"Giant fir trees heavily draped with snow, towering birches also snow laden. The only colour is that of the yellow and blue of the Swedish flag hanging from the corner of one of the summer houses. A caption on the photo read Nothing can dim the light which shines within by Maya Angelou."

No one saw my descent that day.

In the gloom of an April afternoon, I twirled and danced my way to the ground. Through the windows of the houses, I spied people engrossed in their books, not even pausing for a second to look up at the wonder of I!

The first snowflake of the day!

So many before had vanished in a second, a small damp mark the only sign of their existence. So, that is my fate! A dazzling display for myself alone and then oblivion. As I fell through the sky, a sudden chill snapped at my points, and the atoms within the air seemed to creak and crackle. My form, utterly unique to me alone, became bold, and in amazement, I neared terra firma. With a final wispy winding whirl, I landed safely upon the soft moss of the forest.

The first! The first snowflake laying the foundations for all those to follow.

The transformation was underway!

©Annika Perry, January 2023


The scene shown in the photo above followed the rapid and unexpected snowfall in April 2022 while staying in the ‘summer houses’ deep in the forest a two-hour drive north of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Within a few hours, without moving an inch, it was as if I had travelled through the seasons; to a world bewitched. The giant fir trees became ethereal as they were decked in their white gowns, the trees dominating the landscape.

Wishing you all a blessed and happy New Year, filled with creativity and an opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

“Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.”
Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892), From Ring out, wild bells in In Memoriam

105 thoughts on “FIRST SNOWFLAKE

    1. Hej Thomas, tusen tack… and I’m glad you enjoyed the story so much! The snow winters in Sweden are stunning and mesmerising. Glad to meet a fellow Sweden here – Do you often return to Sweden?

      1. Last time was in September. We visited Stockholm, Örnsköldsvik, Umeå and we visited Norway/Oslo also. We stayed with my brother and visited some of my cousins. The time before that was in 2018 for my dad’s funeral.

        Perry låter Engelskt men i fall du talar Svenska kan vi ju byta till Svenska nästa gång?

        1. Hej Thomas, that sounds like a great trip and Stockholm is beautiful. My mother has two lovely summer houses not far from the Norwegian border so we tend to pop over often while there in Summer and it is fun albeit expensive sightseeing in Oslo.

          Yes, I am bilingual but for the sake of courtesy of fellow bloggers, it might be better to keep messages in English.

  1. I was thoroughly immersed as I fluttered to the ground with that first snowflake. I am very taken with snow scenes as we never get a chance to them in Singapore.

    1. Ju-Lyn, thank you so much for your lovely comment and it means a lot that you enjoyed my short piece here so much, joining in with the snowflakes dance to earth! I can well imagine the snow scenes are extremely different from the weather you experience in Singapore- the snow landscapes are quite magical, I find even though I am relatively used to them!

  2. Happy New Year, Annika! Your writing always takes me somewhere rich with colour and magic. I love it. From the comments, it’s clear that you have had to endure something painful. I hope you are ok and that the year ahead brings you only love and health and happiness. ❤️

    1. Tanya, it’s great to see you here and I’ve been wondering how you are getting on. I hope you are having a good start to the new year and wish you lots of joy and creativity in 2023.

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment about my writing – wow! That means so much to me!

      You are perceptive and yes, the last half year has not been easy.

      Take care xx❤️

  3. Exceptionally beautiful photo and quote, Annika. I am glad you shared it so more people can appreciate the beauty on our planet. You make an excellent point “a dazzling display for myself alone and then oblivion” the true meaning of beauty in the moment. Sometimes unusual in today’s world where moments are shared a few times a day on social media…is validation required to make a moment beautiful and extraordinary? Thought-provoking ending on many perspectives “the transformation was underway.” Your gift with words, Annika, always makes me stop and think, especially about the positive direction for our planet and people. Warm hugs and loving thoughts to you and your family.xo ❤️❄️

    1. Erica, thank you so much for your wonderful and incisive comment. Wow! What an insightful question of ‘ is validation required to make a moment beautiful and extraordinary?’ One can indeed wonder what everyone is seeking by sharing so many moments constantly. Why does the snowflake almost mourn that its glorious first fall is one unseen?!

