BUBBLES OF JOY / #TheStorytellerSpeaks

Annika Perry at Cuppa Club Interview/Reading

Bubbles of joy were unleashed within me during my recent big interview. Big as in numbers! This Spring I happily accepted the kind invitation to give a book reading from my book ‘The Storyteller Speaks’ to a local group.

An interview was also discussed and agreed – once I’d ascertained that the numbers attending would be around 14. That I could cope with as I’m still unused to talking in public to larger groups.

Imagine my surprise when a week before the event, during a chat with one of the organisers, I realised that I’d misheard and learnt 40 people would be present! Yikes! A pathetic cough failed to mask my shock and fear; then I started to sit straighter as I was awed by this wonderful opportunity to meet so many people interested in my book. I couldn’t wait!

Below is the press release/article I wrote after my visit to Cuppa Club. I had an amazing time and felt honoured by the warmest of welcomes. Furthermore I sold lots of books and it was surreal to sit at the table, feverishly signing books as a queued formed around me! I felt like I was an author at last! In the rush I forgot to give out the bookmarks until halfway through!

The Storyteller Speaks Bookmarks

Local author Annika Perry was overwhelmed with the warm welcome she received this week during an interview and book reading at a local Cuppa Club.

Annika Perry & Ann Chapman
‘I’m overjoyed with the wonderful reception from everyone. It’s fabulous,’ said Annika. ‘Initially I felt rather daunted as I had misheard and expected 14 people to be present, in the end over 40 attended.’

‘Absolutely fantastic,’ was the verdict of one member, Glenn Chapman.

Annika Perry was interviewed by Ann Chapman, a volunteer at the club and spoke about her life as an author as well as about her debut book ‘The Storyteller Speaks’. Ann declared that ‘the visit went very well and there was such a good response afterwards’.

img_2147The members, ranging in age from 55 to 92, heard how Annika has been writing since childhood but took it up seriously three years ago. Her first book is a collection of short stories and poems and explores ‘the belief that there is no such thing as an ordinary life; they’re all extraordinary’. 

Annika is currently working on the last edits of her first full-length novel, ‘Island Girl’ as well as looking forward to publishing her first children’s book next year.

Ann Brown was one of many who afterwards bought a signed copy of Annika’s book. ‘I very much enjoyed the interview and I am buying a book to take with me to dance club,’ she said. ‘It will do the rounds there and short stories are very popular amongst some older readers as they like shorter stories that don’t require so much retention of the plot found in longer novels.’

Graham Sexton enjoyed the extract of Annika’s prize winning story ‘Biding Her Time’. ‘I found it very moving. There wasn’t a superfluous word in the writing and went straight to the point in the least amount of words. Rather like Earnest Hemingway who insisted every word has to do its work.’  

Annika Perry & Sheila Allen
Sheila Allen found the interview ‘very enlightening’. She added that, ’I had no idea Annika was writing; she kept that quiet. We only realised when we saw an article in Halstead Gazette at the beginning of the year.’

‘Cuppa Club was originally started by Sheila and Graham Allen spring 2014,’ explained Ann Chapman. ‘Following the closure of their shop, G & S News, the Club became a way for the villagers, particularly the elderly, to stay in touch with each other.’ 

At the book signing of The Storyteller SpeaksAnnika would like to extend her warmest thanks to Cuppa Club for the opportunity to speak to the group and also for their generous gift. 

‘The Storyteller Speaks’, which has 18 four & five-star reviews on Amazon across the UK and in America, is available to buy at Amazon  UK or Amazon US.

The final published article can be seen below or online here. The headline is inspired!


Finally, before I whither from the heat which has enveloped the UK and reduced me to a constant state of lassitude, I’m looking forward to my imminent summer sojourn in Sweden. With concern of causing discombobulation for you all, I am in a quandary whether to attempt to blog or not. With no wifi in the beautiful retreat in the forest,  I fear my ominous mood at lack of mobile signal will result in colourful vitriol. Therefore, I will only be able pop by to you for quick visits now and then.

The above paragraph is my funny (I hope) response to Pam’s challenge at roughwighting for me to use my ‘Breakfast Cereal Words’ in a piece of writing … I succeeded … barely!

So, I send my heartfelt wishes to you all for a wonderful and peaceful summer! May the sun shine for you and in all your hearts!


132 thoughts on “BUBBLES OF JOY / #TheStorytellerSpeaks

  1. Sorry to be so late congratulating you, Annika. I think this came out while I was out of pocket!

    What an exciting event for you! I can’t imagine your surprise when the numbers went from 14 to 40. That would have frightened and awed me. I am not surprised everyone loved your book though. And kudos on the newspaper story. I love that.

    1. Jacqui, I definitely took some deep breaths in between the gulps of shock as I heard 40 would be at the event! For a millisecond I considered backing out but squashed that wimpy thought and decided preparation was the key! I did think of teachers such as yourself facing such numbers every day and it must be that much harder with youngsters … I found the whole occasion incredibly rewarding and uplifting! That they liked my book was a huge bonus. I’m glad you enjoyed the newspaper article as well and I like the idea of promoting on the ground as well as online – my son keeps hearing from his friends that their parents have seen the story! Makes me smile! Happy Labor Day my friend and go easy in the Red Bull! Happy Writing and creating! Xx

  2. Congrats on The Storyteller Speaks, Annika. What a wonderful achievement, and wonderful bit of promo with the interview. It seemed so much like a book launch. 40 people in attendance is a big group and it sounded like they were so eager to be there. It was interesting to read how Sheila said you didn’t know you were writing. As writers, I don’t think writing a book is something that we often shout about…for one, we ourselves don’t know how long it will take and writing can be such a drawn out process. We will all get there in the end somehow. Once again, congratulations and hope you are enjoying your summer sojourn 🙂

    1. Mabel, thank you so much for your wonderful comment! 😀😀 It felt like a bit of a book launch for me too even though it has been out there for a few months! I couldn’t believe how interested they all were – the intense silence as they listened was almost unnerving! Sheila’s comment struck a chord with me too … how true that us writers often don’t say what we’re doing, too shy, unsure of the end result. I met so many people after the release of the book who said exactly the same thing – it was lovely to be able to surprise them though! Hope you’re having a magical summer… my sojourn here in Sweden is soon drawing to a close; I’ve had a most special and memorable break. Warmest wishes to you.xx

      1. A book is a book and it can captivate at any point…sounds like your book struck a chord and struck hard with some 🙂 You book is going places. We are in the middle of winter here in Australia, and hopefully Spring will be here soon for us. Enjoy those last summer days, Annika 🙂

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