I was recently nominated by Charley at the wonderful booksandbakes1 for The Autumn Book Tag. How could I refuse! As always a delight and matter of indulgence!

  1. What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?    

I  love the feeling of promise that Autumn brings with it as the cold cracks the morning awake and the summer finally slips away. As with New Year,  Autumn comes with the tension and excitement of new beginnings, where anything is possible.

Also in Autumn the big kid in me is unleashed and I’m incapable of walking past a pile of russet leaves on the ground. Instead I will rush in and kick them around with abandon. The sound, the scent, the scrunchy feeling underfoot – what is there not to like?  

2. What Book reminds you of your school days?


In my last year of primary school we read a book that resulted in a large display of copper items in the reading area. I nagged my mother until all her precious copper pots and pans made up most of the display. It took me years to find the book that so inspired me and this wonderful coppery show. It was the ’The King of Copper Mountain’ by Paul Biegel and I reread it recently, this time falling for the warmth of my childhood memories stored within the tale. 

3. What book cover reminds you of Autumn?

queenieThe hues of deep russet to light orange brilliantly reflect the colours of Autumn as the leaves dazzle us with their extravaganza. The lighter yellow is the cooler sunlight that shines through the leaves, the shell a hint of beach walks in the crisp chilly winds, the deeper orange a reminder of the warmth of the fire in front of which one sits, nursing a hot chocolate and marshmallows. Subtle, striking cover and perfect for Autumn beauty.

4. What is your favourite horror or Halloween book? 

cujoI’m not into horror books, frightened easily by the ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’.  However, many years ago I read Stephen King’s ‘Cujo’. Once started, I was incapable of stopping but I remember reading it in terror followed by sleepless nights. It was simply one of those books I had to finish. Relentless.

5. Which is your favourite horror or Halloween film?

weeping:jpgI have managed to go through life without watching a single horror film and intend to keep it that way. The weeping angles in Doctor Who are scary enough and have me hiding behind a cushion! I know, I’m a real wimp!

6. What Fall book are you most looking forward to?

shopholicYou can’t go wrong this time of year with a feel-good book and not many do this better than Sophie Kinsella and her shopaholic series. The latest one is released next Thursday 22nd  October so I’m look forward to curling up on a sofa and reading ‘Shopaholic to the Rescue’.

7. What Autumn movie release are you most looking forward to?

It’s strange isn’t it? As a student I seemed to live in the cinema, then with a young child, we all adored the children films. Now with a teenager I feel the film years returning as my son is busy with his friends. I saw great reviews for Suffragette (a topic I wrote a thesis on) with Meryl Streep and Helen Bonham Carter and I’m tempted to go on a ‘date’ with my husband to see this.

8.  What are three books you are planning to read this Autumn?

On top of the one mentioned, I have three kindle books I bought with my birthday money and look forward to reading in the coming weeks.

I hope you enjoyed reading these and are also planning your Autumn reading. If you have a chance I would enjoy to read some of your own Autumn Book tags. 

For now, have that blanket at the ready, book handy, candles alight. Right,  time to snuggle and read…see you soon…

‘Draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I’ll tell you a story.’

F. Scott Fitzgerald

17 thoughts on “THE AUTUMN BOOK TAG

    1. Reading YA horror books is very brave indeed…but can you still sleep at night?! It’s strange as the years go on I seem to become more and more of wimp as far as scary books and films go…I’m sure there must be some very scientific explanation for this!

  1. Peter R

    I love the description of Autumn. It’s so colourful, when it’s not a wet grey day. On the way to my local town there is a stretch of road where the trees form almost a tunnel, and at the moment it is all shades of green, brown, russet and gold. I’ll have to try to remember to have my camera next time I go.

    Books of school days. Neither were studied at school, but Treasure Island and Huckleberry Finn left a mark. I’ve always wanted to see the Mississippi, and managed it a few years ago. I think one of my all-time favourite pieces of music is “Moon River”, which I’m sure is about that great river.

    1. I like you description of your autumn tunnel road and hope you manage to capture it on camera. Sounds magical. I have read both those books and enjoyed them immensely. It must have fantastic to see the Misissippi in real life.

  2. Mike

    Loved this. I like Autumn myself – even if it’s wet. On sunny days the colours are fantastic and it feels good to be alive, and if wet then there is no excuse for not staying indoors and getting cozy by the fire with a cup of tea and reading a good book. And there is a couple of books on this that I’d like to read.

    Also there’s the promise of Guy Fawkes and Christmas just over the horizon.


    1. Thank you Mike. Today is one of those sunny days and it’s just lovely to be out and even driving is a delight looking at the trees. I’m glad there a couple of books ideas for you here. Christmas…far too early to mention that…I think…

    1. It’s a fantastic title isn’t it! The book sounds very good too and on top of that it was offered as a Kindle First, which means it is not released until November but one that was offered at a very reasonable price of among ten or so other books and you can only choose one.

        1. I hadn’t heard about it at all, just got an email from Amazon. Being the cynic I am with these larger companies I read the small print, trying to find the catch but there honestly doesn’t seem to be any. I think it seems to be what it says. See what you think.

    1. You have me laughing here, Diana as I was also frightened by that mean witch, especially at the beginning during the tornado as she flies past the window. My brother must have got fed up of me screaming at that same part, year after year! I do like Autumn as long as it’s dry; if it was a wet rainy damp October you’d be reading something quite different!

  3. Mirja

    I love the way you make Autumn sound like a magic Fairground. Kicking the dry, crunchy leaves and “pilfering” precious copper items from your mother, snuggled up reading in front
    of a fire, hot chocolate…. Wonderful. Just occurred to me how the colours remind me of a
    beautiful sunset.
    Have bought “I let you go” and ‘Camille Pagan’s book’. Should read the Copper mountain.:)

    1. Mirja, What a wonderful concept, Autumn with the colours of a sunset – very evocative and how true. Whilst out today noticed the leaves this year also exhibit a lovely yellow/mustard colour, beautiful. I hope you enjoy the books. I have must admit I have just finished ‘I let go’ – after staying awake and reading it until three in the morning. One of those, heart-wrenching traumatic and deeply psychological books.

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