‘TIMELESS ECHOES’ – Balroop Singh


Titles are so important and this is true for poetry books as well. As soon as I saw the cover for Balroop Singh’s latest book I felt myself floating on its ethereal image and title – ‘Timeless Echoes’.

All through our lives we leave traces … echoes … of ourselves, our thoughts, emotions. In this poetry collection, her third book of poems, Balroop explores the ones that we cannot express, share openly with others.

‘Some secrets have to remain buried because they are ours
We do share them but only with the stars
The tears that guarded them were as precious as flowers
Soothing like balm on festering scars.’

The book description eloquently captures the premise for the collection as seen from this blurb extract:

‘Certain desires and thoughts remain within our heart, we can’t express them, we wait for the right time, which never comes till they make inroads out of our most guarded fortresses to spill on to the pages of our choice. This collection is an echo of that love, which remained obscure, those yearnings that were suppressed, the regrets that we refuse to acknowledge.’

A glowing Editor’s Review by Mahesh Nair describes Balroop’s book as ‘…a steadfast repudiation of those ills that we painfully hide under the covers of our flesh to present the polished exterior as truth. This magnetic collection of poems highlights our precious human lives with all their varied emotions and imposing relations: the lives often blinded by the strictures of the self-made duplicity, an excessively common phenomenon. ‘Listen to your heart, my friend. It knows you well,’ she writes.’’

Balroop, I am listening to my heart … and to you. I am sure these poems, these thoughts and emotions will resonate with many of us.

No poetry book post would be complete without a poem and I am delighted to include an excerpt from one of Balroop’s poems found in ‘Timeless Echo’.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.27.07

‘Timeless Echoes’ can be purchased on the following Amazon links US UK DE FR ES IT NL JP BR CA MX AU IN

You can connect with Balroop via her blog,  Twitter,  Facebook.   Or on many other social media sites.

87 thoughts on “‘TIMELESS ECHOES’ – Balroop Singh

  1. Loved the poetry excerpt and the post as well. And I agree that the title was apt and well-chosen. Thanks for doing your part to support indie authors–now as Balroop
    s book rises in the charts, you can smile since you were a part of it. 🙂

    1. Cathleen, wonderful news about success of Balroop’s book and I am not surprised… this is a gem of a poetry collection! From the cover and title as well as the poems it strikes a chord with everyone! The community of blogging has been the unexpected treasure I discovered when first venturing forth … one that never fails to inspire, delight and bring joy!

  2. So wonderful of you to celebrate Balroop’s poetic talent and deep insight to the human condition – OUR condition. I slowly read her first book of poems – “Sublime Shadows of Light” and just reviewed it on Amazon. Balroop seems to follow the same theme throughout her poetry. Through loss and pain, we find light and joy and love. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much Pam, for your lovely words to describe my poetry here and in your review. I didn’t know you had written a review for my first book. You have rightly summed up the theme of my poetry, which talks about life and isn’t life an amalgamation of pain and joy, love and betrayal? Yes, human condition is our condition, which inspires my poems. In my later books, I have also written about nature and its bounties.
      I am so happy that I found friends like you and Annika and many more who encourage with their words that enlighten and rejuvenate. Love and hugs dear ladies.

      1. I was going to surprise you about the review, Balroop, but then I saw Annika’s post here and realized this would be a perfect time. I’ve been “out” of it a bit with my concussion, but slowly reading and blogging again. Your poetry is sublime. ❤

    2. Pam, I love how your emphasise the OUR condition!! This really brings it home that it affects us all! I’ve just read your review and it is beautiful and is a touching summary on what sounds a heartfelt collection.

      Balroop & Pam, I likewise feel the joy of having such precious friends here on WP, encouraging, understanding, sharing – always inspiring! Hugs to you both ❤️

  3. Annika, you have made a superb and deeply thought review of Balroop’s beautiful book
    ” Timeless Echoes “. In your true mix of poetic and prose style you make us all tempted to read more of her latest poems. Brilliantly done.

    Balroop, you know I love your poetry as we often meet on the blog. This title itself is like one of a poem. I really totally fell for the poem Annika included. Moments that Echo. How true and
    don’t we all feel that if we but look. You caught all the shades so strongly in this one poem.

