Often we let our dreams remain just that — a fantasy! A longing etched in the heart and mind, slowly dissipating into oblivion.

One such dream had lightly rested in my spirit for a long time and finally dared to take form within me last spring. For a week or so the idea gently took root, and as always I tried to stomp out the ridiculous notion! It would not obey and instead reached deeper into my consciousness, my dream took on a dramatic design. At last, I could see it! My writing studio!

For another week I pondered the possibilities, the position for such a building in the garden, exploring the numerous different garden offices for sale as well as taking into account the overall cost.

With all the boxes ticked I approached my husband to discuss the plan and his enthusiasm mirrored mine! After much deliberation we settled on a building and time-frame — delivery was organised for the middle of January!

It was wonderful in the midst of this dark and traumatic month here in the UK to have this positive exciting new project underway.

I revelled in planning all the elements of the venture, from the construction to the completion, overseeing all the various stages.

First trees and bushes had to be cleared; I bade a fond sad farewell to a beloved acacia tree and climbing roses. In its place, two super guys laid a cement base and the light and airy feel to the corner lifted my spirits and I could not help but give a little twirl on this temporary perfect outdoor dance floor!

All ready for the cement!
Me in a celebratory twirl on the newly dry cement base (Thank you to Pam at ROUGHWIGHTING for encouraging me in this dance, no snow alas!)

Whilst waiting for the building electricity was an urgent necessity and a professional company explained that this would need to come from the mains in the house. Furthermore, a trench 600 mm (2 feet) deep needed to be dug from the house to the new building for the armoured electrical cable. My husband took on this unenviable task, digging in all weathers, and for all his hard work I happily listened to his descriptive monologues of each varying layer of clay (there are many!)

The final trench

Soon enough the building arrived and the two guys came back to erect the kit-form building.

Floor bearers laid and start of wall construction and panels added!

Within four days, the piles of wood and building parts had been transformed into a magnificent new garden office. At their suggestion decking was laid all around the building and this complemented the modern sleek design perfectly!

Ta-da! My Completed Writing Studio!

With the exterior completed it was time to tackle the interior and at first I was daunted by the gaps between walls, ceilings and floor. No fear, I was reassured by my husband, as all would be finished beautifully and during the coldest days in the year he filled, painted, added skirting, coving, trims as necessary.

In less than two days the electricity was all put into place and at last there was light and power in the building. All in time for the new carpet and curtains.

An opening ceremony was held one sunny evening and with great aplomb, I cut the ribbon strewn across the handles and we stepped inside. My mother poured the champagne she’d brought and we had a wonderful celebratory time picnicking on the soft carpet!

Finally it was time for a heave and a ho! Three days later all my furniture was in place, which included ‘borrowing’ a bookcase from another room and putting my all-important ornaments, knick knacks and pictures into place.

My writing desk side!
The computer desk side!

The pièce de résistance was the most unusual and stunning present from my mother — a beautiful Tiffany lamp. Can you see the dragonflies flitting about?

I have now fully moved in and I am ecstatic. Ensconced within this cosiest of writing retreats I’ve found that creativity has flourished! It is peaceful within, the rain on the roof a mediative tune for my soul, the tap-dancing pigeon gracing me with its presence in-between nibbling seeds below the bird feeder just a metre or so away from me. The light is startlingly sheer and invigorating. Within me the transformation has been astounding, my heart is full of joy and energy, life feels lighter and more positive. Already I feel inspiration bubbling within me!

“Dreams are the illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.” Marsha Norman

A snug welcoming haven even at nighttime!

