8 thoughts on “What Life Path Ticket do You Have?

  1. Thought-provoking. I’ve changed hats so many times since I graduated from college, each time hoping that was the last. I’ve ended up with one central engine: my children. So many of my life tweaks are due to something that started with them.

    1. Mirja

      Jaqui says: ” I’ve ended up with one central engine: my children.”

      This rings 100% true to me too.:) I have been lucky though as in most
      choices I found pleasure. Realised though a couple of years ago that
      I knew my core dream already as a girl and without thinking have been
      attempting to incorporate this in my various ‘adventures’.

    2. Jacqui, Life is strange like that; throwing you from one thing to another and at the time you’re never sure it’s what’s best or what you want. Surprisingly many times it’s just right and as it should be. Of course, when young you think you can plan your life and that is it – sorted. I so understand that your children are your ‘central engine’ (great phrase) and feel the same about my son (still a young teenager).

  2. It is a fortunate and happy life when you chose your dreams early and can follow them on through your life – very happy for your Peter. There are so many obstacles, from others and self-imposed, the path is often unclear. Yes, another ripple in the world that can help us all stop and rethink for just a moment. I’m certainly doing that.

  3. Anonymous

    This blog set me thinking about how my life has turned out so far and where I want to be in the future. Interesting thoughts so far!


    1. Often we rush through life never stopping to think of what is propelling us in a certain direction. I think once you can work that out, the way forward would be clarified somewhat. Good luck for the future and hope the past has been good to you. :-))

  4. Peter R

    Yet again, very thought-provoking. It will take some time to read all the links she gives, but the post itself suffices for a start. I think those of us lucky enough to follow our dreams perhaps don’t realise the gift we have been given. It must be terrible to drift through life with no aim. I was one of the lucky ones at work, doing what I had wanted to do since a child, and my personal life, surrounded by loving family, is secure and happy. Perhaps we can all, to recall one of your earlier posts, start some ripples on the surface of another’s life, which may propel them in the right direction.

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