Love Poem

The Peripheral A Sunny Sunday morning greeting to you all.

I told you before that I have been writing since I was a girl and as a present to my patient mother I made a big collection, had it bound and gave it as a Christmas present.

I called the book  ‘The Peripheral’, which was the name of a magazine I used to produce when young for my friends and family.

Whilst visiting my mother yesterday we skimmed through the book and I saw this poem. I wrote this when I was 12-years old.  Poetry is not my forte and I was surprised to find this but wanted to share it with you as it is equally relevant today.



A thing to be cherished

Treasured forever


A thing between all

From the ‘superior’ humans

To the ‘humble’ hedgehogs.


A thing needy to all

Always there, ready to delight

The eager youngsters

The ageing parents.


Never ask for its presence

Love, real love

Unquestioningly comes

It never falters

Or flickers away.


Its strong pulse is ever near

Never closing its doors

Where happiness flows in.


“Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.”

Mother Theresa

Update: Current word count on first draft of novel: 40,531 words