"Close-up of flower with many layers of pink and white petals, slightly darkened on the edges."

I forgive you, dear sublime tricksters glimpsed amongst the autumnal taupe. With your summer sheen you try to deceive me as for a second I let down my seasonal guard.

For over an hour I’ve luxuriated with the warm glow of sunshine upon my face, eyes squinted against the glaring rays as I’ve wandered around the Hall gardens.

"Large maple tree with glorious bright red leaves against green of fir trees and bluest of sky."

My eyes feasted upon the startling crimson maple in the distance, burnished as if alight; my vision lifted across to the golden hues of dancing grasses, above them russet oak leaves fluttering, twirling, released from the clasp of the branches, on their last flight of life.

All the time I’m fully aware of autumn. Yet here you are, at my feet, tucked neatly into the flower border, hiding beneath the bare roses. A sparkle of summer, your petals tinged with a love of light and life. Tugging at my memory of a bygone season.

"Large border of Pampas grasses swaying in the breeze, red leafed bushes to the front, blue sky."

I forgive you, con artist extraordinaire! With a sharp intake of breath I remain utterly still, coveting the treasure of summer, not wanting any sudden action to cause the precious petals to leave their anchor. Petals nigh free from blemishes of decay, petals bursting with gentle hues of pinks and the brilliance of white. On closer inspection though the ravages of autumn have started to touch them, the normal soft golden orb reduced to puckered sandy powdered puffballs.

I welcome your tenacity, your audacity. I salute your temerity. Thanking you for the gift of your deception, for returning summer to me on the cusp of winter.

"Ornamental pond with ducks swimming in it, bordered by pillar conifers, trees in autumn reds and gold, flowered water lilies in the middle."

113 thoughts on “I FORGIVE YOU

    1. Haha! 😀 Ju-Lyn, glad I ‘caught you’ with the title – exactly what I hoped to achieve! I honestly did think this on the way around! So glad you enjoyed the tribute to the changing seasons – we are now very much in the damp, cold, foggy part of English winter … brrrrr….

    1. Awww … Christy, thank you for your poetic comment and I’m smiling how Mother Nature is drying her eyes! Bless! It’s a joy when she’s in a good mood and autumn has been a wonder this year – until the big storm of today! However an excuse to hunker down in the warmth and candlelight indoors with books / writing etc! Wishing you a lovely weekend. Xx❤️

  1. Oh, Annika, this is brilliant, and I loved it! How wonderful that you were able to enjoy such a fabulous day. Your photos are gorgeous and the colours…wow! We are in the midst of a State of Emergency here, and there seems to be nothing but rain, so it was refreshing to see something so beautiful! I hope your weekend is full of sunshine and warmth. Lots of love and hugs to you, my friend.

    1. Tanya, I’m so glad to send you some Autumn sunshine and season’s colours & flowers! I hope it gives you a boost in the midst of grotty weather and State of Emergency. What is that for? Covid? I hope the weather lifts for you and you can head out into Nature! Here rain and storm … but cosy and warm inside the home (perfect excuse for LOTS of reading!) Wishing you well, take care. love & hugs xx

      1. Your photos definitely gave me a boost! I live on the west coast of Canada, and we have suffered catastrophic flooding. Sadly, more storms are coming our way; the worst one is set to hit on Tuesday. It’s pretty dire. The rain just won’t quit falling. We suffered raging fires in the summer, and now this, it’s like the apocalypse. And proof that Climate Change is the biggest threat to humanity. I am doing lots of reading and am staying cozy, just like you! I hope your weekend is a fabulous one. ❤️

        1. Tanya, I’ve followed the news from there and it looks apocalyptic indeed.Beggars belief and I feel for everyone affected. The heat was widely reported during the summer and it must all feel surreal, nightmarishly so. Yep, how can anyone doubt the danger of Climate Change. I hope you’re keeping safe. Take care, hugs xx ❤️

  2. Not only are the photos beautiful, but the poetic devices you used here are so lovely. Addressing the season and then accusing it of the trickery of having sunny weather when you know winter is approaching! Beautiful, Annika.

    1. Wow! Luanne, bless you for your wonderful comment / analysis of my poem! I’m taken with your detailed thoughts and it is always interesting to see how something that is written so intuitively has so many elements within it – as you well know! xx

  3. There’s definitely some trickery going on. I have pansies that should have died off by now, bulbs that are sending out shoots and weeds still growing that should be gone! But it’s turning colder…Lovely images of your Indian summer day.

