic typewriters – just imagine spending tens of hours on a piece of art only to make one mistake! Yikes! I think one finds absolute patience for ones true passion in life!

    1. I agree, Robbie and it is inspiring and heartening to see that there is so much creativity in the world! So often the negative gains prominence so it’s a joy to celebrate the positives!

  11. Behind the Story

    I can’t for the life of me imagine how anyone could “paint” these pictures. I’m old enough to remember using a typewriter to type reports in college and have to contend with mistakes.

    His pictures are amazing. It must be fun to find the hidden sentences.

    1. Nicki, it was fun to try and find the hidden words and sentences… and then to try to build a coherence from them all. I was forever stepping close to the pictures in the gallery and then further away to gain a whole perspective!

      I would have loved to see James Cook in action in his workshops but unfortunately I’m away. It is incredible art work and oh yes, mistakes whilst typing is bad enough in just on normal letters or reports. I learnt on old manual ones and remember complaining about my sore little fingers! Thank goodness for computers … and the gentle tap on an iPad screen! 😃

    1. Donna, it is a joy and wonder to see the variety of creative skills in existence and uplifting to see the in person, to share with others!

      Tom Hanks has more than 250 typewriters in his collection! He stated that: ‘Everything you type on a typewriter sounds grand, the words forming in mini-explosions of SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK. A thank-you note resonates with the same heft as a literary masterpiece.’ That’s making me rather nostalgic for typewriters! 😃

  12. Fascinating! I am in awe of this artist and love that there are hidden words contained within the picture. It is completely unique. Lucky you to have such a treasure. Thanks for showcasing these works. I am a bit envious of your upcoming trip to Sverige. I am unsure if I will travel that far again so will have to rely on my memories. Enjoy!

    1. Amanda, the pictures are incredible and definitely demand awe … what an inspired and inspiring concept! The hidden words and sentences enhance the artwork and there is continually something new to discover! I love that we bought a print for ourselves and just need to frame it and find the perfect spot in the house.

      It is heavenly to be back in Sweden and luckily for me just a short plane hop, this time even under two hours! Memories are precious and always on tap to refresh our souls. Wishing you all well. Xx

  13. Fascinating, Annika. How incredibly creative. My talent on a typewriter would guarantee an error every other letter. I’d need buckets of white out. So glad you are getting back to Sweden. I remember how much you love it there. –Curt

    1. Curt, I’m laughing at the thought of a page filled with whiteout … maybe that could be an original artwork?!😃 James Cook is very talented and I think he is onto a winner with these creations! Awww…how sweet of you to remember how much Sweden means to me. It is so special to be back and I’m relishing the nature, harmony and looking forward to catching up with many family and friends! Happy Travels to you and Peggy! 😃

  14. Wow Annika! What a fascinating form of art! I can only imagine the painstaking strokes involved on these numerous typewriters and the artistry involved to create these iconic pieces of art in such a form. How lucky you are to have been able to see the artist’s collection and be able to purchase one! Thank you for sharing this wonderful art with us. And enjoy your vacation!!! Hugs xx

    1. Debby, thank you so much for your lovely comment and it is fun to chat about this most unique form of art! How does one even start to think this was possible!? Haha! I laughed when I learned that of all the typewriters only a couple are fully functioning at a time – so many elements go into creating these pictures and where would one even start! I love our Florence print and it is incredible how he has managed to capture so much of this wonderful city, recreating its magical aura – all with the strokes of typewriter keys! 😃 I now long to return there … Italy is beguiling! Aww …thank you, I am having a heavenly holiday break! Wishing you a lovely summer, my friend! Xx ❤️

      1. Wow Annika, what a talent to create this art from keystrokes. You remind me how much I want to go back to Florence. It’s been many years and on my bucket list! Enjoy your heavenly holiday!!!! ❤ xx

  15. So glad you’re feeling better and can FINALLY take your trip back home. 💗

    Those works of art are amazing! He uses only manual typewriters? None are electric? A picture truly is worth a thousand words! What a great idea for using old technology. Now, what to do with all of those vinyl record albums and CDs? 🤔😉

    Enjoy your time away, Miss A. Hugs.

