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I want to share some good news with you all.

This morning I sat in bed having a leisurely breakfast. How decadent I know, but since it’s half term at the moment, I happily grab a few moments of relaxation whenever possible.

Having read the back few pages first of Writers’ Forum (March 2015) I turned to the front pages. A few seconds later I squealed with delight as I found my piece on The 17th Century Kindle printed in the ‘NewsFront’ section of the magazine.

I had sent this to Writers’ Forum a couple of weeks ago and since I hadn’t heard anything from the magazine I had forgotten about my submission.  Again, a real boost and I am happy to share this interesting story to a much wider audience. The piece submitted to Writers’ Forum was much briefer than my blog post on The 17th Century Kindle as the guidelines clearly stated that items should not be more than 200 words.

We are awakened through poetry;
we are affirmed through ritual,
we are fulfilled through music.

by Confucius

12 thoughts on “In Print

  1. Sammy Perry

    Wow!!! So happy for you Annika, hope you can get published again soon, maybe for a short story this time! The ancient Kindle sounds very interesting as well and I will be sure to read more about it.

    1. Thank you Sammy! I also hope to be published soon again and I better get working on some short stories eh? When you wrote ancient Kindle first thought you meant my first generation Kindle! Enjoy reading more about the 17th Century Kindle and who knows, you might get to Leeds one day to see all those books.

  2. Barbara

    What a wonderful surprise for you! Congratulations!
    I am fasinated by the concept of the Jocabean travel library in your article. Wow! Only 4 exist and one of them is in Ohio! I noticed the one in Ohio is in an Art museum. I may have plans to travel there now 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful article reminding us that the printed word is a tangible thing in this day of kindles and ebooks. Printed word even considered to be Art.

    1. Barbara, Thank you so much and yes it really was a surprise. Is it far to Ohio for you? Hope not so you get a chance to see the books – that would be fantastic! Art is found in so many forms don’t you think? All around us. Visited Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge yesterday and blown away by all the art we saw – travelled around the globe and over 4,000 in years – from Japanese fans, Roman figurines to modern art.

      1. Barbara

        Ohio is about one days drive from my house. When I travel to Indianapolis this summer….I would be really close. Thanks for not only giving valuable writing tips….but for being an excellent travel guide also. I would have never known to look for “the Jacobean kindle” if it were not for your informative article. Bravo Annika! Encore! Encore!

      1. Barbara

        A travel guide author maybe…..but please let that be an extra money maker for you Annika. I do like your short stories very much and I along with many others would be devastated not to have any more to read. Keep writing your books sweet lady. But we will be proud of your accomplishments along the way. Still grateful for the Ohio Jacobean kindle tip…. But you are an Author first and utmost. Btw when I make it to Ohio…..may I drop your name? I will show them your article too if that is OK? 🙂

      2. Thank you for your confidence in my writing Barbara; that means a lot to me. Also, yes, of course show them the piece if you get to the museum, I’d be chuffed to bits. Wow, that would be great. Thank you.

  3. Mirja

    Congratulations. In print again, what next?
    Wonderful with the squeal of delight. A new boost.
    Like the crisp and clear form of your article.

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