Beckoning Light

Hushed serenity
Mystic blue embraces all,
Giving thanks for peace.

©Annika Perry


Lone tree, spirit strong
Bedecked with icy jewels
Awaiting warm Spring.

©Annika Perry


128 thoughts on “Beckoning Light

    1. And there am I, loving images of your beautiful Arizona … scenes almost from another world! So glad you enjoyed the poems and photos, Luanne! Hope you’re keeping well and safe. Hugs xx

    1. How true … it is inspiring as it all nature through all the seaons! Being out has helped so much this year! A lone tree is incredibly evocative and especially so in this magical landscape! Thank you so much for you reading and sharing your thoughts!

      1. It was my pleasure!! We can learn a lot from nature when we stop to think about it..patience does not come easy and we could use some inspiration from those that are so available to us such as trees and lanscaping among others 🙂

    1. Miriam, crispy air is the best kind this time of year in England … the damp dull of rain is disheartening! I’m so glad you found hope and strength in my haikus – thank you! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xx

  1. Reading your words is like a breath of fresh air, Annika. The word “peace” continues to surface for me this week. I believe because my spirit is craving peace. I agree how this lone tree appears strong, barely bent. Possibly, also a message for me and for all of us. Thank you, Annika, for your words. You always make a difference.❤️

    1. Erica, it is a wonder and gift how nature teaches us all the time and like you I find the the tree here is trying to spread a message to us … to remain strong, hopeful … Spring is coming but bearing up this winter! Oh, how we need that peace, within our socities, within ourselves and I’m glad my haikus here gave you a little sense of this calm and harmony. Thank you for your lovely comment and bless you for your last sentence. Likewise, my friend! xx ❤️

      1. Hi Annika, I was thinking about you today, fondly, of course. I am planning to head to Munro’s book store tomorrow, downtown Victoria. I have only been out for groceries and walks, yet I am looking for something specific and local. You make a great point, peace within our societies and within ourselves. ❤️

        I will likely bore you with my thoughts, how you have a gift with words, Annika. I know I have said this before. You share a message and powerful emotions in few words. xx ❤️

    1. And to think I debated whether to include the second photo! 😀 Curt, how true that we need to seek out calm and peace, inside and outside of ourselves! Wishing you and Peggy a lovely rest of the week!

    1. Bless! 😀 Lauren, it’s wonderful to know you felt a sense of peace and harmony upon reading my post – that means a lot! Exactly the emotions I wanted to convey through the haikus as I viewed the photos! Hope you’re keeping well, my friend! xx

    1. Mike, thank you so much for your reflections and I’m glad my post cast some light during these troublilng times … the photos were inspiring and it’s a joy to share my haikus here! Keep well!

    1. Haha!! 😀😀 Yes, I can imagine it feels rather warmer in sunny Portugal … here the heating is constantly over 20, radiators burning hot and I’m in at least two layers! The light in the first one is incredible and that ‘hushed serenity’ floats over one!

    1. Jacqui, on days like this, winter is a dream! Heavenly to stride forth across such landscape! 😀 Now on the rainy, damp days just hovering over zero and constant gloom – send me over to warmer climes immediately! 😀

  2. This is why we need poetry – haikus with photos that remind us of the silent beauty all around us. I’m sinking into your words and your pictures and feeling an “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” ❤

    1. Pam, I’m smiling at the peace and harmony my post has instilled in you! 😀😀 The wonder of poetry is how in a few words they can capture a whole, distilling into very little that which is our everything! Wishing you a joyful and calm week, my friend! xx ❤️

  3. I love both of your haikus, as well as the photographs that inspired them. They strike me as odes to winter light, which can take on such different guises. Coincidentally, I was out taking winter landscape photos yesterday (to inspire fiction, but they might spark a poem or two as well).

    1. Liz, I would love to read your poems / fiction inspired by your own winter landscape … it can be a bewitching and captivating season! You are right that the light in these two photos is incredible and it means a lot to me that you see my haikus as odes to the winter light! Thank you so much! Here’s to inspiration & creativity … whatever their source! 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Diana! 😀 Haikus are a gift for saying so much in just a few syllables … and I wanted to capture the mystical magical light of this wintery landscape. Alas it is a couple of hundred miles north of where I live — a very good friend from university and I regularly excahange photos (and messages) on WhatsApp and knowing my love of ther moors these feature often! 😀

  4. Wonderful poems Annika.. You have captured the magic and the Light through both of your creations my friend…
    They both brought so much peace, and said so much in so few words… Excellently created..

    Love and Blessings dear Annika.. ❤

    1. Ahhh … bless you for your wonderful comment, Sue! The light is stunning in both of these photos, so mesmerising I find myself returning to them. I love how you felt the peace and magic within my haikus, just what I wanted to convery. I enjoy the challenge of limitation of the haiku form to capture one’s thoughts and emotions within such a tight framework. hugs xx ❤️

    1. Melissa, It’s wonderful my haikus touched you so! 😀Thank you for reading and your lovely comment! It’s a privilege to share here and always a joy ‘chatting’ through the ensuing discussions. X

    1. Balroop, that is exactly what a friend and I were discussing as we looked at the photos … her thoughts so very different from mine on exactly the same image! It means a lot they you feel my poetry complements the beauty of the nature captured so magically here!

    1. Merril, the icy blue of the photos does have one reaching for a fleece!! 😀 It is incredible as the two are opposite times of the day, the first one evening, the second morning but still such a mystical blue. I’m glad you enjoyed my accompanying poems and I definitely feel a hint of Spring now and then!

    1. Ahh … thank you so much, Natalie and I’m so happy you enjoyed these ‘gems’! It’s Sunday night here and it’s been a lovely day … hope you’re having a special Sunday too! hugs xx

  5. Such a beautiful and serene post. Your poems are lovely. Your friend Catherine, is quite the photographer. Her photos are stunning. Thank you again for the beautiful Christmas card. I loved seeing your family!❤️

    1. Ahhh … Jill, I am so glad my post could give your start of the day a sense of peace and serenity!😀 It was a joy to write the haikus and share here along with the photos. Catherine will be most chuffed with your comment and I totally agree, she has a gift for photography – we often share photos on WhatsApp and brighten each other’s day! So glad the card arrived and thank you for your ecard – I’ve just replied! hugs xx ❤️

    1. Ahh … Gwen, I’m so happy my post and poems drew you into such a peaceful place and a perfect start for Sunday morning! Thank you so much for your lovely comment which means a lot to me. X

    1. Robbie, thank you so much! I wonder if I’m not being drawn to poetry a bit more at the moment! I too love these ethereal photos sent to me by a friend from university who happens to live near the moors!

  6. Wonderful, Annika, both the Haikus and the great pictures.
    Your Haikus are like peaceful songs of praise in the morning. I can feel the hushed serenity and peace.

    Then you follow it with the peaceful lone tree, just waiting in stillness.
    Uplifting reading this morning.


    1. Ahhh … Miriam, I love your poetic comment and feel the stirrings of your own poetic response to the images! 😀 I’m heartened that the haikus were ‘like peaceful songs of praise in the morning’, that makes my day!!❤️ The serenity is palpable from the photos and I wanted to share this emotion through my poetry …although I am yet such a novice and much to learn! I like the image of the lone tree waiting in stillness … such harmony in the thought!

      Wishing you a wonderful week of poetry, my dear friend! xx 🤗

    1. Charley, I’m indulging in a bit of poetry writing at the moment and I loved the phots. Alas, I live nowhere near the moors but enjoy them through these images and love the beauty of nature around me!

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