A worried daughter
Woke at night
Looked at her phone
Waiting for a call

Wondering how her Mamma was faring,
under the strains
of the dreaded Covid.

She tries to still her mind
With counting games
Capital cities, memories of
Warmth, love and holidays

All to no avail.

It seems so long ago.

So now she sits in bed
Snuggled up in a star red dressing gown
Tapping away
To her best friend and Mamma

Hoping the night has gone well for her
There is some reprieve in the illness

Hoping she knows her worried daughter
Is always there for her.


I wrote this little missive early this morning following my mother’s positive test for Covid yesterday. The illness has floored my husband and me earlier in the week although I feel a tinge of improvement.

I feel blessed with my family and my friends. Their love, concern and care keep me strong.

Wishing everyone good health and more luck than us at dodging this latest wave.

Queen of Sweden Rose

131 thoughts on “A WORRIED DAUGHTER

  1. I am so moved by the image & your poem. I can only imagine the worry you had for your mother’s illness; it is difficult in times like these to be separated by distance. I hope you mom is feeling much better.

    It just seems like so many are succumbing to this illness, despite any measures that are respected. I guess we just have to do our best and get on with the things we need to do.

    Hope you & your husband are well recovered. It is about a month after our little family’s brush with the virus, and some of us are still in the process of recovering normality. We are mostly well and are able to go about our business, so we are grateful.

    1. Ju-Lyn, thank you so much for your warm and caring comment. Gratitude in our lives shines through your words and I recall my sense of gratitude and wonder the first day after a week when I could head out into the garden and smell the flowers after being at my most ill.

      Thank you, my mother, my husband and I are much better – lingering fatigue but I feel blessed that there is no worse long-term effects. Oh yes, I was very worried indeed – hence the email poem written in a brain fug. The picture is of a statue my mother gave me many years ago and it is very precious to me – the original is onyx black but I thought the play of colour here worked well.

      Ju-Lyn, I hope you and your family are soon recovered from this insidious and exhausting illness. Patience is key. Take care and wishing you well. x

  2. Dear Annika, Your title is immediately relatable, worrying about family members. “To her best friend and Mamma” choked me up. A gift of friendship beyond measure.

    Darn it about the dreaded Covid. It seems unlikely anyone will dodge it. I hope you and your family are feeling better. Reading through the comments reminds me how people are getting complacent around here. Love, hugs, and healing thoughts to you and loved ones.xx❤️

    1. Bless you for your kind and caring comment, Erica! This was an email I wrote in a fevered brain fog and maybe I should have written more! My mother called straight away and said how much it touched her!

      We are much better though my mother and I feel the fatigue very much. I am slowly easing into walks again but shorter than before with little bench breaks to catch my breath. Luckily my husband seems to have bounced back quicker. Oh yes, there is equally complacency here and we are just about the only ones left wearing masks in shops etc. I honestly thought we would get it sometime and thankful for the jabs! Hope you and your wonderful family are keeping safe & well, my dear friend! Love & hugs 💕

      1. Hi again, Annika, there has been a recent family emergency where we have travelled on ferries and spent time in hospitals…no Covid yet, although it feels (almost) inevitable (darn) Thank you for the update and we will continue to send each other positive, healing energies…it always makes a difference! ❤️

    1. Awww … thank you so much for your caring and loving comment, Carol! This means so much to me. Thankfully we are all getting better, just at different rates but things are looking a lot brighter! Yesterday I felt almost human again which was such a relief! Hope you are keeping well. hugs xx ❤️

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that you and your husband were suffering from such a bad case of Covid, and even more sorry to hear that your mother has it. I can only hope that her symptoms are more mild. I can imagine just how worried you must be! Praying for a speedy and full recovery for all of you!

    1. Ann, thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts! They must be working as we are definitely getting better but far from normal. Oh, I wish it had been milder. Four days of high fever, severe headache and just floored by fatigue for two weeks. My husband’s breathless is worrying me too – I reckon we just need to be patient! Obviously thankful not worse as we have had neighbours in hospital earlier on but still not pleasant. Hope you are keeping safe & well. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday! xx

    1. Carol, bless you so much! That means so much to me … must be working. I woke this morning and for the first time in nearly three weeks felt a lightness and lift in body and head! Heavenly! Hope you are keeping well. xx ❤️

  4. Annika, my prayers are with you, your husband and your mother. We are in Portland, OR, where the state’s new case numbers are once again moving up. We are being as careful as we can, but we know the sneaky virus can be stealthily hanging around. To your better and improving health!