      Erica, it means so much that you enjoyed both the story and liked the photo, the latter has so much inherent atmosphere that it would just not leave me alone! Yeah, here is to celebrating the positive of the planet – it’s good for our souls and the earth to mark the wonders around us. Hugs xx ❤️

    1. Bless, thank you so much, Khaya! Your words mean so much to me and I’m smiling at how you describe this both as a poem and prose – I often seem to land between/on them both!

      Of course, you must see many more wintry scenes during winter in Finland – this was very fleeting and a few days later we were in T-shirts and shorts as it became nearly 15 degrees centigrade!

      Wishing you a New Year filled with creativity, harmony and joy, my friend! x

  4. April Narducci

    Aww such a beautiful story 💕 I’m 30 & I still haven’t seen snow. I’ve been living in Florida my whole life & every time I travel somewhere else it’s not snowing there. My goal is to see snow for the first time with my son. 🤗❤️ I know it will be so amazing and beautiful!

    April ♡

    1. April, I love how the landscape is totally transformed with snow and I really hope you have the opportunity to see it for yourself along with your son soon. It is amazing!Following the recent weather storm in America I noticed the temperatures in Florida almost hit zero – that must almost be unheard of for the state! A few years ago I had a wonderful holiday on the East Coast of Florida (Symrna Beach) and it took a few days to become acclimatised to the heat! So glad you enjoyed my short story and thank you for your lovely comment!

  5. Ohhh, that poor tiny forgotten and not noticed snowflake. I felt for her! And yet, she seemed to take her place as the “first, yet forgotten” flake as others joined her, in stead. (Not instead, but In Stead. ) Lovely prose poem. SO Great to see you back here. Happiest of New Years to you with health and joy abounding. ❤

    1. Pam, very clever and just so! 😀 So many joining her in stead – creating this magical transformation. I love how you empathise with the little snow flake yet see how she finds harmony in her role of being the first! So glad you enjoyed the prose poem – I’m not even aware I’m writing in this format until pointed out to me – quite chuffed actually! Thank you for your wonderful comment about the story and about my return here – it means a lot to me. Wishing you a wonderful creative 2023 filled with harmony, peace and good health! hugs xx ❤️

  6. A pretty photo Annika and pretty prose too. Lovely visual imagery of a snowflake’s journey! Thanks for the wonderful memory of the Swedish forest in snow. Although I was in the Bohuslan area in summer, the winters I spent in Sweden were brought back with a delightful triggering of old memories upon reading your text. Happy New Year to you too!

    1. Amanda, you were in Bohuslan in the summer?! We may very well have passed each other somehwere as I was there for seven weeks! Where did you go? We are never far from Grebberstad, Fjallbacka, Lyskeil and Goteborg etc. Sseriously, when you visit next time please let me know and it would be lovely to meet up. I hope you had a wonderful time in Sweden and can return soon again.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the story and that it brought special memories to mind. It is mind-boggling how snowfall can transform a landscape – and all from one little snowflake upon the other!😀

      1. I wish I could say that I was in Sweden last summer – yes- I was there in summer, but was a few years ago now, (pre-Covid). I would not have a problem spending my summer there every year. I would feel like I was living in a Camilla Lackberg novel! And it would be such an onspiration to write! A wonderful part of the world! You are indeed fortunate to visit so often and for so long. It is quite a trek from Australia.
        If I do visit again and I certainly hope to, we could absolutely meet up! Have you meet other bloggers before?

        1. Amanda, as my son would say, my bad! I just assumed it was this summer. I did think it was a very long way from Australia and not a trip you would make often. It is wonderfully inspiring and it was only when I started to write that I realised how much of my Swedish heritage influences my writing! Yes,I’ve met up with some other bloggers here in the U.K. and hope to meet others further abroad in the not too distant future. Perhaps we will get a chance too.