Note: All photographs by & copyright ©Annika Perry

171 thoughts on “CREATIVE HAVEN

    1. Krista, I’m so happy if my post has inspired you to create something similar! 😀 I’m loving it, so cosy and my mind free of all distractions and worries! A real blessing! 😀

  1. Oh, my! I love, love your writing studio and the swirl dance. 😀 What a delightful project, congrats my friend! The timing couldn’t be more perfect to welcome the long awaited spring! Your studio is a wonderful refuge for writing, and let’s not forget the daydreaming part! And the quote by Norman captures it all so perfectly. Keep dreaming, keep creating! xx

    1. Khaya, your shared joy resonates throughout your comment and touches me deeply! Thank you! 😀❤️ I love that you mentioned the quote, and as soon as I saw it, felt the words summed up the project, studio’ its purpose exactly! Oh, I definitely won’t forget the daydreaming … there’s where the magic happens! 😀 How right you are about being just in time for Spring! During the summer I saw a few other buildings and the delivery was for May/June this year … I was adamant I wanted something up and ready by Spring … now I’m joined by the birds outside in the trees, enjoy watching the roses bushes in bud, the buddleia leaves becoming greener each day. Such is the richness of life within my writing sanctuary! Wishing you well and safe, my dear friend! Happy Reading and Writing! Xx

    1. Jennie, it’s wonderful to have you sharing my joy of the new writing studio – thank you! 😀 I still have to convince myself that this isn’t a dream and actually made it a reality!

  2. I love this soooooo much! Your creative haven is a labour of love… a precious space that gives breath to soulful creations. I can feel your spirit of gratitude in your swirl. Absolutely wonderful. 🙂 So happy for you, Annika. Its soothing energy is fuel for the soul. Cheers to you and your hubby for bringing a heartfelt idea to its fruition. Amazing! xo

    1. Natalie, bless you for you wonderful and heartfelt comment! It is a delight to have you sharing my joy here, understanding the spiritual journey to its creation! 😀❤️ A true labour of love indeed and at times I doubted all the elements of the build would fall into place! In the end it went like clockwork and the creative haven is more than I could ever have dreamt of! You are absolutely right about my twirl being one of gratitude and sheer exuberance at the start of the project and that since being here I’ve felt re-energised on a creative level that I haven’t experienced in a long time! I was unaware how many distractions, physical and emotional swirled around me non-stop otherwise! It was a fun joint team work with my hubby and gave us positive direction during the darkest of months here in the U.K. hugs xx

  3. Oh, this is awesome! I’ve always thought if I had a place to go that was dedicated just to my creative writing that I would do more of it. You’ll have to let us know if that’s true :-).

    1. Kristine, I hope it is true! 😀 For now, I’m enjoying the novelty of my writing retreat and gradually sorting out myself and my mind – loving the treat of a room! It is so amazing! 😀

  4. Congratulations, I have often wondered about these garden rooms and you have certainly made it fit for your purpose. Thankfully I have managed to create sanctuary rooms in Spain and UK for my writing. Somehow that word gives me the right feeling. Yours too seems the perfect light and airy sanctuary. Happy Writing days.

    1. Georgina, I LOVE your descriptive word of SANCTUARY for my writing studio – just perfect and so full of peace and harmony. It is great you have managed to create such sanctuary rooms for yourself in Spain and UK. The light of mine here is lovely and with nature of the garden just a step away. Luckily it is fully insulated and heated so it will be used year round! Happy Writing to you too in your specials retreats and hope all is well with you and your family! xx

      1. Yes, all is well Annika, with most of my friends and family but there has been some loss and that loss of physical connection too. I hope we all come out of this wiser and not ‘business as usual’. Keep well.

        1. Georgina, I am so sorry for your losses. My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones and just too many to fathom. I agree, if things go back to as before we have lost a critical opportunity of reflection on how we live our lives, interact with other, how to make a real difference.

  5. Oh WOW Annika.. what a treat you have given yourself here.. Just beautiful to see from conception to completion.. Wonderful my friend… HAPPY WRITING!.. In your cosy studio….. Looks lovely…
    Love and hugs your way….. ❤ So happy to be back here also writing again…
    Have a beautiful Spring! ❤

    1. Sue, you should have seen my smile when I saw your name and wonderful comment!😀😀 It’s so special to see you’re back and as always your words are full of kindness, warmth and joy!❤️ The studio is an incredible treat and one I can’t quite believe is real – although it must be since I’m here!😀 It was exciting to first plan and organise the build and a delight to see it take form. Quicker than I ever thought possible.

