Ten More ’79 Words Story’ Entrants…

I’m honoured to be among the many wonderful writers who have so far taken up this 79-word story challenge. It was indeed a challenge, especially since my word count needs to go back to basics and learn to count properly! Enjoy all the stories and many thanks to Chris for staging this challenge.😃

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

79 WSC

Further to the fun 79 Word Challenge set byAuthor Andrew Joyce– clickHEREto check out HIS story AND click HERE to see the first seven great entries 😀


(To visit the writers blogs, click on their names or photos)


‘Found’ by Danny the Dog

Danny the Dog

The woods are dark, the cabin isolated.

In the distance, a bird cries into the night.

The only light, the fire in the hearth.

Not far off, a twig snaps underfoot.

Someone softly comes my way.

The dread in me rises.

Have I been found?

I am cut off from running; it is too late for that.

In pensive silence, I await my fate.

The door bursts open, Andrew is silhouetted against the stars.


I so hate birthdays.


I Live Here by Annette Rochelle Aben


All she kept emphatically telling everyone was…

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20 thoughts on “Ten More ’79 Words Story’ Entrants…

  1. Anonymous

    I enjoyed reading all these stories particularly Doctor. It can’t be easy saying so much in so few words. Look forward to reading more


    1. Thank you so much Dorne, so happy you like it and think it works well. Oh, you should definitely give this a go. I honestly enjoyed it so much and makes you really feel part of the community out there. ❤️

  2. Mirja

    Wonderful Annika. The Doctor sketching a twenty year career in a few swift strokes.
    Would like to try it just for myself, do not think I could.:)

    1. Thank you Mirja, I’ve never written such short fiction before so a challenge. Now I’m tempted to try for a whole short story based in this short piece…Definitely give it a go yourself, it teaches discipline I reckon. 👍

      1. Mirja

        I really think a full short story based on this charachter and her life would be very
        good and very topical too. So just go ahead.
        Hope you feature it on your blog.

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