“The words forever change me.” *

Wouldn’t our existence be monotonous and bland if we didn’t share our lives, thoughts, events and experiences? Sharing with family and friends is at the core of living and so it is with books.

Finishing a book I am always keen to talk about it with a person close to me, chatting away about the story, the characters development and the emotions evoked. At times (not nearly often enough!) I take a step further and with joy review the book and as a writer, I fully appreciate what this means to fellow authors.

Personally, I treasure every single review! I’m uplifted and heartened by this precious gift of time and energy. This is true for one recent review for my book “The Storyteller Speaks” and within a few paragraphs it delivered a positive punch to my spirits. It is an incredible feeling when someone is deeply touched and affected by one’s work and a terrific boost to one’s writely self. I promise that being mentioned in the same sentence with the outstanding Alice Munro has not gone to my head!

The Storyteller Speaks” is a beautifully written book of timeless stories, poetry and flash fiction.

Annika Perry writes a carefully constructed, powerful, multi-layered story. She skilfully foreshadows events and a life less than ordinary.

Annika Perry has the gift of a true story teller. She engages the reader to emotionally connect with the characters and stories: My heart aches for an inconsolable child. I have an unexpected visceral reaction to an accident. I am transported to the exact moment in time where I hear the silence. I realize courage can come in many colours. I am moved by the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

“The Storyteller Speaks” reminds me of the powerful stories written by Alice Munro. They are stories that never leave me. The words forever change me. I continue to savour these stories, of ordinary people living a remarkable life. I highly recommend “The Storyteller Speaks.”

Review by Erica Henault on Goodreads

Many thanks to Erica for her review and in the time I’ve known her I value her warm friendship, honesty and humour. Her love of life, family and friends shines through her wonderful and inspirational blog at Behind the Scenery ‘Grateful for the Present Moment’. Do take a closer look at her posts as they brim with her passion of ‘… sharing new perspectives with each other and learning from each other … always observing and paying attention, especially to the lessons that begin in whispers, lessons that get louder and louder.’

“Infinitely more important than sharing one’s material wealth is sharing the wealth of ourselves our time and energy, our passion and commitment, and, above all, our love.” William Simon

*Quote from Erica Henault’s review of “The Storyteller Speaks”.

“The Storyteller Speaks” is available to purchase on all Amazon websites including Amazon UK and Amazon US as well as directly from myself for an autographed copy of the book!

135 thoughts on ““The words forever change me.” *

  1. Erica’s review reflects the depth and the width of the engaging stories of your book, Annika! Congratulations on getting this fabulous review. I love your writing of the blog posts and have great expectation of your books. I have both of your books on my Kindle. Hopefully I’ll do more reading this year!

    1. Miriam, how wonderful you have both of my books and do enjoy when you have a chance to read them! 😀 I’ve also got yours on my Kindle!

      How true that Erica’s review reflects the depths of the stories and it’s not easy to review short story collections as each one is so varied so it takes a gift to capture the whole essence of the book overall. Ahh .. thank you so mch for your lovely comment and it means a lot that you enjoy my posts. Happy Reading, my friend!! 😀

  2. A true and honest review by Erica. Your book has inspired me (along with your encouragement) to publish a book of short stories as well. I’m not there yet, but getting close. But I have your STORYTELLER SPEAKS to keep me company.

    1. Pam, how exciting that your book of short stories is soon ready!! 😀😀 I am honoured and humbled if I and my book helped even a little in your decision to publish your short fiction collection in a book and I can’t wait to read yours! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for your wonderful review of my book upon its release! hugs xx ❤️

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