One event to change a life. Interview with Annika Perry.


As a longtime fan of Shey’s blog I was thrilled to be invited for an interview with the notorious Dudes…how could I resist those charming friendly hamsters (see, I’m trying hard to get on their good side!!) These hamsters are like no others and it was with trepidation and excitement that I popped by to say hello and answer some questions. We veered from parachuting hamsters to writing woes, from future dreams to my mother’s famous (within the family) recipe for Pepparkakor (Swedish Cinnamon Biscuits).

Do read the rest of the interview over on Shey’s blog … I promise it is both entertaining and informative. Only then the full truth behind the comment on the picture above will be revealed!

To read the interview please press this link:  One event to change a life. Interview with Annika Perry.

86 thoughts on “One event to change a life. Interview with Annika Perry.

    1. Julie, I love this video and it’s all so warm, soft and romantic!!
      😀😀 Thank you for sending it to me.
      Oh I’ve had such a great time meeting the hamsters and being interviewed by them…there is nothing quite like it! Wishing you a lovely weekend with lots of quiet moments for writing. So glad you’re looking forward to reading my anthology…that means a lot to me. 😀🚌

  1. Your interview was fun to read, Annika, and loved the hamsters, too. Can’t wait to have your book in hand. Please let me know when the paperback is available. I’m so happy for you, and wish you much success in all your writing endeavors, which sounds like you’ll be pretty busy this year. 🙂 💕
    p.s. I was sorry to hear of your illness when you were in your twenties. That’s scary, and I can relate because my daughter is in a similar boat. But not to end on a sad note, I’m so glad you’re doing great with your publishing, and that we’ve met, too. 🙂

    1. Lauren, this was an interview like no other…crazy fun hamsters but somehow they really got me to open up…not sure how they did that!!😀 The paperback will be out today or tomorrow and I was hoping to put a link in for you – I’m just waiting for the final file to upload. Thank you sooo much for being so patient and keen to read – it means so much to me.

      Dearest Lauren, I am so sorry about your daughter but tell her never to give up hope. There were so many horror stories about this illness which I chose to ignore and with the humungous and loving support of my family recovered. warmest hugs to you both and thank you so much for your wonderful comment. xxxxx

    1. Thank you so much, Norma!! 😀 Oh, those hamsters are a bundle of energy – I don’t know how Shey copes!! Many thanks for the well wishes…I look forward to concentrating on the other books!

    1. Haha!! 😀😀. Debby, I had to smile at your phrasing of ‘taking on the Dudes’!! I had a brilliant time and so happy you enjoyed the interview…many thanks for your comment here too. Xx

  2. What a delightful interview. I did appreciate the creativity of Shehanne and yours as well Annika. Nice to learn more about you too. An ex-journalist? Perhaps that explains why you are such a good interviewee! You know what we need in order to do our job well. Good work. Can’t wait to read more of you and Shehanne and, of course Sarah… She’s the one who first introduced me to you! I owe her one. -Dominique

    1. Dominique, so lovely to see you here and thank you for your wonderful comment. My job definitely gave me experience of interviews and I particularly enjoyed longer ones that gave me an opportunity to explore the human interest side of the people I was talking to (I wonder if this interest has filtered into my stories, thinking about it?!). As for meeting the Dudes one has to enter into the spirit of the interview them otherwise I fear it could fall rather flat…for both sides! Shey is amazingly creative and I am in awe of her ability to sustain this over such a long time and developing the characters further each time! Yeah, we both owe Sarah a hug! Xx

    1. 😀😀 Clare, it’s always mayhem with those Dudes and I was a bit anxious beforehand but once the questions started found my stride!! This is one interview I will always remember!!