    Good fortune I wish for your book


    1. Hi Miriam, Thanks for liking the title and Moments that Echo…poets like you can hear that echo and create many more, I know that. I am delighted to hear the shades within this poem are reaching you. I appreciate your wishes and hope you continue to write beautiful poetry. Stay blessed!

    2. Miriam, thank you so much for your beautiful poetic reflections on both Balroop’s book and the poem featured here as well as my introduction of ‘Timeless Echoes’. I wanted to bring a flavour of both the blurb & review across as well as the main poem … so glad this has tempted you. Wishing you a magical Sunday. xx

    1. Janice, it’s been a joy to help introduce Balroop’s latest poetry book – she has a wonderful gift and her poems always leave me in a contemplative and reflective mood. Hugs xx

    1. I totally agree, Julie, the review is fantastic and shows the skill of Mahesh Nair! I join you in wishing Balroop lots of luck with her latest collection. Always an exciting time!

  4. You write the absolute best reviews, Annika. They are so eloquent and full of heart. Balroop must be head over heels with this wonderful recommendation. What a treat. Her poetry is beautiful and I expect the book lives up to her reputation. ❤

    1. Thank you Diana, I love your choice of words and you are right, Annika knows how to to enliven her words! I appreciate your beautiful wishes. I wish the same for you and your books.

    2. Diana, bless you! I wish I could write reviews like thi! This is an extract from the longer editorial review by the gifted Mahesh Nair – he has an incredible style, full of insight that reaches into the very depth of this collection! A review to have any writer dancing with joy for days to come! It has been a treat to help introduce Balroop’s latest collection here… many thanks for reading and your lovely comment. xx

  5. This really moved me.
    ‘Some secrets have to remain buried because they are ours
We do share them but only with the stars
The tears that guarded them were as precious as flowers
Soothing like balm on festering scars.’
    Yes, titles are probably important with poetry. A friend of mine who buys audible books a lot finds titles very important, no real book covers. However, she was not keen on my title for my book!

    1. Georgina, this stanza stood out for me as well and resonates deeply with me. Balroop’s poetry ensures that we reach into our hearts and souls – not always easy but enlightening and full-filling.

      Now, I really have to ask – what is the title of your book? I checked your blog and can’t see it there? Is it finished and out on sale? Oh no, how do you feel about your friend’s reaction to your title? What do others think? As I’ve never listened to audio books I can’t say whether covers mean less – but to myself and so many others they are so important still. I wonder what yours looks like? So many questions…

      1. It’s not out there yet but I have called it ‘ The Call of the Wild Ones’ and it does link to other literature and stories about the Wild, Watership Down across Europe! Or it’s sub title or catch phrase ‘A Nature Saga for the 21st Century.’
        I play around with the title but keep coming back to that one. Or ‘Where Will the Wild Ones Go’ The Journey North.
        They call out to meet so they can share their stories and ensure the survival of the Many. This is all the biodiversity that still exists. I haven’t blogged or shared the book yet but will think about that. I may also try Pegasus soon too. Thanks for your interest.

  6. Hello Annika! It’s wonderful to see Balroop here! Her poetry touches so deeply. Today’s poem is no exception––beautiful. You’re right, Annika, titles are very important. “Timeless Echoes” does hint at the exquisite poetry that await inside the book. Lovely introduction/review. Thanks for hosting! 😀 xx

    1. Vashti, it’s been s pleausre to host Balroop and her latest poetry book! Your comment is beautiful and I love your description of her poetry as ‘exquisite’! Exactly … from the title and cover you just want to read on, immersing oneself in the thoughts and emotions of her work!

    2. What beautiful words Vashti and Annika! My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Stay blessed dear ladies and I am thrilled to read that you both like my poetry and would like to read more. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Many thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  7. Khaya Ronkainen

    What a brilliant review, Annika! Love and resonate with the premise of this book “explores the ones that we cannot express, share openly with others.”

    Thank you for the introduction, and a poetry book review. I’m always eager to learn or read works by living poets, and in the blog space.

    1. Thank you for your lovely words Khaya, Annika has a way with the words and I am grateful to her for the introduction, which defines my poetry so well! Looking forward to connecting with you. 🙂

    2. Khaya, thank you so much for your kind and generous comment. A joy to introduce and as a fellow poet I am sure this is a collection that would speak to your heart and mind! It’s lovely to meet such a variety of writers and poets in blogging, I agree … always inspiring and lots of opportunity to learn!

