The Bowl on the Laundry Basket

What a wonderful surprise today to see my lovely friend’s post this morning. Touched to tears, I couldn’t stop smiling at Sarah’s beautiful drawing of my ‘infamous’ laundry basket and her words will have you smiling and touch your heart.

Art Expedition

The Bowl on the Laundry Basket Kopie The Bowl on the Laundry Basket – inspired by my dear friend Annika (micron ink and water color on paper, Oct. 2017)

I´m sure you will all agree with me when I say that even if we first thought that with blogging it would be all about ourselves, we learn very fast that actually it´s all about connections, friendships and learning from others.

For me blogging is also very much about inspiration – both, about the one I might evoke in others, but especially about the inspiration I get from my fellow bloggers and friends.

A wonderful example for this is the drawing I did this weekend –

My dear friend Annika over at Annika Perry´s Writing Blog wrote in one of her latest post “CHIPPING AWAY!” wonderfully about the sometimes arduous process of editing her first novel and how it influences her and her family´s everyday life on…

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