  3. Loved the interview Annika, so much fun. Fancy being interviewed by hamsters, what a hoot! 😁 But on a serious note, huge congratulations to you on your book. It looks and sounds amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Big hugs and warmest wishes to you for a fantastic year ahead. Xo

    1. Miriam, it just shows you never can tell where life will take you! This time last year I couldn’t seriously imagine being interviewed by anyone, no matter slightly looney hamsters!! 😀😀 Thank you so much for your congratulations and so glad you like the look and sound of the book…I think you would enjoy it very much. The paperback should be out in the next few days…sending off final adjustments to paperback proof today and then jus need to upload the file!! Wishing you also an amazing year, my friend, ❤️

  4. Khaya Ronkainen

    Oh, Annika! That was a fun read. Aren’t those too cute, and smart too. 😀
    Lovely to hear you’re planning to publish more stories. It sounds like you have a busy year ahead, indeed. All the best with your creative pursuits…xx

    1. Khaya, the hamsters are smart and cute, slightly crazy and very strong willed – this was such a fun interview! 😀 So glad you liked it and yes, lots of plans for the year ahead…it’s always a matter of time but I am keen to pursue them all! Wishing you a very creative Year, xxx

    1. Jacqui, reckon keeping stumm on the hamster soup might be a good idea! I had to google this and see it actually exists!! Not a hamster in sight on the recipe though…phew! 😀 See you over on Shey’s post.

    1. That’s just brilliant, Pam and so glad to have you in the room!! It was most convivial interview (in between the slight madness of the Dudes!) How I wish I could offer you some of these biscuits…we still have some left over from Christmas but not a lot…not surprisingly they disappear very fast! Soooo tasty. 😀😃

  5. So Loved your interview Annika, and yes often our paths take different roads.. My own was diverted due to illness. And can sympathise with your Fatigue syndrome.. As I had FMS. Fibromyalgia ..
    I had a really good time over there reading what those cheeky hamsters were posing as questions, Very clever little dudes..
    Hope you are having a wonderful start to your New Year Annika xx ❤

      1. Thank you, yes it was debilitating at the time, at one point I crawled up my stairs, and I walked with a stick for support.. And the pain, and fatigue reduced me to tears many a day.. But I set about self healing, and did a lot of Affirmations, Louise Hays You can Heal your Life book was my first saviour. Then I got into alternative healing, Qi Gong, Especially Spring Forest Qigong, and slowly working upon myself, my inner self, along with Acupuncture which I still have each month, I am 200 % healthier.. 🙂 It didn’t happen over night, but we can heal from within, when we understand our diseases of our body first start as Did-ease of the mind..
        Thank you for having me.. I so enjoyed those Little guys.. ( I happen to feed two of my neighbours guinea pigs on a regular basis when they go on holidays ) So I am very fond of little paws and those which scamper about 🙂 ) Have a great week and Month of January 🙂

    1. Sue, thank you so much for reading and commenting. When young one often believes we’re in control of our paths…that is not always the case and tough when an illness is the cause of a change of direction. All worked out well for me. I am sorry to hear about your FMS – that is a dreadful disease too…are you fully well/symptom free now? I do hope so.

      Haha! Those dudes and their questions…far more in-depth than I’d anticipated and made me look closely at certain elements of my life and writing.

      Thank you, Sue – I’m having a wonderful start to the New Year – busily check the print proofs of my book which arrived yesterday – I don’t think my feet touched the ground all day!! Hope you’re having a magical start to 2018. hugs xxx❤️

      1. Fabulous to hear your book is moving as it should and all is coming together. I feel 2018 will be a creative year in many respects..
        As for FMS.. I left a reply on your friends blog on how I overcame.. and yes.. I watch what I do, know my limits, but enjoy life to the full 😀 .. And as I said there 200% healed.. xxx Much love and Blessings xx ❤

  6. Wonderful interview Shey and luckily your gorgeous but very personable hamsters seemed to buy the story of Annika’s hamster floating down in a pretty parachute. Hmm…
    They are like cats quite good at surviving a fall though.

    Now Annika, the hamsters did have some very pertinent questions and I loved learning more about your writing, your book or should I say books…..and of curse ,,Pepparkaka,,.

    It appears your book is already taking off and soon we should see the paperback. Hurrah!

    1. Miriam, personable hamsters are definitely one way to describe the Dudes – they are the most opinionated beings I have met here on WP!! 😀😃All great fun and yes, their questions were wonderfully pertinent. Not sure they were too convinced by the parachuting hamster…we tried!

      Oh yes, the paperback, which I know many are waiting for, will soon be out. I’m going through the proofs as I write…well, once I stop writing!! 😀😃 Thank you for your continued support. xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Atreyee…I came away unscathed!! 😀I had the best time and great questions. 😀 Short stories present their own unique challenges…ones I love addressing and trying to create the perfect story, tightly constructed but not forced or rushed, sketching characters, emotions,situations along the way.

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