However much we moan about it, most of us cherish our routines, need that steady rhythm in our life for peace, stability and joy. An extension to routine is tradition, the bells of the festivities / seasons that cement us to life’s path, that unite families and friends, that bring together our loved ones for celebrations. Traditions at times of life and death. Together being the keyword.

One such tradition is celebrated by many today and I want to wish everyone a very Happy 1st  Advent.

As young we would gather on each Sunday staring at the unlit candles, the four red lights signifying to me an unquantifiable long run until Christmas. The patience needed for those four weeks was not within my grasp as in my excitement I would physically become sick. Older and maybe even a little bit wiser I now treasure the whole peace of December, the calm Sundays, the significance of that first light.


Another tradition is the star in the window, a beacon of hope and belief in life itself I feel. A sparkle of joy from our window to passers by walking their dogs in the grey drizzle, to the school children walking through the early frosty morning.

imageFinally, but not least – Advent Calendars! The big kid in me is still as excited by these as when young. My son has his already – it is one we made many years ago together when he was very young. One of those projects you embark upon, thinking this will be easy and quick. Two days later we had ransacked our house for little boxes, the dining room turned into an art studio of paint and glue, I’d explored art shops for gold paint. The advent box is now slightly worn and tired but lives on gloriously, bright with the wonderful memories it shares, solid with tradition, the embellishment of love and family.