Things that make me happy: Japanese string gardens, Dylan Thomas & a song for Spring.

This magical garden on Katy Kelleher’s blog caught my eye and I wanted to share with you on what is a most glorious Spring day. Maybe we should all try some of the ‘forest-bathing’.

Katy Kelleher

hanging string gardens japan1. In Tokyo, the “experience designers” at teamLab have created a beautiful, kinetic hanging garden made with a form of bonsai called Kokedama. Tied with string and bound with moss, the plants are able to grow mid-air, roots burrowing into little contained bundles of dirt. And because art and science are just natural bedfellows: This floating field is also mechanized to move with your body, parting the way for views to walk amongst the blossoms unhindered. What a lovely, happy thing to create. It reminds me of another untranslatable word I’ve been digging: Shinrin-yokuTranslated literally it means forest-bathing, but it’s often used to refer to a short, rejuvenating walk in the woods. Nice, right?

2. One of my all-time favorite poems is “Fern Hill” by Dylan Thomas. Just go read it to see why. This is one of those poems where all the parts are the best part, but here is…

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2 thoughts on “Things that make me happy: Japanese string gardens, Dylan Thomas & a song for Spring.

  1. I thought there was no such thing as an ordinary English garden! Every garden is unique and special. Lovely weather for the great outdoors and all that weeding and trimming.

  2. Peter R

    Sounds brilliant; and goes so well with the idea of the sacred place from your last posting. Now I just need to figure out a way of creating in in an ordinary English garden.

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