5 photos – 5 days The White Wonder


I am currently taking part in the 5 Photos – 5 days challenge after being nominated by Dorne from https://dorneawhale.wordpress.com. Below is my photo and writing for Day 3.

Firstly, the rules are as follows:

‘Post a photo each day for five consecutive days, and tell a story about each photo.  The story can be truth or fiction, poetry or prose.  Each day one must also nominate a fellow blogger to participate in the challenge.’

Day 3.  The White Wonder


On their dainty stalks a generation of white poppies stood proud amongst the roses. Whilst some crumpled with age, their white petals curling into brown ragged decay, this pristine poppy shone in its peaceful perfect serenity.

As it quivered, almost whimsically in the breeze, I studied the petals further, furtively stroking one between my thumb and fore-finger. Art classes at Primary School came to mind and the oft used crepe-paper with its ruffled texture. Each petal over-lapped with its neighbour and in such symmetry they formed the exquisite bowl. A bold splotch marked each petal, a gentle bruise which was as if dabbed on by a child’s hand and the aqueous paint seeped unevenly upwards.

The burnished bronze stamen hovered in the centre with its almost comically bald top. Just then a bee in lumbering lethargic flight landed in the poppy and frantically, manically it bustled its way round and round the stamen. At such an awkward side-ways angle the bee at times tipped backwards before it recovered on its single-minded task.

What a gift from nature! Sublime artistry which touched my soul and that white poppy has well and truly nudged its way into my heart.


I would like to nominate Sue at http://scvincent.com who regularly posts such stunning photos and beautiful lyrical writing to carry on this challenge. I hope she enjoys the challenge as much as I am and look forward to seeing her photographs / writing posts!

8 thoughts on “5 photos – 5 days The White Wonder

    1. Thank you so much. Poppies are amazing and I find them unique amongst flowers. We now have a patch of big red ones coming out to flower, so beautiful and I love looking at them through their various stages of bloom.

  1. Mike

    I find poppies so frail – all that work to flower and then on the whim of the wind the petals are gone – or at least in our garden they are. I have never ever seen white poppies before.A lovely heartwarming peace.


    1. I know what you mean, they seem frail I find but contrarily robust. Maybe the wind only gets them when they are at the end of their blooming season? Just an idea…so glad you liked the post and photo. Thanks for your comment, Mike.

  2. Peter R

    Spectacular. Now you’ve got me on the hunt for some bulbs for next summer. If planted and tended with love, they might come out as perfect as this one.

  3. Mirja, The photo was taken during a wonderful trip to a garden rarely opened to the public. It was full of beautiful flowers and bushes set in a large walled garden but the poppy stayed with me and I went back to it again and again.

  4. Mirja

    “What a gift from nature! Sublime artistry that touched my soul…….”

    How wonderful Annika, to experience such joy is a gift too. Being a nature lover too I find
    so much that fills my heart. It leaves you in awe.
    Your White Poppy is indeed serene. Just being.

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