      Wishing you light and creativity this Spring, hope all is well with you and your family and that better times that look promising become our new reality. hugs xx ❤️

      1. I can now picture you in your little studio Annika… you have made such a cosy den in there… And thank you .. all continues to progress well…. Love and Hugs my friend.. Happy writting! ❤

  6. Congratulations, Annika! What a beautiful haven you have created – in preparation for more creative endeavours!

    Love love love your celebratory twirl, even without the snow!

    1. Ju-Lyn, it’s wonderful to read your joy of my new haven and all ready for creativity to fall upon me! 😀 Seriously, more in my head and on paper than I quite know what to do with and SO excited to get started!

      Haha! I’m smiling at your joy of my celebratory twirl – I considered long whether to include this bit of silliness and so glad I did – it captured my absolute joy at the completion of the first phase!

      Hope you have a lovely weekend! xx

      1. It is an endeavor of such magnitude and significance – I feel privileged to have shared it in part. It is inspiring to see the fruits of your dream & effort.

        And how wonderful that your husband is so very supportive of you.

        I am a firm believer in “silliness” – I think we should have a good dose of it every day! But I hear you – I spend a lot of time deciding what to include and not.

    1. Clare, I’m smiling away at your phrase ‘room of your own’ – just so! 😀 I feel extremely lucky and it is a true retreat – even from the outside world! Thank you so much for your bubbly comment!

  7. WOOOOOW! I have been so anxious to see the photos of your new writing retreat and I am beyond excited for you. Your spinning dance by the way is magnificent. To think I may have inspired that gives me goosebumps. A writer needs a room of hew own; a relative of mine – Virginia Woolf – once wrote that and as you have found she is so right. By the way, I love the “sunset” in your writing room, 🧡💛❤️💜

    1. Pam, awww! 😀❤️ I can hear and feel your joy and thank you so much for sharing in the excitement of my writing retreat – that is just the word! I love retreating into this cosiest of rooms. I am honoured with such high praise for my Pam-Twirl (yes, it is now an official term coined by others here and soon will be viral!😀) Without the snow I thought it was safest to stay upright. It was such FUN to dance around with gentle abandon!

      Before this post, I’d never heard of Virginia Woolf’s belief but feel this is true, if possible! Haha, the lighting does indeed have the warmth of a southern sunset and with the heater on is just as warm! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my dear friend! ❤️🤗

  8. Mike

    The writing studio looks very impressive and cosy – and I can tell you are really pleased with it. Just in time for Spring too when the weather gets warmer and you can open the doors wide to let all the ideas just float in!

    May you have many happy writing days ahead.


    1. Mike, I LOVE the dreamy drifty thought of letting creativity float in through the open doors! 😀 Yes, I better wait until warmer weather to open those doors – I can’t wait and imagine the scent of the buddleia to enter the studio maybe with a flitting butterfly or two! I am elated with my new haven.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and your kind wishes for my writing. 😀

      1. I can well imagine. It does sound like one of those visions that don’t actually become a reality. But you and your family made it come true!Will you be able to work there when your weather is coldest?

        1. Yes, the building is very well insulated and I have a small oil filled heater which is keeping the room very cosy and warm! I wonder if I will need to bring down the fan for heatwave weather? 😀😀

          1. Yes a fan will come in handy I’m sure. Now the picture of your haven comes into full view for me. It’s like a cottage, steps away from your home. With the big glass doors you may get a view of moon and stars if you visit at night.

