Rising Above

Why does no one ever mention the difficulties of setting up a blog?

Everyone makes it seem so easy; one click and hey presto, you’re set to type.

Is there a national conspiracy of silence?

Has everyone signed the Official Secret’s Act, regarding the problems encountered?

Not I. Here is the truth – finally. Creating a blog is tough. Real tough. Hair-pulling out tough. Scrub the bath to within an inch of its life tough. Time to nick your child’s Tangfangtastics tough. Then chew like mad as you click, click, click away.

After a few (read many) fraught hours this novice blogger admitted defeat and meekly approached my teenage son and asked for help. After all the homework had been completed of course. And after lunch. A hungry teenager is no help to anyone.

Following swift fee negotiations with the new ‘IT Consultant’ I happily handed over responsibilities. I scribbled down my requirements, my general feeling on theme and colour scheme and skedaddled away from my son and the computer. From all computers, tablets, phones and got down to some nitty-gritty manual labour in the garden. Not for long I hasten to add as the sun had lulled me into a false sense of security and for a crazy minute I forgot it was winter. Brrr…

Here it is: The new modern design with the all important working ‘comment’ widget (what a great word). Please feel free to comment away. I look forward to hearing from you. Now back to sanity and writing.

Just in case you thought my son got away too easily; don’t worry. I did ensure a years IT help was included in the deal. I’ll be sure to keep him busy as I make good use of his expertise in the future!

You are never given a wish

without also being given the

power to make it true.

You may have to work for it, however.

From ‘Illusions. The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah’ by Richard Bach

Current First Draft Word Count:  5,150  on 12th Janaury 2015

2 thoughts on “CREATING A BLOG…GRR…

  1. Miriam Ivarson

    Well done IT Consultant! Brilliant work and the “widgets” work.
    The post is fun and put a smile on my face.
    Great quote too and wonderful picture.


    IT Consultant here. After many hours of toiling away I finally managed to get the website up and running as it should. Hope you like the new layout and another funny and interesting post!

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