Revered for thousands of years, Lavender still holds us enthralled. The fragrant plants are a delight themselves whilst its distilled essential oils have been used for millenniums for aromatherapy, perfume, herbal medicines, culinary herbs.

It was with excitement and joy I found myself at Jersey Lavender within a couple of hours of landing on this jewel of an island of Jersey. Established in 1983, the lavender farm boosts 9 acres with 55,000 lavender plants of six varieties.

As if in a trance I wandered amongst this haven, my palms gently sweeping across the flowers, inhaling the heavenly scent. I found myself closing my eyes … my emotions filled, a dream realised on this first day of my anniversary break.

Luscious lavender

Its fervent purple promise

With forced steam distilled

The golden essence freed.

©Annika Perry, July 2019

147 thoughts on “A PURPLE PASSION

  1. This was such a sweet poetry! 😍😍❤️❤️❤️ I use lavender essential oil for almost everything! ITS JUST SOOO SOOTHING!! ❤️❤️❤️💕💕

    Loved this sweet little post! 😍😍

  2. Just dropped back in here Annika and hope alls well with you… I thought I may have missed some posts as I hadn’t seen any pop up… But I miss many lol..
    Sending love and well wishes and keep listening to Sammy’s brilliance..
    Love and Hugs your way.. ❤ Sue

    1. Sue, it’s lovely to see you here! Thank you so much for popping by … I’ll just put the kettle on! 😀😀 You haven’t missed any posts -just a crazy busy summer which has been rather overwhelming on many levels. How are you doing? Did you have a good summer? I should be back to normal blogging later in the autumn.

      Ahh… you are a gem for following Sammy and listening to his music. The latest covers were of his favourite album which was released in August. He just got them all recovered before we dropped him off at university on Saturday!

      Love & hugs xx 😀🌺

      1. Wishing him Luck with Uni.. you must be so very proud of him… We are both well, enjoying the late Summer sun and now of course the gardens are drinking in the rain… Look forward to your Autumn posts Annika… Love and best wishes back ❤

    1. Bless you, Charley! 😀 Seeing this has me smiling. Thank you, I am well but rather a looney summer! Yesterday took my son to uni for his first year – an empty sense to the house this morning. 😕 Also spent a lot of time helping a friend pack up her house and the move is this week! Hoping to be back on WP next month! Take care, my friend! Xx

    1. Mary Ann, it’s lovely to read your comment! 😀 It has indeed been a long time since my last post and this summer is proving exceptional on many levels … hoping to get back to regular contact here in the autumn. And yes, some book news in the near future too!😀

      Although I haven’t had time to comment, I’ve enjoyed reading about your amazing summer of European adventures! With warmest wishes to you, Annika 🌺🌸🦋

      1. Annika – good to have you visit once again and leave a comment. I expect, in due time, we shall hear more about the new book. With warmest wishes for a lovely Fall/Autumn, I hope the writing process goes well. “”__””

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