  9. Your dream surely came true, Annika, and in such a lovely form! I love the energy and excitement joyfully pulsating onto my screen from your photos and Pam-twirl! Your studio is absolutely lovely and the support given to you by your husband is even more so lovely and admirable. Happy writing with all the creativity flowing! ❤️❤️

    1. Lauren, bless you for your wonderful comment and thank you so much for sharing in the joy of my new studio! 😀❤️

      The design of the building attracted me immediately and luckily even better in real life. I am so bubbly with joy and I’m glad this came across in my post. Ah, the Pam-twirl was fun to do – she’d inspired/challenged me soon after I saw her snow dance!

      As with everything in life, it is the effort of so many to achieve a dream; my husband has been a terrific help and I can see how he loved doing the work along the way. He says he’s happy to see me happy – awww!😀 Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week! ❤️

  10. Behind the Story

    I love your enthusiasm and your willingness to dream. If every writer needs a room with a view, you are blessed with floor to ceiling windows and a view of your garden. Your husband was a marvelous help. I’m impressed that he dug such a long ditch through clay-infused soil. And your mother was also a great support. The lamp is beautiful.

    1. Nicki, it wonderful to read your thoughtful comment – thank you! ❤️ As soon as I saw a picture of this building the floor to ceiling doors and windows caught my eye and the light is perfect indoors, even on the greyest rain day such as today! With trees and flowers in bud, I soon will be sitting in the midst of a floral haven! Haha – my husband is most chuffed with his trench and it is now filled up and the grass growing well with all the watering from the clouds! The lamp was a beautiful surprise and my mother helped in so many ways all along, particularly on the final decision of the building, colours for the walls, carpets and curtain! I’m hopeless on all three and she’s effectively chosen all the colours for our house! Hope you’re keeping well! xx

  11. What fun, Annika. And now you can write to your heart’s content. It’s a beautiful, cozy writers nook. Who could ask for more. And kudos to your husband for being so supportive. Loved the little twirl dance and your mother bringing the champaign and Tiffany lamp. It was definitely a family project!
    I confess to having several writing nooks to fit my restless nature, but all of them are important to me. I’m happy for you. –Curt

    1. Curt, I love how you saw this as a family project — So true! 😀 It has been an exciting time and the perfect uplifting undertaking this last year. Ahhh … I’m glad you liked my silly little dance, I was a bit self-conscious to put it on, especially since the only way for me to post a video is through making a YouTube video! Yeah! ‘Writer’s Nook’ is a brilliant description of my new studio … maybe I need a new sign?! 😀

      Enjoy your varying writing nooks, Curt and I bet they all have outstanding stunning views. I remember a photo of one of your reading nooks and wow, the scenery was breathtaking! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and for sharing in my joy of my new writing space!

    1. Jacquie, the modern sleek design is wonderful and caught my eye from the very beginning! It was unnerving to buy without seeing in person but it was even better in real life and yeah, windows like this let in SO much natural light! Xx

  12. Oh, Annika, I am so excited for you. I twirled with you, feel the warmth of the Tiffany lamp, sense the creative that seeps out when you open the door. What wonderful support from your husband, too.

    1. Jacqui, lovely to have you joining me in a twirl … I hope you were equally warmly wrapped up! 😀 I’m smiling at the thought of creativity seeping out of the door. The other day my husband did say he could feel the energy from me as he saw me working away in the studio. He is a rock indeed and has worked hard on many aspects of this … to be honest, he’s loving it all! 😀

  13. Yay! I love your Pam-twirl! And what a beautiful spot for writing, Annika. I have a writing space and can relate to how wonderful it feels to decorate it to match your creativity, to fill it with inspiration, and to have a place where writing happens. You husband was a trooper to dig that trench! And a lovely dragonfly lamp from your mom. Now get in there and enjoy yourself. Congratulations! Hugs.

