I am happy to hand over today’s post to my very good friend Mirja aka delphini510 and her unusual take on property selling. Hope you will enjoy it.


Reading many estate agents’ formal and stilted descriptions of properties for sale, I was overtaken by a wicked impulse.

So here is my quirky approach to a sales “blurb”.

Dream House

Is your dream of a house, a place

where in the morning you can step out;

hear birdsong whilst see them feed.

Surrounded by honeysuckle, clematis,

mighty trees.


To sit on a bench tucked in between,

have colourful butterflies visit

along with dragonflies.

Filling your senses with peace

before the day begins.



If this sounds right for you, please do step in;

Coffee is brewing, you can share with me.

I will show you around,


let your feet connect with mighty oak,

sawn and smoothed.

Did you notice the windows

facing the rising sun?

Showing off flowers and shrubs.



You now face two wings,

one leading left, one right.

Four bedrooms to the left;

yes, they are big,

Did you notice the bathroom had jacuzzi too?


Back we traipse, turn to the right,

then right again. Quirky? I know, that’s what I like.

Through the sunny breakfast room to kitchen,

also lit by the sun

showing off the porcelain tiled floor.


By the way, did you notice the brownies?

I baked them myself.

Please help yourself

Back again and there is the lounge

with plenty of books and yes, T.V.

Please do roam around.


Next, two steps to the dining room

Looking out over a wooden deck,

steps leading to the lawn.


Now my favourite, the Garden Room

always so bright,

views of the garden wrapping itself around,

The house nestling in its heart.



Come with me to the secret garden

hidden on the side;

with berries of all kind.

The grape vine is enough for some wine

or just eating as they are.

A little patio with seating to just enjoy.



Price:  Oh, better start saving pennies and pounds.

          Meanwhile I have enjoyed having you around. 

          By Mirja


70 thoughts on “DREAM HOUSE

  1. JoHanna Massey

    “Competitive bidding was sure to break out.
    Your agent wondered
    Why the global traffic came about
    From Cancun to Berlin
    The bids kept coming in.
    Not only did the house sell,
    But a new career in advertising
    Is about to begin.”

    Great post Annika. 🎄

    1. Johanna, this is brilliant! 😀 Just wonderful! 👏 Can you hear me bursting into applause at your poem?! Oh the thought of getting bids from far afield, and who knows about the new career?! I think you have the gift yourself! Fingers crossed for the global competitive bidding. So many thanks for sharing this…superb.

    2. delphini510

      This is just great Johanna.:) I believe I got stiff competition for a novel way in
      selling homes. Or maybe all interested can come together and form a worldwide
      agency with a difference. With soul and fun.

  2. Wonderful! What a great way to describe a home, and invite visitors in. My favorite is also the Garden Room. In my dream house I’d have a “breakfast nook” overlooking a well-maintained garden surrounding a path of pavers. I’d just have to find the money to pay someone to maintain it for me 😀

    1. Oh, Julie I love the sound of a ‘breakfast nook’ – I fear this would become my lunch / dinner / snack nook too! A garden room like this is idyllic and allows the outdoors to indoors all year round – nature is so central to our lives its wonderful when you can bring it with you all the time!😀

  3. Annika, it was a wonderful share and created warmth with a lovely discussion of changing the way realtors write their house summaries! 🙂
    Mirja, such a poetic and unique way to entice buyers into your home, as well as gardens! ❤

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Robin – as always the ensuing comments / discussion afterwards becomes the core of any post. 😀 After reading this poem I’ve now found myself standing outside estate agents’ windows, reading their descriptions and seeing if any match the poetic enticing nature of Mirja’s – nope is the answer in short!

    1. Pamela, that is a wonderful idea and after I read your comment I started looking at my own home with fresh eyes, thinking how to describe it poetically and yes…I realised how lovely it is and definitely appreciate it much more!😀

        1. delphini510

          Thank you Pamela and Annika. I did find this quite cathartic and with a laugh I realised that I want to buy this place. 🙂
          You are both right though, it is good to look at your home and area with fresh eyes.
          Go and write your poems and post them, I am eager to hear.

          1. Mirja – well, you’ve thrown down the gauntlet. After a week of limerick composition – look out for my post tomorrow – I quite like the idea of normal poem celebrating my home! Hmm…mind at work! 😀

    1. Cathleen, the description paints such a vivid and visual image you can’t help but want to move! I think we should all head over for coffee and brownies – there better be lots in the oven!😃

  4. Anonymous

    Are you sure you don’t do this for real. If not you should certainly think about it. Such a novel approach. I am cértainly curious and would call in if I was in your neck of the woods, particularly if brownies were part of the deal!


    1. Absolutely sure Mike.:) I did show it to an estate agent today and he went very quiet before starting hailing questions. grin. Quite unsettled he was.
      By the way, more brownies on the go so it is part of the deal…….of course!
      And I charge only 1/2 percent.:)

    2. Mike, I’m beginning to think Mirja has found her newest vocation! With such fantastic comments and support here it just shows the desperate desire for a new effective approach to these stressful situations. Oh, brownies…join the queue!😀

  5. Mirja–I wish you practiced in Washington DC (America). My daughter is looking for a house and can’t find a single reasonable, aggressive, helpful agent. She’s gone through 7.

    OK, it might be partially her, I admit, but really!

    1. Thanks Jaqui:) I would have loved the challenge to help your daughter but I don’t do aggressive well.:)). What about passionate about property, liking people and writing quirky sort of poetry.
      I do believe that all good sales are made by people with passion for their work and who care for their clients/ customers.

    2. Jacqui, I’m beginning to realise it’s not just in the UK that the house selling / buying process could do with improving! Perhaps your daughter could put together a poem about the type of house she is looking for – and the realtor which actually smiles at this approach is the one hired?!😀 Good luck with no. 8 for her!

  6. This is adorable. Mirja,
    Very creative and certainly would draw plenty of potential buyers. You surely have a talent for writing real-estate blurbs. Did you actually post this blurb as advertisement for your property?
    Interesting and fun link, Annika! 🙂

        1. Carol, so glad you enjoyed this novel approach to house selling and wouldn’t it be great if homes were sold with a bit more passion, colour and interesting details! 😀 I hope Mirja does show it to the estate agent – I would love to know their reaction at this alternative sales approach!

    1. Christy, I know. Blimey, when I was moving years ago I became mind numb reading the similar briefs…just imagine being presented with these instead. Wow! Fatigue would vanish and interest beckon! 😀

    1. delphini510

      Thank you Diane. That and the light in the house, sunlight creates magic.
      O.k., a couple of rooms are handy when it rains.:))…or snows.

    1. delphini510

      At least yours beat “We are pleased to offer this…….” .
      I found too many soulless in their descriptions. Thank you for comment.

    1. delphini510

      O.K. JC ,I am baking another batch promptly. Can’t stop the worldwide auction.
      I guess I would have to let you use dollars and cents….

    1. delphini510

      With your creative flow I am sure you could win your ‘other-half’ over easily.
      And create your own sales blurb.:) you go.

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