    1. Blimey, bulbs already appearing … I hope they will survive the winter? Andrea, I think you are going to get more of the winter cold than we are down South but I’m still prepared as is the garden, just wrapped up th hibiscus today. So glad you enjoyed my post. Take care and keep warm!

    1. Yeah! It’s great to see you here, Lynz! I think you’ve been a bit awol as well?! Hope you and your family are all doing well. Thank you so much for your lovely comment about my writing! Keep well! xx

  4. Dear Annika, from the first time I read this wonderful poem/prose praise to nature
    I was stunned. Stunned by the beauty of your words and grateful.
    You share this beautiful experience in words that seem to have lifted you even further in your writing.
    You go, Annika. Follow your inner self and let the words flow.

    The content is remarkable and I can feel the crispness of autumn and the memory of sweet summer. Both filling our hearts and mind.

    Thank you, I feel peace reading this. And joy. 💖.


    1. Wow! Miriam, your remarkable comment touches me to the core. Your words about my writing, from such a wonderful poet as yourself, means a lot to me and give me a real boost! I can’t stop smiling! 😃 As always you reach into the spirit of the words and I love how you feel the autumn and summer as described ‘Both filling our hearts and mind’. Nature plays an ever more significant role in our lives – it deserves all the praise we can give it! Wishing you continued peace and joy, my dear friend! hugs xx ❤️

  5. Ah yes, Mother Nature plays tricks on us, doesn’t she? I think it’s her way of keeping us on our toes and grinning when we’re surprised. Beautiful, Annika. Your writing is poetic, your photos beautiful. Thanks for the smile.

    1. Diana, I see we are on exactly the same wavelength about mischievous Mother Nature! 😀 I’m touched how you find poetry within my writing – thank you so much for your lovely comment! It means a lot knowing my words and photos raise a smile across the Atlantic! ❤️

  6. Beautiful poetic reflection on the season and gorgeous photos, Annika! I am reminded of the song, “The Last Rose of Summer.” I hope you get a second bloom of your lilacs…a wonderful scent that brings back memories. We don’t have lilacs in SW Florida. ❤ Take care!

    1. Cheryl, thank you for introducing me to this heavenly piece of music – I’ve listened to it many times and feel my soul equally floating and crying! I’m touched my post has reminded you of this tune. I fear the lilacs will soon die away as frost is due any day. Yes, I can imagine the heat of Florida would be too harsh for these beautiful trees. The fragrance is divine in Spring and Summer. Hope you’re having a lovely start to the week! xx ❤️

  7. Mike

    Lovely post Annika, and I particularly like the title! Autumn is great when the weather is dry and the trees and plants can show off their colours to the full – and your photographs certainly capture that.


    1. Thank you so much, Mike, and how true that Autumn is even more wonderful in dry weather. We have been blessed this year and although the glorious colours were later than normal the display has been stunning!

  8. Lovely imagery – both visual and ‘aural’ (I can hear you speaking your prose). While perhaps begun in ‘deception’ it ends up to be more of a ‘gift’ as you say…And extra breath taken/given before the deep dive into your Northern Winter.

    1. Wow! Laura, warmest thanks for your wonderful poetic comment and it is touching how this resonates with you. I love that you see/hear/feel my writing, its intent – and yes, I fear it will be a deep dive into winter this year – frost and snow are on the way we’re warned for this week! hugs xx ❤️

  9. Hi Annika, this is a beautiful post and I love your picture. Are the flowers unusual for this time of year? We are having very rainy weather, more than usual, but I am grateful for the rain and relief from the heat.

    1. Thank you so much, Robbie and it is a joy to share here! It has been an unusually warm and sunny autumn, even into mid November, which is not common and the flowers are making the most of it. Normally none would be out but a few plucky ones are hangning on there, like this one here! Glad you’re enjoying the cool from the rain. Last autumn and winter it was non-stop damp and rain hence my delight of the season – so far!😀

    1. Khaya, I’m beaming and blushing in equal measure at your amazing comment. With words like this from such a gifted poet as yourself I can only say – thank you so VERY much! ❤️ With your encouragement over the years the reluctant poet within me concededs defeat – most humbly, most happily, so! xx

  10. Behind the Story

    Beautiful thoughts on the changing seasons. They don’t change on a dime, do they? I love the image of the little flower left from summer. My neighbor across the street has a large climbing camellia that only blooms in November. The profusion of pink blossoms bring more joy in this dark month than they would have in the spring or summer.