    1. Lori, I could only see the manual typewriters at the exhibition and wonder if the electric and electronic ones would not be precise enough? If one held a key down too long a letter tended to run along the page, if I recall correctly! It is an inspired concept and fantastic art! Haha! Yes, vinyls are something else and my husband has a small collection of these. As for CDs I’ve used some of mine tied up as a bird scarer – not that they were very effective! I bet someone one day will think of great art pieces for both these!

      Thank you and it is great to be back! I am so much better but notice my stamina is not up to scratch and can’t manage my long walks in the forest as usual … I’ll hopefully build that up during the summer. Wishing you a lovely summer, Lori! Xx 😃❤️

  16. James Cook is extraordinary! Wow. I’ve never heard of this form of art and for the life of me I can’t figure out how he produces these masterpieces. It’s really amazing and you are the proud owner of an original! Enjoy your lovely holiday and the perfection of no internet! Hugs, C

    1. Cheryl, how true that James Cook and his artwork are amazing! Like you I am in awe how he creates these – even more so seeing them in person. I love our print of Florence and look forward to finding just the right place in the house for it! Thank you, I am having a very special break – and it is surprising how quickly one learns to live without wifi – and in the process gains hours in the day! 😃

  17. what a beautiful village, and the Wonky Wheel Gallery did make me smile, Annika. Then I got to the genius of this young man. I wasn’t familiar with his work but will certainly investigate and enjoy it. Thanks for bringing him to my attention and I’m sure your Swedish sojourn will be pure bliss.

    1. Jo, you are right about Finchingfield being beautiful, truly idyllic … nearly too much so as it is incredibly popular with visitors and parking is a bit of a problem – only available around the centre of the village green!

      I’m glad you enjoyed learning about this unusual art form and it is inspiring to come across something like this and especially so on a local level! Have fun looking around online about his work.

      Oh yes, it is heavenly to be back in Sweden and just about to head off to the coast this morning. Hope you’re having a lovely week, my friend! Xx

  18. Outstanding artwork and a wonderful wedding anniversary gift! Thank you for the introduction to this talented artist’s work.

    And YAY to your long summer holiday in Sweden, I wish all the joy and happiness with your loved ones. ❤

    1. Khaya, I think I could hear you happy YAY all the way here to the West Coast of Sweden! Thank you! ❤️ It is fantastic to be back, the forest so green (at home the fields and lawns were all yellow!) and the air is divine. Look forward to seeing more family soon, currently some are ill with Covid.

      It’s a joy to share this amazing unique art here and we will treasure our print … and keep looking for more secrets within the typing! Hugs 🤗

  19. Wow. What amazing artwork, Annika, and all with typewriters. That’s so cool. I popped over to his site to see more of it. And I’m so glad you have one for your walls. What a wonderful way to remember a special trip. Have a lovely time in Sweden. Soak it all in and relax. Happy Travels. Hugs. ❤

    1. Diana, it is incredible and it looks almost an impossible feat – kudos to James for coming up with such an original art form. I look forward to framing our new present and finding just the right spot for his print. Thank you, it is fantastic to be back and heavenly to be surrounded by the forest! Wishing you a lovely summer, my friend. Xx ❤️

    1. Lynette, his name was new to me too … and I have no excuse as comes from a town very close to where I live. Glad to come across this exhibition and be able to share about his unique art form here. Wishing you a great summer too, Lynette! Xx

  20. Wow! That is completely fascinating, Annika. I have to wonder how he discovered his ability to use such an unorthodox art medium. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your vacation!

    1. Jan, I agree and also wonder how he came to even considering this as an art form – it sounds impossible until seeing the fantastic resulting pictures! Then an awed ah-ha moment before considering the incredible creative feat! A joy to share here and thank you – it is wonderful to back! Wishing you a lovely summer! Xx

    1. Darlene, it was fantastic to see these in person and they are wonderfully creative! I spent ages just looking at them, close and from a distance! He is a natural at this art form – and amazing to even come up with it in the first instance!