    1. Dear Sherrey, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and prayers! They must be working as this morning for the first time in three weeks I woke up and felt a glimmer of improvement… as did my mother when I talked to her! Hooray!

      Cases seem to be increasing in many countries and doubled here last week with hospital cases going up too. I am thankful to avoid that and recover with lots of rest! Keep safe & well!

      Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend of celebrations!

    1. Jacquie, it is indeed so worrying and as another blogger mentioned it is worse than being ill oneself! Thank you so much for your prayers – things are going in the right direction but the fatigue is crippling so far. Keep well & hugs xx

  5. Oh my, Annika… sending healing (((hugs))) to you and your family. This must be such a difficult time. I can feel the heartache in your words. Much love and grace to you and yours. xo

    1. Natalie, your kind and caring words mean so much to me – thank you so much! I can feel those hugs!! The heartache and worry for my mother ensured I wrote the poem without even realising it at first! Hope you are keeping well. Love & hugs xx❤️

  6. Hello Annika, Hope you are doing okay.

    Beautifully penned. It was profound.

    Wishing you and your family a speedy recovery.

    You’ll constantly be in our prayers 🙂

    More power to you!

    Lots of love.

    1. Swetha, thank you so much for your lovely comment and wishes for my family! I am glad you found the poem profound – written from the heart from a very worried daughter!

    1. Definitely not a nice illness at all, Amanda! I’ve heard about Vitamin D as well and taking it as already prescribed by my doctor. We’re all getting better, slowly but surely. Hope you’re keeping safe and well! Take care!

  7. Hi Annika, I hope you are all doing better. I don’t know why people are treating Covid as nothing now. My family had it is March and it was awful. It took me a month to get over it. A beautiful poem.

    1. Robbie, thank you so much and I love that feeling when a poem seems to write itself! My brain fog was such that I tapped away before I knew what I was doing! I am so sorry that you and your family all had this in March. It is horrid and extremely fatiguing. Getting there very slowly but steadily… still testing positive though! Take care and keep safe. Xx

  8. Mike

    An amazing poem Annika, which certainly brings the impact of this disease into sharp focus . I think there is a tendency to put this at the back of our minds now, but it is still out there and when it hits, it hits hard – we then realise how vulnerable we are. I sincerely hope that your mother is on the road to recovery now and that you and your husband are slowly feeling better too.


    1. How true that the illness seems far from so many people’s minds. Although we have still been cautious it almost felt inevitable that we caught it some time. It has hit surprisingly hard and although now testing negative at last the fatigue is more debilitating than I want to admit – only realising it when I come to do a normal chore and find myself exhausted and breathless. We are all getting there, slowly but steadily. Thank you so much for your caring words. Keep Well. x

  9. Annika your poem speaks of our times; always worried for our loved ones’ health with this never-ending pandemic. I wish your mom a speedy recovery and good health for you & the rest of your family. Take care, my friend! ❤

    1. Bless! Thank you so much, Khaya! The poem came to me within a creative fog but yes, it does reflect what so many are going through. Ironically enough with my mother’s positive test we could at least be together a little. Wishing you well and take care, my dear friend. Xx ❤️

    1. Bless! Thank you so much, Cheryl; with all this positive energy we cannot fail but get better quickly! ❤️ I am so sorry that you, Robert and your family have had this too – not fun. I know so many who have been, some in hospital and I wouldn’t have posted about it if this poem /email hadn’t come to me in the midst of a brain fug! In the UK nearly half the population have had this already – unbelievable! Take care & stay well! xx

  10. Janet Gogerty

    It’s a long way from over, even though we are supposed to be back to normal. There is such a variety in symptoms and the effects of long Covid. Hope all your family keep okay.

    1. Exactly! We have been so careful but I don’t think it takes much! Your care means a lot, thank you. I do hope you have managed to avoid this and are keeping strong – and able to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine by the coast (during quieter moments)!

    1. Selma, your lovely comment has me smiling and given my spririts a real boost – see those healing vibes got here quickly! Thank you so much for your kind and caring words.