    1. Nicki, I love the seasons and their fickle nature – it’s been such a delight to share about this pretty / cheeky flower! Oh, your neighbour’s camellia sounds stunning and wow, it only flowers in November? That is amazing as here in the UK they flower around February / March – our neighbour has one in their garden and it’s always lifts my spirits when in bloom and a sign spring is not far away.

    1. Thank you so much, Donna! It is a wonderful Autumn and I am touched how the seasons now seem to cross over more than ever – the lilac tree in the garden was in bud this morning. Confused!

    1. Pete, it is great news that you finally have some rain in California – it seems like a state of extremes and fires this year looked horrendous.

      Oh, the flower was the cutest and most welcome of surprises – almost seemed confused and out of place itself!

    1. Very much that kind of autumn, Liz! 😀 At the start my expectations were rather low, last year was a wash-out and not much colour-wise this October. The lateness of the season, interspersed with the surprise hints of summer has inspired my lyrical post! Thank you for your lovely comment.

      Also, a quick aside … I really liked your comment on Audrey’s post and bet those cool historical elements are hard to leave out from your books/writing! One just wants to share the knowledge!

      1. You’re welcome, Annika! I don’t even remember last year’s autumn. I do know that we had several wash-out years prior to this autumn.

        I’m glad you liked my comment on Audrey’s post. I’m able to cut the cool historical elements because I tell myself I will use them some day. (Just like all the cool floppy disks from 1997.)

    1. Exactly, Jacquie!😀 It’s one big sigh of hope that the warmer weather will last -poor things. This morning noticed new buds on the lilac tree in the garden – crazy! So glad you liked my writing – thank you!

    1. Betsy, I’ll go with the latter suggestion! 😀 I feel for it with the colder weather now on the way and cheering it to hang on for as long as it can! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. X

      1. Reminds me of the new leaves sprouting recently on our grape vine even while the older leaves were dying. Silly leaves! Now they’re dying too. They didn’t get very far. Still, it was pleasant to see them try! 🙂

    1. Balroop, I’m honoured, thank you so much! I’m beginning to think that there is a poet within me trying to escape! 😀 It means a lot that you find poetry within this piece and enjoyed the post and photos! So much beauty and I’m loving the opportunity to take lots of pictures! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, xx ❤️

  11. You created a funny title for a heartfelt tribute to the glorious surprise of late-blooming flowers Annika. I share in your delight at the mystery, beauty, and tenuousness of the changing seasons. It teaches us to relish the moment.

    1. Brad, thank you so much for your terrific comment and it’s great you see the fun tribute to this and all such flowers! I wanted to take a different approach! My sense of wonder in nature seems to grow each day and this sense of affinity feels special. So many flowers and plants this year are tenuous yet I worry for them as the cold of snowy weather is due soon! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, 😀

    1. Oh, that crimson is breathtaking, almost surreal! It deserves to be appreciated in all its glory. Jo, how true it doesn’t take much to lift one’s heart and I’m learning that more each day!

    1. Lynette, you’re right, this is autumn! At the beginning of the season I was despairing… the leaves green, the days still summery and warm. Not that I mind summer but it didn’t feel quite ‘right’. Then in a couple of weeks autumn proper arrived and I’ve relished the beauty and magic! So glad you enjoyed the monologue and photos! Thank you! Xx

    1. Bernadette, it’s a joy to share the beauty and fun! 😀 Although there were a few other flowers this one really seemed to peek out at me in a cheeky manner! Yes, it is fantastic when small experiences like this are a source of inspiration! Xx

    1. Joyce, it is wonderful to know that the poem transported you there for a short while! 😀 I so wanted to share the sense of wonder and play! I’m glad you liked the photos; it was barely out of my hands the whole visit and a tricky treat to choose just a few to share here! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

    1. Alison, thank you so much for your poetic comment and observations. The sense of play and teasing of this autumn has been in my thoughts as lot as flowers seem to be in bloom for much longer than usual. A visual delight and I’m making the most of enjoying the beautiful display!

    1. Janet, it’s lovely you’re also seeing flowers still in full bloom – an incredible autumn but yes, even better if they flowered altogether! I love the sound of your wildlife meadow! My friends tried to create one in a large raised area this year however wild grass took over … I’m hoping for more flowers for them next year.

    1. Susan, thank you so much and it means a lot that you see poetry within the prose! I’ve noticed a change in my writing style recently and I’m enjoying it! A delight to share the wonder of the season here!

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