    1. Yeah! Pam-twirl is now the official term … and we’ve got to spread this far and wide! 😀 Diana, I am happy that you have such a wonderful and inspirational writing place and if I can achieve even a small amount of your creative output I will be overjoyed! I can already feel the difference within me. Haha! The trench digger was a trooper indeed … I kept him fortified with lots of tea and biscuits! As for the lamp, I love it and it’s the first thing on as I go in and the last thing off in the evening. So cosy and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing in the excitement of my new writing studio, my dear friend! Hugs xx ❤️

    1. Laura, you are too kind … thank you so much! ❤️ I feel blessed indeed! My son would have loved something like this when he was younger! He is now at university full-time but when he’s home it is heavenly to hear him playing the piano once more … he misses it and I miss hearing him!

  14. I LOVE you’re creative haven, a place to write, reflect, rejoice, celebrate. What came through your deliciously detailed post was the support and love of your husband who shared your dream and gave all his time and effort to fulfilling this dream. You will remember that, in the time of Covid, you and your husband chose creativity, courage and resilience. Sending hugs!

    1. Wow! Rebecca, I am stunned by your beautiful comment! Thank you so very much! ❤️ Your words make my writing studio so much more than just a place of work, and it means more than you will know that you recognise the gift of this project for my husband and myself, particularly this last year. It feels important to have created something positive and uplifting in the midst of the darkness and paralysis that has touched us all. Yes, we are all learning that we are much more resilient than we ever imagined … so much light in the end. Hugs winging their way back to you! Xx ❤️

    1. Neil, it is amazing how it all came together without a hitch and the look and finish is even better in person. I know, the guys were SO fast, especially considering some elements should have had three people on it and also the decking was a last minute extra!

  15. I showed this post and photo by photo to my husband, Annika. Having a writing studio was my dream also. But we don’t have enough space in our garden. We’ll be building a 8×10 shed but not as a writing studio, unfortunately. We have a patio attached to the house. I thought of having an enclosed patio with glass doors and windows all around, and glass ceiling. But the estimate was $40,000. I wasn’t that desperate to have such structure as a writing studio either. So, no, I won’t have one.

    It’s fabulous to see your dream come true with your wonderful husband’s support. I can see you’ll spend a lot of time in it to write, read, and listen to music, and doing other projects. I’m so thrilled for you, Annika! 🙂

    1. Miriam, how wonderful that you and your husband looked through the photos! 😀 I love watching buildings being made and extra fun with my own. I took so many photos I ended up with 178 so I had to ruthless to whittle it down to these few here.

      Good luck with your shed build and it is a pity it can’t become a writing nook for you. It is a matter of fitting things in. Your thought for the patio with effectively a conservatory would have been ideal but I understand at your baulking at the price. That is a lot. Also, at our last house we had a very small glass conservatory which was lovely for about seven months of the year, the rest of the time it was far too hot in summer (50 degrees centigrade) or too cold in winter so not used then either.

      Ahh … I like how you picked up on the music in the midst of the writing and I love to have something on as long as not editing or writing new pieces.

      My dear friend, thank you so much for sharing in my joy and excitement of my new writing haven, it means a lot to me. Hugs xx ❤️

  16. I’m thrilled for you. Your writing studio is perfect! Thank you for showing us some of the many steps it took to make your dream come true. I’m so glad I can now imagine your sitting at the computer to write posts and comment on blogs. May you always have inspiration, energy, and joy for your wonderful writing.

    1. Anne, I thought I could feel someone watching me tapping away on the keyboard! 😀 You probably spotted the chocolate bar on the desk! Thank you so much for sharing my excitement of my new writing haven and I’m thrilled to share about its creation … as you can tell it has been quite a project! 😀 It is already wonderfully inspiring and filling me with joy, and this is just the start! Xx

      1. You would know if I spotted your chocolate bar, because I would drool. I’m happy with my writing place, looking out towards the mountains. It’s easy to understand your delight in your studio.

    1. It has been very busy indeed, not directly on writing projects but definitely related to writing! Thank you so much for your lovely wishes, Rosaliene and I can well imagine me becoming ensconced in there during summer evenings, scribbling/tapping away! Xx

  17. Wow! Your enthusiasm is spilling through this post and that video is so cute! Lovely creative, cozy haven. Congratulations Annika. I am so happy for you. Stay blessed and happy writing.

