It’s here! I am overjoyed to announce the release of my latest book!

UPDATE: NOW ALSO OUT ON KINDLE with optional pop-up text boxes … links are below.

Oskar is afraid of adventures. Yet one day he finds himself on a mysterious island which needs his help.

Join Oskar on this unexpected and magnificent quest, where he finds not only courage but so much more …

“It’s light, extremely enjoyable and very gripping.” Esther Chilton, author & editor

The first review is already in and thank you so much to Bette A. Stevens who read a pre-release copy of Oskar’s Quest.

“In this beautifully illustrated children’s book, author Annika Perry captures the importance of caring for others, overcoming fears and making new friends.

 Young children are sure to relate as a fearful Oskar steps out of his comfort zone and embarks on a perilous journey in an effort to save a beautiful songbird and return happiness to an island where he’s been stranded during a fierce storm.

I loved the author’s generous use of onomatopoeia to paint memorable word pictures for little readers and listeners. PLIP-PLOP, FLASH, BANG—the story’s excitement builds.

Delightful!” ~Bette A. Stevens, Maine author

Oskar’s Quest is suitable for children aged 3 – 6, although I would like to say there is no upper limit to enjoying any book!

To Purchase Oskar’s Quest:





Also available in:



Format: Paperback & Kindle ebook

Book Size (Paperback): 210 x 210 mm (8 1/4” x 8 1/4”)

Publisher: Klippor Press

149 thoughts on “OSKAR’S QUEST #NewBook

    1. Thank you so much, Jo! 😊 Haha! Yep, I’m so happy the book is ready for Christmas … all part of the plan! Hope Oskar finds his way under many trees! Wishing you a beautiful week! Xx

  1. Oh congratulations Annika, how wonderful to finally see Oskar in print, you must be thrilled. And what a fabulous review. It sounds like a story that will enchant for many generations of children to come. A big well done my friend. xx

    1. Miriam, you’re right, it was amazing to see Oskar’s Quest in print – I’ve been high with joy all this week and still can’t believe it. It feels so special to see the book on sale and I trust it will become a firm favourite for many children – Oskar is so dear to me and hopefully many others will feel the same soon! I know, the review had me in tears of joy and it feels wonderful (and humbling) when another reader totally ‘gets’ the book and captures its spirit with such eloquence and heart.

      Thank you so much for sharing in the joy of my book release through your lovely comment. hugs xx

    1. Thank you so much, Barbara – I’m thrilled and so excited to release Oskar’s Quest and even if I am a bit biased (!!) it is a very special children’s book. Oh, it was hard for me to put any age limit but it is expected on Amazon etc! Here’s to books spannig all ages! 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Brigid – the magic of children’s book is that they are let us adult readers transport to that safe exciting place of childhood, leaving the complicated world behind. For a few minutes at least we are connecting with a young chid, experiencing the wonder of a new world within the children’s book! Well, that is so what I hope for with Oskar’s Quest! Oh , I hope many come to share in Oskar’s Quest!😀

  2. Congratulations on your book release, Annika! This looks and sounds like a delightful read, especially for sharing with a small child. My nephew will soon be a father for the first time. I just might order it for the new arrival. 🙂

    1. Awww … congratulations to your nephew and you all! How exciting for you … may it be a Christmas baby? Jennifer, I’m touched by your lovely comment about the book and I hope you have a magical time reading this with the little one! hugs xx

    1. Awww … Jacqui, thank you so much for saying so and I hope it will find its way onto many children’s bookshelves! 😀 Yes, the digital version is nearly ready (out this week and I will write a brief post announcing it). It will have text pop up boxes to make is very easy to read and which with a tap then disappear to normal text. Very clever and I’m so thankful to David Cronin for all his hard work and superb experience!

  3. Oh my, Annika… I just adore the cover! You have so much to celebrate, and I’m thrilled to celebrate this amazing achievement with you. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success. Cheers and huge (((hugs))) to you! xo

    1. Natalie, bless you for your wonderful comment and excitement about Oskar’s Quest. ❤️ I love that you adore the cover, it is one of my favourite illustrations from the book and captures Oskar’s personality beautifully! Oh, it is wonderful to have you part of the celebrations and it feels like an online party here! 😀😀 Thank you so much for your amazing wishes … cheers and hugs to you my friend! 🤗 xx

  4. A beautiful review, Annika. Yet, I am not surprised. I have a three year old and six year old in my life and I know they would love this story. I will try to get a copy of this book through Amazon CA. Huge congratulations!