  8. This is a review of Balroop Singh’s book that truly reveals the essence of her poetry. Her thoughts on the various ways that life echoes within us resonates with me. Annika, you did a terrific job of inviting us to immerse ourselves in Singh’s book.

    1. Shari, thank you so much for your wonderful comment and you’ve made both our day with such kindness. I am so happy you found the post inviting and tempting you to immerse yourself in Balroop’s poetry … just the feeling I wanted to come across! The poem has stayed with me and like you the idea of life’s echoes resonates with me too … thoughts to ponder deeply! Wishing you a lovely start to the week! 🌺🌸 ps. Thank you for all your terrific comments today … I’m travelling for a couple of days with my son so will be catching up during the week!

    1. Tanya, that is wonderful and I hope have a chance to enjoy this whole collection! So glad you have a chance to learn about Balroop and her poetry … you should check out her website where poems are always featured. I had a super weeeknd, albeit very hot here in U.K.! Now off visiting universities with my son for next September start … great time together and learning a lot! Hope you’re well and your writing is going well. Hugs xx

  9. Thank you Annika for adding your own touch of creativity to this post. I love your presentation and many thanks for understanding the symbolism of the title. I am feeling blessed to be in the company of accomplished authors. Stay blessed dear friend and have a wonderful Sunday. 🙂

    1. Balroop, it’s been a delight to share this brief introduction of Timeless Echoes. The book sounds superb and I wanted to do it justice in the post, bringing across your deep thoughts, reflections and allowing them to shine! I’m so happy you liked my creative approach. Likewise feeling blessed and very lucky to be amongst so many wonderful and kind authors. Thank you so much for your lovely comment – my Sunday was a day of peaceful relaxation… for once I gave up on any work since it was too hot. Enjoying the papers, garden, reading and seeing family. Bliss. Wishing you the best of start to your latest creative adventure … may it flourish! ❤️🌺🌼

  10. This is a beautiful post, Annika, and I love the title, too. I’m still waiting for the paperback, though, since I don’t do kindle. 🙂 Her poem is also a lovely snippet into this wonderful collection. Thanks for hosting, my friend, and wishing you a peaceful Sunday. ❤🌼🌷

    1. Thank you Lauren. There was a time I too scoffed at Kindle, proudly declaring that the real feel of a book is to hold, to smell and be able to turn its pages, not to mention skip left and right at will…till I discovered the bliss of holding Kindle, carrying innumerable books in my little handbag, reading heavy books anywhere, without a proper light. You won’t believe now I feel tedious to read paperbacks, often complain about the print and poor light. 🙂 Age is catching up!! 🙂

      1. I can understand the benefits and am not against them, just haven’t thought about one too deeply. My sister has one and loves it. So who knows? I still would love that Timeless Echoes paperback if it becomes available. 😊🦋

    2. Lauren, so happy you enjoyed this introduction to Timeless Echoes and the poem extract … I am sure Balroop will be happy to have a keen reader waiting for the paperback! Although I wouldn’t be without my kindle (I too was a reluctant user until one was gifted – the ease to read and store books is now invaluable) I do enjoy certain books in paperback… poetry, philosophy and biographies included! Thank you I had a most peaceful Sunday … too hot to do much so just relaxing old style, newspaper, reading, meeting family! Have a wonderful week, my friend! Hugs xx❤️🌸🌼

      1. Hi Annika, I’m actually looking into kindles now. I see their benefits, but have never taken the time to research them. I won’t be buying one this week, as we’re prepping for our Sierras backpacking trip this weekend. But, I’ve heard so many positives that it’s time to step out of the box. As you said though, I’ll always have real books on hand. It’s in my DNA. 🙂 Hugs, too, my friend, and wishing you a great week, too! xoxo

    1. Beautiful reflections about the cover and title, Jennifer. It’s been a joy to take part in Balroop’s promotion of her latest poetry book. Wishing you both a lovely start to the week! Xx

    1. Absolutely, Darlene … Poetry has that wonderful ability to reach straight to one’s heart and Balroop’s is no exception! Always a joy to read, thought-provoking.

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