    1. Thank you so much for your healing thoughts and I very much appreciate your kind words about the poem. It is magical when they just ‘write themselves’ at the most unexpected times! So many are experiencing this worry for their loved ones and I am glad to have captured that emotion.

  11. Behind the Story

    Such a lovely poem. I so sorry you and your family have been hit with COVID. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    1. Nicki, it was strange sensation when my fingers started tapping away and I didn’t even know what I was going to write! Thank you for your concern and I hope so too … it is an exhausting illness.

  12. petespringerauthor

    In many ways, we’re better equipped to deal with Covid in ourselves better than the upsetting notion that one of our parents has it. Speedy recoveries to all three of you.

  13. Oh this is devastating news, especially when our parents get sick. Sending lots of love your way Annika. Hope you and your husband are doing better along with your beloved Mom. Hugs, C

    1. Cheryl, thank you for your caring comment and after all these years of extra precautions it is tough! Always so worrying when a loved one is ill too. At the moment I’m very gradually improving with days which are much worse … I need to learn to be more patient!

  14. Hope you all get well soon. It is worrying as it has such a range of effects on different people. We emerged from finally getting it on arriving back in the UK. Ok now and energy levels returning. Wiped out is my thought about it but hubby was worse than me for a week. Thinking of you all and hope your mum does not have too bad a reaction.

    1. Georgina, I am so sorry that you’ve had this bad and for so long. It must have been very worrying with your husband so ill for a week. Thank goodness your energy levels have returned at last. How long did this take for you? Although you are right everyone seems to react differently. I became shattered and breathless after just deadheading some roses yesterday evening. The fatigue and brain weariness is unbelievable. Keep safe and well! Xx

      1. Yes, keep an eye on your breathlessness. We had an oximeter but didn’t work well. I think 3 weeks for us both to feel a bit more normal and unfit. Better now I hope. Testing by visiting some close friends an hours drive away. I have missed so much contact.

    1. Thank you so much, Donna and it felt magical when this wrote ‘itself’ in my brain foggy state! 😀 Bless you for your kind thoughts and prayers – they mean so much to us both. ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Rosaliene! I hope so too and being as positive as possible. With all the jabs I am not allowing myself to imagine a long-term scenario. Keep safe and well. ❤️

    1. Deeshka, I am sorry that you experienced the same and it is a difficult position to be, wanting to be of more help but not able to, being very worried and concerned. Thank you for your comment, your thoughts on my poem and for your lovely wishes. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery soon.

  15. I’m so sorry this illness has hit your family, Annika. Here in the US, we’re pretending it doesn’t exist and pretending that people aren’t suffering. I’m glad that you’re feeling a little better and hope that your dad is feeling some relief too. I’m sending light and love and bright wishes that your mom escapes the worst of it and is back on her feet soon. Hugs.

    1. Diana, it is amazing how this blinkered approach has swept across the world and it is just the same pretending here in the UK. I think my husband and I are the few stalwarts with wearing a masks in shops etc and we have only been out a little – yet it found us! Incredibly he had one bad 24 hours and recovering quickly, my health conditions I think ensured I am wiped out for longer but getting there thankfully. Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts to my mother – and incredibly she is up and about – interspersed with lots of rest! Once the terrible coughing and high fever were over it is a matter of allowing oneself time to recover from the crippling fatigue. Keep safe & well, my dear friend xx ❤️

      1. Oh, so glad to hear that you’re all on the mend. We’re also part of the small minority that are still being cautious, though we suspect it will find us one of these days anyway. Rest, my friend. ❤ ❤ And speedy recovery to you all.

    1. Thank you so much, Natalie! It does come as a bit of a shock as during the years we imagine we have built a ‘covid-safe fortress’ in our homes – and alas this is not always the case. xx

    1. And you have mine, Jo and sorry you and your husband got this. I hope you made a quick recovery and didn’t have it too bad. How true that we can duck and weave … yet it finds us! 😞 Hope the weather is not too crazy hot in Portugal. hugs xx ❤️

  16. We are sending healing vibes and best wishes for your mom Annika, Blogosphere’s positive vibes are reaching her. She’ll be recovering fast, we know that. Cheer up dear friend. Wishing her good health.

