We all know books are special but an Argentinian Children’s Publisher have truly put the magic into one of their books.

imageIn an attempt to teach children the origins of books – trees – they have created a hand-stitched children’s book into which Jacaranda seeds are carefully sewn. Once the book is read, it is buried and within seven to fourteen years the beautiful purpleblue blooms of the Jacaranda tree will flourish.
image‘Mi Papa estuvo en al selva’  (‘My Daddy was in the jungle’) is hand made on acid-free paper, uses ecological ink and is finished with silk. The story itself follows a father’s adventures in the South American jungle and is aimed for the 8-12 age group, although it can obviously be read to younger children.

imagePequenos, the publishers based in Buenos Aries, believe that ‘trees and children can grow together’ and with this book they have successfully achieved the world’s first truly recyclable book whilst teaching children about ecological responsibility.

The book caused a sensation when launched earlier this year, gaining not only national but also international notoriety. Some bookshelves promoted the books by half-planting them in soil and allowing the seeds to germinate – a spectacular and thought-provoking sight and visualising the novel concept of not only do books come from trees but trees come from books.


It will be interesting to see if their idea of ‘Tree, Book, Tree’ will be picked up by other publishers and grow across the globe. How can it lose? Teaching children the love of reading and ecology. Alas the stunning sub-tropical Jacaranda seeds will not flourish in colder climes and adjustments must be made accordingly. Ahh…

Please do take a look at their promotion video which also shows the book production.

‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.’


23 thoughts on “PLANT A BOOK

  1. Peter R

    Such a great idea, and perhaps one to try and follow. I can’t think of a tree from this part of the world that has small enough seeds; it would be hard to sew acorns into the lining! It also has to be a tree that doesn’t grow too big, and preferably one with flowers. Any ideas?

    1. I agree Peter, I tried to think of seeds of tree for the UK that would work but without success. Flower seeds would grow but fail to make that vital tree, book, tree, connection. Maybe we will have to leave it to the Argentinians.

    1. So glad you liked it, Eve. I do hope the photos on the post here showed up okay for you? The trees are absolutely glorious. Thank you for the follow and I look forward to following you.

  2. Anonymous

    What a lovely idea Annika…..then the beautiful flowering trees too! A wonderful teaching tool for children on so many levels. It would make a wonderful birthday present also. If I could just think of anyone having a birthday soon….I would send them this beautiful book with this beautiful thought. It would just ring out “Happy Birthday!” for years and years.

    1. Thank you and I have a sneaking suspicion this is our friend from Arkansas?! Am I right? As Jacqui also said it would be perfect for teaching young children – beautiful, imaginative and tactile. Does it give you any ideas for your art students? Ahh…yes, I would so love this as a birthday book even if it is meant for little ones – what a lifetime of treasure. And yes, as you know my birthday tomorrow…looking forward to being spoilt as usual. Lovely to hear from you. Take care😀

      1. Anonymous

        Happy Early Birthday Dear Annika! Hope you have a lovely day! Yes I am anonymous in Your blog now…..I am checking into this. WordPress is helping me reset my name but anonymity can be such fun! Don’t you think?

    1. Exactly Jacqui, that would be quite something wouldn’t it? You could have a whole woodland/avenue of trees on the school grounds – if there is space of course. I had thought you could do this with flower seeds but then obviously the whole point of the message is lost. Hmm…

  3. Mike

    What a novel idea (no pun intended). This obviously has it’s flaws but everything has to start some where and who knows where it will lead. This is in itself a great learning process for children (young and old) and thanks for sharing this.

    From small acorns……..


    1. Mike, it wouldn’t be you if there weren’t any puns.:-)) I think I would have loved to do something like this with my son when he was younger and I could just imagine his intense excitement. I like that…from small acorns…Thanks for commenting.

  4. Cool. I like the idea of teaching children about biodegradable products and the interconnectedness of trees, paper, and stories. It doesn’t really support the idea of reuse/recycling since the books don’t get passed on to others to read (nice $ for the publisher). More trees have to be cut to create the books that will be buried after one read. But a lovely and unique idea nevertheless. 🙂

    1. It is different isn’t it and I like it when people think outside the box. Obviously the publishers would not carry out the project if they didn’t earn on it (and don’t forget the publicity!) but their heart is in the right place. In this highly digital age it has brought out interest for the young about books, nature and the environment. I don’t know the tree policy in South America but know in Sweden for every tree cut down more than one is planted and now the country is 70percent forest – much higher than over a hundred years ago. Many thanks for your comment, so interesting and thought out.

  5. Mirja

    Thank you Annika for such a beautiful post to light the Sunday morning.
    What a wonderful concept you relate to us, it is pure magic and whoever thought of
    It is a great spirit.
    Your images are so very beautiful as is your story. I will re-read it and follow up on
    these people.

    1. So glad you enjoyed this Mirja, a light positive start to the day. Do look at the link as there are many more photos I wanted to add showing the making of the book but it would have cluttered the post. These images are in the video though.

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