      Thank you, it will be great to be back for a visit! Wishing you a fun and relaxing summer!

    1. Anneli, you are right these are a labour of love; one would be a lot for most of us and here he is tapping them out on commission in the hundreds! I haven’t seen anything like it before either and it will be interesting to see if this art form is developed by other but the intensity of the work involved may not interest some.

      1. But what a rewarding feeling when it’s done. My dad used to be a typewriter mechanic. I should have saved some of his old typewriters, but who knew back then that they would become obsolete?

        1. It’s always the case of knowing too late to treasure those then everyday objects. I never thought about there being mechanics for typewriters and what an interesting job!

    1. Laura, it is inspiring to see the creativity and ingenuity used to create this and yes, what an incredible vision to see these possibilities in the humble typewriter!

      Bless, I love how you refer to my holiday as a pilgrimage – that means a lot and is much more accurate. Wishing you a very special summer, Laura. xx ❤️

    1. Definitely, Alethea! It was even more moving to see them in real life!

      Also, just want to say how much I enjoyed reading about your trip to Iceland – it looks stunning and so unique!

  21. Gwen M. Plano

    It always amazes me to see/experience the giftedness of others. Thank you for introducing James. I hope you have a marvelous trip, Annika. Blessings!

    1. Gwen, I agree about the gift of seeing and experiencing the special gifts of others – it is truly inspiring and uplifting! It was a very special outing! Thank you for your lovely wishes for the trip – it will be fanstatic to be back there again!

    1. Brad, as soon as I read about the upcoming exhibition I thought this would be a joy to share here! Typewriters for works of art – ingenious! Thank you so much, I am all packed and so looking forward to the holiday in Sweden. Wishing you a lovely summer too!

  22. Fascinating. Mesmerized by this. How precious. Thanks for sharing. And if you’re vacationing that’s because everyone’s fully recovered now. I’m so happy to know this.
    Soooo happy.
    Enjoy your sojourn. 😀 👏
    Take it easy please. Blessings to you and family. XoXo

    1. Selma, I’m so happy you enjoyed reading and learning about the typewriter art & artist – very special indeed.

      Yes, we are all nearly back to normal and I’m so looking forward to the break… I will definitely follow your advice and take it easy.

      Thank you for your lovely comment, Selma and wishing you a wonderful summer! xx

    1. Liz, I have a feeling there wasn’t such a thing as typewriter art until James Cook created it! 😀Genuis, eh? He’s been doing this for quite a while before becoming a professional artist a year ago.

    1. Jill, it is uplifting to see such ingenuity and creativity – and I loved stepping closer and then further away from the pictures to see them from various perspectives. It is a joy to share, a delight to be out to these kind of events again. Thank you, I am so looking forward to the trip. Wishing you a lovely summer, my friend. hugs xx❤️

  23. Poetry Goddess

    I have a feeling he is a descendent of God of Art! How on earth did he turned s typewriter into a source of art?? How magnificient!

    1. Thank you so much for your effusive comment and I felt just the same! How?? How did he possibly create such incredible art with just a basic typewriter or two? They are wonderful to see in person and no doubt there will be much more about James Cook and his typewriter art across the world in the near future. Lovely to meet you here on WP! 😃

    1. Georgina, exactly and I am slightly annoyed as he is running workshops over the weekends where one can see him in action and try to make some oneself. I would have loved to go but I’m away for the duration! Maybe another time … and I’ll share about that too! Hope you’re keeping well and safe, managing to avoid the worst of the heatwave. x

  24. These are fantastic! James is very talented and I’m not surprised he receives commissions from around the world – these really are works of art.

    Have a great time in Sweden! 😊

    1. I agree, Clive, incredibly pictures and deservedly successful across the globe! No doubt there will be a time when some of these are hanging in the bigger art galleries! 😀 Wishing you a great summer… and isn’t it heavenly with the cooler weather – Tuesday was crazy hot!

