‘Myrtle the Purple Turtle’ is one of the most striking, original children’s books released in recent years.

I was immediately drawn in by the welcoming cover of Myrtle proudly striding along and quickly became engaged with this wonderful character.

As a purple turtle, Myrtle has never considered herself any different from the other turtles and is happy and confident in her life. Until one day a rude turtle laughs and taunts her for even daring to consider herself a turtle.

What follows next is a touching and tender story to which we can all relate when faced with inconsiderate hurtful comments. As Myrtle sets out on a journey of self-discovery and understanding…with some help from her mother and friends along the way, she learns to accept herself and others.

I quickly lost myself within Myrtle’s world and empathised with her hurt and confusion … cheering her on as this feisty creature sought deeper understanding.

The language of the book flows with ease and it is well written in brief sentences, which are kept lively with the use of direct speech. Children and adults alike will be enraptured by Myrtle and captivated by her story.

The illustrations are the crowning glory of this book – they are superbly and deftly drawn with a huge emotional impact and are visually appealing. The drawings, which are vibrant and luscious, are fun and often cheeky; I couldn’t stop giggling at the image of the two head-butting turtles. The illustrations and story blend seamlessly together to lift the story onto a deeper level, exploring the themes of what makes us unique and ultimately learning to embrace ourselves and others. As Cynthia Reyes herself says ‘Love Your Shell’.

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Myrtle the Purple Turtle’ and it is an entertaining and uplifting book which deserves to be on every child’s bookcase…it is one they (and you) will happily return to time and again.

I received a free no obligation preview copy of this book from the author and this is my honest unbiased review.

RATING:              5 out of 5

PUBLISHER:        Weaverback Press

AVAILABLE:       Amazon UK (Paperback)      Amazon UK (Kindle)

                              Amazon US  (Papaerback)   Amazon US (Kindle)




  1. Mrs Carusi says:

    What a cool cover!
    In my daughter’s favorite book “The Adventure of Thomas the Turtle”, the mother turtle is also called Myrtle!

      • ShadowThePRcat says:

        I hope so, too, Annika. A lot of parents just don’t have the time to spend helping children with these issues, unfortunately. It’s dismissed as they’ll get over it. Books like these help to fill those gaps. 🙂

    • Annika Perry says:

      Thank you very much for your lovely comment, Yul – children’s books are a wonderful teaching resource whilst enjoying a colourful enriching entertaining story. Thank you so much for sharing some through your link – they all look terrific but I particularly like the look and depth of ‘The Invisible Boy’.

  2. oasischarm says:

    Aww, this sounds like a sweet story. I like purple and turtles, I like the rhyme, and most of all, I’m interested to find out how Myrtle copes after dealing with the mean turtle.

    • Annika Perry says:

      Shae, I can see how this would be an instant hit with you!! Purple and Turtles!! 😃 It is a wonderfully sweet and heart-warming story…and it is lovely the way Myrtle deals with the situation of the mean turtle. Enjoy!

  3. Bette A. Stevens says:

    After reading your review, I downloaded “Myrtle the Purple Turtle” and gave it another five stars. This excellent children’s story with gorgeous illustrations is one that readers and little listeners will adore! :0 xo

  4. Sue Dreamwalker says:

    This sounds a delightful book to read, and one I am sure my 6 yr old granddaughter would love to read. Many thanks for sharing..
    You description sound just the sort of book my Granddaughter would love to snuggle down into bed to read.. 🙂

    • Cynthia Reyes says:

      Hi Sue: Thank you for the vote of confidence.

      Would you please consider doing what several other parents and grandparents have done this week — take a photo of your granddaughter snuggled up and reading Myrtle? Those photos are the sweetest thing. I’d also love to put it on my blog, if you think that’s a good idea.

  5. Bonnie A. McKeegan says:

    I really like how you captured the story and illustrations so well in your review. I recently read the book, loved it, and am planning to introduce it to our school’s younger grade teachers as part of our “safe & healthy environment” goals for our school. The color and illustrations are sure to delight the children!

  6. Tina Frisco says:

    I love this review, Annika. When I worked in my friends’ bookstore, I always read the children’s books before shelving them. Illustrations are crucial, and this cover is outstanding; as well as is the book’s message. I’m sharing this on my children’s book FB page ❤

  7. dgkaye says:

    What a fantastic review Annika. I love the cover on Cynthia’s book, and now love even more that she is sending positive messages to children through Myrtle’s story. I will be getting this for my niece. 🙂 xx

  8. JC says:

    Annika, as a new grandfather, I need to keep an eye out for good children’s books. And because of your excellent review, this one will most definitely be on my list. Thanks… jc

    • Annika Perry says:

      Julie, thank you so much! 😃 I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as your nieces and nephews! Don’t you miss those days of when the children were young and you could browse through the children’s section of bookshops with them, spending ages buying that perfect book – bliss. This is one I’d have picked up straightaway! 😀

  9. Tiny says:

    Great review, Annika! Seems to be a very special book. I am familiar with Cynthia’s previous work and have ordered it for my grandies already.

