I almost stepped upon this intact nest as I walked across the garden this morning. Luckily I glanced down and I was struck by its size, touchingly small with miniature eggs resting inside.

What a cosy warm sanctuary the birds had built for their young. The nest itself of a sturdy intricate design had survived the gusts of wind which had dislodged it from the lilac tree and placed it upright onto the ground beneath. Some eggs were already sadly broken but three remained whole. Did they have a chance?

My heart went out to the parent birds who would return only to desperately search for their home. Then there were the neighbourhood cats to worry about – a few keen hunters among them and many times the garden has been littered with the debris of battle; pigeon feathers scattered across the lawn.

I ducked beneath the tree branches and spied the ‘cup’ of criss-crossing branches where the nest had cradled. Gingerly I returned the nest to its proper place. All we can do is wait. Life is fragile, even the journey to it is fraught with danger, with many obstacles in the way.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for these three eggs – and hope to spot three small chicks soon enough. Unlikely maybe, but not impossible.

U P D A T E  – 17th July 2015

Don’t we all wish for the happy ending?

With regards to the nest I discovered last weekend the final outcome will never be quite known.  I so would have loved to say the eggs hatched, all well. What has happened is that the nest remained in the tree a few days and then after a stormy night I checked the tree again.

The nest was gone. Everything. No remains around on the ground, amongst the bushes, underneath the shrubs. Yes, I checked everywhere. No eggs, no nest debris. Nothing. It does not look good but I’m slightly baffled by the absolute vanishing act. The nest and its tiny contents touched me and I was so happy to share it with you all.

Many thanks for reading and for your heartfelt comments.

41 thoughts on “THE NEST

  1. Peter R

    Fingers crossed for the eggs. Nature can seem cruel at times, but I guess it’s really totally dispassionate. Even if one makes it, you’ve added compassion to the mix. Good luck, eggs!!

  2. Mike

    I found this rather sad (the event, not the blog). Nature can be very cruel sometimes but we can, in our own way, try to balance it sometimes – like putting the nest back. I suppose the odds are against them but lets hope it worked on this occasion


    1. Phew Mike, thought you found the blog sad for a moment! I think I was especially touched finding it just at my feet, so perfect and beautiful. I hope my ‘balancing act’ works. 🙂

  3. Birds are good builders but sometimes need a little help. True compassion even in helping the smallest. I can’t stop smiling as my eyes water up… Thank you!

    1. I’d never seen a nest so close up before so was impressed with the intricate sturdy design but also moved by the warm and love that shine through the care they take of their nest building. It looked so perfectly cosy. Thank you so much for your lovely comment; I was touched and slightly over-awed by the moment but wondered if I’m just one big softie” :-))

  4. Mirja

    Annika, I just love your mornings rescue mission. I hope it is rewarded by
    the parents trusting that all is well and help the chicks be born safely.
    It is wonderful to hear your love for them and their beautiful nest.

    I share this love for birds with you and have what we call a “bird garden”.
    Crossing my fingers too.

    1. Thank you Mirja. I’m hoping the parents will return too. I put on some gloves to lift the nest hoping that the human scent wouldn’t then be put onto the nest. The nest seemed so fragile despite the solid looking design I was afraid it would collapse in my hands. Fingers crossed here that the rescue mission worked.

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