      1. With all due respect to Finchingfield, which is a place I know and like, there are bigger galleries out there for him!

        I don’t do well in the heat so the temperature drop is fine by me. You have a great summer too – I hope your trip is enjoyable 😊

        1. It’s great you’ve been to Finchingfield and a very quaint village albeit slightly too popular with motorcyclists at the moment! It’s exciting to have seen his work in this small gallery at the start of his career and I also one day hope he makes it to more mainstream ones.

          1. It was a regular part of Sunday afternoon drives in the early days of our marriage, we always seemed to end up there! Fingers crossed for James!

  25. Thanks for introducing us to such unique art! Also / truly a great anniversary momento is to have art like this – and so cool about the Tom hanks connection
    I actually have an old nice black typewriter in my attic (and an old sewing machine) and not sure what to do with them!!
    Anyhow – this artist, James Cook, has really found his niche

    1. Yvette, maybe this post inspires you to find a use for your old typewriter?! 😀 How lovely that you have this and an old sewing machine in the loft – do keep them as they are precious! It is fantastic how James Cook has created his own niche – and I am only hoping this is not copied by others. The love and dedication required is immense so not easy to take off. The signed Tom Hanks creation is superb, brimming with his sense of fun, warmth and kindness.

      Oh, I love our new gift and on rare occasions treat ourselves to special momentos.

      Wishing you a lovely summer and I thoroughly enjoyed our in-depth discussion on your post – keep writing that book!! ❤️

      1. Hi
        I wish I could keep give you both items – hahaha
        Because we are actually considering downsizing and that means parting ways with extras (my piano from 1888 is going away this month )
        Anyhow – I might keep the typewriter (not the sewing machete even tho it works) but the typewriter because it is all about words and letters and as a writer that is what attracted me to it –
        Oh and even if someone copies this art idea
        I am not sure it will be similar
        This art seems very custom and not easy to recreate?

        1. Oh no, Yvette,it must be hard to give away your piano that sounds so special. Will it be going to a good home? Once my son and I wandered past a couple clearing their house and they had tipped a piano upside down on the skip – it felt physically painful to view an instrument thrown away like this. Good you’re keeping the typewriter and yes, it is all about the words! May it inspire you always! 😃

          1. Hi – I might not keep the typewriter and if you were closer I would send it your way!
            That is so sad to hear about the piano being tossed like that!
            And in the 1980s we went to a party with some friends – and these guys had an annual party at their parents Summer property – about 300 people were there the year we went – and at the end of the day – the annual tradition ? Burn a piano while someone was playing it – really! Omg
            We were leaving as they had that gong – but I wonder if they even do it anymore – because time change and also – I wonder the chemicals involved in a piano burning like that?
            Either way – the only real memories with the piano are when it was in the main room and was such a nice furniture piece – so that part is not too hard
            Another blogger I follow had a baby grand piano for a couple generations and everyone played it and they had accomplished pianists –
            Our family is more into guitars and drums –
            And so this really was a piece of beautiful Funtime –
            I’ll see if I can share a photo sometime

            And thanks for chatting it up with me about these “artifacts”
            Hope the rest of July is wonderful for you and your family

      2. Oh and regarding the book – thanks for the encouragement yet again (and I had to clean up my comment there just in case someone local reads it – I needed to just have discretion at this time –

        And right now I am finishing a 365 daily garden analogy book and then i will make my outline for that book on “the Christian experience in America” or something like that
        But for a few reasons it can’t be published for a few years and so after our comment chat (thanks again for that !) well I decided that I should make a workable outline that could be added to in little bits until I decide to plunge in (maybe around 2025?)
        Anyhow – appreciate our connection and hope you have a great day

    1. Kelly, this is absolutely a labour of love requiring such patience and dedication. On top of that I am imagining it must be painful on the fingers, especially on those older typewriters. I totally agree, it is inspired to see the possibility of creating such images from these old typewriters.

    1. Norah, it was hard choosing which print to buy as they were all so amazing but then spotted this one of Florence – perfect! I look forward to having it framed once back home.

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