    1. Erica, the review is amazing and had me in tears of joy as it captured the essence and heart of Oskar’s Quest! Wow! How wonderful that you have two little ones in the family and I’m sure they (and you) will be captivated and thrilled by the story, following Oskar on his exciting Quest, finding courage along the way! Enjoy, my friend and thank you for all your support. hugs xx ❤️

      Btw, I just double-checked and the book is available in Canada at https://www.amazon.ca/Oskars-Quest-Annika-Perry/dp/1712401408/

    1. Debby, thank you! I agree, children can never have enough of positive, uplifting books that are yet exciting and captivating! I’m so glad you liked the combination of all the elements of the book, including its message! 😀

    1. Clare, thank you and I’m so excited you are keen to read the book! I am sure you will be equally captivated by the story and the illustrations … both of which are just hinted at here in this post! So much more within the pages of the book. Enjoy, my friend!😀

    1. Awww… thank you so much, Diana! 😀 These are the three elements I wanted to highlight in this release post. Bette’s review had me in tears of joy, it’s an amazing feeling when another reader totally ‘gets’ the book. Oh yes, I’m glowing with pure delight and excitement – very slowly coming down from the all-day high yesterday! It felt like an online party here! 😀❤️

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and beautiful wishes, Jan! 😀 As you well know, there is a maelstrom of emotions on releasing a book, excitement, nerves, joy, a slight terror!

    1. Ahhh … I surely hope so, Bette!😀 Heartfelt thanks again for taking the time to read and review on such short notice – it is an amazing feeling to know others fully ‘get’ the book, its message! ❤️

  5. Congratulations Annika for another wonderful achievement! I so love the cover; the illustrations are really outstanding. The blurb is enticing as well. I’m sure your story will delight the little ones, and the young at heart. 🙂 Well done, my friend. ❤

    1. Khaya, thank you so much! 😀 It feels amazing to have published my second book – they are both standing proudly side by side in my bookcase. Yeah! It’s great that you love the all-important cover and this gives a hint of the beautiful illustrations inside. The blurb is key as well and it means a lot that you find this enticing. Beforehand I researched blurbs for children’s books and found that most had three main elements … to give an idea of the story for children, to reach out to the adult reader and also offer a snippet of a review. It was fun finding a way to incorporate all these in less than 50 words! Heartfelt thanks again ❤️

    1. Lori, thank you so much for all the applause! 😀😃 I’m beaming with joy! I feel honoured with this amazing first review which captured the heart and essence of Oskar’s Quest!

  6. JC

    Dear Annika, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and read it to the young eyes in my family… spreading the good news to the yonder shore. Indeed Gautama is smiling down on you… jc

    1. Dear JC, how wonderful that the your grandchildren will soon see my book and have you reading it to them! 😃 😃Thank you so much … I can’t wait to hear what they and you think of Oskar’s Quest! Ahh… I had to look up Gautama and now I’m smiling at your kind words and thoughts! 😀

    1. Dear Balroop, thank you so much for your lovely comment! Haha! I like to surprise people … this book has been in the works for months but I didn’t want to share too much until nearly ready to launch! I’m so glad you find it ‘magnificent’ and I feel it is very special – and I’m honestly not just saying that as the author! Your kind wishes are very much appreciated – it’s always exciting to release a new book and this one is particularly close to my heart.

    1. Alethea, thank you so much and I would be honoured to be a guest on your blog. I will email you today. I’ve just read your thoughts behind A Better World Books and love how you want to include and share books that ‘uplifts and empowers readers to create a more positive inner and outer environment’. Yes! The more of these the better, with so much darkness and negativity in the world the brightness and positive needs a platform.

    1. Radhika, warmest thanks for your wonderful comment! 😀 I do feel blessed with these early reviews – my early Christmas present! Obviously the timing is perfect for the book as a Christmas gift and I hope many find it just ideal for young readers!

      Yeah! It’s fantastic to hear your positive response to the book cover – so important and one that was discussed at length to find that perfect warm and welcoming image that invites you to explore more! xx

  7. Mike

    Congratulations Annika

    The book looks fantastic and the story sounds absolutely ideal for the young ones (and the young at heart). You must be absolutely delighted after all your hard work and I can’t wait to read it (I’ve already ordered copies for the younger family members). From the book review it sounds like a book that will be cherished and re-read many times.

    Well done indeed!


    1. Mike, warmest thanks for your lovely comment! 😀 I think of all books, children’s books are some of our most treasured items, favourite ones reread until they’re almost falling apart. They become an integral part of ourselves, our souls and we recall them fondness, later sharing with a new generation of young readers! I’m over the moon you find the book fantastic and that you’ve ordered copies for your younger family members. That is wonderful! Enjoy those precious moments, reading, sharing together! May Oskar’s Quest become the new cherished book in the home! 😀

    1. Teagan, your comment has me beaming! 😀 ‘warm and inviting’ are just the emotions I wanted to evoke with the cover – I’m so happy you felt this when seeing it. It feels amazing to finish a book, and then to see it published. A huge high … but know the hard work continues, just very different! hugs back, my friend! 😀❤️

      1. All true, Annika. It’s good that you know what you want to evoke. No, that’s not a quip. I did a serial about fairies a couple of years ago, and everyone kept telling me to publish it as a children’s story. However, I was never sure what “box” to put it in, or what feelings it brought out in others — because of the conflicting emotions it brought out in me while writing it. I was in a dark time. Now, two years after, as I edit the story, I’m able to see it more as my serial readers saw it. Reading it “from the outside” the story is not nearly as dark as I felt. I guess I will stick with the original cover from back then. It sort of “lights the darkness.”
        Anyhow, I know you’ve put your heart into this story. Now I hope you’ll fully experience all the excitement and pleasure of your launch. I’m off to share it all over the place. I don’t think we’re connected at LinkedIn or BeBee, but it will be there. More hugs!