    • Annika Perry says:

      Many thanks and so glad you enjoyed the review! Yeah…so glad you’ve ordered it for your grandchildren – I’m sure they’ll love it! 😀It is a very special book and I’m not surprised it is selling well on amazon, I can seriously see this being a big success. I haven’t read Cynthia’s other books but have come across them on her blog and WP – thanks for the reminder and I’m putting them on my list!

  10. delphini510 says:

    What a beautiful review Annika. I am all hooked on the the Purple Turtle who is happy and confident in her life. The charachters sound great and the cover itself is irresistible.
    Cynthia has with certainty written a beautiful book and I have already ordered the book after seeing your review Annika.
    I love the saying by Cynthia “Love your Shell”
    Miriam 💕🦋 .

    • Annika Perry says:

      Miriam, warmest thanks for your lovely comment! 😃 I’m so happy you’ve been inspired to buy the book and I can promise it is one that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike! You’re right, the cover is ‘irresistible’ and Myrtle and her friends so welcoming and personable. Enjoy this touching, delightful and moving book and yes, we can all need the reminder of ‘Love Your Shell’! 😀❤️ An important motto for us all in life. 🌻

  11. balroop2013 says:

    This is a lovely review Annika and many thanks for highlighting this book. I would like to buy it for my grandchildren who are eager to look at new books but skip away when you try to read them. Bedtime is the best time to read to children as they enjoy the warmth of the bed as well as the parent’s sweet voice, creating eternal memories.
    The book reminds me of the story of ugly duckling, the time tested tale that conveys a subtle moral. I think this one must be as good as that one. 🙂

    • Annika Perry says:

      Balroop, I love how you conjure up the magic of bedtime for children…I found it the sweetest time of the day with my son and also recall bedtime reading when I was young. Eternal memories indeed – your poetic touch to your comments is wonderful.

      I am sure this is one your grandchildren will adore…and keep their attention for the whole book, before skipping away to play! Ahh…yes, it is very much in line with the Ugly Duckling and its subtle moral story – wasn’t Hans Christian Andersson the most fantastic children’s author. I still have my hardback book of his tales, but it’s falling apart at the spine alas.

    • Cynthia Reyes says:

      Thank you, Balroop. You’re so right about bedtime for story-reading with the young ones. I have great memories of those times in my children’s childhood. Thanks for intending to buy Myrtle for your grandchildren. And for referencing Myrtle the Purple Turtle to the Ugly Duckling. Many people are doing so, but would you believe that’s a surprise for me? I would be honoured if Myrtle is seen in the same calibre as that beautiful story.

  12. Cynthia Reyes says:

    Wow! Thank you very much, Annika. I had no idea you were doing this and so it comes as a most welcome surprise. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you enjoyed Myrtle’s story. I wrote this book for my daughter Lauren when she was 4 years old and felt rejected by her classmates. It’s still amazing to us both that Myrtle is now an illustrated book, and we are thankful for Jo Robinson’s beautiful work.

    Thanks again for this kind review!

    • Annika Perry says:

      Cynthia, I’m so glad you liked this morning’s surprise!! You’re very welcome! 😀 After a week of no-wifi I wasn’t sure I’d be able to post, finally sorted on Friday!

      I just love how a story you told to your daughter has become this wonderful children’s book – it deserves to be widely read, its message spread far in order to give reassurance and help to many other children who suffer from rejection/bullying etc. It is a fantastic tale, brilliantly told and Jo’s artwork is moving and delightful. A great team effort! But it all started with a mother trying to comfort her little girl…heartwarming! ❤️

  13. Jill Weatherholt says:

    Cynthia has certainly written a special book, hasn’t she? I plan to order the paper copy. For me, I couldn’t imagine reading it on my Kindle. Plus, I’d want to have the cover on display. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Annika! xo

    • Annika Perry says:

      Jill, books for children this age just have to be the real physical copy! One to snuggle up and read with a child, slowly turning the pages, anticipating the story. I love how you’re going to have the cover on display…it is a work of art – delightfully colourful and fun.

      I must add that I read the digital downloaded version of the book, however not on my black and white paperwhite kindle, but rather the lovely screen of my iPad so I could experience the book much better.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Sounds a great book for children and adults alike. Love the title and the drawings look fantastic. Thanks for sharing this Annika. The book deserves to be a success


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