    1. Balroop, bless you!😀 It is wonderful to have you share in my excitement and enthusiasm … I’m so glad my joy bubbles across in the post! It is SO cosy in here and I hope for many creative moments. I just came from your last post and wow, what stunning and inspiring views of the hills from your writing place. Happy Writing to you too, my friend! xx

  18. Dear Annika, Your post made me happy for many reasons. I love your word “Haven.” The joy this writing studio gives you leaps from the pages. I knew it was a vision and I enjoy watching it take form. How cute you are, doing your celebratory twirl and bow! I put the sound on and I can hear the wind and (almost) your squeals of delight. 🙂❤️

    Your husband is an amazing man, as you well know. Supportive and willing to do the hard work. Also how he worked during the coldest days of the year. I will send this post to my husband and put some fear in him for a possible future project.🙂 He is presently building a gazebo outside so we can have a few friends over. Latest restrictions, a certain number and outside only.

    Ribbon, champagne, a gorgeous Tiffany lamp! Fun! By the way…I noticed and it brought me great joy! 🙏🦋 A wonderful haven for you to create and share your beautiful words, Annika xx Hugs ❤️

    1. Erica, your wonderful comment has me beaming away and I sense your presence in my haven – there is always a spare chair for visitors! 😀 So glad you noticed, thank you again! ❤️ Oh no, I don’t want you to put the fear in your husband … or perhaps it will inspire him in future projects! 😀 My husband and I have had a lot of fun working on this together and in the mornings he would ask about his ‘job’ for the day. In the end, he so enjoyed digging the trench I had to drag him indoors!

      It was a bit of silliness with the dance and yes, I was about to squeal but restrained myself!😀 I was SO excited that the project was thoroughly launched and could finally see all the planning and organising become a reality. I love watching building work and it was amazing to see this take form over just four days – a revelation I couldn’t wait to share here. I am still high with joy and it is an amazing feeling. Of course, we had to celebrate it in style and there was a ribbon-cutting video but I thought it became a bit too much!

      Erica, I hope the weather warms up for your meet up with family and friends outdoors – we are hoping for that possibility from the end of the month with six allowed to meet at distance in gardens, fingers crossed. I’ve promised the neighbours a peek of my completed studio and I already hear murmurings that others are considering something similar!

      Wishing you a lovely rest of the week and hope things steadily improve for you all. hugs xx ❤️

      1. Annika, My husband did read your post and the first thing he mentioned is the trench digging. He would love to dig into this type of project.🙂 Still busy with the gazebo. I read the news and I send you virtual hugs, daily. And, yes, steadily improve for all. Thank you for sharing these wonderful vibrations. It always makes a difference.xx❤️

    1. Jill, the electricity was a MUST – obviously for all the electronics but also for the heat! I feel the chill easily. As for falling asleep, that’s not a problem …💤😴💤

      Awake again! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and it’s been a joy to share about my new cosy writing space! Happy Writing! xx

    1. Awww … thank you so much, Brad! 😀 I love light so this was something I looked at in great detail – the whole set of windows and doors provides plenty and wonderfully close to a buddleia! It’s lovely how my post has touched you and means a lot. Wishing you a wonderful and creative week.

  19. Not only do you have the prize writing studio, you also have the prize husband. I had asked mine to build or place a studio out of the house for me many years ago but the idea was dismissed.. I hope you have some form of heat and cooling in there for those uncomfortable weather moments. I can see how you would be inspired in that creative space. Did your hubby make the wooden sign as well? I also love the quote. Saved it to my stash of quotes. I agree with Liz, all the cool kids are going to want one now. 😉

    1. Marlene, I’m worried if I show him your wonderful comment my hubsand might get a bit bigheaded?! 😀 He has been a big support and currently repainting the room where all my furniture resided before – he does not like all the paperwork, organising, chasing up deliveries etc so that’s my department. A good team overall! He bought the sign for my Christmas present which was very sweet!