    1. Balroop, I can feel the positive energy and thoughts and know they will mean so much to her! Thank you so much! 🙏 Knowing my mother she will make a full recovery faster from this than I! Oddly enough the enforced rest / wipe-out has made me look more brightly upon the world – just wandering the garden today I felt blessed that I can still smell the roses – albeit faintly! Keep safe & well, my friend! xx

  17. My heart goes out to you. It’s so scary for the elderly. Are you aware of the over the counter supplements that can aid in recovering? Quercetin. Black Seed Oil. Zinc. Vitamin C. Vitamin D. Higher than normal doses of the vitamins while sick. You may already know, but thought I’d mention just in case. Hugs to you Miss Annika. Will pray for your Mom.

    1. Lori, thank you for your kind and caring comment – I can feel your concern. Bless you for your prayers! I am indeed taking some of the above supplements and you’ve just reminded me I’ve forgotten Vitamin D for the whole week – I am deficient in this and not good to skip for too long! I hope you’re keeping well and having a lovely start to the summer. hugs xx

      1. Hey. I’m sorry if I miss understood. I thought it was your mom and not you with covid. Vitamin d is essential. Take a much higher dose than normal until you see improvement. Also there is an extract in green tea called EGCg that is supposed to help. I wish I could help. Sending you healing vibes from across the pond.

        1. Lori, not misunderstood as the poem was for my mother and she is ill with it as am I and my husband! Awww … I can feel those healing vibes and so much appreciated. Hugs xx

    1. Brad, thank you for your kind and caring message. For once I am taking it easy – no other option and yes, my immune sytem will need a big boost after this hammering. With underlying health conditions for my mother and myself we are bearing the brunt of the symptoms but thankful it hasn’t gone any worse. hugs x

    1. I will, Anneli and I am lucky to not be going through this alone. I hope the immunity will offer more protection in the future but with two varieties present in the UK I will just have to be even more careful! x

  18. Sometimes, it’s the ‘tinge of improvement’ that gives us the most hope while in the midst of illness/hard times. It appears you went straight for your creative crutch (as in that’s a GOOD thing) easing you through the COVID fears/uncertainties and just plain blues. Poetry. And writing your faithful followers an updated blog post.
    I feel honored, in fact.
    Now, you, stay in bed, stay connected & ‘snuggled up’, tapping away with your Ma…
    peace, dear one

    1. Laura, your comment has me in happy tears! ❤️🙏 You are right that those small signs of feeling better give a huge boost and energy of hope! After four days of barely being able to get out of bed it felt amazing to reach for my iPad, to tap the message. An email that truly wrote itself in poetic format as I was musing about being ‘A Worried Daughter’! I love the idea of reaching for the creative crutch – after months of being blocked by fears, overwhelmed with world events, the enforced bed hiatus seems to have released something within me.

      Haha … yes, we will keep tapping our morning missives to each other but one result from her positive test is that I am now able to go and see her – that will be wonderful after this week which seems SO long!

      Wishing you good health, peace and continuing creativity, my friend! xx ❤️

    1. Liz, I had been feeling unwell for a few days before testing positive; the doctor had prescribed antibiotics for the severely sore throat that I had to start with. Thank you, we are riding this out with strong spirits (NOT the liquid form!) and patience!

  19. Hi Annika, wishing your mum all the very best. If it’s any consolation several of my family members and friends have all had Covid and recovered fully. Sending you all love and warmest wishes. 🙏

    1. Miriam, thank you so much – that will mean a lot to her. I am glad your family members and friends are all fully recovered and I am not imagining any other outcome! Many of my family and friends have also had it; some were seriously ill in the hospital in 2020 and still suffering from long covid. I am thankful for the protection of the jabs as I have certain health conditions which make me more vulnerable.

      Keep enjoying your new ventures & Happy Writing! love & hugs xx ❤️

    1. Darlene, it is worrying how cases are quickly on the rise again. We have barely mixed in bigger groups and reckon it is just one of those things! Your care and concern means a lot to me – thank you. Keep safe & well. xx

    1. Thank you, Lynette – I feel a glimmer today! For four days I couldn’t be up at all or even read a little – that takes a lot to stop me picking up a book / my Kindle!

    1. Jill, that means a lot – thank you! ❤️ The irony is that we have barely been out at all in big gatherings / meals etc – one just never knows! I am thankful for all the jabs as this is rough enough .. can’t imagine coping without any protection against it.

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