Last week a friend sent me this photograph of their kitten Timmy!  The image just spoke to me.

May we all reach out into each new day with the same inquisitive nature, stepping from the shadows into the sunlight, keen, eager to explore the day ahead.

Free of preconceptions.

May lightness fill our souls, may our senses stay alert and present as the thunder of our incessant minds find stillness and peace.

‘I am not my thoughts, emotions, senses, perceptions, and experiences. I am not the content of any life. I am Life. I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness. I am the Now. I am.’
Eckhart Tolle

52 thoughts on “INTO THE SUNLIGHT

    1. The same thought had occurred to me, David! 😃 Luckily humans seem to have more sense – for the most part ie. to explore within safe parameters. But cats do have their nine lives!

    1. Carol, I know the cat is so cute! 😀 As a kitten it was normal sweet but he has really grown into one very adorable cat. Not mine – alas! So glad you liked the post. Hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend.

  1. Such a beautiful photo of such a beautiful kitty…your post gives me the peace, still and lightness of soul that I really need right now, and I hope the very same for you.Thank you so much dear Annika… ❤ xxx

    1. Sherri, I am so glad that the stillness of this post and especially sweet Timmy can bring some peace to you – I know things are a bit rough for you just now. The photo certainly spoke to me and helped focus my thoughts. Warmest wishes to you. 😀

        1. Sherri, I look forward to seeing you soon too – can’t believe how quick BB has come up! It will be quite something to meet everyone in real life! Wishing you a lovely weekend too, I’m away once again…

          1. Thank you Annika, and I hope you have a lovely time. I hope you got my last email (no need to reply, we’ll catch up when we see each other…). I’ve been having some laptop issues so thought I had better check as a couple of people said they haven’t received them strangely. Been having some WP issues too. Think it’s all sorted now 🙂

    1. The photo is absolutely wonderful and I agree – I wonder what Timmy’s journey will take him? And each and every one of us on our own journey in life! Thank you for your lovey comment, Julie. Hope the writing is coming along well.😀

  2. Love that picture, Annika. I often feel that way when I see my dog. He is so filled with boundless enthusiasm every single time I take him on a walk, it makes me wish I’d do it more. How easy it is to bring such joy to him.

    I will think of your friend’s cat as I go through my day.

    1. Jacqui, don’t you wonder sometimes if the animals have it all ‘figured’ whilst us humans are flapping around, trying so hard to make sense of it all. I love the image of you out with your happy dog, lovely walks, seeing his joy. So easy to give that. I wish you many happy walks with your dog (what’s its name?? what breed?). It’s odd ever since this post I keep thinking of Timmy more often – must go for a visit and cuddle again soon (and to see my friend of course!).

  3. Do everything in the now in the time and space you have with all of your resources. There is no one else to do this for you. I love the kitten photo and am by nature inquisitive. I would be hard-pressed to state a certain time of day and the play of light I prefer. I love watching the sunrise unfold and the beautiful colors of sunset. Your post spoke to me today. Thank you for sharing it. Annika, I enjoy our mutual friendship as well. 🙂

    1. Mary Ann, thank you for much for your peaceful comment – I love the idea of finding that inner calm watching the sunrise and sunset. Exactly that idea of being present in the now, the moment. Curiosity in life is such a fun characteristic which we often lose through the mundane everyday tasks – wonderful you’ve kept your inquisitive nature! It tells through your posts and writings!😀

      1. Why how of astute of you to notice, Annika! Much appreciated. I agree that many people let life pass them by and are never “in the moment” but rushing about. Even in my busiest times when my children were young, I found time to admire beauty in nature and listen to sounds of birds. I am currently working with a voice coach and singing a beautiful piece called It is Well With my Soul. Enjoy the remainder of your week. 🙂

    1. Marje, that is indeed a wonderful sentiment and how often don’t we kill that natural curiosity as we rush around, doing something ‘more important’. This photo really has been a wake up call to me! And hopefully many others!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Lana. 😀 Oh, I would love to visit you and all your cats – I love them but alas my husband is allergic to cats so I haven’t had any in many years. Luckily I get to see Timmy and his not so adventurous brother now and then!

    1. Janice, isn’t it just! Whilst I was learning the Alexander Technique we had to learn to look at objects like cats – slowly moving out eyes towards the object then gradually turning our head to the same angle. With all that concentration I felt my mind quietening and rest in the moment!

      1. There’s so much to learn from animals. I dabbled in yoga for years but only recently got two dogs. I had no idea that the downward dog pose is pretty much a stretch that dogs do regularly.

  4. Anonymous

    How true this is. It is so easy to get caught up thinking about what we have done and wahat we have to do, instead of living in the moment. Difficult to do in these times I must admit, but worth a try because we miss out on so much otherwise.


    1. Mike, how true that we miss out on SO much by not practising that calm, present, now attitude to life. So often it runs away in the ‘must’ moments we then wonder what happened to that day, week, month? I’m glad Timmy can be a catalyst to make us stop and think and to be!

  5. Annika this is wonderful. And Timmy, aren’t cats just so inquisitive especially kittens. I’m going to copy this and put it in my wallet, just for those times when I need a little inspiration.

    1. JC, I’m so touched that you’re printing this out and keeping it with you! I think I should do the same! This photo has to be the ultimate curious kitten photo – if my friends lived closer Timmy might have been kitten-napped by now!😀

    1. I agree, Andrew. The lighting of the photo is superb and that is one reason I was particularly drawn to the photo – it made it so much more emotive and powerful – leaving the dark gloom to the light and life!

  6. Lovely thoughts, reflection, and wishes, Annika. The kitten’s fresh curiosity is adorable, and I love the Tolle quote. A wonderful call to presence. Thanks for the morning smile. ❤

    1. Now I’m smiling, Diana! 😀 It’s odd how just one photo can be the catalyst to so many thoughts and emotions but this cute kitten, the lighting, his expression did just that for me – and now happily for you and many others too. Wishing you many content moments of just being – present!

  7. PeterR

    Yet again, so few words, so much said. You seem to have the knack of it.

    May we follow the examples of the animals. They don’t worry about the future, or regret the past. They just are; in the present.

    1. I agree, Peter – sometimes I’m jealous of their lovely attitude to life and wish I could copy their example – perhaps it is just necessary for me to realise that the power to do just that is within myself! Thank you so much for your lovely kind comment; I wish on every post to ‘reach’ the readers, leave people with a thought, consideration.

  8. delphini510

    Thank you Annika for this very inspiring and peaceful post in
    a Sunday morning. I love every word and Timmy.

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