Week One of My Novel Writing Journey


Hi Everyone

Welcome to my Blog and I hope you enjoy reading about the birth of my first novel as I start it on its way. As a mother of a thirteen year old son I am under no illusions – this will be far the hardest task yet!

After a year of writing seriously I completed the fiction part of the course with Writers Bureau last Autumn. I cannot fault the great tutor I had there, Esther Newton, nor the course itself. During the year I had one major success and won First Prize in the Writing Magazine Short Story. This win was a real boost to my self-confidence as a writer – no longer were my family, friends and tutor my only champions. Since then I have written many more short stories.  Whilst I have enjoyed writing these and sending them off to competitions and magazines with various success, I felt it was time to take the leap of faith and try for a novel.

To my project. A new year. A new start. I stood under the shower and thought. As all my best ideas emerge whilst submerged I have at times considered standing under a waterfall in the tropics whilst dictating into a waterproof microphone. Alas reality beckons so back to my five minutes of inspiration a day followed by a a few hours perspiration writing a day.

Come, join me. Once or twice a week I hope to update you all on how this trek is going. I am under no illusions –  it will be a slog. Your support and encouragement will help propel me forwards in my commitment. Whilst I learn along the way, crossing numerous obstacles,  I hope to help other prospective writers out there. I don’t want to disappoint.  Enjoy and look forward to hearing from you.

Word count of first draft:  3,720 on 8th January 2015

“I have arrived I am home In the here In the now I am solid I am free in the Ultimate I dwell”

by Thich Nhat Hanh