        1. Teagan, you have me totally intrigued by your serial about fairies. What age group is it aimed at? I find that older readers embrace a darker subject matter and book cover. Also, how true that the place within ourselves at the time affects how we view a piece of work. It is difficult to achieve the distance at the time of writing. I’m glad you are thinking of publishing the story. Do you have a date in mind? Exciting times!

          Thank you so much for sharing! I found you on LinkedIn but must admit I’ve not heard of BeBee … so much to learn, so little time!

          Yes, you’re right, my whole heart is in this book and I’m heady with joy on launch day today … and honestly can’t believe it’s here!

          hugs xx

          1. BeBee.com was supposed to be a happy medium between the nature of LinkedIn and Facebook. I admit that I’m not good about using any social media.

            The age range is something I need to research, because there are several “big words.” It was originally written for my adult audience. Enough about me. Keep enjoying this launch. Have a great time — you’ve earned it. 🙂

    1. Mary, the perfect book for your nephew, Oscar! 😀 Thank you so much for buying and may you both enjoy it together … finding joy and adventure in my Oskar and his Quest!

      Thank you for wanting to reblog and not sure why it didn’t work. I have just been reblogged by another person so if you have a chance to try again it should work. I really appreciate the thought. xx

    1. Norah, thank you and that’s wonderful. I will write a short post when it is out. The text will be ‘interactive’ so it pops up to a bigger size when its touched! Very snazzy and I must admit I have no idea how this is done – all down to David Cronin!

      1. Thank you, Annika. I’ve purchased and read. It is a lovely story about discovering your strengths and fighting your fears. I find it interesting that the name of the caged bird is Maya. I can just imagine how much your son Sammy enjoyed listening to the story as you told it to him. Congratulations!

        1. Norah, thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts on Oskar’s Quest and I’m overjoyed you’ve read it already! 😀 The deeper theme was one that was applicable to my son at the time, but one that is relevant to us all our lives. As for the name Maya, I like ‘collecting’ names that I think I may use one day … Maya fitted perfectly here I felt! 😀 I have two foreign translations of the book ready to be released and there Maya is spelt with a ‘j’ to Maja! Heartfelt thank again and lovely to chat about Oskar with you. xx

          1. Congratulations once again on a lovely book, Annika, and on having two translations ready to go. That’s awesome. I wish you many sales and happy readers. Best wishes.

  8. hilarymb

    Hi Annika – so pleased for you … I love the colours, while the story line sounds intriguing for the littlies. Excellent – and good luck with getting out into the world beyond … cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary, I’m so glad you enjoy the combination of the story and pictures … I feel they make a beautiful and memorable book! Thank you so much for your lovely wishes … getting the book out into the world is much harder than writing. I will follow my approach from my previous book … both online promotion, but not overwhelming so, as well as on the ground promotion through school visits, local paper and magazines etc. Fingers crossed! X

    1. Thank you so much, Mark! 😀 The cover and pictures here give just a hint of the magic of the book. How true, children’s books give years of delight for the little ones and readers alike … I still remember several of my son’s favourite books when he was young and they are all put safely away!

    1. Eve, it’s lovely to see you here! 😀😀 It’s been a while since I’ve seen your posts – hope all is well.

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and good wishes. It’s both an exciting and nerve-wrecking time!

        1. Exactly, Darlene! Children’s books are precious and they are one of the few books which are reread endlessley … and have to stand up to this expectation! Oh, I feel so lucky with these early review. Friendships here online are real treasures!

    1. Georgina, thank you so much! 😀 We’ve (there is always a fabulous team, more later) all been working hard to prepare the book ready well before Christmas – hope many are tempted to buy this for presents! 😀

  9. How wonderful, Annika, to see Oskar in his glory and out flying round the world.
    I have been waiting to hear that your book is out and this sunny morning brought him here,
    into my iPad during breakfast.
    With your excellent blurb I now can’t wait to join Oskar on this quest where he had to find courage to succeed.
    Bette Stevens and Esther Chilton’s reviews both add to the excitement of reading this and
    to add more X-mas presents.
    I have already been and ordered my copy and should have it tomorrow.
    I wish you and Oskar great joy and success. 🤗🎉.


    1. Miriam, bless you for your wonderful comment! As ever, poetic in response and I’m now picturing Oskar flying into your iPad, full of joy but confusion. I do hope he enjoys his flight around the world, bringing happiness, laughter and excitement to children and adults alike.

      Oh, I feel warm and blessed with such wonderful friends here on WP who on short notice were happy to read and review the book. Bette captures the heart and soul of Oskar’s Quest – as you can imagine I was touched to tears when reading this!

      Many thanks again and for purchasing a copy, Enjoy, my friend! 😀❤️

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