      The space has allowed my brain to become focused on work 100% – I didn’t realise how distracted I was before and it’s wonderful to escape everything for a while!

      Yeah! Another quote collector and I love this one and enjoyed learning a bit about Marsha – I’ve never heard of her before.

      It would be great if others are inspired by my post to creative their own writing retreats – the possibilities are endless. Following the last year, garden offices are becoming hugely popular, some are taking 8 months until delivery! I felt lucky to be able to order this one!

  20. Oh my goodness, Annika, this is FABULOUS!! Congratulations! And kudos to you for following that nudge from the Universe to create this beautiful space. No telling what will flow from you! I love the video of you twirling on the “temporary” dance floor. 🙂

    1. Jan, bless, thank you so much for sharing my joy! 😀 It is wonderful and I can’t believe it is finally all finished. I can’t tell you the number of times I nearly turned away from the nudge to go ahead with the project – especially as the virus raged across the country. Luckily all the work was outside and far away from us tucked into the warm safe house! haha … the dance video was a fun moment of silliness – we need moments of jovility and glad you enjoyed it! For a few seconds I thought of stopping the work and retaining just the base, adding a bar in one corner, some palm trees, paddling pool … 😀

    1. Alison, thank you so much for your beautiful and thoughtful comment – and it feels amazing to finally be in here and I already feel so much more inspired … those creative ideas have no escape now!😀

  21. Congratulations, Annika, on your new creative venue! Your garden office is absolutely delightful and I wish I could visit it, and you, in person. Btw, you’re the second blogger I’ve visited this morning brimming with optimism and creativity. So happy for you! ❤

    1. Jennifer, maybe the better news in some places is helping to lift our spirits – it certainly has mine and receiving the first dose of vaccine last week felt like a momentous occasion!😀

      Oh, I love how you can share in my joy of my new creative venue and you would be SO welcome to visit – you can take the cosy chair and I imagine hours later we would still be in here chatting away before moving onto the swing seat for afternoon tea/wine! 😀❤️

      1. Yes, you’re probably right about that. We deserve better news as we are long overdue for some. And don’t rule out the possibility of me trying to reach out to you sometime. Paul and I still hope to visit England at some point, so who knows? I would love to meet you in person and have that chat and tea and wine. 😍❤️

        1. Jennifer, it would be fantastic if you came to England and to meet in person! 😀 For such a special occasion champagne methinks! Fingers crossed and I do believe travel will revive, although maybe not so much this year. Let me know how your plans go. Hugs xx 😀❤️

  22. 11th Commandment–Thou shalt not covet thy blogger friend’s writing studio. My husband and I sometimes drive around the Virginia countryside looking at small buildings that could supposedly work. However, we are now at the age where we rent as opposed to buying and I am lucky to have an office to write in. So may the muse decide to reside where you write. It’s gorgeous and your lamp is wonderful.

    1. 😂😂 Pat, I LOVE your comment and you have my stiches … I won’t forget this new addendum to the Commandments! 😀 I was slightly concerned about the post but I love sharing in the joy and news of my friends and was sure many would here too. Thank you so much! I do like the sound of your drives around the Virginia countryside – that alone sounds exciting and it’s always fun to imagine new possibilities! I’m happy you have your an office to write in – I feel equally lucky and realise it is a privilege. So glad you like the lamp, such a soft colourful light and the floor switch is inspired! My mother is thinking of buying one for herself now!

    1. Clive, thank you and I am sure my creativity will flourish – and I’ll definitely update how things are going! 😀 I can’t believe the difference it makes being out of the house and in my cosy haven!

    1. Haha!😀 Liz, I’m happy if I’ve inspired others to create their own writing retreats!😀 The possibilities are endless although there is a general shortage in the UK of garden offices/sheds at the moment! Some places were quoting 8 months delivery!