  7. So lovely written, Annika. The first snowfall is always a cause for celebration and you so eloquently expressed it. Wishing you a new year filled with joy, inspiration and beautiful writing. ❤

    1. It was a joy writing this little piece, Carol and it’s great you liked it so much! Thank you and also for your lovely New Year wishes. May you have a wonderful, happy and creative 2023! xx

    1. That’s wonderful, Bernadette – thank you! Aww … I like the idea of many opportunities out there waiting to be discovered. May 2023 be one filled with peace and joy for you and your loved ones. x

  8. Behind the Story

    I fell in love with your little snowflake. I didn’t know whether to cry when she mused: “A dazzling display for myself alone and then oblivion.” Then she landed on the moss, “laying the foundations for all those to follow.” We can hope for the same for ourselves.

    1. Wow! Nicki, thank you so much for your profound comment and love that you see such depths within the short story. Indeed, one can hope this for ourselves. Hope you’re keeping well and wishing you all the best for the New Year!

  9. First snowflake did what she was born to do, not knowing the impact or endgame of her actions…Such an inspirational message for the First days of this New Year’s beginning.
    Keep doing what you were born to do, Annika.

  10. What a gorgeous story Annika. Love the snowflake as the protagonist. Wishing you a very happy new year filled with good health, and everything beautiful. ❤

    1. Yeah! My original draft was a simple descriptive piece but it felt rather weak – until I made the snowflake the protagonist; it seemed to flow much more naturally and become a more powerful piece! Thank you, Debbie and wishing you a New Year filled with peace, joy and creativity. I am in awe of your boundless energy and work – truly inspiring.

    1. Thank you, Charley and your comment has me in smiling and crying – I hadn’t meant to be away so long and will try to post more often. Look forward to catching up with your blog! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! 🎉🥂🍾

    1. Anne, there is a certain tranquility in thinking like a snowflake – its profound albeit fleeting existence! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and wishing you a peaceful and joyful 2023!

    1. Thank you so much, Betsy! Snowfall like this brings its own calm and tranquility- glad I could bring this into my piece here. A very happy New Year to you and your family filled with many new ventures and adventures! ❤️🎉

    1. A very Happy New Year to you too, Balroop! It’s great to see you and your lovely comment here. The snowfall was amazing and truly inspired me and a joy to share my short piece.

    1. Lavinia, thank you! I took SO many photos the few days of heavy snowfall but this became my favourite- I liked the dash of colour of the Swedish flag against the white grey landscape. It felt incredible and suddenly I felt very small! Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year too.

    1. Aww … thank you so much, Jo – that is very sweet of you. With views like this one can’t help but become lyrical. Hoping you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations and that you had a chance to see you family here in the U.K. Wishing you a year filled with joy and light. Xx ❤️

    1. Oh, definitely let the bells ring in the true, Georgina … we all need that SO much! It means a lot that you enjoyed the short piece so much – thank you! Wishing you and yours joy and peace in 2023!

  11. How wonderful to see you back here ! Welcome :))
    The First Snowflake is a beautiful piece of writing and I am so glad you saw her beauty as she whirled and danced towards earth.
    I also love your photo, so athmospheric and filled with stillnes.

    Happy New Year, Annika, and look forward to more when you are ready. The quote from Tennyson’s poem is part of the strength.
    Love and hugs

    1. Miriam, how I’ve missed being here and in receipt of your wonderfully insightful and spiritual comments! It means a lot that you see so much within this short piece – the dancing snowflakes are hypnotic and it was fun to write this from the first point of view perspective. The landscape was amazing after such snowfall, the tranquility breathtaking (or was that just the chill?!😀) Over a few days I took lots of photos but this was my favourite one.

      Oh, I do hope to write more regularly here and feel blessed that so many have remained patient in my absence. I’m deeply touched by the warmth and kindness.

      Wishing you a very Happy New Year, Miriam and may Tennyson’s words ring true as we need it more than ever. Have a wonderful and harmonious 2023 filled with laughter, love and light! Hugs ❤️

    1. Robbie, thank you very much! The photo truly inspired me and it is always an incredible landscape – even more after such heavy snowfall! Wishing you a Happy & Creative New Year too!

    1. Brad, thank you and I love your thoughts for the New Year – and sure I will encouner all three. It is a gift to feel and see the wonder of life every day, even in the most unexpected and difficult moments.

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