Years ago I was given a T-shirt from my mother after her visit to the USA and the Smokey Mountains. 

I’ve always loved the beautiful drawing on the front of a bear striding purposefully along a river but I’d never taken in the inscription fully until yesterday . 

It resonates with me today more than ever; it has me smiling.

‘Live large

Climb beyond your limitations

When life get hairy, grin and bear it

Eat well

Live with the seasons

Take a good, long nap

Look after your honey!’

The T-shirt is produced by

67 thoughts on “ADVICE FROM A BEAR

  1. The Oracle Jasmine Kyle

    Isn’t it funny how long you can look at something and totally not see or pay attention past a certain part… then later you look back and get something totally new out of it! Great post!

    1. Absolutely, so weird that I hadn’t really noticed it before. My only excuse is that I was the T-shirt and not really visible to me. I know, pretty lame. I did notice it at a perfect time though when it resonated with me and so many others too.

      1. The Oracle

        You know they say when the Spanish landed in South American the natives could not see the ships. They thought they were clouds and waves. So missing a t-shirt is an easy forgive! LOL If you see conquistadors then haler!

        1. I’ve never heard that before – amazing but I can imagine it’s true. I feel much better about missing something so obvious now! Just don’t put me on look out duty – I’d be useless!😀

        1. It was rather hairy for a while, Marje as I suffered from two slipped discs in my back and I was in dreadful pain and virtually immobile. Slowly recovering…yeah!😀 Thank you for your concern.

    1. And we thought they were just thinking about their next dinner!😀 Good words to live by and the suggestion about taking a good long nap is more and more tempting on this windy wet Sunday afternoon. Have a lovely day.

  2. Just as I was about to remark that this is the most sensible bear I’ve met in some time, I read your slipped discs comment! 😦 😦 Life! Never predictable. Hope you improve rapidly, Annika.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Jo. Today is the first day I feel alive – actually managed to walk a few hundred yards and can smile and laugh again. 😀 Still a long way before I can do my long daily walks but I’m happy for any improvement! Last Sunday was definitely a low point but these wise bear words seriously helped, especially the bad pun of ‘when life gets hairy, grin and bear it’!

    1. Thank you, Karin. Unfortunately I suffered two slipped discs in my back late last week and am in terrible pain and barely able to get around the house. I should be on the plane as I write, we were due to leave this afternoon, but I can physically not travel – walking, sitting and so much pain. I’m not a happy bunny…😒 Lovely to hear from you!

    1. So glad you liked this, Julie! On top of not really taking in the saying before, I’d never noticed the website link written in small letters underneath. I thought it might be gone after so many years so it was a joy to see that it seems to have expanded, covering so many products and lots of wise and wonderful sayings. The wolf one is lovely – don’t you just feel so much better outdoors amongst nature? I know I do.

    1. Yes, I saw their bookmarks when checking out the website – if you can mix the fun with the wise I think you’re onto a winner. This T-shirt is years old and the company is still going strong, not surprisingly. Thank you for your comment, Curt and it’s been fun visiting your blog – amazing travels and photographs – definitely ‘living large’.

      1. Thanks for the visit Annika… and for the follow! Glad you are enjoying the blog— and having fun with it. For the most part, that is why I write it. I do slip in an occasional serious thought. –Curt

        1. Curt, many thanks for your visit and follow too!😀 I think if the blog is true to who you are it will always be interesting, fun & thoughtful. In the beginning mine was going to only focus on writing a novel but I quickly realised this would be boring for any readers as well as myself, so adapted it.

  3. Oh those are wonderful. ‘Look after your honey’–might be my favorite.

    That group does ‘advice’ lists from all sorts of feral animals. I like the buffalo–‘Have a tough hide’. That sure serves me well.

    1. They’re great, I agree. Having a tough hide in this industry would be great – not sure I’ve got to that yet! However, I like the sea lion one as well, which finishes with, ‘Have A Playful Spirit/ Make A Splash!’ Not bad if one can achieve that!

  4. Love it! ❤ That's one smart bear Annika! Rules to live and write by…thank you for sharing this, I'm smiling so much I can hardly 'bear' it…sorry, just had to! 🙂

    1. Hehe…😀😃 Pun away! I’m surprised there weren’t more, Sherri! Once I finally saw the words and took them in I just wanted to share them as I would sure they would resonate with so many. There are so many other ones on the website…ahh….

  5. Peter R

    Talking about bears and honey, gives me an excuse to quote. Pooh has escaped the flood… “there was Pooh, sitting on his branch, dangling his legs, and there, beside him were ten pots of honey.
    Two days later, there was Pooh, sitting on his branch, dangling his legs, and there, beside him, were four pots of honey.
    Three days later, there was Pooh, sitting on his branch, dangling his legs, and there, beside him were two pots of honey
    Four days later, there was Pooh…..” Now that’s taking care of your honey.

  6. Mirja

    That is one wise Bear. “Live large, climb beyond your limitations”.
    I think that Bear looks a bit sad and in need of a Valentine hug.

    1. I know, Mirja, he does look a bit lonely. You go first and give him a hug! I’ll be just behind you…a few hundred metres behind! A very wise message and I’m sort of kicking myself that I hadn’t really taken it until now!

  7. Anonymous

    Very good advice if you ask me – especially the bit about Eat Well!

    Love the picture of the grizzly, but I think that’s as close as I want to get to one.


    1. I love that, Mary Ann – ‘carousel of life’ – how true! So easy to shy away, to settle for the safer life but daring to rise to a challenge is quite a thrill! I think I’m doing a bit of both which seems to work quite well.

  8. I’m astonished that so many words can be fitted onto a t-shirt.
    I shall look after my honey – though I read lab analyses recently which showed that some jars marked honey contained other things as well – and two of them no honey at all.

    1. Actually, the words fit very well and only take up a portion of the T-shirt, there are even little bear prints between the words! I was going to take a photo of it but it’s so washed out and faded so it would have looked rubbish. My mind boggles at the jars of honey containing no honey whatsoever!! What was in them??

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