And soon it’s time to say good-bye.

PurpleConesMy eyes never tire of staring in awe at the towering trees, examining the clusters of purple pine cones hanging forty metres above my head. My eyes never tire of looking across the landscape, into the far distance. My ears never tire of the songs from the small birds assembled beneath the feeder, never tire of the haunting cries of buzzards and falcons, their calls echoing for miles around.

How could I tire of that which has become an integral part of myself? The nature has enveloped me, cosseted me and its tentacles has spun around my spirit. Now my soul stretches and fills across the landscape, flying and interweaving with the rustle of the leaves; taking its place in this world of serenity.

Thus refreshed and re-energised I return home.

A small gasp at leaving, a tantalising tug at my heart strings – stay – but I long for my home, my husband, friends. I long to return to my writing again. Like a child at the beginning of a new school year, I wait expectantly in the playground, hopping from foot to foot, skipping around eagerly for lessons to start (yes, I was one of those children!).

As a result of much reading (more on this in later blogs) and of much thought and note taking I now feel confident to return to my first draft and complete it this year.

Reading numerous short stories and anthologies has given me a renewed desire to resume short story writing again and to return to competitions.

As my brain pace entered a gentle walk mode rather than frantic gallop I scanned new competitions with fresh vigour and creative ideas blossomed, little seeds of suggestions that I hope to carry to fruition.Moon:Sun
It’s good to be back, ready with pen, paper and keyboard. Thank you to the elk that bounded in front of our car along the track. For a heart stopping moment life was majestically sublime. Thank you to the badger I spotted strolling across the land one morning, its giant mass surprising and awe inspiring, its saunter so certain and determined – what, we think we own the land? How mistaken are we. Thank you to the deer leaping with grace across the meadow full of flowers. Thank you to the foxes, giant hares, birds, fishes, flowers, ferns, trees. Thank you to the crisp morning air, to the warming midday sun, to the sparkling blue of the lake and sea. Thank you for this wonderful gift. Of life, renewed creative spirit and inspiration, increased mental and emotional power.

Thank you all for reading and supporting.

I look forward to reconnecting with you, catching up with your posts, writings, making new friends and to sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences in the months ahead.

25 thoughts on “HOMEWARD BOUND

  1. Peter R

    A wonderful word picture. I can almost see the elk and smell the flowers; although if he was that close, perhaps that should be smell the elk and see the flowers. It’s good that you are feeling refreshed and getting ready to write again; I’m looking forward to your next post.

    1. Hehe Peter! Well if the windows had been down on the car reckon we could have smelled the elk as he leapt just a couple of metres in front of the car! Exhilarating and slightly surreal. Thanks for commenting and shouldn’t be too long until I post again.

  2. Mike

    Wow. Love the picture of the sun and moon. The pictures convey a place of peace and tranquillity and this idyllic place is emphasised even more by your wonderful evocative writing.

    Welcome back, and please finish the book because I for one can’t wait to read it !


    1. There were so many photos to choose from to accompany this piece but I felt these matched the writing eloquently. As for the first draft, patience, patience…something I’m trying to teach myself. Hopefully not too long now!

  3. Marion

    A warm and descriptive post, thanks Annika. I really enjoyed reading it and felt it all through your words. I know the beautiful place as I have been there visiting many times and it affects me every time. Welcome back home. Tack för senast och lycka till. Kram.

    1. It’s difficult to capture the beauty and the serenity of the place Marion but I am glad you recognise it from my post. Tusen tack foer dina fina ord. May us girls win next year at Kubben!

  4. Mirja

    Welcome back Annika, you have been missed I have re-read your words and
    feel how the power of nature has energised and strengthened you.
    Nature is the mother of all creation so you are well rooted with this very strong
    closeness and I love the Thank you ‘prayer’ to the animals and nature. All that
    gave so much.
    Also love seeing the moon and sun together. Great photo.

    1. Thank you Mirja. I do indeed feel much stronger (long may it last!) I am so happy you liked the ‘thank you’ section; I hadn’t thought if it as a prayer but it is an excellent observation. Regarding the moon and sun photo, I only spotted the moon when loaded on my computer and was really pleased with it, very evocative I think. Thank you for your warm thoughts.

    1. Thanks Marje, it was a truly magical holiday and yes, I will write a few posts based upon some outings, both from Sweden and our trip to Norway. Very inspiring and learnt so much.

  5. What a beautiful, peaceful post, Annika. Nature has a way of filling us with contentment, cleaning out all the rubbish in our heads, and focusing our energies. You sound so refreshed and ready to begin writing again. Welcome back from vacation 🙂

    1. Thank you Diana and so glad you liked the post. I do feel revitalised and had not realised how run down I was before the summer. Being out amongst nature for hours on end was wonderful and I feel lucky to have had this break. Lovely to be back.

    1. It was a very special vacation, Jacqui and I have never quite experienced such a response to nature before – on so many levels. It’s quite something. Hoping you have had a lovely summer.

    1. Wow, Elaine! Thank you so much for your heart-felt words. This time more than ever the nature around me during the past five weeks has had a huge spiritual effect on me and I feel my approach to my writing – and life – will only change for the better.

    1. Thank you. It’s great to be back and I’m going to look at what you have been up to! It was an amazing holiday. Apart from experiencing the peace of the nature around us we made many visits to family and friends and to other towns and even countries. Oslo was fantastic, absolutely loved it and I’m going to write more on that later.

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