      It still doesn’t quite feel real and at times I think I must be dreaming … until I look up, around and outside! I’m actually here! 😀

        1. Liz, I like it cosy and warm around me so insulation was a must. The roof if 10 cm insulation, the wall panels and floor are also insulated and the doors/windows double glazed. With a small oil filled radiator I’m all set … is your husband and you interested in something similar?

  23. Wonderful read. Thanks for sharing this gratifying experience, your joy, and the step by step progress towards realising the dream of your writing sanctuary. Try not to let the space boss you into writing. Day dreaming and staring out of the window at birds is equally important 🙂

    1. Ashen, it’s spooky how you seem to read my concerns exactly! At one stage I did become worried that I would be ‘forced’ to feel I had to write and failing if not … it’s eerie how you can see that side of me. In the end I decided to do just what you advice, allow myself to day dream and enjoy looking out into the garden, the plants and bird life. The starlings are busy building a nest in our roofs eaves, I notice!

      ps. I love your use of writing sanctuary … I might well adopt the term, it’s perfect! ❤️

  24. This looks fabulous, Annika. That writing desk, complete with the greenery and the quiet around, seems pretty inviting. Almost like a dream – in your case, a dream come true 🙂 Cheers.

    1. Thank you and it is indeed a dream come true – many times it looked like one of the elements of the build would not come though but it is wonderful how in the end it all worked perfectly. 😀I love my desks and I imagining how in the summer the doors will be open and some of the green from the buddleia fluttering inside!😀

  25. I love the idea of garden rooms. A spinster aunt we thought had no money left seven of us each the same amount. Just enough to pay for the ‘Aunty Evelyn Memorial Summer House’ that sits in the corner of my little garden taking the afternoon sun – but no electricity. It is purely for sitting scribbling in my note pad.

    1. Janet, what a thoughtful gift to you all and you created a wonderful memory place for you! Summerhouses are idyllic relaxing places, allowing thoughts to drift free, unencumbered by the electronics of the modern world! It sounds utter bliss to be there, scribbling away … Happy Writing!😀

  26. Congratulations, dear Annika. How I love it when a dream comes together. You have me laughing with all that stamping on the dream. Your sensible Self telling you; I don’t need this whilst your creative self wanting that peace to just be, be you and your dreams.

    It is the most wonderful story, both pictorially and in words. I also love how you describe the events . The loss of the Acacia and Roses. Your husband’s new keep fit program by building a trench. Your dance on the foundation. Those two building guys did a beautiful work.

    May this special haven be a place where you can work undisturbed and of course I expect some more beautiful posts coming forth … along with one of the books that seems to bubble on the back burner.
    Have a really happy and peaceful time and I really believe you have inspired many of us to find our own special writing / creative corner. ♥️


    1. Wow! 😀❤️ Miriam, bless you for your beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring comment! Thank you for joining me in my joy of my new creative haven, your excitement is as bubbly and lively as my own, I sense!

      Haha! How right you are that an internal battle raged within during the planning stages, who am I kidding, at all stages until the building was up! Even at the last moment I considered backing down, it seemed too much, as well as too dangerous to have people around (though my family pointed out the obvious that I wasn’t close to anyone and all worked outside!) I’m so grateful my family convinced me and helped me fulfill my dream! 😀

      I’m thrilled to share about the various stages of the build, I was sad to see the plants go but definitely no regrets. My husband actually seemed to enjoy his new fitness regime, although he does seem to have taken a break from gardening for a few days! As for the two guys, they were incredible. Every time I turned my back another new stage had been completed… goodness knows how two amateurs were supposed to build it!

      Thank you so much for your gentle caring nudge for lots more posts and of course, a book or two! One so far on the back burner I have to reach deep to find it, dust it off and continue. The inspiration for doing just that is now there … can’t wait! I’ll keep you post!

      Miriam, thank you so much for all your amazing support, here and always. Hoping you have your own special creative corner/nook to write as the poetic spirit makes its appearance! Hugs xx ❤️

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